The Swing feeling

Alberto Betancourt

The Swing feeling consists in performance of eighth-notes. If
there are two eighth-notes in a beat, the value of first one is
double of second one. So a quarter-note is converted into a
triplet of eighths but adding a slur from 1st to 2nd.

In order to master the swing feeling, let’s play this exercise:

The rhythmic pattern of Swing is performed so in drums-set:

In the left part of example is the swing pattern as written.
In the right part is the same pattern as performed.

If you are not a drummer and don’t know this pattern, please
play it on a table and the floor so: left foot plays the bass-
drum, right foot plays the hi-hat pedal, right hand plays the
Cymbal, and left hand plays the snare-drum.

Let’s play a well known Jazz standard. It is written so:

You will find it in that form, but you must perform it in this
way, marking the rhythmic pulse with foot in quarter-notes:

You never will find a swing written in that form. This is an
example of how it must be performed.

Let’s play this other well known jazz standard:

Please perform it in this way:

Perform the first theme of The Midnight Sun:

A suggestion for performing it:

Play it many times until mastering it.