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Humor in the Workplace

Humor in the Workplace

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Published by: Ravi Arya on Mar 10, 2011
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Humor in the Workplace

´Let·s get goofyµ

Overview and Goals
‡ Learn about the physiology of laughter ‡ Have some fun and giggles ‡ Learn some humor tips ‡ Bring fun to work with you ‡ Spread the fun germ ‡ Be serious about fun in your life ‡ Simple acts of fun ‡ Share some fun stories or ideas

‡ Benefits of laughter ‡ What makes humor an important part of the workplace ‡ A twelve-step program fun-nomenon ‡ Humor tips and how to help create fun-actics with your team ‡ Funny resources ‡ Day to day fun- what YOU smiling at!

Did you know that ...
‡ The average pre-schooler laughs or smiles 400 times a day? ‡ People smile only 35 percent as much as they think they do? ‡ Laughter releases endorphins, a chemical 10 times more powerful than the pain-relieving drug morphine, into the body with the same exhilarating effect as doing strenuous exercise?

thereby replenishing and invigorating cells? It also increases the pain threshold. boosts immunity.Did you know that . .. you burn up 3 and 1/2 calories? ‡ Laughing increases oxygen intake. ‡ Every time you have a good hearty laugh.. and relieves stress.

‡ more productive. ‡ better decision-makers.Smiling statistics ‡ Many doctors have researched and has studied fun at work for years. They discovered that people who have fun on the job: ‡ are more creative. .

‡ They are more open to change and exploring new ways to do things . ‡ They also have fewer absentee. and sick days than people who aren't having fun. late.Smiling statistics ‡ They get along better with co-workers.

Smiling statistics ‡ A survey had found that of 737 CEOs surveyed. . 98 percent preferred job candidates with a sense of humor to those without ‡ Another survey indicated that 84 percent of the executives thought that employees with a sense of humor do a better job than people with little or no sense of humor.

‡ The remaining 85% are let go because of their inability to get along with fellow employees. . ‡ When asked about the qualities of an effective employee.Smiling statistics ‡ An International survey stated only 15% of workers are fired because of lack of competence. senior administrators and human relations personnel check humor as one of the choice attributes of a desired employee.

Maslow·s Pyramid of Needs .

‡ Learning to laugh at ourselves and our work lightens the load. self-esteem and team spirit ‡ In working environments where humor is supported there develops a culture that utilizes the humor to reduce stress and provide perspective.Why bring your funny bone to work?? ‡ A work environment that cultivates fun ² grows in energy. In today·s times we need humor more than ever. .

Humor energizes us« ‡ A fun culture motivates and nurtures ´want toµ vs. ‡ Fun is an important tool in the trainer·s belt. ‡ Infuse your training with acts of fun and you will engage your audience . ´got toµ ‡ Productivity is a performance art. the person that performs well succeeds.

Humor energizes us« ‡ Fun is an integral element of adult learning and helps to facilitate lasting effects ‡ Fun creates enthusiasm and excitement in learning something new. it stimulates the senses ‡ A fun culture means being prepared to break out of the box ² doing the unexpected ² willingness to look or be silly .

and the boss's note pokes some fun at himself. and if this one isn't fast enough then I'm sure you're not going to like my other.Humor helps communication« ‡ Humor can provide a non-threatening means through which an employee or employer can communicate with others without intensifying the emotional temperature of the relationship. ‡ Consider the frazzled secretary who posts the sign "I have only two speeds." The secretary's sign pokes fun at the situation." OR "A Creative Mess is better than Tidy Idleness. .

‡ If you communicate in a fun memorable way. ‡ Communication is a vital key for success in every organization .Humor helps communication« ‡ A smile can also have a positive effect on the sound of your voice. you will grab the attention of your audience ‡ It will engage their interest and enliven their willingness to act.

‡ Office jokes taking the seriousness of work lightly provide us with the opportunity to become more connected with others. .Humor builds relationships« ‡ Humor can facilitate the development of staff cohesion and a sense of team effort in the workplace ‡ Fun is a social glue: it gets individuals to stick together. and it creates camaraderie in teams. ‡ It soothes the natural tensions that arise when people work together.

absenteeism. etc. and we know that stress is one of the main causes of illness. ‡ Humor is a great stress reliever because it makes us feel good. Norman Cousins. author of Anatomy of an Illness. and we can't feel good and feel stress simultaneously. employee burn-out. . ‡ Dr.Humor Reduces Stress« ‡ Work is often associated with stress. brought to our attention how laughter can be healing or reduce symptoms.

reduce stress by activating the physiological systems including the muscular.Humor Reduces Stress« ‡ Humor and its fallout. ‡ Laughter has been labeled a jogging and juggling of the internal organs. cardiovascular. When we laugh we feel physically better. . and skeletal. when we laugh so hard that we fall down or wet our pants. respiratory. and after laughter we feel lighter and more relaxed. as many of us have. laughter. ‡ Humor provides a psychological stress reducer as it snaps our thinking to another channel. ‡ This fact results in the loss of muscle control.

there are BILLIONS of people who don't care one way or the other." . "The whole world isn't against you.liners often found on postcards) says.. "Distance doesn't really make you any smaller." ‡ Consider the Ziggy cartoon where Ziggy is lying on the psychiatrist's couch and the psychiatrist is saying. ‡ Ashleigh Brilliant (known for his one. but it does make you part of a bigger picture..Humor Provides Perspective« ‡ Another way in which humor lightens the load of the workplace is by providing perspective.

get zany. anything goes (almost) ‡ . examine how you spend your time and what you can change to split your sides Create your own style. Start with yourself ‡ ‡ Don·t wait for someone else to start the fun ² find your own Discover your funny bone.12 steps to fun or How to recover your funny bone 1.

Inspire fun in others ‡ ‡ ‡ Be a role model for fun Recognize and support the effort of others in the creation of fun. Give gifts that stimulate fun and spontaneity .12 steps to fun 2.

‡ Use music to brighten your mood. Create an environment that encourages fun ‡ The workspace can have a great impact on our attitude. ‡ Have toys within reach to relieve stress ‡ Put up pictures of smiling faces and cuddly pets .12 steps to fun 3. ‡ Choose colors that enliven your spirit.

12 steps to fun 4. Celebrate the befits of fun ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Recognize fun when you see it. Be fun·s champion Be open to other·s ideas Use fun to spontaneously celebrate good work and good effort .

12 steps to fun 5. Look for the humor in your situation ‡ ‡ ‡ Find the silver cloud People want to be with someone fun and optimistic Always be ready to laugh. . especially at yourself.

‡ .12 steps to fun 6. let it travel thru the organization giving it energy and life. Eliminate boundaries and obstacles that inhibit fun ‡ Fun is contagious. Make it a goal to find and remove obstacles that stop the flow of fun.

12 steps to fun 7. ‡ . be spontaneous ‡ Don·t wait for fun to find you ² make it occur whenever anyone needs a boost. use it to refresh your work and team. Follow your intuition. Surprise is half the fun.

It is the lubricant for getting things done well and effectively with others.12 steps to fun 8. Don·t Postpone your fun (or mine) ‡ ‡ Fun is not a reward for completing a task. Make it a daily part of your routine! ‡ .

.12 steps to fun 9. Make fun inclusive ‡ ‡ ‡ Fun is for sharing The moment you exclude another from the fun it stops being fun ´The more the merrierµ is the best attitude to adopt.

12 steps to fun 10. tell a joke.SMILE! And laugh a lot ‡ Smiling and laughing cost nothing. you·ll find others eager to join in the fun. they need no special skills and take little time to accomplish Smiles are contagious and what a wonderful thing to catch Greet everyone with a smile. ‡ ‡ . laugh at yourself.

12 steps to fun 11. Share your fun with others and let it light up your life . Become know as ´Fun Lovingµ ‡ ‡ ‡ This is the greatest compliment you can receive. Make it a personal mission to infuse fun into everything you do.

Put fun into action ‡ ‡ Grab a fun idea and take action Share ideas. borrow ideas. or create your own.12 steps to fun 12. just start the fun! Make it a habit ‡ .

‡ Smiling pancakes in the morning .Tips to tickle the funny bone ‡ Lighten up the day to day ‡ Frustrated by morning traffic? ² Grab some ´Grouchoµ glasses and slip them on. watch the smiles around you. ‡ Birthday card for a 65 year old. purchase one for a 5 year old and pen in the 6.

.Lighten up the day to day ‡ Be a joke fairy. ‡ Watch AFV together and forget the news for a night. ‡ Or add it to their lunch bag to brighten the day. Leave a joke or special surprise under someone·s pillow.

have a sundae social on a Monday afternoon. ‡ Casual day. cartoon clips or post its.Lighten up at work ‡ Page a day calendars ‡ Fun and motivational signs. theme day or use your imagination day. pig out day. ‡ Celebrate Christmas in July. . posters.

Lighten up at work ‡ Learning the Fun-damentals ‡ Engage new employees with an orientation scavenger hunt ‡ Start a meeting with a ball-park wave ‡ Use a game format such as bingo or jeopardy in training sessions ‡ Start the training with a sing along ² a theme song or an oldie but goodie .

funny pens .More tricks for the trainer ‡ Hand out crayons and have participants doodle the key points ‡ Create a crossword puzzle or word scramble with learning objectives ‡ Giving a test? Use fun prizes like bubbles. paddle with ball.

Meetings fun?? What an oxymoron ‡ Start your meeting by asking everyone to complete an opened-ended grabber of a sentence: ² Wouldn·t it be fun if«. ² The funniest thing I·ve seen at work« ‡ Have a meeting mascot ‡ Pick a color and have everyone wear it that day ..

‡ Give them a ´get out of jail freeµ card to use for a few hours off. ‡ Give a fun sweet treat. ‡ Give fun gifts such as these books: ² All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten ² Chicken Soup for the Soul ² Life·s Little Instruction Book. .Recognition with a fun twist ‡ Provide staff with a wellness day off campus.

Funny you should say that« ‡ Celebrate birthdays. projects completed. anniversaries. any milestone ² Bring in treats ² Send flowers or balloons ² Display it in a public area ² Put it in the newsletter ² Send out an email .

Books 6. Balloons (with or without the gorilla delivery) . Popcorn tins or fruit baskets 8. Gag gifts 11.*Dave·s Top ten list ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 10. Tickets to a sports event 5. Plaques and trophies 7.

Coffee mugs (preferably with a cartoon) . Dinner out (lunch and breakfast work too) ‡ 2.*Dave·s Top ten list ‡ 4. and ‡ 1. T-Shirts. Gift certificates (to almost anything) ‡ 3.

Foster funny teamwork ‡ Have a movie at work with popcorn and candy ‡ Set up a ball game after work and start the fun with a tailgate party lunch ‡ Golf outing for everyone ² set up a miniature golf course on campus ‡ Special Olympics ² egg relay ² chair races ‡ ´Decorate your area/work spaceµ contests .

What YOU Smiling at?? ‡ Students Say the darndest things ‡ ´Can I take dance 101 as an online course?µ ‡ ´I didn·t read the email because. I get too many« my inbox is full« can·t remember«µ ‡ ´I didn·t think the deadline was really THE deadlineµ .

Students say the darndest things .

What YOU Smiling at?? ‡ Opportunity to share a smile .

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