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( comparative Study of Most Preferred pen·s among responden


Pens taken for research
Cello max writer Reynolds Peter parker Montex

Introduction of cello max writer
Cello is largest manufacturer of writing instrument in India with in installed capacity of 4.5 million pen a day and currently predicting 4.2 million pen a day the men power to produce 42 million pen with the support of 4900 people ‡ Year established: 1982 ‡ Total annual percentage US$100 million ‡ Factory location: India

Introduction of Reynolds

‡ ‡

Milton Reynolds first introduced Reynolds ballpoint pens to the United States in October 1945.GM pen international PVT limit. Is a excusive licensee of Reynolds ,France ,in India ASSARA country. Headquarter in Chennai .GM offered many instrument and accessories in the Indian market Ceo of company: fino· neill Vic- president: Doug ventora


Introduction of Peter parker
The peter parker company was establish in1888 George

Parker Pen Company it·s an expert, traditional and well known fine writing instruments manufacturer based in Janesville,Wisconsin. Its founder, George Safford Parker, initiated the company·s history back in 1889 with the fountain pen patent, which would enable him three years later (1892) officially give birth to Parker Pen Company. By 1982, Parker Pen would embrace a new president and CEO, James R. Peterson,

Introduction of Montex on the feed
The Montex company was establish in1976 President: Raman Jain Montex has been the first in India to introduce Transparent Ball Pens, Trendy Fountain Pens, Precision Tips, Gel Ink Pens, Roller Ink Pens, Tank Pens, Rubber Grip Pens and Comolded Pens. Montex is recognized as a pioneer in the Indian pen industry with innovations to its credit.

Objectives of study
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

To find the most preferred pens among the respondents Purpose of purchasing the pens. To know which of the source of information influenced the respondents to buy the specific pen To know Additional features demanded by the respondents To know about satisfaction level of respondents

Research methodology
Research is a systematic efforts to gain new knowledge. It
is a systematic inquiry to who·s objective is to provide information to solve managerial problem & help in decision making.

Research Methodology :It is defined as search for
knowledge through objective and systematic method of finding solution to the problem.

Data Collection Methods ::In this data collection process the following methods has been used

Primary Data : The whole data is basically a
primary data: mainly the data us collected by the questionnaire.Total 100 questionnaire have been filled up by different respondents.

Secondary data: In this survey the scope of
secondary data is less, but even then we used it up to some extent whenever needed. The source of secondary data were books, website and magzines.

Sampling method
Sample size: The total sample size for the study is 100.This divided in to 3 categories as :1. 57 respondents are students . 2. 13 respondents are businessman . 3. 30 respondents from service class . Data collection technique:- The data for study was collected through field investigation and respondents were personally contacted. A structure of questionnaire containing mostly close ended questions pre-specify all possible answers administrated to the respondents. All efforts are made to make questionnaire easy & less time consuming. Only those people are ask to fill the questionnaire those are having pens.

Data Analysis Techniques
To analyze the collected data, mathematical tools are used . for example % Tables are also prepared to analyze the data. Graphs & pie charts are used to compare the tabulated data

Category wise distribution of respondents
TABLE.1 Categories Student Business man Service class No. of Percentage respondents 57 13 30 57 13 30




graph no. 1
students Busibness men service class

Interpretation:-in the above graph it is shown that 57% of
the respondents are students,13%business man and 30% are service class respondents.

Most preferred pen of respondents
Table . 2
Respondents Students Business men Service class Total Cello max writer 21 3 15 39 Reynolds 12 5 4 21 Peter Parker 7 4 5 16 Montex 10 2 3 15 Any other 7 0 2 9 Total 57 13 30 100

Graph no. 2
cello Reynolds Peter parker Montex Any other

Interpretation: from the above graph it is clear that cello max
writer is most preferred pen among the respondents 39%,reynolds 21%,Peter parker 16%,Montex 15%,any other 9%

feature which influence the respondents most
Table.3 Feature No of respondents Desig smoothnes any Total price ink grip n s other 17 14 21 39 8 1 100

Graph 3
design price ink 14% 17% 8% 1% 39% smoothness 21% gripe any other

39% of the respondents are influenced by the smoothness of the pens & design of the pen(17)and 21% ink

Comparison of different pens
Feature Design Price Ink Smoothnes s Grip Any other Total Cello Reynolds 9 4 8 14 3 0 38 3 2 5 11 0 0 21 Peter parker 3 1 4 6 2 0 16 Montex 1 3 1 6 2 1 14 Any other TOTAL 1 3 3 2 1 1 11 17 13 21 39 8 2 100

15 10 5 0 cello Reynolds peter Parker Montex anynother Design Price ink smoothness grip any other

Interpretation:Interpretation:- most of respondents(39%) prefer the smoothness in their pen, 17%respondents prefer the design and 21% ink.

Purpose of using the Pen
Table.5 Purpose =>
Office use Business work 9 9% College work 56 56% Other uses 7 7% Total 100 100%

Responde 28 nts %age

graph no. 5
office business college other


Interpretation:- from above table & graph it is very much clear that most of respondents use their pens for college work (56)& office work(28%)

Source of information used in making purchase decision
Sources Advertisement Friends Family Any other Total No. of respondents 54 34 6 6 100 %age 54% 34% 6% 6% 100%

Graph no.6
Advertisement Friends 6% 6% Family Any others



Interpretation:Interpretation:- from the above table we came to know that advertisement have a great impact in the mind of respondents(54%) that make them to buy the pen

Category wise analysis of source of information used by respondents
Student Business man service

33 6 15

% age family %age friend %age
28% 46% 50%

Any %age other
0 3

1 2

8% 7%

6 10

46% 33%

0% 10


Interpretation :- from the above graph it is clear that most of the
respondents are influenced by friends and advertisement and less impressed by the family members

Respondents are satisfied with their pen or not
Table. 8 Options Yes No Total No of respondents 98 2 100 %ages 98% 2% 100%

grap no. 8
yes 98% no 2%

Interpretation :- 98% respondents are satisfied with the performance of their pen

respondents Table .9 to change the pen want
Options No. of responden ts 7 60 33 yes no %age Yes No May be 7% 60% 33% may be 7% 33% 60%

graph no 9

Interpretation:-Most of the respondents(60%) are satisfied with pen and are not intend to change the pen

Preference of the respondents those want to change the pens
Table .10
Options cello Reynolds Peter parker montex Any other Total (yes, may be )

No of respondents

13 33

12 31

7 17

7 17

1 2

40 100


Graph no 10

40 30 20 10 0 cello reynolods peter parker montex any other

the 1st choice of the respondents to change their pen .

Interpretation:Interpretation:- cello max writer & Reynolds are








Purchasing point of pens
Table .11 Options Shops malls Sales man Total No of respondents 80 14 6 100 shops malls 80% 14% % age 80% 14% 6% 100%

graph no11.
sales man

interpretation:interpretation:- Above graph shows that most of respondents bought their pen from shops (i.e.80%) where as only 14% respondents
bought their pen from malls and just 6% people bought form sales man


Recommendation given to the friends
Table .12 options No. of respondents Percentage Cello 33 33% Reynolds 31 31% Peter parker 11 11% Montex 25 25% Total 100 100%

Graph no.12
Montex 25% peter parker 11% Rynolds 31% cello 33%

Interpretation:Interpretation:- Above table and graph is showing that 33% respondents prefer the cello pen, 31% respondents prefer the Reynolds , 25% preference to montex and just 11% preference to peter parker

Respondent·s visit to any pen factory
Table .13 Options No of respondents % age Yes 27 27% No 73 73% Tatal 100

Graph no.13
yes 73% 27% No

Interpretation:-from the above information we came to know that 27% respondents have visited in pen·s factory where as 73% have not yet visited in any pen·s factory.

Finding of the research

Cello have largest market share as compare to other 3 pens , 39% Respondents are using the cello max writer pen,29% Respondents are using the Reynolds ,16% Respondents are using the peter parker pen and 15% Respondents are using the montex where as 9% people using any other pen 17% respondents prefer the design of the pen ,smoothness is preferred by 41% people,14% people preferred price , 21% respondents preferred ink and 8 % respondents preferred grip of the pen. 56% respondents using their pen for college work , 28 % respondents using their pen for office work , 9% respondents using their pen for business purpose and 7% people uses their pen for other cases . 54% respondents are influenced by advertisement ,34% respondents are influenced by friends , 6%respondents are influenced by family . 98 % respondents satisfied with their pen 27 % have been visited to pen manufacturing plant




‡ ‡

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

The sample size was very small as compared to the market of pens. The constraint of time also prevent an in depth research of the subject under study . Area of the Research is limited up to LCET and Ludhiana Sometimes respondents does not give the exact information due to personal reasons . All the persons could not be covered due to large population.


While the demand for Pen·s is never ending . The pen·s segment is dominated by the cello max writer , Reynolds , peter parker , montex . etc. The survey done by us was on the topic ,µA Study of most preferred pen among the respondents. µ. The survey was done in LCET.,LUDHIANA and the sample size was 100 respondents. Analyzing the report it is clear that cello max writer is most preferred pen among the respondents . Under this survey it was also analyzed that respondents give more importance to smoothness ,grip and design of the pen. Most of respondents are attracted by the advertisement as the source of information for purchasing pens.

We Avinash choudhary and narender Kumar of department of business management of LUDHIANA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY KATANI KALAN are undergoing a project on ´comparative analysis of the customers towards pensµ for the purpose this we need to get this questionnaire fill. Please spare some minute from your precious time. Q1 do you have a pen? Ans.YES c NO Q2 which company? Ans. a) Cello max writer . b) Reynolds c) Peter parker d) Montex e) Any other Q3 which of following feature influence you buy this pen? Ans.(a)Design (b)Price (c)Ink (d) smoothness (e) Grip (F) Any other Q.4 For what purpose do use this pen Ans. (a) for office work (b) college work (c) Business purpose (d) Any other work

Q.5 what were the source of information used by you in making the purchase decision? Ans. (a) Advertisement (b) friends (c) Family (d) any other Q.6 Are you satisfied with the performance of pen? Ans. (a) yes (b No Q.7 from where do you prefer to buying the pen? Ans. (a) shops (b) salesman (c) malls (d) any other Q.8 Are you intend to change the pen? Ans. (a) yes (b) No (c)May be Q9.if yes then which pen company brand you would like to purchase? Ans. (a) cello max writer (b) pilot (c) Reynolds (d) Any other Q.10.what you like most in your pen? Ans. (a) smoothness (b) Grip (c) Good ink (d) any other, specify Q.11.which pen you would like to recommend to your friend? Ans. (a) cello max writer (b) peter parker (c) Reynold (d) any other number_________________________________________________________

Q.12.Have you ever visit any factory of pen? Ans. (a) yes (b) No People·s description Q.13. Name Q.14. Age: (a)15-20 (b)20-25 (c) 25-35 (d)35-45 (e) 45-55 Q15.category: (a) student (b) businessman (c) service Q.16.Address with phone number________________________________________________________ _ ______________________________________________________________ __________________