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Using HP-UX

Using HP-UX


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Published by: Cem Tuğrul on Jul 31, 2008
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This guide covers everything you need to know to begin using your new
Hewlett-Packard computer. It provides step-by-step instructions for basic
tasks such as copying files, printing documents, and sending electronic

This guide contains the following information:

Chapter 1, Getting Started provides an overview of your system and
explains how to log in and log out.

Chapter 2, Working with Files and Directories shows you how to
create, view, print, and remove files; create and remove directories;
and navigate between directories.

Chapter 3, Using Your Shell explains how to use command syntax,
redirect command input and output, and set your login environment.

Chapter 4, Using the vi Editor describes how to create and edit text
using the vi editor.

Chapter 5, Using Electronic Mail shows you how to send and receive
messages electronically.

Chapter 6, Communicating over a Network describes how to use and
communicate with remote systems.

Chapter 7, Making Your System Secure covers system security and
changing file and directory permissions.

Appendix A, HP-UX Quick Reference contains tables summarizing
useful HP-UX commands.

Appendix B, Doing Advanced HP-UX Tasks provides pointers for
more information about advanced and system administration tasks
not covered in this guide.

Appendix C, Scheduling Commandsdescribes ways to run programs
automatically at specified times.

Appendix D, Using the Key Shell discusses an alternative command
intepreter (shell) that is very user friendly.

Glossary explains common HP-UX terms.

Comments about this manual (no techical questions, please) can be
directed to: editor@fc.hp.com. Please consult your HP service and
support representative for technical support questions. Thanks.


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