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Brave Men and Women

Brave Men and Women

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Published by: Dharmsen Soni on Jan 26, 2011
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For Love, and Innocence, and Truth There made their dwelling-place, Than
which fair three immortal Youth Required no other grace.

But when through sin the happy seat Was lost to wretched man, Our Lord,
redeeming love to meet, Redeeming work began:

The flowers, which have a language now, Shall deck the weary earth, And,
while men 'neath their burdens bow, Remind them of their birth;

And, with their vernal beauty rife, To all the Gospel preach, The
Resurrection and the Life, In sweet, persuasive speech.


Reader! if thou hast found Thy life to reach and sound, Some thought
among these rhymes, My school of rhymes and chimes, _Then this, I pray
thee, con:_ Somewhat to feed upon It has--a kind of lunch, Served with
Olympian punch, To brace thee every night, And make thy mornings
bright-- Complines at even-song To make thee brave and strong:


Thou, Father, givest sleep So calm, so sweet, so deep; And all Thy children
share Thy goodness everywhere, And to Thy likeness grow Who love to
others show. Grant me more love, I pray, Than I have shown to-day. O
Father, Son, and Dove, Dear Trinity of Love, Hear Thou my even-song
And keep me brave and strong.


Before I go to sleep, That I in joy may reap, Lord, take the tares away
Which I have sown to-day, Productive make the wheat, For Thine own
garner meet, And give me grace to-morrow To sow no seeds of sorrow. O
Father, Son, and Dove, Dear Trinity of Love, Hear Thou my even-song
And keep me brave and strong.

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