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EXPOSED - How Satan Physically Rules This World

EXPOSED - How Satan Physically Rules This World

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Published by: cyberwatchman on Dec 05, 2010
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“It is the nature of mortals to be impatient. They will not follow Jehovah’s teachings because they cannot always see

the results of those teachings immediately manifested in their lives. They do not walk with the Angel of Peace,
because their minds are filled with desire; they are perpetually wanting what they do not have, and if they obtain it,
they desire something else. They can never know true happiness, for they are focused on what they do not have,
rather than on what they have. Being centered in desire, they can only experience suffering, for desire is the source of

suffering, as peace is the source of joy.”

This Matrix Report is not meant to be any type of religious tract. I am not here to convert anyone, yet I must share all
that has been revealed to me, all I have come to know, the truth with no bias, no agenda, no fame or fortune. I come to
you as an invisible ghost, yet I must confess that I often find myself working and walking amongst the power elite in
this nation, therefore I have witnessed with my own eyes, too many things to remain silent. What you choose to believe
is up to you, you decide for yourself, for ultimately you will be responsible for your own beliefs and actions in life. If
this world destroys itself, so be it, there is very little as a lone person I can do to stop it, yet I still come forward
carrying the truth despite all odds, with hope that it will reach the ears of some who can truly make a difference, for it
has been said to never under estimate THE POWER OF ONE.

I am who I am, I do not claim to be no saint for I am a man with sin like everyone else on this planet. Discredit
everything I have to say if you must, just because I use profanity at times, I don‘t care, sue me. I‘m just hoping to
shock the reader into understanding, for way too many people write to be politically correct thus some outstanding
works vanish into obscurity and are never commented about due to the fact that they dare not challenge the official
narratives, the status quos or rock the boats, thus they are no different in nature and articulation than the others.

I live my life in turmoil knowing what is truly happening around me at all times, yet I am at strange peace within
myself. I witness the spirit of Satan working in this society as clear as day, I often can‘t even watch the news for it is
too painful to watch the absurdity in action, but I am forced to routinely tune into those blabbering baboons, the ―news‖
prostitutes and listen, thus I come know WHAT THEY WANT US TO THINK… Can‘t watch the brainless shows on
TV either for they insult my intelligence to such a degree I find them repulsive. Yet I do observe... quietly from afar.

For we must know what new direction, schema and agenda Satan is pushing…

I stand prepared for the worst that is to come... I care not what denomination you worship under, nor am I here to even
try and fix that mess of 32 thousand of different denominations of Christian churches, all claiming to be "the one." I
come here to expose the TRUTH, to warn and inform. Take it or leave it. At least I tried to reach out to the few who
THINK and share what I know. Yet again I tell thee that at every turn we find, religious beliefs plays a central role in
world conflicts, within the secret agendas of men and nations, it has been so since the beginning of mans days here on
earth, and always will be.

TheMatrix Report | 1393

With those words in mind I don‘t know how to stress the magnitude of importance of what I am about to reveal to you.
I say to thee: The one thing the elite ruling masters of this world absolutely do not, never, ever want you to know
is so profound that it has been hidden literally for centuries, not just by man, but by the devil himself
. For the
day that man truly realizes the secrets, then man will be on the first step to releasing himself from the bonds of slavery.
This is why throughout the ages mankind has been in ―the dark‖ and has always wandered about the meaning of life.

There are so many things mankind does not understand, thus they are literally ―in the dark.‖ For instance, the entire
history of mankind has basically been the history of a war between good vs. evil, the bible is basically a written
record of this war:
The devil and his fallen angels used to live on planets in the universe until the devil decided that

he was not content and wanted to unseat God and take over the creation. He was able to deceive one third of God‘s

angels to rebel with him. They created a war machine and started a war which they lost. (Revelation 12:7-17)

There was a trial at the end of the war and Satan and his fallen angels were sentenced to the Lake of Fire. The Devil
appealed the sentence and it was put on hold and the Devil and his fallen angels were confined to the earth while
God proved that He is a righteous God by creating man and allowing the Devil to have access to the human race. Thus,
the war is being fought over control of the human race. In the end Satan is going to lose, but before he will lose this
war, for a period he will gain control over the entire earth in a era which is called the ―Great Tribulation.‖ (Matthew
24:21). The devil performed a major coup d‘état in the very beginning of the war, back in the Garden of Eden. He
engineered the Fall of Man, and ever since that fall, the devil has been in the position of control over mankind
This is why Jesus said that satan is ―the ruler of this world,‖ and told the people ―you are all of your father the
Thus from those days forward the devil has been oppressing mankind and trying his best to keep man blind to
man‘s true self, in order to keep man from discovering his divine nature they have kept man as close to exercising his
primordial animal instincts as possible.

In order to understand the key to the purpose of life, is in understanding who/what man truly is. Behold: For I hereby
proclaim to the world that:


It has been written that ―All men are created equal.‖ For eons, to the majority of people this has been viewed as a
ludicrous oxymoron due to the fact that some people are just plain stupid while some are geniuses, some are strong
while some are weaklings, etc.

Behold: for I hereby proclaim to thee and now put to rest this mystery for All men are created equal in their DIVINE
. This is the fundamental essence and ultimate meaning of that often misunderstood and misinterpreted

statement. Let it be perfectly understood that man is a DIVINE BEING… and IN FACT CREATED EQUAL for we
have all INHERITED and been bequeathed with God‘s DIVINE NATURE. It lays dormant waiting to be awoken in all
people… No single man possesses a higher Divine Nature than another. Not even a priest. Some people (such as most

holy priests) may achieve a higher level of understanding of their divine nature and unity with the divine by constantly
exercising and working to achieve a higher level of divinity or ―perfection‖ (hense biblical verse: ―You must become
perfect as you father is perfect‖). BUT their original inherited Divine Nature that we have all been bestowed with is
equal. There was only one person to walk the earth that possessed a higher Divine Nature and that was the Christ.

The bible plainly states ―God created man in HIS IMAGE.‖ Thus man WAS to become a divine being. Adam and Eve
where on their process of growing and maturing, in the middle stages of becoming divine, as their father: God. Before
they could reach that level, the state of divinity, of ―being‖. Lucifer came to hate man so much so, that he stepped in
and changed the course of history. ―History‖ has literally become: ―His-Story‖, with him as the protagonist.

Throughout the ages the devil has suppressed mankind and has kept the real purpose of man‘s existence a secret from
him. For the day man understands the true nature and purpose for which he was created, then man would surely rise up

1394 | TheMatrix Report

against his oppressors. Yes, the bible refers to the devil as man‘s oppressor, many times over. So how does ―the
devil‖ oppress mankind in the physical world? Through HIS AGENTS here on earth
, his appointed leaders,
through his channelers, those who have allowed themselves to become possessed by his spirit, ideas, goals are those
who channel his wishes. The devils main representatives here on earth are NOT evil murders, rapists, robbers.. his
main representatives here on earth that HE dwells within and delights in are in fact the leaders of society, for it
is though these people who he ultimately uses to implement his will on the world and oppress mankind through
all the ages
. Always keeping mankind in some form of slavery, struggle and oppression has been his doing. Clouding
mans minds and hearts from the beginning of time until today - never allowing man to understand the crucial key that
MAN was/is to become a divine being. Therefore we have wandered aimlessly throughout the ages… without a clue of
our true nature and true potential…

What you witness as ―history‖ throughout the ages has been the devil‘s main goal and modus operandi of
. Hello, don‘t you clearly see by now and understand that the elite

rulers of this world have also been doing the same throughout all of history? No matter what nation, emperor, ruler,
king, etc., there has always been the ruling elite and the oppressed, enslaved poor. This is no coincidence… for
mankind has always channeled the spirit of the master he follows, whether knowingly or not.

The Luciferian rulers have taken the oppression of mankind to an entirely new level with modern technology. Today
they easily hypnotise and directly influence millions in unison with TV, movies, shows and media outlets. They
dictate what is normal and what is not. They effectively have torn down and constantly eroded morality of the masses
through their media outlets, in their quest to turn the masses into carnal desire driven cattle. But this was just the
beginning. Their medical wizards have been feverishly experimenting with all sorts of chemicals to add to your drinks,
foods and medicine to slowly decimate the sections of the mind that are essential to critical thinking and reason.
With the goal of producing the perfect cattle servant race who dare not even think of questioning their rulers.

They have been medicating, assailing and killing off mankinds divine nature for so long and so thouroughly that the
sad fact is that the majority of todays population is being purposely dumbed down almost to pure animal instinct
levels. Deceminating man‘s ability to reach the spiritually enlightened apex of the pyramid.

Prominent founder of humanistic psychology Abraham Maslow (Zionist Jew of course) pioneered research into what
he termed the pyramid of ―Hierarch of needs.‖ (pictured below) The Zionist rulers of mankind have been trying their
best to keep the goyim cattle confined to their most carnal desires and needs. They have been literally oppressing,
enslaving and destroying mankinds divine nature, they have come to understand resides at the apex of the pyramid…

TheMatrix Report | 1395

Note the apex of Maslow‘s Hierarchy pyramid, surely the same realm of the illuminate ones, or the Illuminati, for they
use it as their trademark, they believe only THEY have a right ―of being‖, only they have the right to exist at the apex
of the pyramid. Behold: For more secrets of the illuminati pyramid are revealed, for at the most upper realm of the
pyramid hierarchy above self-actualization, they place ―self-trancendence.‖ May be said to be much more often aware
of the realm of being, to have unitive consciousness and to have peak experience (mystic, sacral, ecstatic) with
illuminations or insights. Analysis of reality or cognitions which changed their view of the world and of themselves.

God‘s goal was to dwell as one with man, thus by oppressing and enslaving man, by relentlessly degenerating man
into carnal animal instincts, the devil actually and effectively oppresses and enslaves God
That is why God
seems to be M.I.A.
as in missing in action… Think about it… How many times have you heard someone say that God
does not exist and ―how could God let something like _______ happen? God‘s ability to ―flow‖ through man has been
oppressed, as in damaged, thus it is extremely difficult to witness his presence… the more the devil turns mankind
into immoral, decadent, greedy, selfish, self-centered animals
, the further he oppresses and enslaves not only man

but by default: God….

Don't bother looking up into the sky for God, you will not find him there, you won‘t find him hiding in some big
beautiful building called a church, synagogue, shrine, or temple, either. This has been one of the biggest mysteries of
the ages. Where is God? There is a special chamber deep within the most holy places... You have felt it before. When
you have felt the pain of losing someone you love, it hurts so deep you can feel it in your core. Also when you truly
love some with all your might, that feeling comes from that very location. The location were all pure love and or hate
originates from. Behold: I hereby proclaim to the world that:


Think about it, digest it, For his dwelling place is deep within your heart. Ah, so you still can‘t find him? You must
clean and purify his place of dwelling for him to return. For if he is not truly dwelling and ruling from within in your
heart, then you must ask yourself: who is? Who is controlling your life? There are many levels of goodness and evil.
Most of you will automatically classify yourself as being good. News flash, everyone thinks ―they are the good guy‖,
even Hitler and every evil leader in history viewed himself as ―the good righteous guy.‖ So, you ask where is he then?
"I cannot feel him there." For you must purposely clean house and invite him in to RULE you world from within
your heart
. (this is no easy feat by the way!)

This condition is more readily evident when you look at the most evil people on the planet. Those whose hearts have
been completely decayed, they ―channel‖ the negative energy of evil spirits and are thus ruled by the evil one
who has taken over and sits on God's throne in their hearts
. Their hearts and minds have become so corrupted by
the many, many forces of evil beginning from the most benign forms that most people don‘t even notice, then
gradually growing in strength to the most blatant forms of evil. For most people never sense their lives are being
ruled by any entity
. So when some terrible event occurs many say "where was God? He does not exist." Oh. but he
does. It‘s just that the person who just killed your loved one was channeling evil spirits and had a more highly
developed form of evil, the devil, sitting on God's throne in his heart right before he pulled the trigger. God and the
devil work from inside that throne inside the heart of every single person on the planet.

Through Lucifer‘s coup d‘état in the Garden of Eden, he took THE BIRTH RIGHTS and place to sit in Gods
throne and rule lives from there
. The sad history of mankind has been a history of God working through his then
fallen man to regain his throne back. To be re-united with his lost children, and together they could inhabit the earth…
Your quest if you so choose, is to literally FREE GOD from his shackles… and allow him to rule from his throne in

your heart…

1396 | TheMatrix Report

Again, I cannot stress how immensely important it is that you try and understand this "secret of the ages" is. For once
you truly understand it to your very core, you will then be able to analyze not only your own live but see the world
around you so clearly that it will amaze you.

For example: Look at history. Take every single tyrannical evil leader in history. What do they all have in common?
Oh, yes, they were very bad, they brought upon the mass pain, suffering and death. Those evil leaders hearts became so
corrupted that God's throne in their hearts was converted to the perfect dwelling place for the devil, the evil one
sits in God's throne and inflicts all the damage he could from within the person that allowed him in
… Thus the
devil has for centuries been cleverly working his way into people‘s hearts, de-throneing God, and sitting on his throne
ruling over the world in this way. Hitler, Stalin, Attila the Hun‘s (etc.) all evil leader‘s hearts were a central ruling
point for the devil at one time in history. For instance, the devil had a party going on in God's throne in Hitler's
heart, the devil inflicted mass pain, suffering and death upon millions just from RULING FROM ONE
! Think about it, digest these words. For it has now been revealed, as it was, is, has been and
always will be.

The course of history is often determined by the actions of the kings and rulers of the time. The entire history of
mankind has been a history of good vs. evil. Now you know how this inner war is being fought originating from
within the hearts of man then manifesting itself in their actions, their deeds
, on a personal level, then on a family
level (every man is the ―king of his castle‖), all the way to state level, national level and finally to the elusive world
level rule. So I ask you: If your heart is a THRONE, who is sitting on that throne ruling your life? What spirits do
YOU channel and attract throughout your days?

For those who are not "religious", that does not matter, you have every right to go on in life oblivious. It does not
matter if you choose to believe what I am saying. For what I am revealing here is ABSOLUTE, UNDENIABLE and
ETERNAL. The bible and every holy book ever written backs up what I am stating here when it said "man is the
temple of God", "man is God's dwelling place", for these were just cryptic clues, but think about it, digest it.

It began ages ago when the devil performed the very first coup d'état with Adam and Eve. The day they "ate of the
fruit" was the day they unknowingly ousted God, dethroning him and willingly, yet unknowingly, let the devil
sit and rule from God's throne in our hearts
. The entire history of mankind has been a fight of good vs. evil being
fought within the hearts of mankind. In their minds some MIGHT THINK they are "ok", and feel they are on the side
of righteousness but in essence they serve one ruler, good or evil.

There was just ONLY ONE CLUE that Jesus gave his disciples, to discern who is who, he told them: "you will know
them by their DEEDS"

Now that we have revealed the true "secret" of the divine nature of man and the throne of God. We can go forth and
begin to analyze things in a different perspective. For the people that run nations and governments have either one
or the other ruler sitting on God's throne in their hearts affecting all their decisions, thus goodness or evil will
prevail from their policies and actions.
How do you differentiate the motives and source of the deeds of man,
organizations and nations?

What are the clues we should look for in someone that is genuine? The same clues have been written in all religions.
Out of goodness (God's side) will come the ACTIONS OF: truth, compassion, humble, goodness, empathy,
forgiveness, caring, give hope, life, meaning, giving, sharing, and above all PURE unselfish LOVE.
They dwell in
"light" where there are no secrets, nothing to hide.

On the other hand, those whose hearts are being run by the forces of evil will display the tell tale signs (clues) that will
reveal their true motives, origins and master, their ACTIONS OF: hide their sins, secretive, above all they will
deceive you
, lie, cheat, steal, as in covert thy neighbor‘s goods, they seek power, greed, worship money,
selfishness, arrogance, un-caring, devoid of sympathy, empathy & compassion
, they bring pain, tears, sadness,
death and destruction upon others, they dwell in "darkness" where they hide multitudes of secrets.

TheMatrix Report | 1397

Beware for the ―evil ones‖ that are sent to derail you, many of which have no clue they are his instruments. These
mediums of the devil won‘t look like a typical obviously scary ―bad guy‖ you see in the movies. Nope. More often
than not the devil‘s advocate or envoy will be the most trusting smooth silver tongued speaker in the room wearing a
nice suit and tie. You must learn to use wisdom to spot them, for they are everywhere, his charismatic diplomats, his

wolves in sheep‘s clothing.

Yes we have been warned of "wolves in sheep‘s clothing" and false prophets numerous times. These are people,
organizations, nations who will outwardly portray themselves as being on the side of good, yet are rotten to the core.
Today our world is literally FULL of "wolves in sheep's clothing." For example, one need look no further than 95% of
all your elected leaders in Washington! Pull out the litmus test: From their actions/deeds you will know them for what
they REALLY are. Do they deceive you? Red flag alert! Do they keep secrets from you? Red flag alert! Do they
fiercely fend off all attempts by others who ask them for "the truth"? Red flag alert! You can see where we are going
with this, it is now up to you to find all the RED FLAGs, and there are literally volumes of books in circulation
cataloging them all… This leads us to the third secret of the ages:


Throughout this report I have been indirectly revealing how the DEVIL clouds peoples minds and hearts. He uses his
captains here on earth who consist of the ruling elite and all the resources at their disposal to directly cloud peoples
minds. For those living in the a densly mentally clouded and confusing environment are truly living in DARKNESS.

ruling elite minions here on earth. This is why I have devoted so much effort in this report to expose every single facet
I could find about the Luciferian elite.

The age old hidden secret, the key to understanding anything and everything in life is simply PERCEPTION.
Point of view, how we process information. How we individually look and think about life and events essentially
determines whether they are bad or good. Thus cognitive perception is the central KEY to everything. For instance:
If you were a little child raised in a laboratory and were told, taught, instructed, reaffirmed your entire life that, let‘s
say, umm, (silly purposely exaggerated example) pigs could fly. Then you would literally go through life in believing
pigs actually FLY. This is a fairly simple process to verify in a laboratory setting. Thus it is ever more easier to get the
masses to believe agendas that are introduced at the current event level of input.

The GREAT DELUSION prophesized in the Holy Scriptures is none other than the Luciferian leaders of man
guiding, molding, controlling your thoughts, desires, wishes, opinions, values, etc. via all mass media thus
shaping and controlling all mankinds viewpoints and perception of the world around him.

In real life this type of PROGRAMMING is routinely performed on the masses based on more believable premises
without so much of a clue of their predicament from the ―Guiney pigs‖ who sit in front of their programming
apparatuses called TV sets
. The manipulation of public perception is REINFORCED by many seemingly separate
sectors of society; enter the social dynamics of peer pressure, as all likewise programmed Guiney pigs reinforce each
other, thus firmly establishing in the Guiney pigs the PERCEPTION that what is being beamed throughout the
airwaves and what they see and hear, invisibly being programmed MUST be, then IS true reality.

As I try to articulate the importance and impact of PERCEPTION of REALITY on ones life, I can only hope that the
reader understand that this entire report has been centered and built around expounding this most fundamental truth. So
I will just try to summarize: What you BELIEVE and accept as truth, IS truth, for you. The more people that accept
and believe the same concepts, ideas, traditions, beliefs, etc., no matter how evil, immoral, decadent, sinful,
Godless, false, they may be, the more that everyone gives credidence to and sustains the FALSE REALITY

1398 | TheMatrix Report

Thus the blind simpleton BLINDLY living in a lie, living in DARKNESS. A vacuum devoid of the TRUE REALITY.
Such has been mankinds true situation.

Never forget and remember this: nothing is ever what it seems. Question everything and look beyond where they are
channeling your attention. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Stop letting the TV and the politicians do your thinking for you
and then later telling you this is this and this is like that.

There is one more item I must expose at this time. It may be very hard for some of you to comprehend, let alone
accept. But that does not matter here anyway for I care not what some people think or get easily offended, I must write

what has been revealed to me and that‘s that. Back to the topic of the All Seeing Eye… I explained in other chapters
that it represented ―sight‖ for according to holy scripture ―we have eyes but are all blind‖ thus it is written that we must
first remove the splinter from our eyes then do the same for our fellow man, then the ―blind‖ can see. The ruling elite

do have a secret knowledge whether or not you want to believe it. That is why they conduct rituals using symbology in
their Luciferian ceremonies.


I have been trying very hard not to make this a ―religious‖ work, yet it essentially is due to the fact that the entire
history of mankind has been a history of God trying to get his children back from the dominion of Satan… ―The ruler
of this world‖ and the false father of mankind…

How do I begin to even try to reveal what is probably THE most well kept secret on earth? I will give it my humble
attempt to articulate this here and now:

Man exists on this planet in a vacuum, devoid of knowing WHAT HIS REASON/PURPOSE of existence is. Thus the
evil rulers of this have easily misled mankind since the beginning of recorded history otherwise man would realize his
true predicament and rise up. We all know that God created man in his own image and that we are somehow ―children
of God.‖ But the most important and key information that you do not know nor comprehend is that what transpired in
the Garden of Eden was THE PIVITOL CHANGE of the entire course of mankind. The CORE or ROOT of


Most of the masses don‘t have the slightest clue what happened in the Garden of Eden. They have all been purposely
fed some silly story of eating a silly ―fruit.‖ Lucifer did an awesome job of covering up his tracks. For even today
nobody knows or even cares what happened with the two most important people of mankind… the originators of our
entire world… Adam and Eve.

hence you are all LOST and wandering around in the DARKNESS meticulously enslaved in a myriad amount of ways
yet Satan your real slave master maintains the ultimate illusions to lead you to believe that his decadent corrupt fallen
world is wonderful. Under your spell of cluelessness about the true nature of this world he and his minions easily fool
you and mislead you.

As with everything else I reveal here in this Matrix Report, I will cut to the chase and expose the cold hard truth: One
needs only ask any true devote Jewish rabbi (the keepers of the ancient secrets) what was the cause of the ―fall‖ of
Adam and Eve, and if he is sincere he will tell quite you quite frankly that it was an ILLICIT SEXUAL

ENCOUNTER. The ―fruit‖ was Adam and Eve‘s sexual organs…. The central MOST HOLY parts of man/women.

Once you begin to start to fathom and comprehend the true significance of this revelation, only then can you even

BEGIN to erase an entire lifetime‘s worth of false teachings and programming to BEGIN to understand GOD‘S reason
and purpose of creating mankind….

TheMatrix Report | 1399

The FACT that Lucifer tempted Eve and made her ―fall‖ by SEDUCING her into a sexual relationship, was THE
when Lucifer engineered the UNIVERSE‘S MOST CATOSTROPHIC COUP D‘ETAT…. In which he
LITTERALLY took over the starting point of history and the title of ―ruler of this world.‖

There is another profound meaning of the All Seeing Eye… It represents the woman‘s sexual organ… that is why
there is only one ―eye‖, for the shape of the eye and the sexual organ are similar… The sexual organ is the most holy
part of the human body; it is the KEY to the divine… Likewise, their symbology utilizes another very profound
symbol: The Obelisk… which represents the male sexual organ
… Together they are CENTRAL and intricately
intertwined in ―the knowledge of good and evil‖… and DIVINITY. It has been said "Satan's thread can be seen by the
truly observant." These Obelisks have for some reason been erected in ALL key major cities around the world.

God‘s purpose of mankind and the fall of man in the Garden of Eden is totally,
absolutely, completely enclosed within these two holy instruments or ―portals‖ of
DIVINITY… For they are the ―inner and outer temple‖… that interlock as one…
When the man ―enters the holy temple‖ he enters the women‘s sexual organ…. The
man‘s obelisk or rod carries the seed of life (the tree of life)….. and deposits it in the
holy temple (the tree of knowledge of good and evil)…. Thus is one of the most sacred
ceremonies on earth….. the consummation and transfer of blood lineage… digest
these words well… for this revelation is one of the most monumental earth shaking
disclosures in the history of man.

The ―fall of man‖ was not from eating some silly fruit; it was from illicit sexual
activity utilizing the MOST HOLY parts of the human body. Adam and Eve were to
one day consummate their purpose of creation, but before that happened Lucifer
intervened… he SEDUCED Eve and they had a forbidden illicit sexual relation. The
moment he penetrated Eve he conducted the world‘s most disastrous epic coup d‘état.
They ―ate‖ of the ―tree of GOOD and EVIL‖, he thus overthrew GOD from his rightful position and all of history from
that day forward was centered on EVIL instead of ―GOOD.‖ Had Adam and Eve not fallen to temptation…

From that day forward Lucifer was the FATHER and GOD of this world:

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.‖ John 8:44; ―The god of this world‖ – 2
Cor 4:4; ―Ruler of this world‖ – John 12:31, 14:31, 16:11

This is clearly revealed many times in the Holy Scriptures… And the history of mankind has been: a long bloody
history of God trying to regain his rightful position in our lives and world and get his CHILDREN that he
created, back from the wrath of Satan
. Hence the need of REDEMTION. God must send a ―savior‖ one who is to
redeem us from our sins. Can you possibly fathom the meaning of this clarified revelation?

Thus why the bible focused so intensly on the heredity of key figures. You have also witnessed throughout history the
mysterious practice of people closely monitoring their hereditary history and ―protecting their ancient blood
.‖ The most prominent among these are the devote Jews who throughout the centuries have rarely married
outside their blood lineage. Though the Zionists have purposely practiced intermarriage with ―blue bloods‖ and
nobility and the super rich and powerful to further strategic alliances, and advance their quest of conquest.

As you can also see, Satan‘s camp is also carefully guarding their blood linage… for the day of the long awaited arrival
of their master of darkness. Sexual Magick, acts and content have been at the core of all highest level occult rituals,
from Kabala, to paganism, Wicca, witchcraft, Freemasonry and so on since the beginning of evil history. Today these

rituals are conducted in sworn secrecy, sometimes as ―innocent‖ fraternity rites, but unbeknownst to most ―innocent‖

participants at any level, the force and spiritual weight and impact is profound beyond their feeble understandings.
Suffice to say for the purpose of this report, the fact that sexual magick is central to Satanic worship also proves how
pivotal and central it is/has been to Satan‘s evil rule over mankind…

God created man to one day become divine beings… ―as his father who art in Heaven.‖ This was to happen at the
time when Adam and Eve came together under the auspices of God to consecrate their HOLY UNION when the

1400 | TheMatrix Report

right time was upon them. Hence the Bible CLEARLY states that Lucifer told Eve ―if you eat from the tree of good
and evil (have sex) your eyes shall be opened and you shall be as gods.‖ It is clearly evident they did not literally die
after falling, the death that was referred to was a SPIRITUAL DEATH, thus mankind has literally been spiritually
dead, dumb and blind since those days onward.

The clues are everywhere in the Holy Scriptures, it states in many places that we are ―the TEMPLE of God‖ and

that God was to dwell as one with us. Satan knows this very well, so he has hidden this most important truth

from mankind for eons and has continuously lead man to defile his mind and body (God‘s Temple) to such an

extent that there is no way God can come into our hearts and dwell as one with us.

Satan hates mankind so much so that he has oppressed and enslaved man from that day forward, only his chosen ones
THE RULING ELITE of this world who carry out his wishes are all given worldly material rewards and riches in
return for their loyalty in living according to his will while also maintaining a world society and rule based on his will.
These are the people who have literally (knowingly or not) SOLD THEIR SOULS to the devil, they do his wishes and
willfully comply with his desires of continual deceiving, misleading, oppressing, enslaving, corrupting and breaking
down the hearts and minds of their fellow man.

For those who can fathom, let alone begin to comprehend this revelation and its implications, I can only at this moment
tell you that the time is at hand where the forces of good and evil are converging for the prophesized battles of
Armageddon. I have sprinkled clues throughout this Matrix Report. By now you should know who the Anti-Christ is
and how he is controlling this world with the support of the false prophet.

There is only one mystery left undisclosed. Who, what, where is the TRUE church of Christ. I have literally visited and
studied many different churches of all different denominations, even as far from the mainstream as the Jehovah‘s
Witnesses and Mormons, that‘s how far I went in my search. The Catholic Church has unconditionally proved over and
over again throughout history that it is nothing more than the Scarlet WHORE, today it is the false prophet that leads
the nations astray. I found the Scientologists were nothing more than a Luciferian corporate fraud. I still love those
southern Baptists, and the Pentecostals… but even I am yet to find the true church of the Lord…. If it exists… I have
long ago given up searching, I stand alone as one with complete love and faith in God he leadeth me.

One thing is for sure, we are living in the providential times of ―the apocalypse.‖ For some this is a time to be afraid
and face death of eternal fire and damnation, so to speak. But I have been sitting on my perch carefully documenting its
progress as one of its Watchmen. I don‘t ―think‖ or imagine or assume this or that, I only speak of what I KNOW.

The forces of Heaven and Earth are such that even I do not/cannot see the coming of the CHRIST. The savior of
mankind, who is to destroy this corrupt Luciferian system, SAVE MANKIND and world to then ESTABLISH

We are living right smack in the middle of the prophesized ―end of times‖ where the world is immersed in THE
(media generated, immersed and enveloped) on earth, thus it is extremely hard to see what is
true and what is not. What is good and what is not. Who is right and who is wrong. Today the media
molds/shapes/dictates to the masses what is and is not… Literally… Easily leading man astray, further into descendant

Even though I may have a CLUE as to what is, and about the second coming of the long awaited MESSIAH who is to
redeem all of mankind from sin and lead this world back to its original purpose of creation, I have a
commandment from Heaven at this time to reveal only what I have. It is YOUR responsibility to go forth from here.

I can only state: ―seek and ye shall find‖…. But as your brother in Christ I must tell those who have spent immense
time reading these words: The ―secret‖ of seeking and finding is in your heart. ONLY when you unselfishly ―seek‖
with all your most pure heart will ―you find.‖ Ask and it will be given... only to those possessing unconditional pure
heart… and profound desire that takes precedence above all and becomes the central point in your life over silly
worldly issues will Heavenly Father begin to reveal the truth and restore your sight and life
. Those who pray for
a million bucks and material things, God‘s heart is stone, better go buy a lottery ticket you lost soul loser.

TheMatrix Report | 1401


I am a just a Watchman, as Heavenly Father is my witness, all I say here is absolute eternal TRUTH. I reveal to you the

CORE, the ROOT of all evil. Mankind has been battling the ―branches‖ of evil throughout history, now that you know

what the INTERNAL - ROOT causes are you can begin to seek further understanding, then, and only then can you
begin to actually fight at the CORE, the ROOT of the world‘s problems and stop the futile clipping away at the
―branches‖ and leaves that continually grow right back, for those who do so uselessly combat the EXTERNAL –
RESULTS. What we see transpiring in society is ―effect‖ aspect of causality, i.e.: the ―cause and effect‖ principle in

For those of you who cannot or will not accept or comprehend that the fall of man was actually a forbidden sexual act,
the bible clearly states in many locations how Angelic beings took on human wives and/or fornicated with them,
the Old Testament is full of such stories. You can even ask any devote religious Jew what was the ―original sin‖ and
he will come out and tell you it was sexual, this is actually well understood in some ancient regions, it‘s just that people
haven‘t put two and two together as I am attempting to articulate for you right now.

That the sons of God (angels) saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all
which they chose.‖
– Genesis 6:02

―There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that when the sons of God (angels) came in unto the
daughters of men, and they bare children to them
, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of

renown.‖ – Genesis 5:21

Now with the secret of man‘s intended divine nature revealed, where God's throne is located and where he rules from
revealed and how the deceiver of mankind operates throughout the world we can then focus our sights on re-analyzing
our lives and reviewing world history under that new light, for truth will always overcome evil. Truth and "light" are
the same, for they REVEAL the secrets and sins that are being hidden in the "dark". The biblical prophets told us over
and over again that this world is covered in darkness; this is what is meant by that. Today we see the evil ones hiding
multitudes of secrets, never revealing their sinister motives, instead they ridicule and label those looking for
truth as ―extremists‖, radicals, delusional, nut jobs, tin-hat brigade, leftist, ding bats, anti-Semites, etc.

The day that mankind realizes the intense words of truth I am revealing here and now will be the day that NO bankers,
cartels, cabals, organizations, kings, rulers, militaries and so forth will EVER be able to enslave mankind ever again.

Who are the people, governments and organizations that cloak themselves in secrecy? Who are the people,
governments and organizations that are lying to you, who are deceiving you, cheating you? Behold: For you have
stumbled upon the secrets of the illuminati ―Matrix.‖ Your eyes have been opened and you have been given the truth
and the tools to identify them and their works. Now it is up to you what you do with them... walk the path of pure

unselfish love in your quest for truth, yet beware of those who lurk at every corner waiting to bring you down…
utterly destroy you… are none other than strategic instruments of the devil and are only doing his bidding... whether
they realize it or not. He who has an ear let him hear.

The only thing that will save this country is a mass spiritual awakening, for throughout the ages all the people have
been under a massive spiritually dead stupor
… Most mainstream, basically: corporate churches have
fundamentally failed God and have become essentially irrelevant in this modern society; drowning in dogma… it is
now time for the children of God to AWAKEN… Break free from all the chains that bind you, for the time has
come for you to retake your birthrights and reclaim your rightful status as divine children of God. And do so by
walking the path of Love, for it is written that the Peacemakers will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. The Great
Awakening will come forth with an avalanche of TRUTH at its core.
You must remove the blinders that cloud your
PERCEPTION and keep you from SEEING true unadulterated reality, then you must go forth and help your fellow
man restore his SIGHT
, his ―all seeing eyes.‖ For we are all living in the DARKNESS of eons in the making, by the
grand deceiver of man. TRUTH is you LIGHT in this age of darkness. TRUTH is the crucial element we must use
to REVEAL that which is shrouded in darkness and the central weapon to defeat the Luciferian rule over this

1402 | TheMatrix Report

Behold: for it is the TRUTH that will literally set us all free. The time has come for you to decide… are you going to
continue your existence as enslaved CATTLE lead to slaughter or DIVINE sons and daughters of the most holy and
loving Heavenly Father who has been battling for eons for your liberation?

He who heeds the call must ―put on the armor of LIGHT,‖ wield the blazing sWORD of TRUTH,
the shield of faith and the heart of Peacemakers in vanquishing the enemy. This may seem like a
paradox, but once you awaken, and unplug from the matrix, you will understand. I can‘t tell you
where to go from here, you must pray and your path will be revealed to you, for it is written: ―seek
and ye will find.‖ To unplug from the matrix means to first of all cut off from the matrix, i.e. the
establishment and stop your debt enslavement for starters, cease all credit cards and other matrix
norms, lures and trappings of this fallen world, this is a good first step.

Let go of the Luciferian value system you have been raised up on. No longer allow yourself to be
seduced by material things of this material world. Unplug from the system. Learn to live beyond the
… Reclaim your sovereign divine human rights… once enough of you wake up and are no
longer blind, you can then stand together and reclaim your societies, nation and world from the
dominion of the few corrupt meglowealthy who control it all….

Behold for:

1. None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free…
3. He who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see…
4. For it is written: "the TRUTH shall set you free"
5. ―By their fruits ye shall know them.‖

Awaken ye who are asleep, rise up against the beast and vanquish him to the abyss…

TheMatrix Report | 1403

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