Although more conventional sources of energy. such as fossil fuels. Using photovoltaic (PV) cells is one way to meet the need. converting sunlight directly into electricity with no moving parts and no harmful pollution.€ As energy demands around the world increase. are still satisfying the majority of the world·s energy demand. PV systems are used in a great variety of applications. Some projections indicate that the global energy demand will almost triple by 2050. € € . the need for a renewable energy source that will not harm the environment has never been greater.

airports. Careful consideration has to be given. boulevards and highways but can also provide costeffective. indeed.Light Emitting Diodes. Solar street lighting can be used not only on streets. for whole communities. the batteries. € € . at the same time. for example. to the kind of solar panels to be employed. needed for days when the sun doesn·t shine. and the kind of electronic circuitry to be utilized in the solar charger controller and the back up system. producing considerable economic and environmental savings. the lamps or LEDs .€ Solar street lights can deliver that much-desired outcome and offer an exceptional lighting program whilst. park areas or parking spaces. docks and similar areas or. environmentally friendly lighting for both military and civilian security installations.

The concept is straight forward and we shall see more countries migrating this way. A growing number of solar street lighting projects are running in Africa.€ Solar powered street lights are a very good example on what can be done with solar energy. € . Asia and the Middle East.

no cabling. sub-stations or feeder pillars required Charge controller/regulator protects batteries against total discharge and over charging Maintenance free batteries used for safe and easy shipment Fully assembled with or without pole option available .€ € € € € € Powered fully by the sun Automatic dusk to dawn operation Stand-alone system .

The sun light wearing off in the night. A solar controller protects the battery from too low and over charge. then the lead carried electricity to the controller. The solar panel converts the sun's energy to dc electricity. € € .€ The working principle of solar street light is as follow : The optical effect of solar module generating electricity when the sun shining on the solar module surface. the working voltage and power of solar module is falling at the same time. Voltage is then regulated to a specific value by an electronic circuit to charge the battery.

So the solar battery stop charging and start discharging electricity. . even if the sun isn·t shining. solar lights usually can work as many as 15 hours.€ Finally the working voltage will lower than the charging electricity voltage which has set by controller. It is a consecutive circling which is the working principle of light controlling. When fully charged. € This process will not stop until the solar module voltage bigger than the controller set voltage.

others will work well in overcast weather. Different sizes and power outputs are available. Some are even designed unbreakable (vandal proof). They have to be carefully chosen for the desired application. . Solar panels should be able to withhold and deliver in extreme weather conditions.€ € Solar Panel Its task is to convert the sun's energy into electricity.

. Automatic lighting can be triggered by a photocell or a timer.€ € Solar Controller The basic circuitry on most solar powered street lights consists essentially of an automatic battery charger fed by the solar panel and a lighting controller automated for dusk to dawn operation.

short circuit protection. reverse polarity protection and other protection features and automatic switching and time adjustment function. over discharge protection. maximum power tracking and overcharge protection. € . These will ensure reliable operation of the system with maximum output power efficiently. temperature control.€ A good photovoltaic cell controller should have the battery charge and discharge control. under different irradiation and different temperatures.

usually chooses maintenance-free lead-acid batteries.Battery € Solar photovoltaic lighting systems. stability. no need of adding water. simple installation. they must also be able to supply few days of backup power in case of bad weather or charger failure. life expectancy of this new battery is generally 5-7 years. high discharge rate. € . € In addition to providing energy for dusk to dawn operation. With the whole sealing.

. LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) also known as SSL (solid-state lighting) have a good color rendition. LEDs consume a fraction of the energy of comparable lighting and have a very long life span.€ € Lamps The choice of lamps to use in solar powered street lights is dictated by the kind of application we're after: 1.000 hours. CF (Compact Fluorescent) lamps produce a white light and are used in places where color rendering is desired. b) MH (Metal Halide) lamps produce a clean white light and are perfect for applications where color rendering is essential. HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps. 2. mainly LPS and MH: a) LPS (Low Pressure Sodium) lamps generate a monochromatic yellow-orange light and are used when color rendering is not an issue. 3. They have a lifespan of up to 18.

ADVANTAGES € € € € € € € Outdoor solar lights are affordable Solar energy is free Easy and quick installation Virtually no cost to operate No road works or wiring required Safe and reliable function Minimum running cost and maintenance .

behind house. . the frequent replacement which increase the using cost. that means put the solar panel at the highest place of lamp pole.Solar street light can not be installed anywhere even there is good sunshine.We install the battery under ground or lamp pole which takes wicked conditions to battery. and we often put the solar panel at high place. and the temperature and humidity of surrounding environment often changed. under tree. This will add the cost to the solar street light. € Rated life of parts .The cost of solar street light will increase 30%-60% for their solar panel and battery. or near big building. for example.€ High cost . € The limit of climate and geography .

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