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48668640 Managing Human Resources

48668640 Managing Human Resources

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Published by: Elsie Ofosu-Hamilton on Mar 20, 2011
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Human Resource Planning and Development (HRPD) should address issues
such as:

• Updating the human resource inventory as retirements or termination's


• Instituting special programmes of orientation or training for new
incumbents to specific jobs as these jobs open up.
• Managing the Information System (I.S.) on what jobs are available and
determining how to match this information to the Human Resources
available in order to determine whether to replace from within the
organisation or to go outside with a new recruiting programme.
• Continuously reanalysing jobs to ensure that the new incumbent is
properly prepared for what the job now requires and will require in the

• The management of these processes are linked to other parts of the
system through implicit messages that are sent to employees. For
example if the company decides to display all its vacancies ‘in house’, it is
sending a clear message that supports internal recruitment and self
development activities.
• A company that manages its recruitment in a secretive manner may be
sending a message to employees that the company is passive and
complacent about their careers, because the employees are unable to
influence them in any way.
• Planning activities should be closely linked to the processes of
supervision, job assignment, training etc., and those processes should be
designed to match the needs of the organisation with the needs of
employees throughout their evolving careers, even though these careers
may not involve promotions.
• The various components should be linked to each other, and be seen as a
total system for maximum effectiveness, and be managed to ensure co-
ordination between the planning functions and implementation functions.
• Accountabilities will rest squarely with supervisors and management,
who will control the rewards and opportunities.
• Regardless of who designs and manages the HRPD programme or
system, the ultimate goal should be that the HRPD programme be
‘owned’ by middle management.

2-Recruitment, Induction, Integration


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