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‡Del mismo modo que los cables de cobre tienen un

esquema de código de colores para distinguir los pares de

cables, existe un esquema de código de colores para el

cable de fibra óptica. Este esquema de colores se

especifica en el estándar TIA/EIA 598-A.

Copyright 2004

Fiber-Optic Jumper Cables

‡Fiber-optic jumpers or patch cables are used
to interconnect electronic equipment to the
fiber-optic cable, or they are used to patch
from one cable to another

‡Jumpers are used to interconnect equipment
to the fiber-optic cable, while patch cables are
used for interconnection of one cable to

‡Generally, fiber-optic jumpers are duplex
cables. Duplex means that there are two
fibers used in the construction of the fiber-
optic jumper. One is used on the transmit side
of the equipment, and one is used on the
receive side

Copyright 2004

Fiber-Optic Connectors

‡Fiber-optic connectors come in single-mode

and multimode varieties

‡The hole in the single-mode connector will be

slightly smaller than the multimode connector

‡There are a number of different types of fiber-

optic connectors that are used in the

communications industry

Copyright 2004

SC Connectors

‡SC type connectors feature a push-pull
connect and disconnect method. High quality
SC connectors feature a ceramic ferrule. A
ferrule is a ceramic shaft that contains the

‡The SC connector is the preferred connector
to use according to the standards.

Copyright 2004

ST Connectors

‡The ST fiber-optic connector is a bayonet
type of connector

‡The receptacle is keyed and the connector is
also keyed

‡Standards will allow the use of ST connectors
when the existing infrastructure incorporates
ST connectors

Copyright 2004

FC Connectors

‡FC fiber-optic connectors are similar in

design to the SC and the ST

‡The method of securing the FC connector is a

threaded receptacle.

Copyright 2004

Other Fiber-Optic Connectors

‡MT-RJ is a small form factor, duplex fiber-
optic connector. It incorporates two fibers,
one for transmit and one for receive

‡LC connectors are ideal for applications
where space is limited. LC connectors are
similar in appearance to SC connectors, yet
they are half the size.

‡MTP connectors provide reliable high
performance interconnects of up to 12 fibers.

Copyright 2004

Fiber-Optic Splicing

‡Splicing is the joining of two pieces of fiber-optic

cable. There are two methods used to splice

fiber-optic cable, mechanical and fusion

‡In a mechanical splice, the splice connector

provides precision alignment so that the cores of

the two fibers being spliced are aligned as close

to one another as physically possible

‡Fusion splicing is the actual welding of the

optical fibers to one another. Special machines

called fusion splicers are used in this process

Copyright 2004

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