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Brave Men and Women

Brave Men and Women

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Published by: Dharmsen Soni on Jan 26, 2011
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now and then a good book, had found their way into this household.
Though very fond of reading herself, with the care of her house she had
drifted along, as so many women do, until the discipline of study, or any
special application, had been almost forgotten. It was the ambition of both
parents that their sons should be well educated. Now Jerry and Thede, the
two oldest, must be kept at home during the summer to work. Nate and
Johnnie could help at night and in the morning. The boys had all been
trained to habits of obedience. They were affectionate, and she knew that
she could depend upon their love.

One evening, alone in her bedroom, she overheard some part of a
conversation as the children were sitting together around the open

"I don't mind the work," said Theodore, "if I could only be learning, too.
Father used to say he wanted me to be a civil engineer."

"If father was here," said eleven-year-old Nate, "you could study evenings
and recite to him. I wish mother could help; but, then I guess mother's--"

"Help how?" she heard Jerry ask sharply, before Nate could finish his
sentence; and she knew the boy was jealous at once for her. "Isn't she the
best mother in the world?"

"Yes, she is; and she likes stories, too; but I was just thinking, now that you
can't go to school, if she only knew a lot about every thing, why, she could
tell you."

"Well," replied Jerry, with all the gravity of a man, "we must just take hold
and help all we can; it's going to be hard enough for mother. I just hate to
give up school and pitch into work. Thede, you shall go next Winter, any

"Shan't we be lonesome next winter?" said little Johnnie, who had taken no
part in the talk; until now; "won't mother be afraid? I want my father back,"
and, without a word of warning, he burst into tears.

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