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Department of Management Studies, University of Madras 1





Given below is a preliminary questionnaire for retailers and consumers of a

recently launched menswear brand. Can you list down the research objectives for
both questionnaires? Can you modify the given questionnaire to a final draft?


1. Do you have Tamarind? Yes /No

2. What do you think about it?
3. Is there place in the market for one more readymade garment company?
4. What kind of products does Tamarind have? Are they good?
5. Is it a threat to any existing brand? If yes, which one?
6. If it is not available, what is your view about advertising so heavily before the
product is launched?
7. Are people coming and asking for Tamarind?
8. The range of clothes with the retailer.
9. Price Range.
10.Name of shop and so on.


1. Which ads do you recall?
2. Which garment ads do you recall?
3. Have you seen the Tamarind ad?
4. What do you remember from the ad?
5. Do you like the ad? Why? 1
6. What is the main message?
7. What kind of clothes are Tamarind?
8. What do you think will be the price range?
9. Will you buy it? Why?
Department of Management Studies, University of Madras 2






Given below is a preliminary questionnaire from a recent study by a leading

advertising agency in Bangalore which wanted to study the youth in that city to find
out their casual clothing preferences. The results were to provide inputs for the
communication strategy for one of their clients who marketed a range of garments.
Some of the questions were modified before the study was done.


1. Do you wear casual clothes?
______ Yes _______ No
2. How often do you wear casuals?
_____ Everyday
_____Almost everyday

3. What kinds of casuals are these?

_____Casual shirts 1
_____Cotton trousers
_____Any other
4. What are the first 5 brands of casuals that come to your mind?
5. Which brand of casuals do you have/own?
_____Casual shirts
_____Cotton trousers
_____Any other
Department of Management Studies, University of Madras 3

6. Which is your preferred brand?

_____Casual shirts
_____Cotton trousers
_____Any other
7. What is it that you like about your brand?
8. What does your brand give you?
_____Value for money
_____Praise from friends
_____Social acceptability
_____Any other
9. Which advertisements do you remember about your brand of casuals?
10.What did you like most about that ad?
11.How often do you purchase casuals?
_____Once a month
_____Once in 6 months
_____On impulse
_____During sales, discounts and so on
_____Any other
12.Do you have clothes specific to occasions / locations?
_____ Yes _____No
13.On which occasion do you take extra care to dress smartly and which brand
do you keep reserved for this occasion (1 Brand)?
_____Hanging out
_____Any other
14.How important is the brand?
_____Very important

_____Not important at all
_____Any other
15.On what basis do you select a brand?
_____Brand name
_____Current trends
_____Any other
16.Do you go in for repurchases or do you go in for different brands?
_____Yes, I purchase the same brands again (If “Yes”, go to Q.18)
Department of Management Studies, University of Madras 4

_____No, I go in for different brands

17.Why do you look for a different brand?
_____Current fashion
_____Not satisfied with previous brand
_____Qualities of new brand
_____On impulse
_____New in the market
_____Bored with the previous brand
_____Any other
18.Do you shop…?
_____With your friends
_____With your family
_____With members of the opposite sex
_____Financial support
_____Gives you a second opinion
_____Their choice would be best for me
_____I don’t like going alone/For company
_____Any other
20.What influences you the most when you make a purchase decision?
_____Colours, fabric, and so on
_____Any other
21.How much would you pay maximum for your brand of casuals?
Cotton trousers:_____
Casual shirts:_____
Any other:_____
22.Suppose your pocket money is Rs.1000, how much would you allocate to

Snooker and so on_____
Junk food_____
Any other
23.Do discounts/free gifts and so on, affect your purchase decision?
_____Yes _____No
24.What are the latest trends in clothes presently?
25.Who do you think sets trends in clothing today?
Department of Management Studies, University of Madras 5

_____Fashion models
_____Business celebrities
_____Any other
26.Where do you come to know of latest trends?
_____Just by looking around
_____While shopping/window shopping
_____Any other
27.Is there anybody you look up to for cues in fashion?
28.What are the key motivators when you purchase casuals?
(Rank on a scale of 1-10; 1-lowest; 10 – highest)
_____Brand name
_____International fashion
_____Fabric quality
_____During sales, discount season, and so on.
29.What kind of guys do girls look for nowadays?
_____Well dressed
_____Any other

1. I wear the kind of clothes I wear because 1
_____I want to be seen as part of the happening crowd who is in tune with the
latest trends.
_____I feel comfortable, don’t bother about others, easy to slip into, shows my
laid-back lifestyle.
_____I’m fashionable, am the trend setter, want to be the pioneer in making
fashion statements.
_____looks sleek, makes me noticed, makes me different, and attractive to the
opposite sex.
2. I want to be seen as:
Department of Management Studies, University of Madras 6

_____ the most happening guy in college.

_____the laid-back, take it easy kind
_____the most fashionable
_____the 1st guy to try and do anything
_____a career conscious, ambitious guy
_____the no-nonsense kind
_____jolly and fun loving
_____helpful and benevolent
_____any other
3. What would you do to be seen as stated above?
_____Change your style accordingly
_____Make minimal changes
_____Stay the way you are
_____Won’t care
_____Go to any lengths
4. Name the guy who’s most popular amongst you _____________________________
5. Why?
_____Dresses well
_____Any other
6. Miscellaneous
Your favourite bike ___________________________________________________
Your favourite movie star ____________________________________________
Your favourite sports star ____________________________________________
Your kind of music ____________________________________________________
Your favourite game __________________________________________________
Guy you would like to dress as ______________________________________
Do you thing Net surfing is cool any more? Yes / No
How do you spend you leisure time? ________________________________

1. Name :
2. Age :
3. Address :
4. Occupation / Designation :
5. Income Group: 1
_____Less than Rs.5000
_____Rs.5000 – Rs.10000
_____More than Rs.10000


1. Comment on the casual clothing questionnaires.

Department of Management Studies, University of Madras 7

2. Improve upon the questionnaires (You can change individual question format,
scale, wording or change the sequencing, or even add or delete questions).

3. Why do you think two questionnaires (quantitative and qualitative) are used?

4. What would happen if you used only the quantitative study questionnaire?

5. Would you recommend using the qualitative questionnaire alone? If yes,

under what conditions?