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c c -Moderate to moderately -Unknown. Binds with -tachycardia, -active metabolite o -when drug is used pot
01/27/10 severe pain opiate receptors in the constipation, dry mouth, meperidine may operatively, encourage
    -pre-operative analgesics CNS, altering both nausea and vomiting, accumulate in patients patient o turn, cough and
Meperidine -adjunct anesthesia perception of and biliary tract spasms with renal dysfunctions deep breath and to use an
hydrochloride (pethidine emotional response to causing increase adverse incentive pyrometer to
hydrochloride) pain CNS reactions prevent lung problems
-reassess patients level of -caution ambulatory
 c  pain at least 15 and 30 patient about getting out
Demerol mins after administration of bed o walking. Warn
 -ALERT: Oral dose is out patient to avoid diving
Opioid analgesics greater than half as and other potentially
effective as parenteral hazardous activities that
  dose. Give IM I possible. requires mental alertness
½ amp or 25 mg IV q8h When changing from until drugs CNS effects
parenteral to oral route are known
increase dosage -advise patient to avoid
-monitor bladder function alcohol during therapy
in post operative patients
-monitor bowel
functions, patient may
need a laxative or stool