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GE Handbook

GE Handbook

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Published by: Watts Garden Club of Los Angeles CA USA on Nov 25, 2010
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No. Biotechnology encompasses all technologies based on living forms – all biological

“Low end” biotechnology could encompass even things like vermi-compost and several bio-
fertiliser/bio-pesticides that are used by farmers. But most biotechnology is usually understood to
be at the molecular level. For instance, it could be irradiation that induces mutation, which is part
of genetic modification (GM) technology.

There are also technologies like Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) used as part of conventional
breeding where genetic markers (specified DNA fragments) are known to correspond with
specific traits, for more precise breeding.

Genetic Engineering or transgenics is only one of the technologies under the broad umbrella of
Biotechnology. This is also part of genetic modification. In this handbook, we restrict ourselves to
the use of transgenic technology in agriculture (for the simple reason that we have not studied
other gene technologies enough).


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