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One more vocabulary list

Children and the family

Adolescence foster family rebellious relationship
Adolescent freedom relatives
adopt infancy responsible
authoritarian infant separated
birth rate juvenile siblings
bring up juvenile delinquency single parent
Dependent lenient single-parent family
Divorced minor (noun) strict supervision
extended family nuclear family running wild
family life nurture teenager
formative years over-protective upbringing
foster protective well-adjusted
foster child raise

ESSAY 1: Some people believe that children nowadays have too much freedom. Others believe
that children are protected too much by their parents. Which of these statements do you agree
with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your decision.

acquire class higher education high retake (an exam)
correspondence course school junior high school resources secondary
course day release kindergarten learn (education) semester
degree learning resources seminar
discipline doctorate center lecture lecturer SAT® (Scholastic
elementary (education) lesson literacy mature Aptitude Test) sit / take
elementary school (student) (an exam) skills study
enroll exam experience middle school night class subject
faculty fail fees grade numeracy opportunity syllabus topic tutor
grades grade school pass physical education tutorial undergraduate
graduate (noun) graduate private school professor
(verb) graduate school prospectus public school
grant higher degree qualifications quarter

ESSAY 2: You are never too old to learn. Do you agree with this statement?

By kind permission of Ricardo A. 2

Food and diet

allergy fat farm nutritious
allergic fiber obese
anorexia food group obesity
balanced diet food intolerance organic
bulimia food poisoning overweight
calcium free range protein
calories genetically modified (GM) salmonella
carbohydrates harvest saturated
cholesterol health food scarce
consume heart disease scarcity
consumption junk food underweight
diabetes listeria vegan
diet (noun + verb) malnutrition veganism
eating disorder malnourished vegetarian
exercise minerals vegetarianism
fast food monounsaturated vitamins
fat nutrition

ESSAY 3: “Despite the huge variety of foods in our supermarkets, it is becoming increasingly
difficult to eat a healthy diet. Do you agree? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and

The media
airtime feature online
audience freedom of the press paparazzi
broadcast gutter press the press
broadsheet honest program
censor information read between the lines
censorship informed readership
channel invasion of privacy reality TV
check book journalism journalism reporter
circulation journalist restriction
current affairs libel slander
coverage libelous slanderous
documentary log on tabloid
download mass media tabloid TV
dumbing down media circus the
editor media event Internet
entertainment media tycoon unscrupulous
exploit news website

ESSAY 4. “The media plays a valuable role in keeping us informed and entertained. However,
many people believe it has too much power and freedom”. Do you agree?'

By kind permission of Ricardo A. 3

Money and finance

Balance expenditure pension
bank extravagant priceless
bankrupt frugal profit
bargain income receipt
bill income tax reduction
borrow inflation refund
broke inherit salary
bankrupt insolvent save
cash interest savings and loan association
check in the black /in the red shares
cost of living invest statement
credit card investment stocks
credit invoice tax / rent (etc) rebate
debt lend undercharged
debit loan unemployment / housing /
deposit loss child (etc.)welfare
discount market wage
distribution of wealth mortgage wealthy
dividends on credit welfare
economical overcharged withdraw
economize overdraft worthless
exorbitant overpriced
ESSAY 5. Some people say that “Money makes the world go round”; others say that “Money is the
root ofall evil”. Which of these do you agree with? Use examples and details in your answer.
Nature and the environment
acid rain ecology ozone-friendly
activists ecosystem ozone layer
animal rights emissions poaching
battery farming endangered species pollute
biodegradable packaging environmentalists (air) pollution
biodiversity environmentally friendly rare breeds
biofuels erosion rainforest
breeding extinct recycle
(in) captivity fossil fuels recycling
CFC gases fumes renewable / sustainable
climate change genetically modified global energy
conservation warming research
conservation program green belt solar power
conserve greenhouse effect tidal energy
contaminated greenhouse gases toxic waste
deforestation degradation intensive farming unleaded gas
desertification natural behavior wildlife management
eco-friendly natural resources organic
ecological organic farming

By kind permission of Ricardo A. 4

ESSAY 6. “Environmental degradation is a major world problem. What causes this problem,
and what can we do to prevent it?”
On the road
Accelerate a fine road rage
Accident freeway road work
accident risk gas rush hour
auto theft highway safety island
back out highway patrol sidewalk
black spot injuries to speed
brake intersection speed limit
congestion interstate subsidized (e.g., public
crosswalk joyriding transportation)
cut in (in a vehicle) mile to tailgate
cycle lane mobility traffic light / signal
destination overtake traffic calming
dominate park and ride traffic circle / rotary
drunk driving pedestrian traffic-free zone
driver pedestrian mall traffic jam
driver's licence pollution traffic school
driving test public transportation transport strategy
expressway pull in turnpike
fatalities pull over

ESSAY 7. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?: It is time we all relied
less on private motor vehicles to get around, and instead used other forms of transport.
Use specific examples and details to support your answer.
Science and technology
Analyze e-mail microchip
Bioclimatology experiment modified
biology genetic engineering molecular biology
breakthrough genetic fingerprinting nuclear engineering
cellphone genetic modification physics
chemistry geneticist research
computers information superhighway safeguard
control information technology scientist
cryogenics (IT) technocrat
cybernetics innovation technologist
development Internet technophile
digital invent technophobe
discover invention
discovery life expectancy

ESSAY 8. What, in your opinion, has been the single most important scientific or
technological development of the last fifty years? Use specific reasons and details to
support your answer.

By kind permission of Ricardo A. 5

Town and country

Agriculture drug abuse pedestrian precinct
Amenities employment pollution
apartment block environment population
arable land facilities population explosion
atmosphere fields poverty
to breed crime green belt productive land
building sites industry property prices
Central Business District infrastructure prospects
(CBD) housing project resident
commute inner city residential area
commuter lively rural
commuter belt mall / shopping mall rush hour
congestion melting pot slum
construction metropolis street crime
cost of living migration stressful
crops nature suburbs
crowded nightlife traffic jam
cultivation outskirts unemployment
cultural events peaceful urban
depopulation peak period urban lifestyle
development urban sprawl
ESSAY 9. “Describe a place where you live or have lived, outlining its good points and bad
Acclimatize embassy migrate
Alien emigrate package tour
all-inclusive emigration package tourist
business class excursion passport
check-in expatriate persona non grata
check in (to a hotel or first class refugee
for a flight) flight repatriate
check out (of a hotel) gate safari
coach class green card short-haul
consulate illegal alien tour operator
cruise immigrant trafficking
culture shock immigration travel agency
customs independent traveler travel agent
deport internally displaced trip
disembark journey UNHCR
displaced long-haul visa
economic migrants luggage voyage
ecotourism mass tourism work permit
embark migrant

By kind permission of Ricardo A. 6

ESSAY 10. “There are two types of traveler: those who do it because they want to, and those
who do it because they have to. Discuss this statement, using specific examples”.
adverse working conditions income retire
applicant increment rewards and benefits
application form interview salary
be laid off interviewee /interviewer self-employed
blue-collar worker job satisfaction semi-skilled
boss job security service industry
candidate manager sick building syndrome
commission manual worker sickness benefit
demanding manufacturing industry skilled
dismiss (on) leave a steady job
dismissal Overtime stress
downsize part-time supervisor
employee/ employer pension unemployed
fire pension contributions unemployment
fixed income perks union
flexible working hours profession unskilled
freelance promotion unsociable hours
full time raise wage
hire recruitment drive (on) welfare
homeworker repetitive white-collar worker
incentives strain injury (RSI) workaholic
incentive scheme resign

ESSAY 11. “Some people live to work and others work to live. In most cases, this depends on
the job they have and the conditions under which they are employed. In your opinion, what are
the elements that make a job worthwhile?”

Friends and relations

acquaintance cousin friendship
admire coworker generous
adore crony get on with
amiable discipline (steady) girlfriend
(steady) boyfriend dysfunctional grandparents
be on good terms empathize have a lot in common
best friend empathy husband
bond encourage influence
boss encouragement in-laws
bring up enemy inseparable
brother extended family inspire
buddy fall out with inspiration
chemistry family ties intimate
classmate fiancé / fiancée kind
be close to be fond of kinship

By kind permission of Ricardo A. 7

love respect support

nuclear family room mate supportive
nurture see eye to eye sympathize
parents shared interests sympathy
partner siblings teacher
raise sister wife
related soul mate
relative / relation spouse
relationship supervisor
ESSAY 12. Different people influence our lives in different ways. How? Illustrate your
answer with specific examples.

Global problems, social tensions, and solutions

alien extremist poverty
charity genocide prejudice
civil rights global village racism
cultural exchange homeless refugee
program homelessness religion
culture human rights religious
culture shock hunger stateless people
differences ignorance study
discriminate illegal alien visit
discrimination immigrants terrorism
displaced people immigration terrorist
emigrants inequality tolerate
emigration institutional racism tolerance
environment internally displaced UNESCO
equality intolerance UNHCR
ethnic cleansing language UNICEF
exploit migrants xenophobia
exploitation nationalism
extremism pollution

ESSAY 13. The world today faces a lot of problems. Outline a few of these problems
and suggest some things that ordinary people could do to make the world a better
Government and politics
authoritarian a congressman / an election
a bill congresswoman federal (law, tax, etc.)
a candidate a constituent assembly freedom
to canvass a constitution a governor
the Capitol democratic the House of
Capitol Hil a democracy Representatives
a committee a Democrat ideology
Congress to elect independence

By kind permission of Ricardo A. 8

legislation to ratify a senator

legislature a referendum a state
a monarchy represent a statesman / stateswoman
opposition a republic a technocrat
parliament a Republican totalitarian
a politician sanctions to vote
a president security
a prime minister the Senate

ESSAY 14. What, in your opinion, are most important things a government should do for
its people? Support your answer with examples.
Health and exercise
Active give up (e.g., smoking) obesity
Aerobics health club on a diet
balanced diet heart attack overweight
cholesterol heart disease sedentary
cut down on (e.g., fatty in good shape skin problems
foods, sugar) in poor shape slim
disease jogging sports center
eating disorder keep fit swimming
fall ill lifestyle take exercise
fast food / junk food look after (e.g., take up (e.g., a sport)
fat yourself, your health) underweight
fibre muscles unhealthy
get fit obese

ESSAY 15. Too many young people these days are unhealthy and / or overweight.
What advice would you give somebody who wanted to become fit and healthy?

Learning languages
accent learn something pick up (a language)
bilingual parrot practice
challenging fashion progress
communicate lingua franca pronunciation
competent look up (in a dictionary) rewarding
culture monolingual second language
dictionary mother tongue self-access centre
fluent multilingual vocabulary
get by (in a language) native
ESSAY 16. What are the most effective ways of learning a foreign language? Illustrate
your answer with specific examples.

By kind permission of Ricardo A. 9

Movies and the theater

Acting director plot
action documentary romance
actor / actress drama scenery
animation entertaining science fiction
atmosphere exciting screen
audience feel-good setting
believable funny soundtrack
big budget gritty special effects
box office horror stars
cartoon location story
cast movie thriller
climax musical video
comedy performance

ESSAY 17. What kinds of movies do you enjoy watching, and why do you enjoy
watching them? Use specific examples to explain your answer.
aggressive heavy metal popular
an album a hit rap
an artist(e) improvise to record
beat improvisation recorded
blues (music) innovative reggae
a classic jazz relaxing
classical music live (adjective) rock music
a compilation lively sentimental
to compose lyrics a singer-songwriter
a composer mellow a soloist
a concert memorable strings
to conduct mood vocalist
a conductor opera vocals
contemporary dance orchestra wind instrument
music download percussion world music
easy listening pop

ESSAY 18. The music you listen to says a lot about the kind of person you are. How far
do you agree with this?Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

By kind permission of Ricardo A. 10

arena hooliganism sportsman / sportswoman
athlete lose stadium
athletics match support
beat opponent supporter
coach opposition take up (a sport)
competitive pitch team
competitor play (baseball, tennis, team spirit
course basketball, etc.) team sports
court prize train
draw referee trainer
equalize score umpire
exercise spectator unite
go (swimming, jogging, spectator sports violence
climbing, etc.) sponsor win
hooligan sponsorship

ESSAY 19. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Sports play an
important role in a culture. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Your hometown
Amenities increase preserve (old buildings)
busy industry reduce
character job opportunities rejuvenate
college library renovate
community livelihood restaurants
community spirit lively rural
congestion local custom safe
crime s mall shopping
demolish (old buildings) modern sports center
eating out monument sports facilities
environment museum statue
healthcare neighbor street crime
historic neighborhood theater
homeless nightlife traditional
homelessness noise control traffic
hospital park traffic calming
housing peaceful traffic-free
housing project pedestrianize urban
improve pollution zoo
improvement population

ESSAY 20. You have been asked for some suggestions to make your hometown a
better place. What suggestions would you make, and why?


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