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Using HP-UX

Using HP-UX


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Published by: Cem Tuğrul on Jul 31, 2008
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Although the syntax of find can be complex, it may help you use HP-UX
more productively. It is a powerful and flexible command. However, it
may run slowly, especially if it is searching many directories.

Suppose you want to display all files in the current directory and its
subdirectories that begin with d. Enter:


$ find . -name 'd*'

The dot (.) causes find to search the current directory and its
subdirectories. The -name option followed by a file name or a file name
pattern (in this case d*) tells find to search for all file names that match
that pattern. In this example, find will look for all file names beginning
with d.

Note that d* is enclosed by single quotes 'd*'. If you use a file name
pattern in the find command, you must quote it so that the shell will
interpret it correctly.

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