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Armalite AR-180 Operator Maintenance Manual

Armalite AR-180 Operator Maintenance Manual

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=iiIiIiIIiiiio ~ ---

--- - - --,_ ---- -.. - ~ ~.._.

II. Alwoy:s hll]i1d I ~ o fry g!!J fI os iF H wert'! loodsd.

:2 Keep.on sC!'fe-1y O!t o!] II ri lTI'e.E. exeepr WMii'I in~er1dij ng tc flre,

:3. e Q- F~Ii'~ 'l1l!!iG I ehee k tM't ,tile b ~rll'!!;! R i!l. i ree of (:l ny C! b 5;~rl1J ctlon _ ,Al V,tA If·S cheek l:I lrer (j, '~(]H_

4. ~,e- IXl rtie ule rly Ceilrt2 hJ ~ wtJ.!:!:h un 1.00 ding 'nhe fitl e TO' check the- li:nmnbr;:: F oft!&t' ~Il e

1m Qga:zi nB iIliDI5 b-eel1l r"il!'I1IilO'ved '!'Q essure a ~ i lie - roll nd do 1:1:::> no:rr r~-m{JIr.1!i in 'the ri fl e.

5. !Nit'1!l'i!i!'r ptQi n~ (!l gl'!Jt'1J if); 0'1-.1 i2ir th 0 n CI _" 5iI;;l fe~' dh~LI i (I n eVeil"l if yo UI kn ow it i s empty-

m ~'1. DIES(RlIPTliON ,~N D DA "A

1''':2. [)ESCR I PrlON. ThQ' AR· l SO rifle is, i[] Jig ht·~'lNeight·~ air cooied. 9 (;I S OlPet'OIi'@'d rl,f 1 e;

me Qla;;:;illl!e fed c nd de~ i:g rilE;lld for slZ:mi ~aluromafh: {iriS onlly .. ,EclLi"ll Ii'rfl~ is pr.ol,;'i,ciea wiit'n 'MO . .5,~m!lJln d! maguz i El es, s I kilg 'I] nd ,deon~rlg rod.

1 =3. Th~ bon@1 i$- .ok-cooled ond is, pt"O'vidG!d with it! na!;n :suppre ;SOF' and reeoi ~ c6JrT!Jpell"!-' 's:gtor, The' bcrrel is surrounded by II;:! he,!;!'1

.re:$ j'$ting fibe.rg I{~ ~~ m·OIM·ri~ I, w hi i~n ~~rV·!l:~ Ci~ g holt! dlg1,,:lC! rd 0 nd fQr€:o rm, TIl I1'l h aloog1uoll rid hos CD heot fiSH ~.:I i ~~ 9 mela I i !'IInn~r -'Ioh ie Id,

14,. 'Ii' he fronts.ig ht . uS 001 I U srobl e for ~ 1 e'¥"(:I1'1 on one! Ihe ~o r :s i gth~ '-1'01" windCllg!f!:_

lFi gJ_ No. ~ '& 2'.

hOlif 'S-iltllirt Mi LI'~tIrt"oQl' t roi(lill ~~. l'iiJ.. 1

~at SiS'," t Adij!ali:~n!>ll<!~1 Fi[;!lUIi\EI 00_ :l

1-5,. The fir Iif:. hes .u ['01 eli ng bu 1 t:;;.k:!itk. 'for

~o nV1!;flIlre nGe ~if'li cO'l"fyi.og Cifildl SfOYl('! ge;, The bi!Jttffio~k Cilfi'l~:1 pi $;~'O I 9rii p C! re made of e;;::tr'e~nely ,d u rob 1 e, '9 ~a n ~i"n pril!!.g.i'j,O 1~dl :ny~~j'j ~i M91~~ i m~d" .5,iT{!:Flgth ~rH]ffeGmd by

IS): pO~1l.! rEi. The !:i.rock m i:IIy !be ffQlded by

rom pF'e5:S iln ~J! th e 2 :;pr 1,1"1 9 II.,udedi pllulIl.g ers

witt; th e 1tllil!Jmlb and (ore: Fi ng~r of t!i E! $11;1 IT! 8

~rm€ 12!:x;~rrlli1g pr:~::.~~r'e 1'0 the r e'h on the blPtfs.·~ook= lihe stcek is 1 h ~n ~r]lg'pped into

po 5Hion OI!1! 'the sne p f(j18tl2:n~ r [po U _ Till?! stol;ik ~s. exrended hy .$h·i ki ng 1he buttsrock Sima r 11 y with the p !JIfm of' fh a- IhQ fld. Ii' wi II ~ !lQ P An e po~,iJiOIil ir'll$'!'¢infO OOO!JJ 51'1. Fi9- No_ 3_


Alt· ~ ~ Sl'lXk ol,.Jgo;!

Fi)~'iIJ nO. :3

1 6. The riflt! li~ r .oIl i!y open ed !by pre$$'i n9 he gUld!!! $pring p.l(lte fQ~wgrd, providing r~o dy ClIdi8"$5 fQr ~VC1~ .of rh a I::utl'h" 00 ri'~(: r o$$er'lllb~)' and uppei" Itandglumd. fig. No.4,.

h a ~$Q p rcvides tCI co;! $~li bl I ity . Q' el I eth~l'i·'il!vlUrkmIl19 pam for COFi ""'Gn~eIlJ elea Iii i 1"119 ,tin d ij n.s,ped len,

l' eve requi red I tha mOl"'llolol Ch(3ifging hcndle pfoyides (;Ii meOln$ of 'f,f;l,dng tho. holr fOI"WQr-o m 'fliU ~O(!f( position Or 'Q ex'roe,!" C! .!j.tuck


'1-'1. The 00 'I" inco pcrotes seven lock~fjJQ 11.J9$. Up.on do~ iog I the 60 tt rotQ res '110 6'Ji"lg olge ~1'1:~il"I :s i m i!m locking I u glS ~n the be t'TE;! I extension. thu:s" the fu n Fe rca 'of he ign i'ti 0.1'11 of '~he p-Orwder ch~jJl'ge' ~!I g~scrbed by the burrel e<xren~iQn cmdi OOlrr, No prreuure: I$. exerted \Jpon ~hi2i lI'e(:ei'V'er. The - r~oeiver i!!io rneele of IH9nt-~edglht' ~tt;!$1 5to.mpiI19's. The

des. i Qltl cOl'l1irrbvte~ to a hig h d~gi ree of sClifely. du ii'ob il i ty C! nd lPe-rfor.,rrH;;' nee of 'rn.e rar e . Due TQ 'he fign weig'n I pt)1i1tlbiliiy and COnv.-en· i-en ce for 00 f.r'y i 119 hi - g.reCll'~y ~if1 he If! red.


AR- '1 80 R~~lle~ wit" O~.I't- Mc.g 0 zi ne

Ern pry AI urnl num Mag'a itt ne (20- roun~ sl Loaded M'C11gCtz:~ne ~ 210~ roundsl

AR - '] 80 Ri fle witli LoCI ded ,Mag,aZ:in€.'

R.i fie wlth ~~ ash Suppr-es$o r -Compen sctor Bon'ell

Ba rrel wit I, Fkl sh Sup pressor Meclha lili'IIl;¢l1 IFeortu res

RJif~ iln~ ~ R,. H . .6 9 WODV~$ -, 1 'turrn 'j n 12·' Bote ,Max,i':mum


Sight Radii us'

lri'gger Pu 1'1

Method of '0 perctlo n Type of M'er;:~anillsm

Arm mlUln l'IO'n Caliber

F~irj'n9 Cha,mde;risU~'!l,

Muzzll e Vlelodty [Ave roge ~ Munll e [Elii"lIlergy

Chamber Pressure

Mal<rmum Rote cf FiJ',e Serni-Autornctlc SUSMII II eel Ra te of F~ Ire


Ma:x rmum ;~~li1gle

IrAa x nrnum IEH~t'i\(e Ra n ge

7.2 ~bs. .2Ib:s" .710s\. 7'.9Ib5,.

,aB [Un".

H3lj,4 m,

19'JS 'lin,

.:2190 .22:35 19,.5 in. 7'.0 • ~ELO ~bs_

~ .......


Rot~ti ng ltoo ~t

5.,56 m m (.22'3] 3250 fps, 1 :300 ft. ~ bs, 50~OO() p:s:i 45/6.5 liids. per m,i n, 12115 Fds, per min. '26.5 J 'm eters ,460 meters



,2,-1. LO,AIDING, ttHE MAGAlIINIE. llh-e' magazin1!' h CI s beQ'n b lecked to, acoolPt' 0 n I y 5 roul1J-ds. Tfie motg 0 z.il'\e foil O'N~~ M.O,$ (:I fa i seel p>O'.i"tioil'l

9 enerol IV (e'~embl i 111~ he olJI'fi ne of a 'l:1J rt-

r] dhg~', Cart idgeos, o re IQgdted into the

l:I9Ciz,ine 5.00 hat tile tlips of the bullets po i nt in ~he' 'S~I me d i red'!onl Cl~ 1ihe n;a i !5oed portion of he foll,ow~lr.

2l.~. LJOA lD'IN1G iii H E' Rlf~E!. The molJgCJI~:i ne- 'r'I0 Y be i":S(l r a<J witn the b~~'~ on d the bort, cer ri er op~n 0 r d esed.


~t' S~lectQr SwHICnl en ".safe."

Hold the f,ori12-0fM of 'he rifle wlth the left

Qloa. po in 'i I1iQl 't+ate Fn uzzle in 'iJll ~(l!'fe di rn L'fio,jji; with the li'lgh1 hend, insert (:I Ibolded moglOl:lit'! e i m-o the rnag{JQ; ine hous in g! P\)Is h [U~ FO l!ii"U~r 'tnt;!' mo[gaiZ.i e IClte), ,!'!n.goges. ondl hold

Il~e magtliz ill!;!" Rap ba&e of rI'Ii.:)9'OZ i n e s h CIIrply witl1lee I 0 F ~'iand -0 a 5.$lI,JIr4) ,po~ irtiv B' lreten,ti 0[1'1[, Ch esek by. <me mpt~ n~ te witli drow the mog 0_'z i ne wir5'il(}v.f' ,he 1,.1 se !'.)~ the mQ9'g;;:;i~le' f'6II.sc se, If t~oe (1c't10n i'So ope n, !JlfCl.!P th~ choll'Q in gI

naillol ~e w'i'th thm: I'~g ~tf hon dil pu I ~ to. the rear 'nus di 5 e'rq~,,;~g in 91 the boll SltOP (lInd Fe leese

he eh o r.g i ng no nd IE,. A round will be st'rippeod rem me f'Jf'IagOt~inle and ~ead$"d IlI1!tD the C!l;;;H'g'j. b ·'f. If the ectien j1!, d1oJ$ed wheJ"l th~ Imll~::jg¢';iil"le is In serrsd, pu n The ch~i'9'i"g h1Jlndlle fully tlO' tne trear 1(1" d r'e,reiOs,e' it NOTE: Do Flot "ride" t'he c:hLi i'9 i I'!ig hand lie fotwg rei. it trlil ehe r'g illlg hcmd'ie i:5 e~'5ed forNr.:ll"d fr'Qrn the open pos ~ i'tiorll, I'he bol] moy fo~' 1'0 rototP. 000 fully

lock end it cannot -=ire. Ii' fh~ bQrt ells 'to.

go elll tlhe' WCJY 'fOFWtJi'd. pU$h fOfwflrd cn jhe mcnuel ,ehOll"g i '''9 he ndl~, Th~ fitl e 1 S< Il'I[O ....... ~Qaded' i(j nd Ii~~d y to Jim.


Moil<: e Su r·e 'Fhl!!: StE}!~dor l[e' ..... e r I!>. On The-

•• Sa Ie" lPo,s.it,ion. If NLot Read y 'To Fir-e. :2~:. Til eo d'u st OO'V!!IIr" m(llY be (; IQ~5ed C! her a Oi:i rrridg ~ ~:s. ehorn eered 1'0 keep ou t CI ny

'f 0' re ign me lieF'. The c:over opens ~ utQrn-o t tee ~ I y w'1'tih Hrilf'lg o@F tl-il::li f:ir:U roLJ,rnd OF by mevii"ig '~h~ d'ioil"9.J!'ig handle '!i.lightly to r,he r~Qr. It must b>E![ d¢:5ed m I;! fIIlJQ II 'rI,

2·4. frill Ril N G., .

2-5. SE MII),.AUT'QIMA TI C POSlnON. VV~th the se I ector fll:lver iln th ls po sition r thiS rEfl~ wi I [I fire. lone' reun dleoeh ti IT! e the I' i99 er is puilled.

:2~6. WITH STCU:K FOLDED. nH~ ~el,edOf lever must b-e posltio '!ted! from the right, '-ide Q. the !i'ill!!!l! O:!il the- 'Fo IdE:d .i tuck prevenrh: CI eeess '~ '~·he llever on the lett side, Fig. No, 5,

Ail.' 8 ~.6:i I{ r .o1~1~ F Jllro ne. 5


l-f' it r:5; de s,[ red to fi .. e '~he ri'He 'with the slto<ck fokfM" the u ~elf :5 hou Id b e'Mm02 fu Ily 'Fci FfI i,l ieu witih the !C perc tiorn of' 1"1'1 I? se I ector

I eve r hOIllli '1 hE! fi;gk ~ ~'id ~ ,of ~ht;! 11"1 He-. The _

fe re-f i i1ge.t of '~he Ft~M hCI,nd -5,hoold 'b,1;!! U sed to C1llow Ih€l' coiJrd In Ij,I ~d prQ'pet no~d Of! 'I nq.

p. S.'~Q I grip ra I en-ho ndecl sheere r "11'0 IJ I dI IJISe' ,the' fhvmb of the I G'fll ho n dl,



A. W,~~t 110 :5;!5!CO '0'5, -tn'lre!il pu II ehe rg ing hand I e lvlll y t·o. r.t-1I11! r.e-tli r ~ ebserve fe r eie't~['Q:1fI of 00 r'lr'~dgll.' or curfri clige '(J:;;~.

2-:8:. B0 sure lihe ~Clfet¥ se I ector is on " 50re·'. ~,emovl2! the fYl--CI goziine, F'i 9. '1\jIo, 6;

.R'er..w~ Mu.-;p:_u. ii"!2 fij'LI'c ng' ~

E jec:t @ny 00 Ilfri&ge in ~he ch am ber by If' u IIi i1g chl~li'\gi ng nlii nd ~e '10 the rsa r _ In-s:ped" c-nam bef.

IRl!!loo'~i2' ~'he c:hcJ,rg i ng he. nd I i2:'.

F'O:r PQ'S i,t!r'i.!':e $Qf$ty. 'po ili'llt' the riHe 1n e 5,i1;],~~ dii redtion~ 'iv k€t off ~!;Ifu, IF-' L! II th$ 1(1 gger; I!JrllSO eki n~ UH~~' kCiI'r'i iinf:Ji".

Il@' "",~ I,OO__:_ '-~'

- . - '.

- . . "

m fR1D "I"Oilit~fi~] --:-,' -','," '1j'ilIi ~ugO ~t!Jl (!1 ~~ U


2·9,. I n s;ight iiJO iustme nt, wi nd!lJ>g e cd iustfrL€n t i!So mad eo by r'Ororing 'tl'il!!! wi.,d EI ge' drum. _ RQI(!'~'i,O I1i (,:If on eo notch ~111 i ne d i Ji"€dioifl of til e {lIi'"FQ'W w~'11 clhall'llge ~he poi i'H of i fnlPQiO' Q'~ th J;!! bu lie!' ~ if to ttl e rlglh1' '(lIt '0-0 yo,rd s IJ@veF~l ng I'he' roratiQrJ VIIi U ~Iy 5e the b\.!11 h?~ irQ, stri ke tc the Ie-~~' .,n,e :;'Oli'l"i~ OImOilJiil1_,

~ ~"'CIiIi1' 0'1111

2 ... U[II. Set 1he Feati'" !iigiht on noemnl 8e'itijll"!!g f!i;'.or

di sre nees up to 300 ya rei s, FeJf distances bey.ond .300 Yalrd s, ma.¥~ the rea r s ig Elt to

'~h€~ Io.ng rnn ge ,po Si'! 1.0111,

~~ m ~I; Ad ~v:;'~' 'Ih~ fr"t)n~ s igh t, by de pre s s.ing 't-h~' de'l''€ fl'I' Vi! ~th e ,00 Ilid' bu lI'et PQill1lt or lJiun~'h (I nd wt{i!re the' sl g,ht po:=,l". R<H'o I I,n 91 Hh!3 pC! ~t d,~kwi sB wi~ ~ rai 318; ~ hG' pO'int' Q'f

I mlPae~; ~evefti,il9;g ffi e dire Cti.OIfll WI II ~owe.. 'tine P'O,irut cf i rnpccr, E'C!(;n, deten t willi ehc nge !he P'O,it'L'~ 0-1 i,1'f) pOit1 '1 u ~l 1 00 ya~d~, ,Fi,g,. NO.7 .


frQ.n'r ::;i!lllrt AcljlJ~'~filt fi!JIuri" 1"110), 7

3'-1 '" D ~5A5S!E'IM!IB ~y'. Ss1;! Rig, '1 J 1 n ru 2,6,

3-'2. Push foe' ijlU ide- rod plote '~Qrwg rd Cit 'Ihe ~(:jifn~ time pu!.hi ng fhe' pi ung ~I' 0.111 'rho2' rig h'tJ !he no sl die o"t the 91(] i dl!!!' rod pi are +c the lett el eo ~irr.g '~he- r.e-c;u ioig hr. Th ns will a ~ r,CI<W the gJ'Uid(1: rod s, 'to. deaf ~'he r,ecU' of the ree@lV'eJ !l;:!lI':Id the rifle' will ~wi ng Opel'!, ~i9,' NQ. 6.

l.')1$en!3-:,~e: rc!lo:lDdo;:rwrl F itl'l.lre {I 0.. S

R.s liSa:se p'l'1e'5;S I.l! re grC!ld Wild n'f OIFil 'I h ~ 'go id ~ ~oOd r.~ate. '~O preclude: '~he spring 50 fmci F'lg the g-liiide red p~,~Jt,a' OIF'I{,:j rod$ fra,rn' i 1,)!!Ti ping' free o.f r!'i @; 1~~hl~t, Pu!l '.he, 5nG1"9 i ng n.:::lll'ld I~ 'toO the ile-OIIl" r l!'ft-I:I'V lng the be It 00 rrrio;! r ~n 0 I igll"lmlEl'!"!rt with the enle il'g(!d j'!~ljlf' !iGi:tiOIli o:F till e eie<:~'iQn port. tift. line ;chgrgill,'lJ. hondle 'h~e of '~'he

b~!t 00 mer ,!:j nd IiBeEI'l ver. The r9 [.nce' ffod o!.:!lemb~y. s p'rings end be fir OOIi'tier may lhe n be [l11''O,w1e,dI· '!'o Ii I ~de' our~ 01' '1'h!3 IjJ pperr ·reo;! rver. fig. Mo,., 9" 'J 0 &: ] 'I.


D: rell,gtJ'f!!f' r ~l'Igtige j(l keOOI!Y n Ii igprr: r'lO, ~

W i'l,dlr[;l .... /II'"j~r:· Chi;!II"9~Ii'jg! H~llF!d In ;: g),JI"4l' n~. 1 ill

Rc-.rFIovc:!d!·"'~'~1 i [%!~ CCa'rl= r, ~,_;;dl:! P.6cl~ iJnd Oil.! Ide> R:od Sp~IIL!jI~

rlg'lll€! 00.. '1

,3-3~ The bolt M Flrii!!: r asse m bl 'I Ff'!ouy 'lhE! Iii besrrlpped cs illlIJs,tmted on page 10,

,3~,-. Reirt"l'i~ .... e- hoC! rid glumd 0 nd d iSIll !i.:;~m h~Q Opeli"(f~1i n~: IF,od i!Js,s.embly. F~g" No, 11:2, This 'liN i III '~Qi'ldudli! Fijc ld :;;tri ppil'!91. ~11'O'w'in'9 ~(;C'es ~ t¢

ol I illlt,e rr"!1tI1 compOn.ent!;_

R~I"fI[?>ro f II'l~t-(J U Q~rtl'lm'O f«Id ",;,,;~hl'" Fiii!U I'~ Ii"'i~ 1 2


a-s. ,AS,s,EMIlU;'Y".

,34. R'~v'liiIr~~ the Q bl)'I.!'e' proi;edy reo

,N01i1m r. A) III pOt"ii r~CI'!i_!.l!m bly. he 5!U1~'e th{rt the hoi t is fUll I y e >rtG<nded 'fQM~r'd un t~J til e I ot~ i'lf! 91 I ~g 1s engcuJiXt PelY JXH1'icUi~CIi:r a~f'l1.ia.r'fl net to, bump the

oollf for'i;"itng it to mQ ra'O r 'W hen i nser+l ng '~nll!: !bah D1~~-~m bl y l rl'1:O '~h,e I!JIp per' reeelvar. B) The, hem mel" m ust be- In the (;'Ocked pDs,itiQn tc clese 'rhf.!: t'iH21'_ Cl Be ,!;.l!Jlre !he bo~t di seonneet If Ptilrt' No, 145,. pClgle :20,1

i 51, rota~Gd in Its; f.gTWClrd po:!! itjlQn. I t wi ~II ollhe rwi se s"to~ 1he ,ril'~e f'rom being

dosed 000 lock.r.:rJ, i:n Be C"o refvl tng1i

-Sm,Ci'II pa Ft:s are n.ot lo:s'c aUi ri t"t9

d lscssernbl 'Iff CtS:¢1 m b~Yi Ili"artil~:u,l'~r:lly G1 S~'IJi!l;! tho t f'he fi ri t1I9 pin :!:pruli'iIg is. ins m lled, A~!,;~ii'r'Ibly w;Uni!li !lit, th ~s :~Pli' li~9 00'1J I d oo'U se inoav-QrtOli'iIT fi ring g,f ih~ 00 rl ~idgle if (;!

pr~ m p.-t' 'l,WCl S . 0 \f~I·ry :S1~'n:;.iNve dlJe- to i rt:@,N~ impac.r of tine firing pin VIPO~ bolt

d O:!i;!\,I're~ See Fig. No" :2:2,

!i;i.!!!~_ ;), ~ 6·-, no, A~.lI8: Mel.j.;]· t:ort;u~ i i9l1,'r.:l 1111;', 1';:,

ftE,m.;:we'/lfI:!,I");J~~ i"ilJm mO:::I' J!'illl fi9LJI~ 11[] I 4-


IDi~e.rl;p ge' ~i!'mC'l't:! Sel!f!dc I

nlillJrr- Iil.;;ll, 'I ill

REifi'lOv>~~1 ili,~toll '1";~;::r F'ill'll n~n:! 1i1-Q1, '18


lJ.l'~mlYif;(lj e!'l~roJJI F11'1Ij'1~ Pilll Re:t,,1 !'!in9 1'111:') Flgt:;rc 'n:.!;l -::: 1

Rem-;)\'~.III'I:;tl'l~1 ~ riiJ~e r fii)un~ n"", '19

[;\nrrclfoQ;! lllio1~1 ~ !i'l"!:l [i'il"

i=igluu:; 1l<:;I. c7 ~

'\:.;-mQla"e / flJill.11 fJr i'"i(ll 9i>n Roi't:;l !long pi,! fi!pL!~ flQ. 20


I':lYT'1rwl!:/ 1'llI~tt:ln ~oIt C",i;) m Pin, (md 961r F'itjlllre no, 23

il.o!:'i<!'!i)oJilfEi"OiIl~1111 Ih.r~I'01

1"l{Ilu<rCl 11!!l1. :.;; j

.. ~

~.~~n!31 !Pin lR't!kI,lI!'ung Iil'in

1!!~1t Col;] ··-~r G~("lI1 p ,['"..:all:.

FI~u~' I"! 1;;1, 2,<'11

1kI1~ Ai!I:ii"'lhl}' Fig!Jlft €i{ll :?,~


0111::' droflp o!:,t.ij OCI£ho I~k,~

';::1 ~n; I'I!;) ",!d lubfil: ~~ in;;:' Ih ~ !!If}lI' ("..i'l rl ii)r G/OiJP ,F,~re no ')1'

Di~e"'Iii:a'lJje ~~" De ~8ei'!'a~' Pi"'ol lPill

- - FigllliG !'I 0', '28

tit&illB~~OO£fi!@J£: m]JgscgrInt])©lrt)(Q)~1

,4-1. lUBlltitCA iii IIO:N

4-2:. GEN~RAL_. The rlfle should be cleaned ond I ubr. coted ct the end Qf e CI'~ cloy"::. use, or w ne«"i ex po ~dI to (j,l'"l execs s.i ';JC leJ m;ourln' e ~ J i II't ~ 9 rir Or' oth!?1i' f'omig~'i ffI{f~le'r and: or

wo'l et, fO f be:Slcon~i llull1dl Qrpe.r-otiOIll, i[] II

:s.ulrFo ces should ba pl'o~eel\~d by o \:'l!:1i)I Ii gint fil Iii! of 01 I. il;!j(~p.t u nd~i a i.J b- 2'-e-ilQI tern ~r~ ch.!lr€ So when ,~~ I ()i~ s.hot!Jk:l be iF€fI'\O'''1ed f'ro!'1fll movIng c;omPQl!1ems. The rifle can fU1r!(;i'lon oomp~~fiS I y d r1 ~ Ir] .!thou 9 h ~Clek, oeF lu btkljln~ r s, unde~,ill"'e;,']ble due to je:5Ulta.Fit t!j!)(t:e'$..G.iVie weOr, NOTE; Kif: ep the go i pi j;.'~'ot"! c I ~ar of ~i;e~ 50

ol I ~o prev.i3!J'I f eo ~Iy f'orITHJftCr"! ,O'F ootoon,

,4-3:. CU:AN~ ~iG AN til lLIJBRICA,TIN G, TH E' RAljitRlEL,

,A" A.'~1 CI eh i::! bress IN i re b fI..1 sh 'ID Cl cleon ~n gl F,odl. dIp ill !)O I've-h'~ dea n~lr'!I9 (:OmpOu nd Q ncl

br LJI:sh ri'lif3' be Fe ,ho'r'oll.! 9111y _ [)Q li1iot sub m !3-rgll3 bar rei in cleo rl in.g- 501llJtion. Bru 5h '.hiE! boor'€: from chom ber to Ii'!!""ii::~~'e', us ing :5t!'Q i9ht~ 'itlli"OUlg'lli ~'h'O~~!>._ NlOITiE: IDIO NO!' ~~'V'~Ii",l;,~

dire d'i'.o:n 0'" bry,sJh whi le ln side bo re, j!!Iush 'h~ bn.JIs.1, throu glh the, b ore IU 1'1'~'~~ it exte FIIds,

dear of 1+1I@- m l..I22:1e.. C.onl iifll~ e t.ir'll1 i I 1 ~~,e bore i50 'V'!(:~' CQ\;I~Ft;!d wilth $,,;dv~i"iI'r, lii:amOyg the br:'lJJ~h -FlI",or"n 'I 11~ r¢d I!J n(,j dry Nlie, be Fe by

'PUiS h i n 9l 'in i'1'~H;,II9 h dleiiJli'!!, d r"l pt:ltche~. Cont111'U1e ~.!I[f!-I'i J pc h::nt:-$ (;0 rti ~ out 1i:,1 i3'i3{'1 a nd dry.

15,. (Ie!] I'll ,- he lock i ng lug s ~.n t~ barrel ra,;.: ~,&1fI :;~onl i ust "I;) th~ reo F' 'of the ,d''!'!J mber, B, ush th e ~'!J9:S 1M i Iii ill S."il~Ld I bru ~h _

(" A her de-Qn in 9.1. ~ u br'iwlJ!l fn~ lbore wi tn

(1 li'g htrl V oi ,hs d. pafd; ,to p.rev€,li1t ,ooti'lo,!;iot"l It! nell PI Hi ngl. UghUy oi I tihe Il;.r9S ifli ttl e be rrel §!x~l'1~km,


Cli. Remove fhe 100 ~lidl!'od .,;.ompon elll't PQ r+s o.f rille OpeW{H'ln'gl red, Wnpe cleo r'II w~'~h oli 11- :soaked perches. Use the deallillog r'odl with rhe b FU sh to cl eon :-1'1 ~ 9Q'~ pi~toi:i _ P~m((lv~ ern it excess 0 i L


A., Remove this; be;lil-t corrier 9WQ;Up f'flom fhe

iJ pper reeeiver, F lele' ~hi p ,t he, be I f {:CIil"w'i er

9 r'QU'p. W<t;J:ih IQ II ex--e rnc f :a.vrfiO(eS w'i th @ porch so tw r'CI t-E'-d ~n :!io~y~nt dl~itin i fi'I'g 00 mp OI,Jt1"d • ~e F,ig _ 1\10_ 12, 2C: thru :26.

I!k t.hTng CI !i IlfIclli bruti;!h dl pposcl i n sQ~v~nt eloc n i t.lg ..:omplElw"I d, ~wt. ~ II cBrhcr:n d!epo~,i is <fil'd din' r ffirri 'the- ~~ck i fI 9: I ug:s of th e b0 It, Pgy po rfitt'u I ClJr {lJ'I ~en.I'~Ofl .00 tn e arellJ U fidel'

trte ro)O;;'! of i,he Ie 1('h"QI(:~iOr, {)i ~ ~ i'g hl'ly_

S~e- .F'i'g, No. 27.

S -,1. 1M A,'GAZ~NIE.

s~'~t M,A,QAlIIINIE 110 ~s..ASSEMBL'y. I m;,pecl 'Ihe mogo:? i ne a nd t1i1'!::1 ke ~me- a is empty, Oepr-e s s

he' mo gaz'i!lG ~PFj~1g thrQug 11 the no I e inl th'C' mg~ CI\Z.i no:;! bose' 1'1 ~~~, .rE!,rIi:!U s.ung thi£1 ti P of fhe- ~pld n 91 from the bo's E!i P IOfr,G!.

F"ig. No. 29 &. ,~m,_

1!l~'ioI;l~~~!lI1br.g,{ ~'~I)ll:.l", ~1~~;t£II." ~';I· P, 91.1 re ri~, ?~.

[")",::1:', ~11'I bl.;.[ A!!'!:.o:'-""'I~!oI,,,, M~Q!: .... ~ ro;~:r:m;:; "10,. 3{1


.S·3. TIE lESC:,f)PI'C :SU:~~U.. T he 'I'~I esoe ~ic: si ght ls >0 ne of L'!'~treme Iy d U fCi b~ e d tl s.ign wit h

otr.~ :u.tItnd ~i"I 91 Op'l i ~ol CI;)I p~b ir iii es me d:e

es p~c; lc Uy "'001" Almer 1P11e-; It i $ g 'tiI'!J'e :2.7 5 pDwe,r .5ig h r ~ ne rfTi;~ Il'y ter m crodl JX1- Th~' ro FIg e k nob en the top he 5 41. setti ng'5o; one rolf"

'I ~~Wil yJtlrcl!.i; 1 aCltch fOJ" 300, ~OO oml 500 yo rids. i ~i i s ,apid end pes ~~ive elevation :$YS~r'n ~QF1Ifribu1es gre~t I,. tc pFClld i eel I..! S erg€:. The ~rot~.:ti~ !:op on rh~ 'too Pi .of' the rCing~

od jU5.trneot knc b i So rem oved by t ne- lI'~~ o r '~he h!901d of 10 a:llrtr:idg(:-, Sigfilt de\i'otiQrII @TU:S,1" ment~ !tire: mo di~ ufllf1e.r' t his (alp' by ro:k.r1'i ng

th e ifl k:-VCHi on knob with the ~ egd 'Of g

00 rtr1dge i n '~he, d r'lBl:l i on .::;;r t~ e crrow 10 move rhs !pO i nt of i mpect up'.

Fig" NQ. 31. .

5 .. 4. The' $'igJI t incorlPQrof'l1;l s 0 n i n'vi;llrll,ad PQ~t .ri~ well (liS f~iIle eress-hetrs. Whei'll '"holdut'i9 Q .... 'er" "d extreme rc;u~g~:;~ thi So P re.dude-s the po:oJ f1l'.p:m Ibloltilnlg ol,Jl rhe target. lfhi 50

eo m parathle Iy heQ¥y po s:~ c UQW;S. :po $oil! ive po ilr),i' .of o~m et ti [!'II(:'S ,of' I~ G:ClI" dar knl8':iiS wf\e.nl rne fi n:e cross -ho ~n rend 1'0 cUoo P Peel ~ Olga i'ff'I st ~·h.a bii;llCkJgirQUPl d. . 5·~5. The q I!J ic k d:e·1,a ehe b le iMf'j;!lorU 01110 w ~

Lr!'I 11"1 ed iorr:e ~emoV(:i r ,(I I!"! ri returned i nstc II(ltilof'l. r;:r:'gJ(ud 1 QSS 0 F th ~ Ii1 umber' of ti IiTIIE!i r'~mQved!J d I,l e ~o I he dove loll i ~ de:5ig fI ef 1he 1x!!,1J! !U nd rnou nt, i'r w~11 retu rn 1'10 " P05tiV® zero. A runfll~ I 'lJnaG r fhs :snght a,now;s use of the

rro'!1I sl g h~s; in IQI]I5:e of any i rn m'ed i a te

l"e{)U iri?mant_

!Ii -6" D\J Eit eevers (:I re in ,;:,1 uded ond the fun e len's. s ~QlJlld be 1i;.WQiJ8:C~"F;ld by the !,J~e' Q~ thieie'tl:OV~ rs. Thi50 S i1J h 'j" IS i!'i 110 I uob I~ for I'(Il'g ~,t ide~1ItH-ioa'~ i on plL,JIrpQ:Z;~ 5 li:;ontriblJli ng 9 reo l'hr 10 '5 orf!Ety ill rhe 1I.r~if:l' o·F 1hc fiiri!c]1i' m,

5-7,.. INST,", tLA flif:U'-.I. Hold Ihe te Ie scop i t:

s i gl ht if! 'the' rig,h t hog ncl, the ro ref i n g'6l~' corn ~ f! r~:s..!:l ung ~ he se rety ,I ~\I'I:H' 0 n ~f.~e f ronr of 'the mO'LJIrd (ill iowir"l9 it to cleo r lhiF.! dove: fa i J

bose oln rh"" rifle. TJu!' phllr"lIg er til'l l'hr;:· r~~1' o·F I he mount i:i pre ssed Firm I "I ago:liW'1'5.t ft.!! r rOfi't of Ih!l;l r'en;;llr i~ghf' I!:OITi f.}r Ill! s i:>11n9 t}.e g,pri n.g.

10 lIowi n~ I he !;iM;pe m~ on ~ to ~~ i de- r o~wOlrd Ofl . he base ,.


lFig. M1@.


Z ,~

J .. 4 ~ .5 >:l'

7 '" 8 ,.,

9 :t:

lo.A 11 ~ ~:2 :!< 13A 1~

is lOA 1'7


19 20


22 23A 2A1A

25 *' :?6 ,..

Z7 28

29 30 30-·l J1A 3' ,~ 33 " 34 3SA .36

37 :.I:



Mfg. S,tol!: ~ N'~.

S2'()32 52631 2680 2580 2674 ,2840

2B41 '2'785 20'79

5,2632 2'626 2856 263.t1l ~r776 '2B57 2:643 2'7-63 2035 2636 2.077 2637 28.55 2SA5 2337 2842 2,B44 28~3 27'.80-1 2838 '2839 2717 2'629' 2~63 2"79 2716 :'l'~3.0 1.ci;64 '2779 26.1·'1



NCII" ill'll









A550Yr Weld & ~ivGt. U!p~" !ReciEiver Re(:p.ho!'~Ii'" I[j pp!-1 r

Housingl Rrm!ilr Sigh~'

E:~ ~em; ion, Bar re I

Gvjd e lroo,ck. Upper lite ce lve r l.ug. fr,\l}n l' f DI!JI~t CQv>2i1"

L,ug. Reolr, DlIJst 'Cover

p ki1~1 SOD pe M.ount

A.'Y';''1, EiCi rrel to Upper ReO::'ive'r

U ppeil' Reoe lver V~lel d 8.. Ri'\fIet As.'i¥ S C11~lI'ei

As.'5 "II fron t S,i:g ht

Fro nit 5;9" t lIFD dory 1 n~klilatio:n On Iy) Swl'V~1 S~lng~, Front' Si9h'i

A 5 s.y, Pt sron Frotlt S~ght

Pn$tori1l, FiGii'! t Si 9 hr

IfNng 1 Pi S;lon

BI a ds, !Fro nit Sign r' PiUFa9<elr, front Sighl'

S.pr i ng" PI !,J1il9 e'1l"~ Front S i'grh 1 TOJpt! r Pi FIi, F,on I Si glhr

A 550':(" Dust Cover

VIe fd Asr:;y r [)u'&l Cltl'l,,!e~ Colrter, DU'~ t

Cam F~II o,w-er, D'U:5f' CQve r 'Spil"i'ng. P'I u f'119.e~ i Dbi Sir CO~~ r PlulI"Iger, Cam Followerr DIJ!~t Cov~r Ro II lP-'i'Fl'

SPIi ing, Hi ("!Ig e Pi n r DU:5,~ Cove'r H ing-~ IP'i n I DV:!iiT C,f:iVI;I'r

Ass 'f / U pPiE! r Herrd Gvmd

HICI nd G!}grd Upper linetz Upper FlalnU Guard Dr! ve Screw

A ~s:y J l,.owe'f HCr'!d G.vg rd "kJ'~~,d GIJ'ord, Lowell"

l.iner, Hand ·GUClrd~ lOWG:'f Dr~'ioI\i;!! Screw

Opera'tir'lg R(.\d

>j: Ind ito n;.:s, pIC! rt of on (J~:Sy not ClIVQ i I C! bl,e se po HJtel:r '

'15 1.6

..1·0 tI I' 42' 43 44- 45 5~,

.55 56 57 58 59 60

61:A 62 "

63 '"'




67 ~A 69 l< 70 ~



7'3 74


76 77 78A ]'9 'I<

80 '" 3.




2 Qi" 8 2639 204:2 2846 27-75 2644 2685 '267'6 268:2' 2681 ~M$l .2791 2·853·-1


51·0At! 268-4- 2671 2715 2673 2590 '2836 2:594 2S35· 2·&67 ZC:iQS :26M 2::'80-3 266'~ 26;7() "2~6:5 2062 '2t)60 2'Do'1 :2704 2:7'65

7:78'0-1 2;)06

Spri n g. Ope ref :ng Roo lh, k. 0 pGH:l'ti ng Red!

eVil nder, Ope·r:a j 119 Rod Nyt, Re'wi'l COrr'lpe'!'i!'5 ,1 to r R,!!~,oi I, [OIY1.p~t"J ~,~j'~r

Co p ... H end C uord

Dru rn; Wi rid CI Qle" Re£:l ~ .s ig ht $pr i ng, Reo r Sighr

Spring, F~.afr Rcar Sigh~'

A pero t I.II'€, iRe.o II" Sj·gJh.~ Screw,.. Wi'i'uh')'g-e- ~~f Sight PrO!lmctor, R~QI!' Siglilt Scre.,,Jl ~!J p Ri ..... s. ~[j ( 5i g l'fIt·


, I 1 l 1 ,


1 1 1 1 1 l

As..~y, Bolt Cerrrler CaH i er, lBol t

Pin r Pie's,!. Flf, Bo~'t Co rrie r firirng Pin

Sp~ i n t!, Fi ring Pin

T o~ ~dowifl Pin, 8011 t Pill, u,rn

lJ:. S~y, O"i~ F9 il"1g Hand I'e Handle, Cliolr'gi1"lg K~t. C h.;:a rg jrlQ H Cil'!lll;J I C' Pi I'll, Ex hOitlOIf

Sprln'i:) , E:!I:, tliQlCi'O!i Extr"a(::toll"

Roll Prn! E [octo r Ej!l!!clor

5pr i III s. e i ect¢r 'Holt

A ~~y! Stoke I Gui de Re!d

Fo ng iPlg, PllJlte, GlJ,de Rod s GL..Jide "Dd

Nu nge-r, Gu ide ~d Plo t,e

S pr'ing r p~ ung elf. Gu ie:! e' !Rod pi OlteRoll Pin, iP~run gler ~ Gu i.d~· Roo Pic ~'e S prlng, AGI'i Q I"i

~ ,

'1 '1 1

1 '1

I I ~ ,

1 1 1

1 2 'I

• 'I



~'I.\-' ..



tlSA 86 BrA 1- 88 :to

89 *' 91'1 * 91 '" 92 liio 93 ,:;.:

9~ '95A"" 96 '" 97 ..

98A 99'Aoll

'00 >< i [). '" U)2 - lOJ; '" '104 ~ 105 ;r. 106 '" 107};' '108 :t. '109 ;j.

113 V-
I '1.41
~ 1 5
117 II'
118 *
1 H~ 5262'8 26:37 2858 2645 2623 2772·1 2627 273.2 26:518 260.4 2';:§3

:27 "~.i 2746 27'1)8 .2'19:59

1614, 1772~'2 2772-5 ')77~~4 271"2·,3 ?772-6 2852·,1 2e~O 2618- 2621 2714 2752 2760 27~A ;:U~2a ~S5.:t-1 28f;1 2&17 26[:)6


As,soy. Wre,ld ,s., Ri 'Je r, low~ r R@iC~i"l€f Ri veIl T r:i 8lg!:!w' Gua r'd

Wei d A~8Y, T If ig 9 e!f Gu,C! rd Trigger GVI;)lIP.J

N iJr r iP'i sro I Or i p

Po s.t ~ Snap Fa stener

~CB iViS r, ILdiw EliI'

Bir(!j,d(e't'. Lowe F Re,ee~vef BrOl,'k,et, M a Q1~z.k:.e Lon: h IJu~J'R i rt<gil Bo I r C.O'tl!:.I'r1 Weld Af,.5Y, Bul kheadl

Bul khaod, Ra ce~Vi2'1I" PJate, au~ kl1c.ad Asts.y, B uttsreck

As:s,:!" f(l :~!'~el"'lti r'~ Bki! i:!'i'IOc.k tlll.}~n:s rock

Co v ~ r, Sn,;:g p i;'; s .: ll}hfo'!' 5pw:er ~ SnOl p FC! !lot'en er Sporn g', Sno p Fo;I:$lenEl'r' ,P'I eJ 1-e. SnofllP Fos ~elf~e r RrV"eF, STlil1 p fQ.5~f1 er

WCl ~~Irl IPb irill Snap FCls,i'<8'hl3r

As~ y, JB.iJt~'OOp B IJ ttc::!1 po ,Rer.-o i~ Po:)d

Screw. Recoi I Po d

Vr/fft I tI A~~y t- r ~ i n 911'1:1 B iJI'I'I ~Iock H ing'el Buttitock

Nut. Butts. kllck Hi n 't!e S~rew ... iBui1>stoc k

$11'1 Ol po F;: i n QI, Hi ngi9 Pin., Sto ck A~ s.y. [Pis ro I G'ri p

Pis.tQr. Gfip

sr i n !;II, Sw~~1, Pistol G!!' i P \Nash~r. Pk~in, Ph;.to,1 Grip

1 1 'I ~ 1 1 I

1 • 8;


1 1 2:

1 1 1 1

" 1 1


·······Ui ._A

120 1:21 '122 123 1201, 125


'J7 28

:29 30

31 J2A 33 'r

lJ4, '" 1,35 136 137' 138 13?'

"w 4'1

~2 ~3

.-::5. '"

46 *' 47


1I19 50


152 153 15'A 1 :5.5

2622 ·~13Q·2 ::;76,2 ~'i,6'1 ~58,6

S2609- ~653 ~,Q5'1

~65a ~,610 ::;;607 ~,6?5 ~7l2 ':;,647

~608 2l;J5:'?' :;-6-19 ':;:6,48 ~7B'1 ~,557 .'27:jO·4 ~7'02 'L7BO.2 :;;6013 ~601 :~597 -:::599 ::;602 ,::;600- -:;:,605 ::;854-4 ~e54-1 ':i76B S25'9.5 ~7'Ol ~598

lB'::lii1/ p~ !.~'o,1 Gl'i p

ROoI J p~ 1111 IPlljJlrlIg.;::,I' r IStll k he e Ii Spring,. PI L! ng,er, iE!;u~ kh ead P IUf'ligN. Bvl ktJ ~Cdd

IH inglC Pill

He 1¥I1f'r"lc!'r'

Spiring. H OIITl m er

Snap R1F'ig, HeliTlmtll', lli'igg(lr IF'in,. Fi Olm-IT! er .. '1 rigger

IB us h Tng. Ho t'nlmQ~

ID i!.corLn e(;it:, If i 9 get'

Spring. Dl:$oo r"!nect

A'tJ.'l>.y 1 Ri \I~hfi:d. T r'igg8['


.A50~Y Pi'!1JJ 'I r] gger ,S pring ~ 1 riggler SPO'CE:!J'r Tr'gger IBlJslhin~, Tiii'9~1fU

'Ickedown Pin, U &: l Rereiwr$ Lwrt-ch~ Mag CI,Z j'ne

!Roll P'11fI/ M e.ilg~2:Jnf.! to I c 1'Ii SiP:ring, MQlg~~ine lQlh::h ~olll p~ n, BiO~'~ Catch

IReta lne r, Spri n g, Bolt Co rch W'eld A s;s,y., Bo,tr C~h!; h

1130 I t (01':C I,

HClY s i rtg, PI!Lm gl~J·. Ek::d't C'C!' ch ;5,prifl-g,. P'IIJ n~ it If ~ BOo] t C!:Ii''!:h rrlJng~r-, Bolt, U:lkh

lPilll~ Bol ~ Co kf.,

Smj~"} R~i1g.r 80ln Cut.::h Sn~p Ri ng .. SCIII E! 'I y Le!vEi r llN~r~ Sorely

C o stjl1 91, So 1el y

S PI in ~J. Sa hdy D~te!il1t De tent, Sale~y

1 '2 1 '2 1 1 1 ,2

2 1 'I


'. 1

1 1 l' 1 '~

1 'I 1


15.6 '1.57 160 161 lb~ 163 16,4


2'683 528,4$ 2773·5 2864- 2S65 2866 2667 2868.

Mog~:z line A~sll f 20- Rou I"Id Fi\flf: Rol"I rtd Insert


Cc se, BiPQd

SI;QP!ij., 2_:;7"S, x ~Omm wif~ Mount CIi!'i!Cj,n i n.g Rod AR- 1 A

!B!0rn B rv !i>h". Co I ihe-f ,:1?' I F'cII" (I eill [1 i F'lg ~od, A R. I 8 On ry ~ S.I[Jng


prlllLea In U S.~,


. . I

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