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Canon EOS 40D Manual

Canon EOS 40D Manual

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When the internal buffer memory becomes
full during continuous shooting, “buSY” will
be displayed on the LCD panel and in the
viewfinder and shooting will be disabled
temporarily. As the captured images are recorded to the CF card, you will
be able to shoot more images. Press the shutter button halfway to check
in the viewfinder’s bottom right for the current maximum burst. This is the
maximum number of shots that can be taken continuously.
If “FuLL CF” is displayed in the viewfinder and on the LCD panel, wait
until the access lamp stops blinking, then replace the CF card.

When the battery level is low, the continuous shooting speed will be slightly slower.

Maximum burst


Use the self-timer when you want to be in the picture. The <j> (10
sec. timer) can be used in all shooting modes.

1 Press the <o

> button. (9)

2Select either <j> or <l>.

Look at the LCD panel and turn the
<5> dial to select <j> or <l>.

j : 10-sec. self-timer

l: 2-sec. self-timer N

3 Take the picture.

Focus the subject and press the
shutter button completely.
The picture will be taken after the
self-timer delay elapses.
You can check the self-timer
operation with the self-timer lamp,
beeper, and countdown display (in
seconds) on the LCD panel.
Two seconds before the picture is
taken, the self-timer lamp will stay on
and the beeper will sound faster.

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