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Using HP-UX

Using HP-UX


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If your computer has access to a network, you may be able to connect to
global and national networks. These networks allow you to communicate
with people all over the world by sending electronic mail and reading
electronic bulletin boards.

Here are some of the largest academic and research computer networks:

•The Internet





Ask your system administrator to determine if you have access to one of
these networks.

For information on the Internet, see publications such asThe Internet
Yellow Pages
(Osborne),The Internet Navigator (Wiley and Sons), orThe
Whole Internet
(O'Reilly and Associates). For more general network
information, see theUser's Dictionary of Computer Networks, an annual
publication of the University of Texas System Office of
Telecommunication Services. This guide provides descriptions of
networks, lists of host systems, site contacts, and organizations.


Chapter 6

Communicating over a Network

Transferring Files Remotely with ftp

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