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Brave Men and Women

Brave Men and Women

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Published by: Dharmsen Soni on Jan 26, 2011
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bound to turn into thrushes, at the least, if not partridges and pheasants.
Summer has fully come, for he has seen one swallow. He is sure to make
his, fortune at his new shop, for he had not opened the door five minutes
before two of the neighbors crowded in; one of them wanted a loaf of bread
on trust, and the other asked change for a shilling. He is certain that the
squire means to give him his custom, for he saw him reading the name over
the shop door as he rode past. He does not believe in slips between cups
and lips, but makes certainties out of perhapses. Well, good soul, though he
is a little soft at times, there is much in him to praise, and I like to think of
ope of his odd sayings, "Never say die till you are dead, and then it's no
use, so let it alone." There are other odd people in the world, you see,
besides John Ploughman.


My experience of my first wife, who will, I hope, live to be my last, is
much as follows: matrimony came from Paradise and leads to it. I never
was half so happy before I was a married man as I am now. When you are
married, your bliss begins. I have no doubt that where there is much love
there will be much to love, and where love is scant faults will be plentiful.
If there is only one good wife in England, I am the man who put the ring on
her finger, and long may she wear it. God bless the dear soul, if she can put
up with me, she shall never be put down by me.


Hard work is the grand secret of success. Nothing but rags and poverty can
come of idleness. Elbow-grease is the only stuff to make gold with. No
sweat, no sweet. He who would have the crow's eggs must climb the tree.
Every man must build up his own fortune nowadays. Shirt-sleeves rolled up
lead on to best broad cloth; and he who is not ashamed of the apron will
soon be able to do without it. "Diligence is the mother of good luck," as
Poor Richard says; but "idleness is the devil's bolster," John Ploughman

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