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Katie Bair bio

Katie Bair bio

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Published by: Kris on May 13, 2007
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KATIE BAIR INFORMATION Shoujocon 2003 is delighted to have Katie Bair as our American Mangaka Guest of Honor.

Katie Bair is a true renaissance woman: Besides being a manga artist, she is a teacher, wig designer, cosplayer and karaoke champ! Her incredible drawing and storytelling talents have led her to experience success that's often difficult for most women working in the American comics industry to obtain. This is the reason why Ms. Bair is willing to help other upcoming artists, helping to hone their skills and prepare them for their own careers in cartooning. When she's not working hard at her desk creating beautiful comic art, she can be found working hard in the cosplay community, creating custom wigs and offering advice and tips for beginning cosplayers. Her current published manga titles include "Oasis Destiny" (part of the soon-to-bereleased Shoujo!anthology) and the Ninja High School series, both available from Antarctic Press. Visit AP's website at www.antarctic-press.com; or go straight to Ms. Bair's own website at www.katiebair.com for more information. Or, get to meet her in person during panel discussions and other special events!

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