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Brave Men and Women

Brave Men and Women

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Published by: Dharmsen Soni on Jan 26, 2011
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At last, when his preparation Was made for the holy rite, He was cleansed
in the sanctified water, And pronounced a child of light.

For a time he adorned the doctrine Which Christ in the Church has set. But,
alas! for a passionate nature When Satan has spread his net!

Through comrades base and abandoned He was lured from day to day,
Until, like a steed unbridled, He struck from the rightful way;

And a wild consuming passion Raised him unto the head Of a mighty band
of robbers, Of all the country the dread.

Time passed. Again a message Unto the Apostle was sent, To set their
affairs in order, And tell them the Lord's intent.

And when he had come and attended To all that needed his care, He turned
him and said, "Come, Bishop, Give back my deposit so rare."

"What deposit?" was the answer, Which could not confusion hide. "I
demand the soul of a brother," Plainly the Apostle replied,

"Which Christ and I committed Before the Church to thee." Trembling and
even weeping, "The young man is dead," groaned he.

"How dead? What death?" John demanded. "He the way of the tempter
trod, Forgetting the Master's weapon, And now he is dead unto God.

Yonder he roves a robber." "A fine keeper," said John, "indeed, Of a
brother's soul. Get ready A guide and a saddled steed."

And all as he was the Apostle Into the region rode Where the robber youth
and captain Had fixed his strong abode.

When hardly over the border, He a prisoner was made, And into their
leader's presence Demanded to be conveyed.

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