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A user calls the SD to report response difficulties with the online –service

1. The ID mgmt process deals with the incident

2. The problem management process investigates the underlying cause and calls in the
Capacity mgmt to assist in the process.
3. The SLM management process alert the breach in the SLA
4. An RFC is raised if appropriate
5. Change Mgmt process co-ordinate the RFC
6. The IT finance mgmt assist the cost justification (if any) for the raised RFC
7. The IT Svc continuity mgmt gets involved with the Change management to ensure
the recovery is possible into current back-up configuration.
8. The Release mgmt controls the implementation of the change by rolling out
replacement s/w or the h/w in the live environment,
9. Release management updates the configuration mgmt with release and the version
10. The Availability mgmt process is involved in considering the h/w upgrade to
ensure it can meet the reliability and availability levels.
11. The configurations mgmt process ensures the CMDB is updated through out the