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Circle the letter of the correct answer.

1. ____________ refers to any type of 7. In slide ______ view, you see the entire
application or presentation that presentation displayed in miniature.
involves more than one type of media, This view is used to arrange the slides
such as text, graphics, video, in your presentation, as well as, to add
animation, and sound. animations, transitions and timing.
A. An executable file A. arranger
B. Desktop publishing B. creator
C. Multimedia C. shaper
D. Hypertext D. sorter

2. One of the disadvantages of multimedia 8. The slide ________ controls text

is: characteristics, background color and
A. cost special effects, such as shadowing and
B. adaptability bullet style.
C. usability A. presentation
D. relativity B. master
C. show
D. sorter
3. The text color in a presentation should
contrast with the ________ color.
A. CPU 9. Designed to create a particular look, a
B. frame __________ contains color schemes,
C. stack slide and title masters with custom
D. background formatting and fonts styles.
A. template
B. presentation
4. Images included in many software titles C. slide
are called _________. D. background
A. clipart
B. popups
C. .jpg files 10. Adding _________ to objects on your
D. .tiff files slides not only controls the flow of
information, but adds interest to your
5. A smaller version of an image is called A. background
a: B. transition
A. clipart C. animation
B. bitmap D. popups
C. portable network graphic
D. thumbnail
11. The ________ master controls the
format and placement of the titles and
text you type on slides, as well as,
6. The process of planning your background items and graphics you
multimedia presentation is known as a: want to appear on every slide.
A. design A slide
B. storyboard B. copyright
C. development C. layout
D. layout D. design

Circle the letter of the correct answer.

12. The first slide in a presentation is 18. A ____________ is a series of slides

usually reserved for the _________. displayed in a particular sequence.
A. introduction A. placeholder
B. author B. layout
C. master C. template
D. title D. slide show

13. ______________ is the special effect 19. Quick access to frequently used
used to introduce each slide in a slide commands can be found in the
presentation. ________ toolbar.
A. Animation A. view
B. Bulleting B. drawing
C. Transition C. kit
D. Mapping D. menu

14. Notes that include the slide as well as 20. A ____________ can be added to your
key comments and points you may presentation and then used to go to a
want to emphasis while you present variety of locations ---- for example, a
your slide show are know as: web address, an e-mail address, a
A. speaker handouts custom show or document, just to
B. speaker notes name a few.
C. student notes A. menulink
D. cheat sheet B. hyperlink
C. toollink
D. slidelink
15. A ________ displays a list of commands
and usually appears in the toolbar at
the top of the screen.
A. view
B. menu
C. kit
D. list

16. Slide and title masters contain

Click to add title
___________ that reserve spaces for
text and footers such as date, time and
slide number. Click to add subtitle
A. reservations
B. placeholders
C. spaces
D. documents

17. Changing the appearance of your slide

_________ can alter the slide’s color,
shade, pattern, or texture.
A. background
B. foreground
C. watermark
D. design