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Date Background Checks

Date Background Checks

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Ladies, why date a man until you've checked him out first? It's easy to do, using free online public records websites. This article shows how a date background check is done.
Ladies, why date a man until you've checked him out first? It's easy to do, using free online public records websites. This article shows how a date background check is done.

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Published by: Joseph Ryan on Dec 14, 2010
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Date Background Checks Ladies, did you know that nowadays there's an easy way to check out a man

you're dating? you can run a free date background check. It can be done absolutely for free using online public record websites, though, needless to say, if you prefer, you can always pay a company like Intelius or US Search to do it for you. But if you choose to pay an online company to run your date background check, th e cost can exceed $100 for a thorough report. Also these companies all rely hea vily on online databases in conducting their date background investigations not the ideal method, as discussed below. For these reasons, I recommend you switch on your computer and do the background-checking yourself. It'll take a half ho ur or so, but it'll be free and you can be more confident in the results. And, by the way, your background checking will remain confidential nobody but you has to know you've run the searches. So what kinds of date background check info can you find out about your boyfrien d or fiance' ? An amazing range of information is available. Here's a small sampling -Is he married/divorced? Does he have children? What job does he have? What's his approximate income? Where does he live and what real estate does he own? Does he have a criminal record? Was he honorably discharged from the military? Is he an alcoholic or drug user? ... and much, much more. Now, please understand, you do not have to be a gumshoe or seasoned private eye to find out this kind of information. All you need is an Internet-connected com puter and a telephone. Did you know that nearly all of the 3257 counties in the US now have websites wh ich make public records available, including real estate, criminal, marriage/div orce, and much more? And that's not all. Every state also provides a huge variety of public informat ion online. And so does the federal government. And nearly all of this informa tion is fresh, not stale database info. As I hinted above, there's a problem wi th paying an online company to run a background check for you, in that they will inevitably utilize databases aggregated from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. That's fine, except it takes a lot of time to put those huge database s together. And while they're collecting and aggregating all this data into dat abases, guess what, it is getting out-of-date! Plus, they often leave out some of the smaller counties, making their national databases incomplete. Result: t he background reports they run are often inaccurate. So it's better and more reliable and cheaper -- to do your date background check yourself by visiting the public-records websites of specific counties or states and then doing a simple name search. For example, has your boyfriend, let's ca ll him James Stephens, had any criminal convictions? If you know the county he lives in you may be able to use Google to find that county's website, then click on public records or criminal records and run a name search for James Stephens (you'll need to also know his date of birth).

Possibly you can do exactly the same thing to find out if he has gotten married in that county. (Not all counties provide marriage/divorce indexes, buy many do. ) Many states supply state-wide indexes, so for Texas or Florida or Nevada, for ex ample, you can search the entire state for marriage or divorce records with one click! Unfortunately, there are no nationwide government websites where you can search the entire country for criminal records, marriage or divorce records, real estat e, etc. You have to search on a county or state basis, so you need to know wher e your boyfriend lives and, if possible, where he has been living for the past s everal years at least, then run searches in those counties or states. Public records research used to be unbelievably difficult you had to personally visit each county courthouse to search their records by hand. Now the Internet has changed all that you can reach out with a few mouse clicks to almost any cou nty or state in the US and search their public records instantly! Given this ea sy access to vital background info like criminal records and marriage/divorce re cords, why date anyone anymore until you've checked him out via a date backgroun d check first? Want an easy step-by-step guide to doing free background checks? Read my ebook, Check Him Out! The American Woman's Guide to Background Checks, available at h ttp://www.Check-Him-Out.com.

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