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Published by: bprasad_10 on Mar 17, 2011
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Google TV Hands On

Digital Home Marketing Review

Presented by: The Gadget Machine


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Why Google TV? Apps, Apps and then Apps again, and the same goes for the Google
Adroid Tablets, just now coming to market in a big way with the XOOM Tablet being
supported by Verizon.

Let me show you what is going to make Google TV even more important than Adroid
Phones or Android tablets....

Take a look at the Howie Schwartz Android App.....If you don’t have a Google account
to log in and see it in action, here’s the important part.

See where it says ―Send to Another Device?

Well right now you can only add it to Android phones, but next month, when Google
unveils Google TV apps and Android Tablet apps too, these same Android Apps you
are building now with TheGadgeMachine - will instantly be available for these TVs and

And of course the beauty of The Gadget Machine is that any behind the scenes
changes to the programming need for these devices is done by us. So just like Android

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Apps, iPhone gadgets, Facebook fanpages, iGoogle and embeddable blog gadgets, we
supply a special version of your gadget just for the exact device it will be running on.

Why does that matter? Take a look at this super secret Google TV app that I just found

the other day. It’s called LP33 and it really rocks, no really it rocks, it’s a new music site.
So you can see this too, here’s a video showing one of the first GTV Apps soon to come
to the Android Market place.

This short video is the very first to show how Google TV Apps are going to differ from
just retreading a website for Google TV.

Well, that’s why we are going to show you how Google TV works today.

My First 6 Months With Google TV

With Google TV, the power of the Web and the beauty of HDTV.., and now they are
finally united in a seamless way. Get a full web browser on your HDTV screen. Access
millions of online videos, songs and games. Search for content across TV channels,
compatible DVRs and the Internet all at once. Run popular apps. Smart TV is here!

That’s the copy I read before I got my hands on Google’s vision of how your TV and the
web should be united, here’s what I think about my Sony Google TV box after living with

it for 6 months.

© 2011 www.TheGadgetMachine.com, All rights reserved. 6

Google TV was released to the public Saturday, October 16th

, thru Sony’s Sony Style

stores and we rushed out to get the first public sale of a Google TV Sony box in
Scottsdale Arizona.

In fact the Sony Style staff was as excited as I was to be selling the first public Google

TV setup, they took a picture of me on the way out the door….

If there is a Sony Style store in your city, head on down there and get a hands on
experience with their well trained staff.

You can’t understand the power of this until you see yourself on TV in your living room.
It’s a VERY uncanny feeling the first time you click a YouTube video, full screen it and

YOU are ON TV! You have to see this to experience it.


© 2011 www.TheGadgetMachine.com, All rights reserved. 7

Sure, I have hooked my video camera up to my TV inputs before, but some how the
integrated experience of watching live TV and seeing yourself or someone else you
know from the TV is somewhat uncanny.

You have read what the online tech blogs have to say, but let’s take a look at how

Google TV will affect marketers and everyday people like you and me, shall we?

You're Reading a Free Preview

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