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Canon EOS 450D Manual-1

Canon EOS 450D Manual-1

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This chapter explains features related to viewing
images. Learn more about image playback as
discussed in chapter 2 “Basic Shooting and Image
Playback” and how to view images on a TV set. You can
also erase images.

About images taken with another camera:

The camera might not be able to properly display images captured
with a different camera or edited with a personal computer or whose
file name was changed.


Search for images quickly with the index display showing four or nine
images on one screen.

1 Turn on the index display.

During image playback, press the

> button.
The 4-image index display will
appear. The currently-selected image
will be highlighted in a blue frame.
Press the <I

> button again to
switch to the 9-image index display.

2 Select the image.

Turn the <6> dial to select an
adjacent image.
Press the <S> key to move the blue
frame to select another image.
Press the <u> button to display the
selected image at full view.

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