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Selenium Documentation

Selenium Documentation

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Below is a list of image/explanation pairs which describe frequent sources of problems with Selenium-

Table view is not available with this format.

This message can be occasionally displayed in the Table tab when Selenium IDE is launched. The
workaround is to close and reopen Selenium IDE. See issue 1008. for more information. If you are able
to reproduce this reliably then please provide details so that we can work on a fix.

error loading test case: no command found

You’ve used File=>Open to try to open a test suite file. Use File=>Open Test Suite instead.

An enhancement request has been raised to improve this error message. See issue 1010.


Chapter 3. Selenium-IDE

Selenium Documentation, Release 1.0

This type of error may indicate a timing problem, i.e., the element specified by a locator in your com-
mand wasn’t fully loaded when the command was executed. Try putting a pause 5000 before the com-
mandtodeterminewhethertheproblemisindeedrelatedtotiming. Ifso, investigateusinganappropriate
waitFor* or *AndWait command before the failing command.

Whenever your attempt to use variable substitution fails as is the case for the open command above,
it indicates that you haven’t actually created the variable whose value you’re trying to access. This is
sometimes due to putting the variable in the Value field when it should be in the Target field or vice
versa. In the example above, the two parameters for the store command have been erroneously placed
in the reverse order of what is required. For any Selenese command, the first required parameter must
go in the Target field, and the second required parameter (if one exists) must go in the Value field.

error loading test case: [Exception... “Component returned failure code: 0x80520012
(NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND) [nsIFileInputStream.init]” nresult:

(NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)” location: “JS frame :: chrome://selenium-ide/content/file-
utils.js :: anonymous :: line 48” data: no]

One of the test cases in your test suite cannot be found. Make sure that the test case is indeed located
where the test suite indicates it is located. Also, make sure that your actual test case files have the .html
extension both in their filenames, and in the test suite file where they are referenced.

An enhancement request has been raised to improve this error message. See issue 1011.

Selenium-IDE is very space-sensitive! An extra space before or after a command will cause it to be

3.28. Troubleshooting


Selenium Documentation, Release 1.0

This defect has been raised. See issue 1012.

pathname to the extensions file via Options=>Options=>General in the Selenium Core extensions
field. Also, Selenium-IDE must be restarted after any change to either an extensions file or to the
contents of the Selenium Core extensions field.

This type of error message makes it appear that Selenium-IDE has generated a failure where there is
none. However, Selenium-IDE is correct that the actual value does not match the value specified in such
test cases. The problem is that the log file error messages collapse a series of two or more spaces into a
single space, which is confusing. In the example above, note that the parameter for verifyTitle has two
spaces between the words “Selenium” and “web” The page’s actual title has only one space between
these words. Thus, Selenium-IDE is correct to generate an error, but is misleading in the nature of the

This defect has been raised. See issue 1013.


Chapter 3. Selenium-IDE



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