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Brave Men and Women

Brave Men and Women

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Published by: Dharmsen Soni on Jan 26, 2011
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The storm is raging. The sun is shining, And both presaging Some true
refining; Through them are passing The hosts forever, All wealth amassing
Through brave endeavor.


O trees, rejoicing trees, Along my path to-day I hear your quiet melodies,
And care all charmed away, I catch your mood, Dear forest brotherhood.

O trees, rejoicing trees, Arrayed in springtide dress, How full ye are of
prophecies Of everlastingness! I find a balm In your rejoicing psalm.

O trees, rejoicing trees, In living green so grand, Like saints with grateful
memories, Ye bless the Father's hand; Which stripped you bare To make
you now so fair.

O trees, rejoicing trees, Who have another birth, Through you my bounding
spirit sees The day beyond the earth, Eternity So calm, so fair, so free.

O trees, rejoicing trees, Dear children of the Lord, I thank you for the
ministries Which ye to me accord; New life and light Burst from my wintry

O friend, rejoicing friend, A better poem thou To hint the joys that have no
end Through gladness here and now. Be thou to me Perpetual prophecy!


The battle is set, The field to be won; What foes have you met, What work
have you done? To courage alone Does victory come; To coward and drone
Nor country nor home!


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