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New Mexico Gap Analysis Report

New Mexico Gap Analysis Report

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The cities and counties of New Mexico must meet or exceed
the 2006 NMECC and the threshold will potentially change to
the updated code, the 2009 NMECC. There are a few avant-
garde localities that have climate and sustainability
initiatives underway that included the adoption of their own
above codes, including Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Local Climate Change Initiatives

Albuquerque was one of the first cities in New Mexico and the nation to sign the U.S. Conference
Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. The agreement was later signed by 141 mayors at their annual
meeting in June of 2005.32

In 2007, the city leaders of Albuquerque launched a campaign called AlbuquerqueGreen, its mission was
to educate and empower citizens to transform their city into a sustainable one. This means “day-to-day

Figure 8: Adobe Building in New Mexico

New Mexico Gap Analysis


recognition that economy, society, and environment are interconnected, and that Albuquerque must
demonstrate leadership by making wise and innovative choices to ensure Albuquerque is a sustainable

To decrease the city’s carbon footprint, green goals were created for every sectorxix

well as voluntary actions for citizens were listed on the city’s website. Albuquerque has made progress
through numerous partnerships and collaborative efforts; examples include investing in the city’s public
transit infrastructure by adding more shuttles in their downtown area, providing free parking at city
meters for hybrid, alternative fuel, and fuel efficient vehicles, and employing a bus fleet that runs off
alternative fuels.34

Among some honors and awards they have received are the Home Builders
Association of Central New Mexico recognized Albuquerque with the Build Green Leadership Award and
the city was selected for the Siemens Sustainable Community Award.

Akin to Albuquerque are the efforts under way in Santa Fe. The city of Santa Fe is dedicated to becoming
more energy efficient and utilizing renewable energy resources. The city adopted the U.S. Conference
of Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement in 2006 which sets a goal of reducing citywide greenhouse gas
emissions to seven percent below 1990 levels by 2012.35

Additionally, they have instituted a Sustainable

Santa Fe Plan.36

Under this, the city addresses several subjects, including: green house gas inventory
and reduction, green building codes, renewable energy, water conservation, solid waste reduction, and

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