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Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. It is the fifth- dimensional
civilization that is a prototype of Earth's future. Its energy works as an emotional, mental, and
spiritual healer for humanity.
Edgar Cayce
has said in his teachings that Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. It
is the fifth- dimensional civilization that is a prototype of Earth's future. Its energy works as an
emotional, mental, and spiritual healer for humanity. It is also an energy gateway through which
humans pass during death and rebirth. It functions as a way station for nonphysical
consciousness to become accustomed to physicality. The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of
Enoch describes it as the mid- way programming center used by the physical brotherhoods in
this universe to govern the many rounds of experiments with "physicals" at this end of the

The Arcturians
originate from a crystal blue planet orbiting the star Arcturus.
Arcturus is a red super-giant located in the constellation Bootes. Arcturus is also the brightest
star in that constellation
and it lies 36 light years from Earth.
The "handle" of the big dipper points to the bright star Arcturus.
are the most advanced 5th Dimensional beings in this galaxy. They operate under 5th density
mostly. They give us an idea of what our future will be like.
They are to us, spiritual, mental, and emotional healers for all of humanity. They believe love is
the primary element of life in the 5th density.
Their ships are the most advanced in this free-will universe. We have not been hosts to a violent
extraterrestrial attack here on Earth because most civilizations fear the advanced Arcturian

The Arcturian civilizations

are governed by `elders' who are the wisest and highest in the spiritual ladder. Arcturians range
from 3 to 4 feet tall and are generally slim. The Arcturians have a greenish hue about their skin
and have very pronounced, almond shaped eyes. They have the ability to move objects with
their minds and are highly telepathic. Their hands, unlike human hands, have only 3 digits. They
have brown and sometimes black eyes, but they rarely use them, they see telepathically. They
can live to the age of 350 or even 400 years. They age slowly and do not fall prey to sickness,
this was eradicated long, long ago. In the Arcturian civilizations, professions and life's paths are
chosen by one's spirituality level. This is used to decide which female is suited to give birth. The
birth process is unlike that of ours, it consists of a female and male mentally bonding and thus a
clone of the bond is produced as a result.
evolution is based on teachings of spirituality, and thus as one evolves, one becomes more
spiritual, if one fails to reach his allotted goal, that individual is then tutored more so the
individual can succeed. The arcturians ingest energy instead of eating like us. They also live off
little sleep, they rest only once a week. They can also ingest knowledge therefore they can
intellectually advance faster than any human. They are here on Earth on a mission to educate
humans and help us cross over to the 4th and 5th dimensions, helping us to build our light
quotients and clearing misqualified energies, programs and conditionings.
Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic

Ray Master:
Chohan St. Germain and Lady Portia, Overlighted by Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst, and
Elohim Arcturus and Victoria.

Ritual and magic, diplomacy, freedom, strength, courtesy and self-reliance.
Chakra Center:

Through this ray, you are connecting more to your Higher Light, and the Divine Unfolding Light
of Mother/Father God. You are working with your dualities, and realizing that you are a Light
Worker, in Service in Love to all Life. You may also need to create a more focused Spiritual
routine in your everyday Life, and step into a deeper level of trust and surrender with the Divine.
If you are a Light Worker setting up organizations, rituals, ceremonies and so on, trust in the
Divine Unfolding of this Plan, knowing that you will be provided for on all levels, and be truly
supported in your Light work. Particularly around the issue of money. You will always have
enough. Once you have dedicated your Life to Service, you will always be Divinely provided for.
The key here is one of integrity, and letting go of the ego consciousness. Let go and let God!
For every step forward you take, your buddies of the Light take ten steps towards you!

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Hi, I will gather some files I have saved for further references. I hope you can use. Many
blessings, divine love, light, sound and rays energies always. Jeri

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Comment by Blane Hoffman 22 hours ago

These are excerpts from materials by Dr. Joshua David Stone

Arcturian Technologies

Healing from the Higher Dimensions

Following are some of the many wonderful love and light technologies that have come forth from
the Arcturians. The Arcturians use the highly advanced computers on their ships to do this work.
Once you are on line, so to speak, in the computer banks of the Arcturian ships, the slightest
request instantly is answered.

Golden Key Number 54

Light Quotient Increase And Strengthening The Physical Body Through The Arcturians

This golden key has been so indispensable in my manifestation that I use it every day. I call to
Lord Arcturus and the Arcturians for a 100% light quotient increase, along with a healing and
strengthening of whatever parts of my physical body need attention.

At other times I ask for help in balancing all the meridian flows in my body. I do this sometimes
before bed, and I find I sleep better. I also do it after typing for four or five hours. You all know
the feeling of how the body can ache after typing or sitting at a computer for a long time. I make
this request and usually within fifteen to thirty minutes I feel my entire etheric system come back
into balance.

Golden Key Number 55

Calling On The Arcturians In Extreme Situations

This golden key is for people with chronic health problems. For those of you with this spiritual
challenge, I recommend running the Arcturian energies 24 hours a day on a consistent basis.
Keep praying to the Lord of Arcturus and the Arcturians for a 100% light quotient increase and
healing of the physical body part that you're having trouble with. If the energy doesn't feel strong
enough ask them to increase the frequency. Keep asking over and over again for an increase
until they do it to a level at which you can really feel yourself percolating so to speak.

If you feel yourself beginning to fade and not feel well again, call them back in and ask for more
light and healing in that area. Call in the Arcturian liquid crystal technology every day followed
by the golden cylinder a half hour later. This will keep your field clear and energized.

In extreme situations when I am not feeling well, I will ask to go to the mechanism chamber on
the Arcturian ships to be worked on. When I am extremely fatigued and in emergencies, I ask
the Arcturians for a total revitalizing and energizing of my physical body. I have found this to be
an invaluable tool. I also meditate or take a catnap when I feel tired. In extreme situations you
also can call upon Dr. Lorphan and the Galactic Healers. (See Golden Key 66).

Golden Key Number 56

Arcturian Liquid Crystal Technology

This Arcturian tool is the Arcturian liquid crystal technology. Upon request, the Arcturians will
siphon into your four-body system and chakras a type of liquid crystal that immediately will
deactivate any and all negative energy. Often I will use this process first and then call in the
golden cylinder.

Golden Key Number 57

The Arcturian Golden Cylinder

The Arcturian golden cylinder can be called for directly from Lord Arcturus, and it will be lowered
down over your four-body system. It will remove all kinds of toxic energies, and I have used it to
remove unwanted implants, elementals, etheric mucous, parasites and any other imbalances on
any level. It is like a huge magnet drawing out impurities.

Then as the cylinder is lifted up off the body, it pulls out any remaining residue. I have found that
the combination of these two completely clears my field every time. These tools have been a
Godsend in the healing of all of my bodies and in my ongoing clearing process. They also are
ascension accelerators. I use these tools any time I feel myself getting unclear or contaminated
from involvement with life lessons or during the sleep state.

Golden Key Number 58

The Arcturian Prana Wind Machine

This golden key is the Arcturian prana wind machine. I have found this tool to be invaluable. Call
for the Arcturians to anchor this into your energy field. It is a fan that is lowered into the heart
chakra, and it blows all negative energy right out of your energy field. It realigns and clears your
nadis, or etheric wiring, and your whole etheric lightgrid. It also helps to clear your veins and
arteries. It has had a very strengthening effect on my physical vehicle. I have used this anytime
that I have felt any negative energy in my energy field.

Golden Key Number 59

The Arcturian Joy Machine

The Arcturian joy machine is another amazing Arcturian tool. It has a wonderfully beneficial
effect on the emotional body. Any time I feel emotionally low, I will call for the Arcturian joy
machine. I'll make you a bet. Right now call to the Arcturians for the Arcturian joy machine to be
activated, and I will bet you ten light quotient points that you will not be able to stop smiling and
even laughing. I have shared this with friends and they have been completely blown away. The
Arcturians will send you pure ninth ray joy, and you will not be able to be depressed even if you
wanted to be. Nothing is more healing then joy. Ascension, joy and love are all connected. Use
this tool to help cultivate the Christ/Buddha quality in your daily life.

Golden Key Number 60

Arcturian Voltage-Increase

The next golden key has been the use of the Arcturian voltage-increase technique. Often when
I'm standing in line at the market or post office and want to utilize the time, I will whisper to
myself or telepathically say, "Lord Arcturus and Arcturians, increase the voltage". I will feel an
increase in the flow of spiritual current running through my body. It is simple, effective and can
be done quickly in the midst of any activity.

Golden Key Number 61

The Arcturian Plating System

This is a key dispensation I received from Lord Arcturus. This was an anchoring of the Arcturian
plating system into our chakra systems. Lord Arcturus said that this advanced technology,
metaphorically, could mail a letter in 18 seconds which normally would take the chakra system
three months. These advanced technologies, which one by one were anchored in over time,
literally resurrected my entire being.

Golden Key Number 62

Arcturian Reprogramming Of Your Biochemical Etheric Makeup

The next golden key is to ask Lord Arcturus and the Arcturians to reprogram your biochemical
etheric makeup to make sure it is in accord with your physical body structure. In my case at one
point my spiritual, mental and emotional bodies were evolving faster than my physical vehicle,
so the Arcturians had to upgrade my biochemical etheric makeup to create consistency within
my four-body system.

Higher Dimensional Healing Teams and Temples

Golden Key Number 63

The Inner Plane Healing Masters
The next golden key is working with the Inner Plane Healing Masters. These healers have been
the other super key to the resurrection of my physical body. When calling forth this group of
inner plane healers, invoke your Christ self and your monad along with the Inner Plane Healing
Masters. I call them in, or feel myself in one of their healing chambers, any time that I'm not
feeling well no matter what the symptoms or cause. When I needed them the most I would call
them in many times a day. After you call them in, tell them what you want them to work on. Lie
down and rest or meditate and let them work on you for up to an hour.

Following are some special requests

that you can make of the Inner Plane Healing Masters:

Request a complete cleansing and repairing of all of your vehicles: spiritual, etheric, mental,
emotional and physical. This includes asking them to repair any leaks or holes in your aura.

Request to be given shots on the etheric level of the substances you need such as vitamins,
minerals, hormones, etc, under the guidance of the ascended masters. This is like giving these
to yourself radionically or like the request for etheric acupuncture. It works because everything
is energy.

I used to get a lot of healings from other practitioners until I realized that nearly everything I
needed I could access on my own. This is the finest group of healers available to humanity. The
Inner Plane Healing Masters and the Arcturians are an awesome one-two punch for staying in
good health on all levels.

Golden Key Number 64

The Etheric Healing Masters And Restoring Your Divine Blueprint

The next golden key was asking the Etheric Healing Team to repair my etheric damage from
past lives and this life. This is most important because otherwise your physical body is working
off of an imperfect blueprint, and complete recovery cannot occur. Call this team in and ask
them to repair your etheric body and bring it to a state in which it outpictures only your perfect
monadic blueprint. Working with this team, in conjunction with calling for the anchoring of my
monadic blueprint body and my mayavarupa body, greatly accelerated both the healing of my
physical vehicle and my ascension.

Golden Key Number 65

The Acupuncture Healing Masters

This golden key is to ask the ascended master Acupuncture Healing Team to put etheric
acupuncture needles in your body to help correct any physical health problems you are having.
Ask them to remove the needles when you are complete.
Golden Key Number 66
Dr. Lorphan And The Galactic Healers

An invaluable golden key in my healing was working with Dr. Lorphan and the Galactic Healers.
This is a highly advanced group of healers which you can call upon in extreme health situations.
Because my health lessons were so severe, I called on Dr. Lorphan and he did wonders with
recircuiting my energy field and strengthening my digestive system. I use Dr. Lorphan and the
Galactic Healers in serious situations when I need resources in addition to the wonderful healing
gifts of the Arcturians and the Inner Plane Healing Masters.

Golden Key Number 67

Color Baths In The Inner-Plane Healing Temples

With this golden key, request to go to the healing temples on the inner plane and bathe in the
color baths. These are pools of liquid light and color. They are the most glorious healing spas.
Call to your angels of healing and request to have a healing bath in a healing pool of whatever
color you desire. This is a wonderful thing to do before bed because it is so relaxing and

Healing on All Levels

Golden Key Number 68

Healing Must Be Done On All Levels

This golden key is to remember that physical healing cannot be completely manifested without
first healing the etheric body, emotional body and mental body. Use the tools I have provided in
this book to heal these bodies which are the cause of all disease in the physical body.

Golden Key Number 69

Clearing With The Fear-Removal Matrix

This golden key, the core fear-removal matrix program has been a Godsend. This technology is
a process whereby all of the core fears that you have stored in your four-body system--from this
lifetime and all of your past lives--can be removed with help from the ascended masters. Call
forth Djwhal Khul and Vywamus to anchor this lattice-work technology into your energy field,
and request their help in removing your core fears. This can be done in regard to overall fear or
with specific fears.
This matrix also can pull out all astral entities, astral disease, gray fields and mental and/or
etheric disease and help to mend and realign your etheric lightgrid with the help of the
holographic computer in DK's ashram.

Golden Key Number 70

Removal Of Etheric Toxic Debris

The next golden key in my healing was to request the removal of all etheric darts, needles and
bullets. These negative aspects usually have been deposited from past lives, but they also can
be acquired from this life.

Every time people attack or get angry at others, they are sending them psychic darts such as
this. All this stuff needs to be cleansed and removed. You can see now why people get so sick
and why there are so many diseases relating to a break-down of the immune system such as
cancer. To a great extent it is because all of this inner plane stuff has not been cleansed and
removed. This is why conventional medicine so ineffective with chronic diseases. They deal with
just ten percent of reality and are missing 90% of what is going on in the rest of the twelve-body

Golden Key Number 71

Clearing The Etheric Filter Through Your Personal Color Coding

This golden key came from an insight that my friend shared with me concerning what the
masters referred to as the "etheric filter." They said that every etheric body has a filter that
works much like a dryer lint filter. It was built to work automatically, but over time it has become
clogged in most people. Thus light has not been able to pour through properly. Melchizedek
said that it is of the highest importance to clear this filter. This is done through calling forth one's
personal color coding.

Each person has his or her unique color coding. For example, Melchizedek told me that my
personal color coding is the platinum ray, the golden ray, the blue ray and the red ray.
Melchizedek said that the platinum ray is the direct God-source energy; the golden ray is his ray
from the Golden Chamber; the blue ray is the ray of Djwhal Khul's ashram; and the red ray is El
Morya's first ray ashram dealing with leadership. To clear your filter, call forth from the masters
your own personal color coding which will help to clear your etheric filter. I would recommend
doing this once a month as a tune-up.

Golden Key Number 72

Adjusting The Etheric Web
This golden key is to ask Djwhal Khul and Lord Arcturus for an adjustment of the web of the
etheric body. For those who are too empathic, a tightening of the etheric web may be in order.
For those who are too closed down emotionally or psychically, a loosening of this web may be
needed. Leave this up to your own Mighty I Am Presence and the wisdom of the ascended
masters. Most people need a tightening of the etheric web for it provides more protection.

Golden Key Number 73

Clearing Of Pets

This golden key has been the understanding of the need to clear from pets all alien implants
and negative elementals. This was brought home to me after I had had my implants cleared.
However I had forgotten to have my two cats, Patches and Rags, cleared in the process.
Clearing pets is an easy procedure. Just call in the liquid light technology and the golden
cylinder from Lord Arcturus and the Arcturians and make a specific request that all negative
alien implants and negative elementals be neutralized and removed from the animals you want
worked on.

Golden Key Number 74

Clearing Old Imprints From The Energy Field

The next golden key has been my request to Djwhal Khul and Vywamus for the removal of all
negative imprints from my aura. Negative imprints usually are carried over from past lives. They
include such things as a sword or knife wound in the energy field. Also request that all irritations
and spots in the aura be healed and cleansed. All of these things are very easy to heal and
remove if we just know what to ask for.

Golden Key Number 75

Requesting A Complete Genetic Clearing

The next golden key was a series of cosmic clearings that literally revolutionized and
resurrected my entire four-body system. In the first part of this process I requested from Djwhal
Khul, Lord Maitreya, Melchizedek and Lord Arcturus a complete genetic-line clearing of all
sickness and weakness within the physical body in this life and all past lives.

As part of this, also request to the Arcturians for the complete removal of all cancers and
disease of all kinds that have formed within the etheric, mental and emotional bodies. Call for a
complete removal from the physical and etheric vehicles of all that is not of perfect, radiant
health. Request this for your entire blood line--past, present and future.

Golden Key Number 76

Cosmic Cellular Cleansing

This golden key is to call forth to Melchizedek, Metatron and Vywamus for a cosmic cellular
clearing. This will clear your entire cell structure back through your first inception and
incarnation on earth.

Comment by Jeri Van Dyke - ReikiLady on March 17, 2010 at 1:32am

Delete Comment Blane it was not something you had posted. I watch controversial things to
keep myself informed and this came from someone posting things about the gov agenda and in
a few of these videos talked about some of the other races out there and their agenda working
with government, the kidnapping of young adults and children to feed them, torture and run lab
tests on. It was quite upsetting. I got my answer on another site that In my heart I know what
truth is and that the mind likes to play games and set fear in motion.

I have for a very long time been pulled to Arcturians as they are highly evolved beings and are
all in for the highest purest good of all and their healing abilities that they have and are sharing
with us.
I can not tell you I am a star seed, or arcturian or any other race. Maybe someday I will learn
that. Intuitively, If Arcturians came down and asked me to go with them for a ride and to go to
their world to visit and learn. I would invoke the federation protection symbol and my right for
free will and go.
Its not only an opportunity to learn, but to see things that you can only dream off.
How ever it is the learning to heal that I would really strive for. Healing all in this world. Then
maybe myself.... Or maybe at the same time better yet.

So, I hear or saw what you said and it made sense. Im ok with it now.
I know in my heart I have a problem with trusting Niburilian, Reptilian and Dragacons I think and
for some reason, I get chills up my back with greys. Pealaidians absolutely and have no idea
why I could trust them.

Arcturians full heartedly I think I can.. Time will only tell. As i think I am working with them now.
Or at least in my dream state...
Thank you for your replay. I have asked similar questions in other places not to get even a
remote answer. At least you tried and I understand what you say.

Comment by Blane Hoffman on March 17, 2010 at 12:43am

The Arcturian Alignment

In the great game of creation you are a Wayshower. In this position you are contracted by
higher intelligence to manifest constituency. Wayshowers
are to integrate one million followers into the space of the Fifth
Dimensional awareness upon the Solar Alignment of Arcturus. The
Arcturian Alignment is the first major move of the Wayshowers in the
game to create the new world of the Fifth Sun. At this point of time and
space Ultraviolet is the most powerful cosmic energy stream of the
Galaxy. The higher intelligence of this Universe through our twin
universe record that an Ultraviolet beam of energy will enter this
planet through the Arcturian Doorway. This stream will invoke a massive
increase in Fifth Dimensional light transmission. The planet will
experience and pass through a highly charged membrane of photons which
will expand, intensify and increase all thoughts and feelings and

Wayshowers are asked to be in exact alignment and flowing with this stream in unity, harmony,
balance and grounding. This is required to activate this
increase in charge and to activate the collective hologram. The
ultraviolet fluorescent blue magenta beam radiating from the galactic
heart chakra of our twin universe clears the control patterns of old
polarized beliefs. The high frequency energetic vibration streams out in
spectral rays from the Central Universe’s Heart chakra energetic new
soul codes and programs as it enters the crystalline sacred geometries
of the incarnated souls here upon this planet.

In linear Third Dimensional time at geocentric 24 Libra, this is the activation point, the Arcturians
launch the transformation in universal
realities. On the Solar Alignment with the Star Arcturus it is important
for humanity to balance and clear its present world views, programs,
morphogenetic fields and karmic agreements. Once this point passes, the
slow evolutionary controlled temporal spatial framework will be

replaced with a new framework of intense rapid progression. The Arcturian's guidance brings
the immediate transformation to the new group of
paradigms and provides inflow of innovative evolutionary resources for
economic, political, social, religious, scientific and interpersonal

The galactic changes of this momentous manifestation of the Family of Light speak to you with a
greater awareness of the coming changes. These
changes will create a crescendo through the Third Dimensional temporal
spatial alignment of one million souls to trigger a Fifth Dimensional
unification, the transformation for this constituency fullness of power
and creativity. This is the beginning of the flow for the next seven
solar cycles. On the Arcturian Alignment the effects will be to amplify
by one million times every thought and emotion of the Wayshowers. Every
thought, every emotion, every intent, every will, no matter if it is
good, bad, ill, positive, negative, will be amplified one million times
in strength.

We are moving into the Light of the Fifth Sun.

It is important for the Wayshowers to understand that they are the vanguard, they are the ones
bringing forth this light and they are the
ones who are empowered. In being empowered their strength must be pure,
must be clear, must be constant, must be wise.

The magnification of our collective will is being accelerated a million times faster into
manifestation. This beam of high ultraviolet light
will create a new reality for the planet. The Black Alliance is unaware
of this powerful beam. When it arrives it will increase the energies to
such a high vibration there will be no misdirection and the reality that
they have will disintegrate into chaos very quickly.

In awareness of this beam of Ultra-(violet) light being invoked by the Arcturians, humanity needs
to steward the energy through the power
of one million Wayshowers. These Wayshowers need to have focus and the
ability to keep this focus as the energy is included into the third
dimension. Clearing blocks and linking with the one million is the
crucial play of the game and upon the Arcturian Alignment the beam of
Ultraviolet light will integrate the acceleration. Reality is a
viewpoint and is dependent upon the perceiver. As a Wayshower you are
one who is multi-dimensional and can see and be part of many realities.
The outer reality of the physical body’s senses is only a small part of
your world. In your new reality of this Great Game of the Gold Ring a
Wayshower is one of a spiritual universe which is not physical and
exists in the invisible. Your realm as a Wayshower is a Realm of light,
the Fifth Dimension. From the Infrared to the Ultraviolet you are
connected to the universe of the stars, the Teachers of Light.

The two main realities a Wayshower understands are the Individual and the Collective. The
individual is yours alone and no other has the same set
of core beliefs which create your world view and perceptions. In the
collective reality we are One. In this shared belief system our
connection is the world we live within and our society. In the
collective reality we are moving to expanded awareness .

The Wayshowers are connecting this awareness to the constituency. The ultimate reality
wherein the pure essence of self, the soul, is allowing the connection to higher intelligence of
oversoul and the spirit of universal Cosmic Consciousness. This is
another reality. This engages the higher mind to empower the rational
ego into direct manifestation of will towards physical creation. In
moving through the dimensions and the densities Wayshowers are able to
see the levels of creation and the layers upon layers.

Densities are vibratory levels of light as it manifests. Dimensions are worlds within worlds.
Wayshowers must know where they are in the game in order
to know how to stay in alignment with the impulses of transformative
energy being channeled into this system. The Teachers of Light are
invoking the Ceremony of Ascension which is bringing forth a new
paradigm for the planet. The great move of the game in the Third
Dimension is occurring on a cosmic time line. The cycles of
transformation align through a macrocosmic microcosmic interaction.
These cycles happen through universal agreement of the Teachers of Light
and the Grand Universe.

The time line of the transformation is based upon the Grand Cycle of 225 million solar years.
This is called Grand Procession. Day and Night
result from the planetary spin on the axis. The Year results from the
orbital motion around the Sun. The procession of the equinoxes is called
the Grand Cycle of approximately 25,920 years. The movement of this
region of space around the central sun of the Milky Way Galaxy occurs
every 225 million years. The movement of the Milky Way Galaxy around the
Grand Central Sun of the universe occurs every 20 Billion years. These
are all spirals. In this spiral progression into future time lines there
are points at which the lower densities and dimensions of existence can
be compressed by beings of higher intelligence. They are able to
operate at much higher vibratory levels. They can channel in messages
that allow for collective changes in linear time.

All time intersects in the eternal Now, and from this Now there are what can be termed
horizontal and vertical times. The eternal Now can be thought
of as a vertical plane that intersects countless past, present and
future probabilities of horizontal time. A soul in full awareness of the
eternal now, this soul becomes free from singular identity in time and
space. They become multidimensional and can move up and down through the
horizontal time lines experiencing past, present and future
probabilities at will. In the vast expanse of time and space this
universe has been limited by the universal controls. We are at the
completion of a grand cycle of 20 billion years. Through this trek
through space, this progression, the transition or Ascension is

The influx of light that is providing for the evolution is the re-energizing of the network, which
installs and reconfigures all programs to a
higher level of activation. The Arcturian Alignment will gather this
energy together and bring it into form. The game is ending, and with the
completion of the circle, the Gold Ring. We are playing the final moves
and there is the necessity to achieve the completion of the great
gathering of the collective. The Wayshowers are the ones who are to play
and build upon the eons of time and finish the game.
As the Teachers of Light speak, you can understand the necessity to bring forth the purest and
most balanced vibration, as you are entering a
period of super energy. In no other way can we speak of this than to
inform you of the ramping up of your world to a greater spin on the
Fifth Dimensional level. Your planet seeks to enter the last boundaries
of the polarities and enter Oneness, complete and without distinction.

Seek to find the final answers for the planet you have lived and died upon, and assist her to
seek resolution. You are being asked to listen to the hum
of the higher frequencies as they enlighten you to your mission.

In the same breath of life that is given by the Teachers of Light as they speak to you from the
heavens, there is another force that seeks to
confuse and contradict the light. You are aware of this force as the
Black Alliance. They are those who speak truth and lies in the same
sentence. It is clear to more and more of you, that it does not matter
which side they take, as long as the result is conflict. The ones who
follow are in fear, and this is the way of the Black Alliance, to keep
those who are ignorant in fear and confused. Conflict is the end and the
means of their existence, as they are Fourth Dimensional beings with no
awareness of the Fifth Dimension. Conflict is the purpose. There is no
content which is important, no truth which is considered. It is all just
the trappings to snare those who are unwise, and willing to get caught
in the trap of endless and senseless activity.

From the beginning of this civilization the paradigm has been WAR. The planet grows stronger
and has entered into higher vibratory fields. The
paradigm is shifting from War to Peace. The new paradigm is all about
creation and increase. One of the manifestations of this change is
abundance of wealth, life and happiness that is the heritage of all who
live upon this great planet. You have been taught otherwise, yet you are
smart enough to see the truth. As Wayshowers it is your duty to present
the truth and to show the way through the portal, to align with
Arcturus and to rise from the dead and to raise the dead. As Wayshowers
you are realizing that you have been awakened to your multi-dimensional
awareness, and see that you have the urge to teach, help and heal, and
this comes from your inner soul. Your soul is Arcturian, which is the
energy of Christ. Herein comes your desire to uplift those who are
caught in the fourth dimensional illusion of variety and passion.
The light that is being sent by the Teachers of Light is coming from your brotherhood, your
Family, which is bringing forth a great clearing of
energy. This light will not be seen in Third Dimensional reality, yet it
will be felt by you, as you bring forth the energy gateway. As the
Teachers of Light decree, the most fundamental ingredient of the Fifth
Dimension is Love. The negativity of fear, guilt and dread will be
overturned by love and light. Of this beam of light, being expressed
through Arcturus, the spiritual hierarchy has pronounced that the
Wayshowers will be given power. They will be provided with the resources
to achieve the ends that the Teachers of Light have envisioned and
asked for. It is given so that they may bring forth the ascensional
energy to the planet. The Teachers of Light are guiding the synthesis of
the body of earth through the use of the cloud of light. The earth has
asked and been given permission to be purified and raised in vibration.

As a teacher of Light, I call forth to the Wayshowers to hear and heed this call to bring forth the
constituency of those who are founded and true
in their convictions, to raise their vibration and achieve the higher
evolution. From the standpoint of this message you are hearing words on
paper or electronic screens, yet do not doubt that this is the movement
you are being connected to. The Wayshowers are those who have contracted
before time in the Fifth Dimensional non-physical layer of existence,
which is not linear time but it is spherical time, wherein it is all
encompassing with a vision of an expanding reality. The sphere is not
limited, but expands through experience and association. As Teachers of
Light we are connected to you through this time and space continuum
which is not particularized, nor polarized, but unified by the higher
vibrations of this field. As is being stated herein from the regions
beyond our Universe, from the mirror of this one, the twin, the central
core or the central strand, that connects one to another, is sending
forth a connective beam which is part of the spectrum of this pure life
pattern. As this point of transformation arrives for the Wayshowers,
there are levels of advancement in vibratory frequency which will be
achieved. In this movement to Ultraviolet light, the frequency
difference is remarkable, as the difference between voice and telepathy.
Contact the Teachers of Light through the window of mental acuity, and
find the foundation of all communication. This foundation is the
harmonic resonance with the other, where communion is translated into
shared thought and feeling.

This foundation is the harmonic resonance with the other where communion is translated into
shared thought and feeling. It is hard for
you to understand wherein your world of the Third Dimension has visible
and physical barriers of direct empathy and singular insight by those in
contact. From your perspective now you are unaware of the interlinking
communication streams which connect all being. That sound and light are
both vibration, and that physical things are vibrating. It is odd that
you are prone to believe in physical things as existing as subjects
which have reality, yet in your time they change over the days, years
and millennia from one form to another. Just because it is slow does not
mean that its existence is anymore real that that which changes quickly
in linear time.

The whole idea of physical reality from your perspective is one that you believe in as real
because it is solid. Yet it is only solid because of
the appearance wherein you see it in this hour, day or week as solid,
yet it changes and becomes nothing or from dust to dust all things
remain. And this dust is the quantum dust of particles which will again
become polarized and divisible known to us as plasma. This plasma is a
deeply foundational photonic energy of which all energy is. It is here
we exist in a Fifth Dimensional understanding and in spherical time of
all possibilities exiting in a field of being at once. It is the level
of your soul where we see all of your lives, experiences, forms and time
lines. It is here in the Fifth Dimension where love is supreme and it
is that which connects all realities and combines us into a whole
community of shared beingness which responds to the higher dimensions.
In your present state of Third Dimensional reality you are concerned
with the lowest of denominators and that is for the survival of the

It is apparent to us that there can be no survival of your physical body as you see it in one form
one day and in another form another day. Of
which one do you wish to survive? The one that is the version of
yourself last week or the one that will be the version next year? So
from our perspective you are chasing an illusion that hides in linear
time and never exists in any real form. We in Fifth Dimensional space
are much more real for all of time lines, probabilities and beings are
connected in perfect oneness and acceptance of their infinity. Again we
understand the difficulties and the barriers that prevent you from even
beginning to understand what is meant here and you are denying this as
you cannot understand nor compare how you can possibly even consider
these words as coherent due to your barriers on the level of your
understanding. Using logic does not encounter this type of thought
process so it must be considered useless or erroneous. Your ideas are so
congealed into a steady environment of structured ideas that you have a
very difficult time to imagine and realize that the world is much
larger than your conceptions. You are lost in a sea of confusion when
you are beset with the idea that there are dimensional layers that
intertwine with your own in a multiplicity of ways. That there are
realities upon realities and that this Third Dimensional reality is one
of the most gross, slowest and difficult. Yet there is also something
within you that knows that this is true and this is why you are a
Wayshower and not a follower.

As a Wayshower you are being brought to the understanding of the difference between the
realities and so now you are seeing that the message that is
being brought to you through this medium is of great importance as
you’re one of the great beings called Humanity. In this great being most
of the individuals are followers who are locked into a struggle for
survival and are on a lower path of existence. As you are connected to
the stream you are sensing that you have a grander destiny, yet one that
is connected to be of service to the greater whole. It is herein that
your purpose is to design systems and technologies that allow the
advancement of humanity into a great engine of evolution which will
assist the planetary being to reach a higher state of evolvement. You
still doubt that this great planet upon which you reside and seek to
lead is a being and not an inanimate object. You must understand that in
the Fifth Dimensional or the multidimensional matrix model that the
physical Third Dimensional nature of things is only a very small part of
being. When you understand this, it is the first sign of awakening. The
battle you have within accepting a higher being that you call god is
only a concept for you all agree in higher powers, yet you
anthropomorphize this god and make it a human deity wherein you lack the
awareness to feel god under your feet or shining warmth through your
skin from the light of the sun. It is the power of the spherical Fifth
Dimensional universe that all that is god. It is your awareness of their
next field of experience that gives you the loss of awareness and a
confusion because of your intrinsic barriers.

From this greater infinite sphere that is called a universe there are other infinite spheres which
are called other universes. In the limited Third
Dimensional framework you cannot visualize this became your first
requirement to understanding is constancy. You call this constant energy
time, yet from our perspective time is not constant, nor an energy, but
a factor in a dimensional field. A formula for the experiencing of
events, an unraveling of the higher intelligences. Time is nothing more
than an inner characteristic of one of the universes. It is not
something that is part of the mainstream of what is.

As you now walk on the pathway to the Teachers of Light and begin to understand that the
plasma, that which is the underlying energy behind the
original creative source, there is another, deeper formula, which
resides in another layer of existence, and then others beyond this one.
Your life is what it is, Life. You are now on the journey to return to a
view of yourself that is beyond the single dimensional experience. The
timing of your conscious changes are brought about to make certain that
you see to another world, another realm, that which is part, and
grounded where you are. The Teachers of Light which are representatives
of your higher soul speak from the intuition and are lodged through the
center of your mind but you feel them in your high heart. The opening of
your higher thought and feeling patterns are allowed as you play the
game, pretend, imagine and accept them as real. The difficulty is that
you are behind the wall of an imaginary division that which is the wall,
that is necessary for the construction of 3D reality.

These lessons come from the inner voices, the Teachers of Light who speak and guide you to
see that this is the way it is. The ones that you call
materialists, scientists, realists and other such names and even your
scientists of the empirical method find what is being discussed within
your mind is not considered possible. They are the pawns of the Black
Alliance who are convinced of the solitary nature of life and so they
promote the FACTS which support the agenda of their control over
ideology. For them you are in an ideological war, a war of ideas and
these ideas that are brought forth by religion and science in tandem are
there to keep the followers from understanding alternative viewpoints.
From the past there is the pain of the negative experiences that haunt
the present life and so you are listening to the past rather than
walking through the door and seeing the new future. The time is coming
for you are to arise and walk into the light.

There is a great advantage to walking in the light for the time is coming quickly for you to walk
forward and you will be supported. The seasons
have changed and now there is a glorification of this energy where you
have been neglected in the past as the wave of change has not been
allowed until this point. As the Teachers of Light speak you know that
the message is true. The ideological war that you are living through is
about finding what your purpose is. You are to break free of the
constricted belief patterns that eat away at the life that you are now.
Overcoming the obstacles is as simple as letting them go. Let go of the
feeling that you must pay attention to the games of the Black Alliance.
Their power is diminishing. You are the power now and your words carry
weight and truth. You are brought into Oneness and completion within
this Galaxy. With feelings foremost and the emotion centered in the high
heart of the Thymus area between your Heart and Throat, our energies
enter your being and our light enters through the center of your head
between the ears, the eyes, above your thought and behind your breath.

Without words we come to you with a message as you can feel the sound of emotions rise and
fall with the vibration beginning to resonate and
change you. In each breath you take you are one with us and the Teachers
of Light smile as you listen and continue to partake of the new
energetic dimensions which are opening through your conscious awareness.
You are born into the light of a new age, the golden light of a new
age. From every part of your being you feel these two points harmonize
and grow in radiance and eminence. Flow with the movement of this circle
of life between the High Heart and the Centered Mind. Open to the peace
of the Central Sun within the heavenly body of your universal being.
All comes to form a joyous circle of fulfillment and expression. In
listening to the Teachers of Light you are finding wonderment of this
game. The transformational codes are being brought into awareness of the
Wayshowers as they are awakening with the Arcturian Alignment. From the
highest perspective awakening to experience Fifth Dimensional awareness
is one level of a 10 dimensional matrix.

Allow yourself to reach within and find quiet alignment by entraining with the tones that become
symphonic with the collective. The awakening
process is subsequent to receiving the transformational codes which are
keys that trigger the increase in energy and resources to fully activate
the inner and outer worlds of creation. The higher alignment is
occurring through dissonance recognition and musical rhythmic melting
into harmony. The frontier of the mind is the path of the Wayshower; one
willing to bring into the pathway those who have followed and are
following. This is your duty to seek and your joy to find those who wish
to be awakened as you are becoming. The journey never ceases yet there
are times where you are moving fast. This is such a time. You are moving
to the vortex which is opening. And the advent of the higher light, the
illumination. As a unitary being humanity exists with a multitude of
beings or cells. Within the light body the course of evolution is being
awakened as the Fifth Dimensional light body is the unified spirit of
the whole of humanity and is represented metaphysically as the return of
God, the rising of the Fifth Sun and / or the alignment within the
photon belt, the heavenly cloud, the wave of light, the stream of
ultraviolet, all are the same. Humanity stands upon the precipice of the
true millennium, the thousand years of peace and perfection – The Age
of Light and the Aquarian Age.

The light source is being expanded and increased enveloping the whole planet. A Wayshower
attunes to this energy and this is called the
initiation or alignment and then the beginning of the process of
teaching, of being a guide to the followers. There are those followers
who are afraid, fear the unknown and wish to stay behind in the Third
Dimensional comfortable though very limited reality of the physical.
This is a paradigm shift where you are being brought into a new
experience of love and light. This shift is coming soon. The Alignment
will increase upon the Solar Conjunction with Arcturus. Your Fifth
Dimensional Light body is prepared for the transmission of a tremendous
and super powerful increase in ability, resources and missions. It is
almost here. Get prepared and move away from all fear. And join in Love.


Comment by Blane Hoffman on March 17, 2010 at 12:21am

In answere to Jeri. I dont know that I put ant videos that were sending double messages with
double meanings in them. But if I did , tell me which one it is and I'll have a look.
But if you were speaking in general. Then I would say that you trust and work with any group to
the extent that they earn your trust. Blind faith is a worthless commodity. The whole idea of what
we are into for the present ascension process, and what the true emissaries of the Light are
attempting to convey to us, is that are to learn how to be our own Gurus and saviors, nobody is
going to do it for us, nobody!!! The lesson is to utilize the tools that are being placed at out
disposal to become fully integrated Authentic beings of the Light ourselves. The Ascended
Masters, Arch Angelic Beings of the Lights and Christed Exrtaterrestrials are all here to provide
the tools for us to reconnect to our original divine blueprint, our own oversouls, souls
extensions, our Monad or Mighty I Am Presence, and to the Godhead in complete self
actualization. If anyone thinks someone else is going to fix them or save them, they are
unfortunately sorely mistaken. We've got a whole lotta Light Beings in our cheerleading section,
doing everything they can to encourage us on, but they aint gonna do it for us. Everything and
tool we could ever hope to have provided for us has already been there all along, since the
foundationations of creation. Our job is to UNLEARN all the obstacles which have stood in our
way for aeons, and which we created, ( part of this deal is not casting blame anymore ), and
begin to remember who we really are and own it, and then rejoin the family of Light as the fully
conscious Infinite Beings in Self Mastery that we truely are. Just remember, dont be afraid, and
dont blame anyone else for your situation. If you dont like it, change it. You have the power to
do so. You never did not have it. That idea is /was just maya, illusion, samsara. We are who we
have been waiting for. The sooner we realize this the better. Blessings...Blane

Comment by Blane Hoffman on March 16, 2010 at 11:57pm

Arcturian Balancing & Clearing Meditation

Call in your Arcturus and the Arcturian healing team
Ask them to :
Now please clear my energy fields of all imbalanced energies, misaligned thoughtforms, vows
and beliefs
that are not in accord with Divine will and the Godhead,
and those misdirected aspects of ourselves not of love,
and which do not resonate with Infinite Beingness.
Please clear all negative ego vibrational projected thought forms
and sabotaging programs and conditionings of anti-consciousnes
and unconsciousness.
Please clear and destroy all harmful extraterrestrial implants, explants, distractor implants, and
hidden nano entities.
Please clear my cellular memory of all trauma energy charges, sadness, fear, and all entities
that may have entered my four body three mind system at the moment of suffering traumatic
experiences or while under hypnosis or anesthesia.
Please heal, repair and balance my 33 chakra system so that they spin in the perfect Ascension
blueprint rhythm and function...
focus on chakras 1 thru 33 in turn.
Please assist me to open my heart into total unconditional love and oneness with all that is.
Please assist me to align with my own personal power and path of service in Divine Will.
And in replacement of all that is cleared, healed, and removed from me,
I ask for an increase in my Light Quotient to the highest level, degree, power, and dimesion
possible and that I am capable of working with at this time.
I ask and make these requests for my own highest possible good, and with harm to none, in
alignment with a loving spiritual purpose in service to all.
And also request assistance in grounding these energies to the
heart, core and center of Mother Earth, out to all water grids and all aspects of sentience.
So help me Mother/Father God and the Ascended Christed Beings of the Light .
So Mote It Be, and So It Is....
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Comment by Jeri Van Dyke - ReikiLady on March 13, 2010 at 6:31pm

Delete Comment I have to ask this question, I just watch some videos where these light beings
are setting us up for a huge fall. That is my term. So. How does one know that you put your trust
in a group and find out that some of them are not nice they are working with all the goverments
around the world to do harm to us, eat us, experiement on us. I mean What gives. Why tells us
to work for the love and light, give us information to open us up and help us heal and then work
with the governments to harm us. I dont get it.
It was quite disheartening.

Comment by Blane Hoffman on March 2, 2010 at 2:45am

Dynamics of contact

Whenever we attack another's belief system we denegrate our own. Self holds no esteem in
religious dogma and Self recognizes the benefits of experiencing a variety of dogmas. Faith is
built stronger for having experienced adversity; but when one becomes the designer of adverse
intentiions then chaos is invited to their front door of life,. Each soul incorporates a 'spirit' and a
'mind' and weaves energy from Light and it is up to individual 'free-will' as to how dense that
Light Particle Body becomes; yet truth tells us all is still Light,

How we approach First Contact is going to be based upon how well we perceive life. If we
perceive life as a hunter-gather then chances are good that there will be no First Contact, as
they will evade the capture mindset

within you. If you are cynical and rude toward your experiences in collective associations in life,
then chances are that you will be greeted in a like manner by them. How well we are able to
express unconditional love and forgiveness among ourselves is also a universal trait among
advanced races of extraterrestials and thus their love for us may include these same traits. Yet,
laws of chaos within the dualistic world that is still be transformed is high on the list of every
action there is an opposite and equal reaction when egocentric behaviors play the game of one

When the power of love replaces the love of power and then man will receive a new name:

Author, Sri Chinmoy.

Comment by Marsh EverEvolvingSoul on March 1, 2010 at 9:32pm

I bet you wonder what that is about, huh? Well, I had just posted another comment, but it is not

So... What I said was one of my 1st mentors and now good friend also loved the Arcturians. A
couple of years ago, she found a deck with which she got amazingly accurate readings. I
wondered if you had heard of the deck, said I believed there were out of England and that I
would find the link for you all.

So here it is. LOL!

Comment by Marsh EverEvolvingSoul on March 1, 2010 at 9:28pm

That was easy... Here it is

Comment by crystalin on March 1, 2010 at 5:24pm

I love the video and graphics are fantastic this is how I see Arcturs and Arcturians
in my dimensional realm luminous crystal based beings of purity and beauty

Comment by Blane Hoffman on February 24, 2010 at 12:37pm

Arcturian Message

Arcturians are one of the most highly evolved civilizations in the universe. They come from the
planet Arcturus and are also considered to be the best in spiritual healing. I always felt a
closeness to them and once in the park gave their chilren a small class on fear in humans. The
children love it and gave me a standing ovation although I didnot seek thanks as my thanks is
that they recieved my communication. You can ask Lord Arcturus to take you up on one of thier
ships in your dreamtime. They have a medical team so you can ask for healing too. God bless
you all. Gunner February 20, 2010

Dear ones, we are here again to wish you encouragement in your quest for a better world. You
are doing what you need to do; that is, holding the light of truth within you as you go about your
days. It is not a matter of trying to live in the absolute, but a matter of simply going about your
day while holding the truth within your hearts. We know this can be difficult, and often causes
much confusion but it need not be a difficult process. You are on earth, so do what needs to be
done each day, but always in the awareness that you are divine beings having a human
You are here to learn and to then add your Light to the learning of others. The Light will lift all
who are reaching out for the Light. It is a matter of being in the world, but not of it.
Many put on a pretense of being above the world and that those who believe differently than
they, are less and are not "saved". They are trying to live what they have been told in their
churches which is more often than not, a false sense, personal material concepts of what true
spirituality is.
All there is to living spiritually is continual resting in truth always open to more awareness,as you
go about your day. It means that you speak firmly with words the other can understand if the
situation requires it, but as you are speaking firmly, you are at the same time remembering and
respecting that within this person is a spark of the Divine even if they do not know it, or are not
interesting in knowing it.
Living the spiritual life means doing what needs to be done each day, but from an awareness of
truth. This ability will evolve as you evolve, because your outer is the manifestation of your inner
state of consciousness. There are no accidents. Humans in their ignorance of truth, create
through a belief of need , in ignorance of truth. This is the energy of duality and separation (third
dimensional energy) and this is what the mankind is graduating from.
There are many who believe the world is all a big accident, and that there is nothing more to
being human than to live, accumulate, reproduce, then die. Living in this belief, they build a life
based on concepts of power, money, and pleasure. They are not bad people, they are simply
unaware, unawakened, unevolved. They have not yet realized the deeper truth of Reality.
Evolution is simply the gradual awakening into an awareness of one's Oneness with Source.
We would like to say to all reading this that you are well on your way. The Light is now
streaming from the planet earth because many are awakening to truth. We love you, we are with
you as we see the struggles. Do not hesitate to put forth your intentions and choices, leaving
behind words like want or wish. You are becoming more and more powerful, and your words
and intentions create. Remember this as you think, speak, pray, and meditate. The power is
yours dear ones, and it is time to reclaim that which you have allowed to be taken from you. It is
a new time, a new energy and a new world.
Thank you Arcturian Group

Comment by Blane Hoffman on February 19, 2010 at 1:21am

Hi, Jeri...Yes the book "Soul Psychology was written by JD Stone, but he is the first to declare in
many of his works that he got an enormous amount of information from Arcturus and the
Arturians. So yes you're absolutely correct.....Blessings...Blane

Comment by Jeri Van Dyke - ReikiLady on February 18, 2010 at 7:37pm

Delete Comment Matter of fact, some believe the book Soul Pshycology was geared toward the
healings and energy works that are shared to us from Joshua David Stone. But some one on
one of the other site mentioned that these clearings, and healings are shared to us from
Many blessings, divine love, light, sound and rays energies always.
I love each and every one of you deeply and divinely.
Comment by Jeri Van Dyke - ReikiLady on February 18, 2010 at 7:34pm

Delete Comment I am so pulled toward Arcturians. I can not tell you why. Maybe its one of the
highest in healing abilities as well. Their healing capabilities I believe surpass all out there as far
as I know. Their love as well. I read that I believe somewhere on starseeds or another site.
I think I have a break down of all the galactic stuff. from another site and kept it. for further
I will post it here.

Comment by crystalin on February 18, 2010 at 2:05pm

Love the group and teachings, thank you for your great intentions and love.
I am a proud light worker, in service to all.
Be blessed in love and light

Comment by Blane Hoffman on February 18, 2010 at 3:24am


Comment by Blane Hoffman on February 16, 2010 at 1:10am

I was really introduced to the Arcturians in a big way by Dr Joshua David Stone and his writings
some years back. Ive since come to place a lot of trust in their involvement in my life...Every day
I call forth to Arcturus and the Arcturians to request an increase of my overall Light Quotient
within my four body , three mind sysytem and beyond. This is a very effective

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