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Soccer Field Sizes

Soccer Field Sizes

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Published by: Thilagawathy Thiruvalluvan on Mar 07, 2011
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The Soccer Field Dimensions
The field of play shall be rectangular, the width of which shall not exceed the length. The width shall not be more than 80 yards (73.15M) nor less than 65 yards (59.44m) and the length shall not be more than 120 yards (109.72m) nor less than 110 yards (100.58m); however, fields of less than minimal dimensions may be used by prior written mutual consent of the competing institutions. The optimum size is 75 yards (68.58m) by 120 yards (109.73m).

5'H X 12'W) U-9 (6.5'H X 18.BY AGE**** Age Goal Size MIN TO MAX U-6/U-7 (4.5W) (7'H X 21') U-11 (6.5'H X 9'W) (6.BY AGE**** AGE FIELD WIDTH FIELD LENGTH Age (MIN to MAX) (MIN . U-6/U-7 (3-V-3) U-8 (4-V-4)( U-9 (6-V-6)( U-10 (8-V-8)( U-11 (9-V-9)( U-12 (11-V-11) U-13 (11-V-11) INT'L (11-V-11) (3) (3) (4) (4) (4) (4) (5) (5) .5'H X 18.Soccer Field Dimensions ***SOCCER FIELD DIMENSIONS .5'W) U-10 (6.to -MAX) U-6/7 (15yds TO 20yds) U-8 (20yds TO 25yds) U-9 (30yds TO 35yds) U-10 (40yds TO 50yds) U-11 (40yds TO 50yds) U-12 (40yds TO 55yds) U-13 (50yds TO 60yds) INT'L (70yds TO 80yds) (25yds TO 30yds) (30yds TO 40yds) (40yds TO 50yds) (60yds TO 70yds) (70yds TO 80yds) (100yds TO 105yds) (100yds TO 110yds) (110yds TO 120yds) ****SOCCER GOAL DIMENSIONS .5'H X 18.BY AGE**** Age Players per Team BALL SIZE Numbers of players vary by league.5'H X 12'W) U-8 (4.5'H X 9'W) (6.5'H X 12'W) (6.5W) (8'H X 24'W) U-12 (7'H X 21'W) (8'H X 24'W) U-13 (8'H X 24'W) (8'H X 24'W) INT'L (8'H X 24'W) (8'H X 24'W) ****PLAYERS PER TEAM & BALL SIZE .

An unregulated soccer balls can be uncomfortably heavy or hard making it painful to kick the ball. some soccer balls are heavier & harder than others. The Soccer Jersey Soccer jerseys come in many styles and colors. . Some styles date back to the early days of soccer and some have a more modern look. Soccer balls come in different sizes: 3. If you have a choice. look for a stamp that says either "official size & weight" or "FIFA Approved". a shiny. Also.Soccer Ball Probably the most important equipment used for soccer is the soccer ball. if you are looking for a regulation ball. & 5. 4. Even if the soccer ball is the official weight. waterproof surface is best because it won't absorb water & will last longer.

having good shin guards is very important. Soccer Shorts Soccer shorts come in many styles and colors also. They need to be strong but light weight and durable. They help protect the legs and also can be quite colorful.Shin Guard In the heat of the game. They are designed for comfort and durability. . Soccer Socks Soccer socks typically will come up to just below the knee.

The soccer shoe Soccer shoes are especially designed for the sport of soccer. . Some have cleats and some are made for indoor soccer.

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