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ASADOR_ MODERN FARM TO F A Mean James Mex RESTAURANT 8 BEERS OF TEXAS Real Ale Fireman's 4 Blanco Real Ale Full Moon Blanco Real AleBrown Ale ‘Blanco Saint Amolds Lawn Mower Houston Sting Amold'sElssa IPA Houston FranconiaWheat Beer Mckinney Shiner Bock Shier BEERS OF MEXICO os Equs Lager, Modelo Especial, “Tacate, ohemia, Pacifico, Corona, Suepema Extra Fina BEER vines Argentoa Pilsener Centenario lsahador ona Nicaragua Inger Costaica Mirror Pond Pale Ale (regen Dales Pale Ale Brooklyn Brown Ale EstrallaLager Stone Arrogant Bastard ‘wider Drifter Pale le Dogfish 60 Minute PA LeftHand i stout Rogue Dead Guy Ale Samuel Smith Organic Cer Chimay ve Label (ld Speckled Hen *Her’s Tooth” Dogfish go minute PA Westmalle Triple Orval ‘Samal Smith Organic Nut Brown Lain Du Monde ‘Dogfish midas Touch teal Colorado New York Spain california (regen Delaware Colorado (regen England Belgurn England Delaware Belgium Belgium England Canada Delaware New York Sot GONE Ae Wr, Ae Ok Ken Aa Flama de Asador, oto! Repasado, agave nectar, house-made sour mix sat rim Cranberry Margarita, Don Edvardo Reposado, Grand Marnier, fresh cranberries, orange, sugar rim Pineapple Margarita, pineapple fused Herradura Reposado, Canton Ginger Liqueur, house-made 30¥rmix, paprika in : Pomegranate Margarita, Mingo Silver, pom juice, house-made sour mix, agave soaked pomegranate seeds, salt chipotle honey rim ‘Spicy Elderflower Margarita, Milagro Repasado, St. Germain Eldrflower Liqueur infused with chil peppers,