Shew1 David Shew Professor Renee Simms March 9, 2011 CW 160: Introduction to Poetry Edgar Allan Poe Dark«foreboding

...horror«morbid«depressing«weird«confusing«loss«death. One word can gives all these words a common factor. That word is Poe. On paper, "Poe" is just a word, it doesn't mean much. Or it can mean many things. I crater on Mercury. A common figure in the Zelda video game series.The Baltimore Ravens¶ mascot.A popular Tahitian dish. But, for writers, English students, followers of Dark Romanticism, and evenbasic scholars, the word "Poe" means so much more. "Poe" to the aforementioned people, is an icon, a person they aspire to be like, or just a very obscure person who is not and probably never will be fully understood. The word ³Poe´ to all those people refers to the famous poet, short story writer,critic, and author to a few books, known as E.A. Poe, or Edgar Allan Poe, whom most studied persons just know as Poe. For them, if someone mentioned the word Poe, they would immediately think of Edgar Allan Poe. As previously stated, Poe was a very obscure person whom many literary scholars still try to make head or tails of. The favorable reason to his macabre works is thought to be the result of having so many losses early in his life. Whatever the reason, whether it be because of inopportune deaths or just because he was sick in the head, Poe¶s works did a great deal for English literature and for scholars¶ minds. He is the most renowned writer of Dark Romanticism, namely gothic fiction. Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 to actors Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins and David Poe Jr. in Boston, Massachusetts. Infant Edgar had but a short time with his natural parents as they split up in 1810, due to Mr. Poe abandoning the family. A year after the abandonment, on January 8, 1811, Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins died from what is thought if

Gothic fiction was said to have died out by this time. being replaced by historical romance as popularized by Sir Walter Scott. Maria Clemm. While serving in the Army. . on January 10. Though he excelled there academically. During his stay with his aunt. the makeshift family moved to England. in England. Virginia. However. a wealthy merchant in Richmond. Poe¶s unofficial adoptive mother (Poe was never officially adopted by the Allans) Frances Allan. After going through such tragedy. It was here. he was forced to leave the university after only a year due to unpaid gambling debts (Polito). After only serving two out of his enlisted five years in the United States Army. Poe entered the University of Virginia. In 1826. and her children (Polito). died and Poe made a visit to Richmond the day after her burial (Edgar Allan Poe . and young Edgar attended school in Chelsea (Edgar Allan Poe . Tamerlane and Minor Poems. in December 1829 (Quinn 156). A few days later. David Poe was pronounced dead from an unknown cause (Edgar Allan Poe . but it did not get much attention publically or critically (Quinn 129).Wikipedia). Poe published his second book.Wikipedia). where Edgar was introduced to Gothic fiction. Gothic fiction had begun to ascend into its most creative period (Gothic fiction). Tamerlane and Other Poems. little Edgar was taken in by Frances and John Allan. Poe had switched from many schools in England and lived away from his foster family. readers and critics had begun to think that they had greatly overlooked many of the established works and in fact.Wikipedia). Poe was discharged from his position and moved to Baltimore where he stayed with his aunt. Edgar¶s father. In 1815. having lost much popularity as an established genre. Between 1816 and 1820. 1811. Al Araaf. This book also received little recognition (Quinn 165).Shew2 pulmonary tuberculosis. Poe enlisted in the United States Army in 1827 and it was here that he published his first book.

whom he married in 1836 (Edgar Allan Poe). 1847 (Edgar Allan Poe ± Wikipedia). Also during this time. in 1842. He got himself court-martialed and dismissed in February of 1831 (Quinn 174). however. even though he was getting a great deal of work. When the Broadway Journal fell through in 1846. He brought with him his aunt and his 12-year old cousin Virginia Clemm. Poe began to drink heavily and fell into a state of depression (Polito). Poe published some of his best known works such as ³The Fall of the House of Usher´. ³The Tale Tell Heart´. In February 1831.S. Poe also edited the Broadway Journal in New York (Polito). still under conjecture. Virginia Clemm first showed signs of tuberculosis. Poe and Virginia moved to a cottage in The Bronx. Poe¶s death is. Poe was still financially insecure. Through this time. New York (now known as ³Poe Cottage´) where Virginia died on January 30.Shew3 Poe was enlisted into West Point in March of 1830 but did not stay even a year. is that Poe was . Poe started his publishing career after he left the military and in 1835 he became the editor for the Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond. Under stress from Virginia¶s illness. There are too many unknown facts to be a hundred percent positive as to exactly how Poe died. but he continued to write and his works were becoming recognized and praised which helped further his reputation (Edgar Allan Poe). What is known. to this day. formerly known as consumption. This volume was dedicated to ³The U. Poe released a third volume of poems which was simply entitled Poems. Poe¶s wife. Corps of Cadets´ as a thank you for many cadets¶ help in funding the publication for the book. many of Poe¶s fellow cadets donated 75 cents to the cause (Quinn 176). It was during his time as assistant editor for the Messenger that Poe began to grow as a writer and over the next ten years he came to edit many literary journals such as Burton¶s Gentleman¶s Magazine and Graham¶s Magazine both of which were based in Philadelphia. and ³The Raven´ (Polito).

Where was the detective story until Poe breathed the breath of life into it?´ (Edgar Allan Poe ± Wikipedia). Some of his works contain joy. Poe¶s works became figureheads in international literature when Charles Baudelaire translated Poe¶s stories into French. Edgar Allan Poe¶s last words before he died were. was the basis for literature¶s future detectives ± a quote from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. but also because there is something in his writing for everyone. The fictitious C. which is why Poe is dutifully respected in France (Edgar Allan Poe ± Wikipedia). The phrase ³art for art¶s sake´ came from Poe¶s tenacity to critique the effect of style and structure of a literary work (Polito).Shew4 found on the streets of Baltimore on October 3 1949. Poe¶s use of technique and control of words is able to appeal to his every reader. ³Each is a root from which a whole literature has developed«. the reader is able to understand him or . Poe is still read in today¶s classrooms not just because his writing is renowned. The reason Poe is still studied is that through his writing. and hope (Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore). and more specifically in the genres of horror and detective fiction (Polito). Poe is often credited for being the ³architect´ of the modern short story. He was taken to Washington College Hospital where he died at 5:00 October 7. What is odd though. ³God help my poor soul!´ Edgar Allan Poe¶s writings and works left a remarkable impact on both American and international literature. passion. Auguste Duplinfrom Poe¶s early detective fiction tales. Not all of his works are dark. He was one of the first American authors of the 19th century to become more popular in Europe than in the United States (Edgar Allan Poe ± Wikipedia). he would yell out ³Reynolds!´ though the meaning to the name is unclear (Quinn 639640). is that Poe was found wearing clothes that were not his own and the few times Poe was conscious in the hospital. delirious and drunk. dreary and utterly confusing.

.Shew5 herself more. The reader is able to enter and be a part of Poe¶s stories and they are reinvented inside of us all.

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