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]p-kv-X-I-w- \m-ev- / e-¡w- G-g-v/ 2008 P-\p-h-cn-- -/1428 ZpÂ-ln-Öx--

C-kv-emw- `o-Xn-bp-sS--
C-´y³- `m-h-§Ä-
4 hm-b-\-¡m-cp-sS- kw-hm-Zw-
þ^-bm-kv- Zm-\n-jv-

6 Xn-cp-sam-gn-

7 ]-{Xm-[-n-]À-¡v- ]-d-bm-\p-Å-Xv-

14 {Xn-Xz- k-¦Â-]-¯n-se- A-gn-bm-Ip-cp-¡p-IÄ-

15 hn-izm-kn-\n-bpw- am-Xr-[À-a-hpw-

þ\-hmÂ- _n³-Xv- A-_vZ- n-Ã-

22 {k-jv-Sm-hn-sâ- k-tµ-i-¯n-sâ- A-P-¿-X

þi-_oÀ- A-en-
29 Nn-´n-¡p-InÂ- Zr-jvS
- m-´s
- a-{X!-

þD-kav- m³- ]m-e¡

- m-gn-
34 hn-hm-l¯n-sâ- a-d-p-]p-dw-

þ\m-Ca- - _n.- tdm-_À-«v-

44 A-\p-`-h-§Ä- h-gn-Im-«n-b-t¸mÄ-

þapl-½Z- v- P-amÂ-
45 I-ayq-Wn-k-hpw- a-X-k-aq-l-§-fpw-

þA-lav- Z- v- ^m-lnw-
50 hn-ip-²- ]m-X-

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Editor M.Mohammed Akbar, Niche of Truth, Kalabhavan Road, Cochin-18.

2008 P-\p-h-cn- 3

A-´y-Iq-Zm-i- th-­-Xv- amÀ-Iv-kn-k-¯n-\v- fpw- A-Ôh- ni- zm- k- w- sXm-«p-Xo-­nb- n«- nÃ- m-¯h- c- p-am-b- Cu-
]p-tcm-K-a-\-¡mÀ- Cu-bn-sS- h-en-sbm-cp- X-am-i- kr-jv-Sn-
Un-kw-_À- e-¡¯ - n-se- I-hÀ- kvt- äm-dn- "a-Xh- pw- amÀIv- ¨p.- "X-\-Xv- I-ayq-Wn-k'--hpw- "D-Zm-c- I-ayq-Wn-k'-hpw- X-½n-
kn-k-hpw'- A-h-k-tcm-Nn-X-am-bn.- kmw-kv-Im-cn-I-þ _p-²n- ep-Å- t]m-cm-«a- m-bn- hy-hl- c- n¡ - s- ¸-Sp-¶- hn`- m-Ko-bX- b- nÂ-
Po-hn- a-Þe- § - f-nÂ- taÂ-hn-em-kw- \-jvS- s- ¸-Sp-sa-¶v- `b- "au-enI-h-m-Z-'-¯n-sâ- ]-£-¯v- \n-e-bp-d-¸n-¨n-«p-Å- hn.-
¶v- ]-e-cpw- ]-d-bm³- a-Sn-¡p-¶- A-{]n-b- k-Xy-§-fm-Wv- Fkv.- A-S-¡-ap-Å- Nn-e- amÀ-Iv-kn-k-väv- t\-Xm-¡Ä- hn-P-
]m-e-¡m-gn- tIm-dn-bn-«n-cn-¡p-¶-Xv.- b-Z-i-an- \m-fnÂ- Ip-ªp-§-sf- F-gp-¯n-\n-cp-¯-n-!- ssZ-h-
tI-c-f-¯n-se- ap-kv-enw- {]-kn-²o-I-c-W-§-fnÂ- ]-e- s¯- X-s¶- Aw-Ko-I-cn-¡m¯-hÀ-- k-c-kz-Xn--bp-sS- Ir-]m-
Xn-\pw- C-t¸mÄ- amÀ-Iv-kn-k-s¯-bpw- a-X-s¯-bpw- H-cp- I-Sm-£§-fp-sS- ]n-¶m-se-- t]-m-Ip-t¼mÄ,- k-v-amÀ-«- v kn-än-
Ip-S-¡o-gnÂ- A-Wn-\n-c-¯-em-Wv- Im-cy-s¸-«- "tPm-en'-. a-X- bp-am-bn- _-Ô-s¸-«- kÀ-¡mÀ- ]-cn-]m-Sn-bp-sS- N-S-§v- ap³-
hpw- amÀ-Iv-kn-k-hpw- X-½n-ep-Å- kw-hm-Z-¯n-\v- C-\n-- kv- Iq-«n- Xo-cp-am-\n¨- - k-ab- ¯- -v \-S¯- m-sX- aplqÀ-¯w- t\m¡n-
tIm-¸n-sÃ-¶p-w km-{am-Py-Xz-hn-cp-²- t]m-cm-«-§-fnÂ- sF- k-abw- am-än-b-Xv- amÀ-Iv-kn-k-väv- `-c-W-Im-e-¯m-sW-¶-dn-
Iy-s¸-Sp-¶-Xn-\v- am-{X-sa- hÀ-¯-am-\-Im-e-¯v- {]-k-àn- bp-t¼mÄ- \m-sa-´v- sN-¿Ww-;- B-À-¯v- Nn-cn-¡p-I-tbm-
bp-Åq- F-¶p-am-Wv- ]-{Xm-[n-]-·m-cp-sS- "Xn-cp-sam-gn'!- C-kv- HmÀ-¯v- I-cb- p-It- bm?-
em-an-t\m-Sv- kw-hZn-¡p-hm³- B-h\- m-gn-bnÂ- A-kv{- X-§Ä- I-ayq-Wn-kv-äp-ImÀ- kz-]v-\w- I-­- k-¼qÀ-W- -kv-Yn-Xn-
_m-¡n-bn-sÃ-¶p- t_m-[y-am-bX- p-sIm-­m-Wv- I-ayq-Wn-kväv k-a-Xzhpw- I-d-]p-c-fm-¯- a-tX-X-c-Xz-hpw- a-e-bm-fn-bp-sS-
\n-cq-]I- À- sF-Iy-s¯-¡p-dn-¨v- kw-km-cn-¡m-\m- c- w-`n-¨s- X- Im-cy-¯nÂ- kmÀ-Y-I-am-b-Xv- H-cp- ]-t£,- A-Ô-hn-iz-k-
¶v- - a-\Ê- ne- m-¡m³- ap-ke-v nw- tPÀ-We- nk- ä-v p-IÄ-¡-v t]mepw- ¯n-s³À- Im-cy-¯n-em-bn-cn-¡mw.- a-e-bm-f-¯n-se- ]-{X-ap-
I-gn-bp-¶n-sÃ-¶v- km-cw.- ¯-Èn-bp-sS-- "B-tcm-Kyw' I-g-n-ª- X-h-W- ]p-d-¯p-h-¶-Xv-
a-®-Sn-ªn-«v- Im-e-ta-sd- I-gn-ª- amÀ-Iv-kn-k-¯n-\m- k-Ie- - a-Xh- n-`m-K§ - f- n-epw- s]-«- BÄ-ssZ-hþ- kn-²- X-«n¸v-
Wv- A-´y-Iq-Zm- i- - B-hi- y-am-bn-cn-¡p-¶s- X-¶v- hn-fn-¨p- ]d- tI-{µ-§f- p-sS-bpw- Nn-In-Õm- hn-tij-§Ä- ]-dª - n-«m-Wv.-
tb-­- k-a-bw- A-Xn-{I-an-¨n-cn-¡p-¶p.- t\-cv- t\-sc- \n-¶v- km-£-c,- kp-µ-c,- {]-_p-²- tI-c-f-¯n-s³-d- h-Ãm-s¯m-cp-
]-d-ª- "kv-t\-l-kw-hm-Z'-¯n-\v- A-`n-\-µ-\-§Ä.- -{]-_p-²-X-bpw- hm-b-\m- kw-kv-Im-c-hpw!--
ip-²- `u-XnI- h- m-ZnI- f- pw- im-k{v- Xo-b- tkm-jy-enk- äv- pI- þap-kv-X-^- X³-hoÀ,- A-co-t¡m-Sv-

{i-t²-b-am-b- te-J-\w- bpw- {]-hÀ-¯n-¡p-I-bpw- sN-¿p-¶p-­v. amÀ-Iv-kn-kv-äv- ssk-²m-´-nI-·m-cp-sS-

{K-Ù-§-fn-se- D-²-c-Wn-IÄ- th-­p-thm-
Un-kw-_À- e-¡w- -"kv-t\-l-kw-hm-Z'- - hm-k-vX-h-¯nÂ- F-´m-Wv- amÀ-Iv-kn- fw- \n-c-¯n-s¡m­p-Å- te-J-\w- Ir-Xy-

¯nÂ- - D-kav- m³- ]m-e¡ - m-gn- F-gp-Xnb- - "aX- k-sa-¶v-,- F-´-m-Wv- ssh-cp-[ym-[n-jv-Tn-X- am-b- H-cp- Nq-­p-]-e-I- X-s¶-bm-Wv.-
hpw- amÀ-Ik-v nk- h- pw'- F-¶- te-J\- w- {it²- `u-Xn-I-hm-Z-sa-¶v,- a-X-t¯m-Sp-Å- amÀ-Iv- C-¯-c-¯n-ep-Å- te-J-\-§Ä- C-\n-
b-am-bn-cp-¶p.- kn-b³- \n-e-]m-sS-´m-sW-¶v- an-¡-bm-fp- bpw- {]-Xo-£n-¡p-¶p.-
IÄ¡p-ad- n-bn-Ã.- - sN-dn-sbm-cp- te-J\- ¯
- n-
amÀ-Iv-kn-k¯n-s³d- B-Xy-´n-I- eq-sS- A-¯c- w- Im-cy-§f- n-te-¡v- sh-fn-¨w- þF.- F-kv-.- I-½p-¡p-«n,-
e£y-sa-´m-sW-¶d- nb- m-¯- A-t\-Iw- aX- ho-in-b- -"kv-t\-l-kw-hm-Z'¯n-\pw- te-J-
hn-izm-kn-IÄ- A-XnÂ- B-Ir-jv-S-cm-hp-I- I-\pw- `m-hp-I-§Ä.- t]m-ªm-tÈ-cn--

2008 P-\p-h-cn- 4
a-X-§Ä- a-®-Sn-ªmÂ...?- kve- m-an-te- D-Åq.- i-co-c¯ - n- Â- B-ßm-sh-
¶- t]m-se- Po-hn-X-¯n-s³-d- D-Zm-¯am-b-
Xy-hn-izm-k-hpw- kÂ-IÀ-a-§-fp-ap-Å-hÀ-
¡v- kzÀ-K-hpw- A-Ãm-¯-hÀ-¡v- \-c-I-hpw-
"a-X-§Ä- a-®-Sn-b-s«-. .'- F-¶- "{]mÀ-Y- A-kv-Xn-Xz-¯n-\v- kw-kv-I-c-W-am-Wv- G-ä- e-`y-am-sW-¶pw- bm-sXm-cp-hn-[- ip-]mÀ-i-
\m'-cq-]-¯n-ep-Å- {]-ta-b-am-bn-cp-¶p- Cu- hpw- {]-[m-\w. a-\p-jy-a-\-Ên-sâ- kw-kv- I-tfm- i-àn-{]-IS- \- § - tfm- {]-te-m`- \- §
- -
bn-sS- \-S¶ - - bp-àn- hm-Zn-If- p-sS- kw-kvY- m- I-cW- ¯ - n\- v- C-kev- mw- A-Xo-h- {]m-[m-\yw- tfm- {]-tIm-]\- § - t- fm- hm-NI- ¡
- k- À-¯p-
\- k-t½-f\-¯nÂ- D-bÀ-¯n-¸n-Sn-¨n-cp-¶- \Â-Ip-¶p-­v.- I-tfm- I-]-S-hm-Z-§tfm- sIm-­v- {k-jv-Sm-
Xv.- a-X-§Ä- a-®-Sn-bp-I-bpw- bp-ànhm-Zn- Cu- {]-]-©w- hyÀ-Y-ambn- kr-jv-Sn-¡- hn-sâ- in-£-bnÂ- \n-¶v- c-£- e-`n-¡n-
I-fpw- \nc- oizc- h- m-ZnI- fpw-- am-{X-w- tem-I¯- v- s¸-«X- s- Ã-¶pw- kÀ-hi- à - \- m-b- {k-jvS- m- sÃ-¶psa-Ãmw- C-kv-emw ]-Tn-¸n-¡p-¶p.-
A-hti-jn¡ - p-Ib- pw- sN-bX-v mÂ- tem-I¯ - n- hn-sâ- \n-b-{´-W-¯n³- Io-gn-em-Wv- A-Xv- Cu- hn-izm-kw- t\-cn-«v- a-\p-jy-s\- {k-
sâ- A-h-kv-Y- F-´m-Ipw.- Nn-´n-¡m³- A-\p-\n-an-j-hpw- \o-§n-s¡m-­n-cn-¡p-¶- jv-Sm-hp-am-bn- _-Ô-s¸-Sp-¯p-¶p.- X-sâ-
t]m-epw- I-gn-bm-¯- hn-[-¯nÂ- A-[x-]- sX-¶pw- H-m-Sn-sbm-fn-¡m-t\m- kz-bw- c-£- Po-hn-X-s¯- \-·-IÄ-¡m-bn- hn-\n-tbm-Kn-
Xn-¨- P-\-§-fp-sS- H-cp- tem-I-am-bn-cn-¡pw- s¸-Sm-t\m- A-km-[y-amsb-mc- p ]nS- p-¯¯ - n- ¡m³- t{]-cn-¸n-¡p-¶p.- a-\p-jy-s\- ]n-Sn-
A-Xv.- a-X-¯n-s³d-- \-·- a-\-Ên-em-¡n-b- em-Wv- a-\p-jy-s³-d- Hm-tcm- \n-an-j-hp-w- ¨p-Ip-ep-¡m³- ]-cym-]v-X-am-Wv- Cu- hn-i-
B-cpw-X-s¶- A-Xv- a-®-Sn-bm³- B-{K-ln- \o§n-s¡m-­n-cn-¡p-¶s- X-¶p-am- W - v- C-kv- zm-kw.- k-aq-l¯ - n-sâ- B-hi- y-§Ä-¡\- p-
¡n-Ã-;- XoÀ-¨.- emw- ]-Tn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xv.- k-cn-¨v- hn-iz-kv-X-cpw- D-¯-hm-Zn-¯- t_m-
C-ke-v m-ans- ³d--Im-cy-sa-Sp-¡mw.- A-XnÂ- hÀ-¯-am-\- Im-e-¯p-Å- Po-hn-Xw- [-ap-Åh- c- p-am-b B-fp-Isf- hmÀ-s¯-Sp-¡p-
a-\jy-X-z-¯n-s\-Xn-cm-b- F-´p- Im-cy-am- hcpw- Im-et- ¯-¡p-Å- X-bm-sd-Sp-¸n-\p-Å- hm³- Cu- ZÀ-i-\-¯n-\p- I-gn-hp-­v.- {k-
Wp-Å-Xv?- - th-Zn-bm-Wv.- C-hn-sS- sN-¿p¶- \-ÃX- pw- No- jv-Sm-hn-sâ- ap-¼nÂ- sN-dp-Xpw- h-ep-Xp-am-
a-\p-jy-hw-i¯ - n-s³-d- c-£b- v¡ - p-XIp- ¯-bp-am-b- Hm-tcm- Im-cy-¯n-\pw- a-c-Wm- b- Hm-tcm- Im-cy-¯n-\pw- I-W-¡v- ]-d-tb-
¶- ap-gp-h³- Im-cy-§-fpw- C-kv-em-an-ep-­v.- \-´-cw- {]-Xn-^-ew- A-\p`-hn-t¡-­n-h-cp- ­n-h-cp-sa¶- t_m-[-am-Wv- A-h-sc- ap-
C-X-c- a-X- k-¦-Â-]-§-fnÂ- hn-I-e-am-bn- sa-¶pw- C-kv-emw- ]-Tn-¸n-¡p-¶p.- a-c-Wm- t¶m-«p- \-bn-¡p-¶-Xv.- hÀ-¯-am-\- Im-e-
Im-W-s¸-Sp-¶- Im-cy-§Ä- X-s¶- k-¼qÀ- \-´-c- Po-hn-X-¯nÂ- \-·- In-«p-¶- Im-cy- ¯n-se- ap-gp-h³- hy-h-kv-Y-IÄ-¡pw- G-
W-hpw- k-a-{K-hp-am-bn- C-kv-emw- DÄ-s¡m- §Ä- {]-hÀ-¯n-¡m³- t{]-c-W-bpw- A-hn- dn-h-¶mÂ- t]m-eo-sk-¶p- ]-d-ªv- `o-j-
Åp-¶p.- ssZ-h-¯n-epw- ]-c-tem-I-¯n-epw- sS- in-£- e-`n-¡p-¶- Im-cy-§-fnÂ- \n-¶v- Wn-s¸-Sp-¯m-t\- I-gn-bq.- \o-Xn-]o-T¯ - n-\v-
Du-¶n\- n¶ - p-sIm-­p- X-s¶-bm-W-v C-ke-v mw- am-dn- \nÂ-¡m-\p-Å- B-Ú-bpw- \Â-Ip- ap-¼n-se-¯n-bmÂ- X-s¶- {]m-]vX- \- m-sbm-
A-Xv- k-aÀ-¸n-¡p-¶-Xv.- ¶p- C-kv-emw.- cp- h-¡o-en\- v- b-tY-jSv- w- ^o-kp-sIm-Sp-¡m-
a-\p-jy-Po-h-n-X-¯n-s³d- hy-h-k-vY-¡v- a-\p-jy-sâ- \-·- Xn-·-IÄ- tc-J-s¸-Sp- \p-s­-¦nÂ- F-Xp- tI-kn-epw- A-\p-Iq-e-
]-eX- pw- B-hi- y-am-Wv.- A-Xn-s¶m-cp- \nb- ¯n- sh-¡-s¸-Sp-¶p-s­-¶pw- ]-c-tem-I- am-b- hn-[n- k¼m-Zn-¡p-hm³- A-{X- {]-bm-
aw- th-Ww.- cm-jv{- So-b- km-¼¯ - n-I- LS\- ¯p- sh-¨v- AXn-sâ- dn-¡mÀ-Uv- \Â-I- k-sam-¶pw- C-hn-sS-bn-Ã.-
th-Ww.- hn-hm-l- _-Ô-§Ä-¡v- \n-ba-w- s¸-Sp-sa-¶pw- C-kv-emw- ]-d-ªp-X-cp-¶p.- a-X-§Ä- a-®-Sn-ªp- Im-Wm³- B-{K-
th-Ww.- `-£-W-¯n-\pw- h-kv-{X-¯n-\pw- H-fn-ªpw- sX-fn-ªp-ap-Å- k-I-e- ]m-]- ln-¡p-¶-hÀ- B-Zyw- sNt¿-­-Xv- A-l-
Nn-«-IÄ- th-Ww.- P-\-§Ä-¡v- k-t´m-jn- §-fnÂ-\n-¶pw- A-I-¶p- \nÂ-¡m³- Cu- ¦m-c-¯n-sâ- a-ª-¡-®-S- F-Sp-¯p-am-äp-
¡m³- B-tLm-j§ - Ä- th-Ww.- A-§s- \- hn-iz-mk- w- k-Xy-hn-izm-kn-sb- t{]-cn-¸n-¡p- I-bm-W.v -
]-e-Xpw.- ¶p.- k-zÀ-K-hpw- \-c-I-hp-ap-s­-¶pw- kzÀ- þ Aw-P-Zv- Jm³,- a-e-¸p-dw-
Cu- Im-cy-§s- f-Ãmw- C-ke-v m-anÂ- D-s­- Kw- A-Xo-h- kp-J-k-ar-²-hpw- \-c-Iw- A-
¶p- am-{X-a-Ã- Ip-ä-a-ä- co-Xn-bnÂ- A-Xv- C- Xy-[n-Iw- Zp-cn-X-]qÀ-W-hpam-sW-¶pw- k-
-h-cn-kw-Jy- C´y³ tZio-b-X-bpsS bYmÀY- Ncn-{X
a-X cm-jv-{S-hm-Z-hpw- ¯n\v ZpÀapJ-§-fp-­m-¡n. C´y-bnse
kv-t\-l-kw-hm-Z-¯n-\v- a-Wn-tb-mÀ- tZio-bX- sb aX-§f- p- sS DÂ]-¶a- mbn CkvemanI kaqlw C´y³ tZio-b-X-
UÀ A-b-¡p-¶hÀ- kv-t\-l-kw-hm-Zw- F®p¶ kao-]\w Ncn-{X-¯nse Nne bpsS FXnÀiàn-I-fm-sW¶ Ip{]-Nc
amkn-I,- ]n-.- _n.- \-¼À- 1981,- ssh-än-e-,- L«-§f- n Ah-ew-_nt- ¡­nhcm-dp-s­- Ww kaq-ls¯ Bg-¯n hn`m-Ko-I-
F-dW- m-Ip-fw-þ 682019 F-¶- hn-em-k¯
A-b-¡p-I.- a-Wn-tb-mÀ-UÀ- t^m-anÂ-
- nÂ- ¦nepw s]mXp-hmbn B kao-]\w AwKo cn-¨-XmWv kzX{´ C´y-bnse ]e- {]-
ktµ-iw- F-gp-Xm-\p-Å- kv-Y-e-¯v- \n-§- Ir-X-a-Ã. ]t£,- C´y-bpsS Imcy-¯n iv\-§Ä¡pw ]Ým-¯-e-ambn hÀ¯n-
fp-sS- ]n³-tIm-Upw- Pn-Ã-bp-a-S-¡-ap-Å- kw`-hn-¨Xv adn-¨m-Wv. C´y³ tZio-bX ¨-Xv. tZiw F¶ Bi-b¯ - ns\ hn{Kl-
]qÀ-Wa- m-b- hn-em-kw- Cw-¥o-jnÂ- h-enb- lnµp-Xz-¯nsâ DÂ]-¶-amWv F¶ hÂI-cn-¨p-sIm­v Ah-Im-i-\nÀW-b-
A-£-c-¯nÂ- F-gp-Xp-I.- t^m¬- D-Å- ho£-W-¯n\v {]Nmcw sImSp-¡p-hm³ ¯n Aam-\-hn-I-amb hnth-N-\-§Ä
hÀ- tIm-Uv- A-S-¡w- \-¼À- F-gp-Xm³- ad- \S¶ {ia-§Ä aX-cm-j{v S-hm-Z¯ - n\v DuÀ ASn-t¨Â¸n-¨-XmWv lnµp-Xz-tZ iobX-
¡-cp-Xv.- Phpw Bth-ihpw ]IÀ¶p. kmhÀ¡dn- bpsS ImX-emb {]iv\w.
þam-t\-PÀ- Ìp-I-fpsS Ncn{X ZpÀhym-Jym-\-§Ä þC-eym-kv-,- F-äp-a-m-\qÀ-

2008 P-\p-h-cn- 5
A\-kv(- t)-\n-thZ\w:- H-cn- ¡
- Â-- \_n-(e)tbm-sSm-¯v- Rm³- \-S¶- p-t]m-Ip-Ib- m-bn-cp¶p.-
I-«n-bp-Å- I-c-tbm-Sp-Iq-Sn-b- \-P-vdm³- h-kv-{X-am-Wv- A-hn-Sp-¶v- [-cn-¨n-cp-¶-Xv.- A-§-s\-
H-cp- {Km-ao-W- A-d-_n- \_n-(e)bp-am-bn- k-Ôn-¡p-I-bpw- Xn-cp-ta-\n-bp-sS- ap-­v- ]n-Sn-¨v-
i-àn-bm-bn- h-en-¡p-I-bpw- sN-bv-Xp-.- A-t¸mÄ- Rm³- \_n-(e)bp-sS- ]n-c-Sn-bn-te-¡v-
t\m-¡n.- ]n-Sn-¨p-h-en-bp-sS- i-àn-Im-c-Ww- ap-­n-sâ- I-c-bp-sS- ]m-Sp-IÄ- A-hn-sS- ]Xn
ªn-cp-¶p.- "ap-l-½-tZ!- Xm¦fp-sS- ]-¡-ep-Å- A-Ãm-lp-hn-sâ- [-\-¯nÂ-\n-¶v- F-\n-¡v-
F-s´-¦n-epw- A-\p-h-Zn-¨p-X-cm³- IÂ-]n¡p-I-'þ B- {Km-ao-W³- ]-d-ªp.- \_n-(e)
Abm-sf- Xn-cnª-p-t\m-¡n.- ]p-©n-cn-¨p-sIm-­v- A-bmÄ-¡v- Zm-\w- \Â-Im³- IÂ-]n-
¡p-I-bpw- sN-bv-Xp''- (_pJm-cn,- ap-k-venw-).--
a-\p-jy³- km-aq-ly-Po-hnb- m-bX- n\- m IÂ-]n-¡p-Ib- pw- sN-¿p-¶p.- A-Wn-If- p-sS- Åh¶ÃmsX AXn\pÅ A\p{Klw
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`m-cy,- `À-¯m-hv,- am-Xm-hv,- ]n-Xm-hv,- a-I³,- ¯nÂ- A-]-a-cym-Z-tbm-sS- B-sc-¦n-epw- A-_q-lp-d-bv-d(t)- dn-t¸mÀ-«p- sN-¿p-
a-IÄ,- A-[ym-]-I³,- hn-ZymÀ-Yn,- t\-Xm- s]-cp-am-dn-bmÂ- A-Wn-IÄ- A-bm-sf- sh- ¶- H-cp- l-Zo-YnÂ- {]-hm-N-I-sâ- A-\p-]-
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g-Ip-t¼mÄ- C-jv-S-an-Ãm-¯- hm-¡p-IÄ- \-§-sf- Po-hn-X-¯nÂ- ]-IÀ-¯p-I-bm-bn- aq-{X-sam-gn-¨p.- A-t¸mÄ- B-fp-IÄ- A-t±-
tIÄ-t¡-­n- h-cpw.- hm-¡p-sIm-­pw- {]hr- cp-¶p.- hn-ip-²- JpÀB-\nÂ- A-Ãm- l- p ]d- l-s¯- X-SÊ- s- ¸-Sp-¯m³- {i-an-¨p.- D-Ss\-
¯n-sIm-­pw- B-{I-an-¡-s¸-t«-¡mw.- bp-¶p-:-
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t_m-[-t¯m-sSbpw- k-µÀ-`-¯-n-\-\p-k- I''- (7:-199).- A-\m-bm-kI- c- a- m-¡p-hm-\m-Wv- \n§ - Ä- \n-
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A-¯cw- A-\p-`-h-ap-­m-Ip-t¼mÄ- -X- ¿pIbpw tIm]w HXp¡nsh¡pIbpw sX-ä-p-Ip-ä-§Ä-¡v- B-fp-IÄ- am-¸p- \Â-
§-sf- hn-ja- n-¸n-¨h- À-¡pw- th-Z\- n-¸n-¨h- À- a\pjyÀ¡v am¸p\ÂIpIbpw sN¿p¶ I-W-sa-¶v- \m-sa-Ãm-h-cpw- B-{K-ln-¡m-dp-
¡pw- am-¸p- \- Â-Ip-I- F-¶X- v- A-Xna- l- ¯- m- hÀ¡v th­-n. (A¯cw) kÂIÀaIm ­v.- F-Ãmw- sX-äp-I-fpw- s]m-dp-¯p- X-tc-
sbm-cp- Im-cy-am-Wv-.- H-cp- k-Xy-hn-izm-kn- cnIsf AÃmlp kv t \ln¡p¶p''- W-ta F-¶- v ssZ-h-t¯m-Spw am-¸n-c-¡pw.-
B- a-l-¯m-b- Kp-W-¯n-sâ- D-S-a-bm-bn-cn- (3:134).- F-¶mÂ- a-äp-Åh- À-¡v- am-¸p- \Â-Ip-hm³,-
¡-Ws- a-¶mW-v- C-kve- mw- IÂ-]n-¡p-¶X- v.- " \ÃXpw No¯bpw kaamhpIbnÃ. hn-«p-ho-gv-Nm- a-t\m-`m-hap-Å-h-cm-Ip-h-m³-
ap-I-f-nÂ- sIm-Sp-¯- l-Zo-Yv- {i-²n-¡p- Gähpw \ÃXv GtXm AXp-sIm­-v \o \-½p-sS- "Cu-tKm-'- k-½-Xn-¡m-dp-an-Ã.- -{]-
I.- G-tXm- H-cp- {Km-ao-W³- h-¶p-sIm-­v- (Xn³asb) {]Xntcm[n¡pI. At¸mÄ ]-©- \m-Y-\pw- P-\-§-fpw- a-m-¸p-\Â-I-W-
ap-l-½-Zv- \-_n(e)- tbm-Sv- ]-cp-¡³- a-«nÂ- GsXmcph\pw \obpw X½n i{XpX sa-¶v- \-½-fm-{K-ln-¡p-¶p-sh-¦nÂ- \-½-
kw-km-c-n-¡p-I-bpw- A-t±-l-s¯- im-co-cn- bpt­-m Ah\Xm (\nsâ) Dä_Ôp F fpw- am-¸p-\Â-Ip-¶-hcm-bn- am-dp-I.- A-Ãm-
I-am-bn- th-Z-\n-¸n-¡p-I-bpw- sN-¿p-¶p.- F t¶mWw Bbn¯ocp¶p. £a ssI ¯-]-£w- am-¸-p-\Â-I-s¸-Sm³- \-ap-s¡-
¶n-«pw- A-t±-lw- ]p-©n-cn-¡p-¶p.- A-bm- s¡m­h--À¡ÃmsX AXn\pÅ A\p ´v- AÀ-l-X-bm-Wp-­m-bn-cn-¡p-I?-
fp-sS- B-h-iyw- \n-d-th-än-s¡m-Sp-¡p-hm³- {Klw \ÂIs¸SpIbnÃ.h¼n¨ `mKyap
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 6
]-{Xm-[n-]À-¡v- ]-d-bm-\p-Å-Xv-

b-YmÀ-Y- kp-c-£-n-X-Xz-¯-n-sâ-
H-cp- _-en-s]-cp-¶mÄ- kp-Zn-\w- Iq-Sn- sIm-gn-ªp-t]m-bn.- Xu-lo-Zn-\p-th-­n- Po-hn-Xw- k-aÀ-¸n-¨- C-_v-
dm-low- \-_n-(u)-bp-sS- Xym-tKm-P-z-e-am-b- kv-a-c-W-IÄ- ap-kven-w- tem-Iw- A-b-hn-d¡n.- {k-jv-Sm-hpw- kw-c-
£-I-\p-am-b- A-Ãm-lp-hn-ep-Å- hn-iz-m-kw- h-gn- t\-Sn-sb-Sp-¡m-\m-Ip-¶- kp-c-£n-X-Xz-s¡-p-dn-¨- A-dn-hv-
]I-cp-¶-Xm-Wv- C-_v-dm-low- \-_n(u)-bp-sS Po-hn-Xw.-
XuloZv F§s\bmWv Hcmsf \nÀ`b\pw AÃmlphns³d kpc£nXXz¯n `ctaÂ]n¡p¶h\p
am¡n¯oÀ¡pIsb¶v C{_mlo-w \_n(u)bpsS Ncn{Xw hyIvXam¡p¶p­v. {]]©¯ns³dbpw
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kl{km_vZ§Ä¡pap¼v XuloZv F§s\bmWv Hcmsf \nÀ`b\m¡nbsX¶v hyIvXam¡p¶
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" At±l¯ns³d P\X At±lhpambn XÀ¡¯nteÀs¸SpIbp­mbn. At±lw ]dªp: AÃmlp
hns³d Imcy¯n \n§sft¶mSv XÀ¡n¡pIbmtWm? Ah\mIs« Fs¶ t\Àhgnbnem¡nbncn¡bm
Wv. \n§Ä Aht\mSv ]¦ptNÀ¡p¶ bmsXm¶ns\bpw Rm³ `bs¸Sp¶nÃ. Fs³d c£nXmhv Dt±
in¡p¶sXt´m AXÃmsX (kw`hn¡pIbnÃ).- Fs³d c£nXmhns³d PvRm\w kÀhImcy§sfbpw
DÄs¡mÅm³ am{Xw hn]peambncn¡p¶p.\n§sf´mWv BtemNn¨pt\m¡m¯Xv? \n§Ä (AÃmlp
thmSv) ]¦ptNÀ¯Xns\ Rm³ F§s\ `bs¸Spw? \n§fmIs«, AÃmlp \n§Ä¡v bmsXmcp
{]amWhpw \ÂInbn«nÃm¯ hkvXp¡sf Aht\mSv ]¦p tNÀ¡p¶Xns\¸än `bs¸Sp¶panÃ.
At¸mÄ c­p I£nIfn BcmWv \nÀ`bcmbncn¡m³ IqSpX AÀlXbpÅhÀ? (]dbq;) \n§Ä
¡dnbmsa¦nÂ'' (6:80þ81).
" A§s\ cm{Xn At±ls¯ (Ccp«psIm­v) aqSnbt¸mÄ At±lw Hcp \£{Xw I­p. At±lw
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 7
]dªp: CXm, Fs³d c£nXmhv! F¶n«v AXv AkvXan¨t¸mÄ At±lw ]dªp: AkvXan¨pt]mIp
¶hsc Rm³ CjvSs¸Sp¶nÃ. A\´cw N{µ³ DZn¨p bcp¶XpI­t¸mÄ At±lw ]dªp: CXm,
Fs³d c£nXmhv! F-- ¶n-«v- A-Xpw- A-kv-X-an-¨-t¸mÄ- A-t±-lw- ]-d-ªp:- F-sâ- c-£n-Xm-hv- F-\n-¡v-
t\À-h-gn- Im-Wn-¨p- X-¶n-sÃ-¦nÂ- Xo-À-¨-bm-b-pw- Rm³- h-gn-]-n-g-¨- P-\-hn-`m-K-¯nÂ-s]-«-h\mbn-¯-o-cpw.-
A-\-´-cw- kq-cy³- D-Zn-¨p-b-cp-¶-Xm-bn- I-­-t¸mÄ- At±-lw- ]-d-ªp-:- C-Xm- F-sâ- c-£n-Xm-hv-!- CXmWv
Gähpw hepXv!! A§s\ AXpw AkvXan¨pt]mbt¸mÄ At±lw ]dªp: Fsâ- kapZmbta, \n
§Ä (ssZht¯mSv) ]¦ptNÀ¡p¶Xn \ns¶Ãmw XoÀ¨bmbpw Rm³ HgnhmIp¶p. XoÀ¨bmbpw
Rm³ t\ÀamÀK¯n Dd¨p\n¶psIm­v Fsâ- apJw BImi§fpw `qanbpw krjvSn¨h\nte¡v
Xncn¨ncn¡p¶p. Rm³ _lpssZhhmZnIfnÂs]«ht\ AÃ -' (6:76þ79).
" C_v-d-mloant\mSv At±l¯ns³d \mYs³d Imcy¯n XÀ¡n¨hs\¸än \o AdnªntÃ?
AÃmlp Ah¶v B[n]Xyw \ÂInbXn\memWv (Ah\Xn\v apXnÀ¶Xv). Fs³d \mY³ Pohn¸n¡pI
bpw acn¸n¡pIbpw sN¿p¶h\mIp¶p F¶v C_v-d-mlow ]dªt¸mÄ Rm\pw Pohn ¸n¡pIbpw
acn¸n¡pIbpw sN¿p¶phtÃm F¶mWh³ ]dªXv. C_v-d-mlow- ]dªp: F¶mÂ, AÃmlp
kqcys\ Ing¡p\n¶v sIm­phcp¶p. \obXns\ ]Snªmdp\n¶v sIm­phcnI. At¸mÄ B kXy
\ntj[n¡v D¯cw ap«nt¸mbn. A{IanIfmb P\Xsb AÃmlp t\Àhgnbnem¡pIbnÃ'' (2:258).
" F-¶mÂ-,- AhÀ (ssZh§Ä) Fs³d i{Xp¡fmIp¶p; temIc£nXmhv HgnsI. AXmbXv Fs¶
krjvSn¨v F\n¡v amÀKZÀi\w \ÂIns¡m­ncn¡p¶h³. F\n¡v Blmcw XcnIbpw IpSn\oÀ
XcnIbpw sN¿p¶h³. F\n¡v tcmKw _m[n¨m Ah\mWv Fs¶ kpJs¸Sp¯p¶Xv. Fs¶
acn¸n¡pIbpw ]n¶oSv Pohn¸n¡pIbpw sN¿p¶h³. {]Xn-^e¯ns³d \mfn GsXmcph³ Fs³d
sXäv s]mdp¯pXcpsa¶v Rm³ Bin¡p¶pthm Ah³'' (26:77þ82).
ip²amb GIssZh hnizmkwhgn kwkvIcn¡s¸SpIbpw AÃmlphn kIeXpw `ctaÂ]n¡pI
hgn \nÀ`b\mhpIbpw sNbvX C_vd- m- low(u) Xs³d {]t_m[\ ]mXbn t\cntS­n h¶ AKv\n
]co£sbt]mepw a\Êv AÂ]wt]mepw N©es¸SmsXbmWv t\cn«Xv:
" At±lw ]dªp: At¸mÄ \n§Ä¡v bmsXmcp D]Imctam D]{Zhtam sN¿m¯ hkvXp¡sf
AÃmlphn\v ]pdsa \n§Ä Bcm[n¡pIbmtWm. \n§fpsSbpw, AÃmlphn\v ]pdsa \n§Ä
Bcm[n¡p¶hcpsSbpw Imcyw A]lmkywXs¶. \n§Ä Nn´n¡p¶ntÃ? AhÀ ]dªp: \n§Ä¡v
(hÃXpw) sN¿m\mIpsa¦n \n§Ä Chs\ Nps«cn¨v IfbpIbpw, \n§fpsS ssZh§sf klmbn¡p
Ibpw sN¿pI. \mw ]dªp: Xotb, \o C_vd- m- loan\v XWp¸pw kam[m\hpambncn¡pI. At±l¯n
s³d Imcy¯n Hcp X{´w {]tbmKn¡m³ AhÀ Dt±in¨p. F¶m Ahsc Gähpw \jvSw]änbhcm
¡pIbmWv \mw sNbvXXv' (21:66þ70).
" AhÀ (At\ym\yw) ]dªp: \n§Ä Ah¶v (C_v-d-mloan\v) th­n Hcp Nqf ]WnbpI. F¶n
«v Ahs\ Pzen¡p¶ AKv\nbn Ct«¡pI. A§s\ At±l¯ns³d Imcy¯n Hcp X{´w Dt±
in¨p. F¶m \mw Ahsc Gähpw A[a·mcm¡pIbmWv sNbvXXv. At±lw ]dªp: XoÀ¨bmbpw
Rm³ Fs³d c£nXmhn¦te¡v t]mhpIbmWv. Ah³ F\n¡v hgn ImWn¡p¶XmWv' (37:97þ99).
" C_v\p Aºmkv(t) \nthZ\w: "R§Ä¡v AÃmlp aXn, `ctaÂ]n¡s¸Sp¶hcn D¯a³
Ah\s{X. C_vd- m- low- (u) AKv\nIpWvU¯nte¡v Fdnbs¸«t¸mÄ ]dª hmIyamWnXv:- "i{Xp
¡Ä \n§Äs¡Xnsc kwLSn¨ncn¡p¶p. AXn\mÂ, \n§Ä Ahsc t]Sn¨psImÅpI'sb¶v AhÀ
]dªt¸mÄ apl½Zv \_n(r)bpw CXpXs¶ ]dªp. AXv kXyhnizmknIfpsS hnizmkw hÀ[n¸n
¡pIbpw sNbvXp. AhÀ {]Jym]n¨p: R§Ä¡v AÃmlp aXn. `ctaÂ]n¡s¸Sp¶h\n AXyp¯
a³ Ah\s{X''- (kzlolp _pJmcn, lZoYv: 4197).
{kjvSmhns\¡pdn¨ tIhet_m[w hgnbà a\pjya\Ên kam[m\hpw \nÀ`bXzhpw im´nbp
ap­mhpI. Hcp {kjvSmhns\¡pdn¨ t_m[w hfsc sNdnb Hcp \yq\]£¯ns\mgn¨v asäÃm
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kµ-nKv[L«§fnse {]KÂ`cpsS {]XnIcW§Ä hyIvXam¡nbn«ps­¶v \mw a\Ênem¡nbtÃm.
{kjvSmhns\¡pdn¨ tIhet_m[aà {]XypX Ahs\ Adntb­Xpt]mse AdnbpIbpw Ah\v
am{Xw AÀ¸nt¡­ Bcm[\IÄ Ah¶p am{Xw AÀ¸n¡pIbpw Ah\n Imcy§sfÃmw `ctaÂ]n
¡pIbpw sN¿pt¼mÄ am{Xta ]qÀWamb \nÀ`bXzhpw kam[m\hpw a\Ênte¡v kzm`mhnIambn
k¶nthin¡pIbpÅq. AÃmlphns\ Ah³ Adnbn¨pX¶Xp {]Imcw a\Ênem¡pIbpw Ahs³d
ap¶n am{Xw XeIp\n¡pIbpw FÃmw Ah\n kaÀ¸n¡pIbqw sNbvXXphgn \nÀ`bcpw im´cpam
bn¯oÀ¶hÀ¡v DZmlcWambmWv JpÀB³ C_vd- m- low-(u) \_nbpsS Ncn{Xw hnhcn¨pXcp¶Xv.
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 8
C´y³ `m-h-§Ä--
^bmkv Zm\njv

GXv Ime-L«
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sXämb Ncn{Xw kp{]-[m\ D]m-[n-bmbn hn\n-tbm-Kn-¡s

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C´y³ kaq-l-¯n Ckvemans\¡pdn-¨pÅ NÀ¨-Ifpw hne-bn-cp-¯-ep-Ifpw hfsc

hyXy-kvX-amb Nne Xe-§fn-emWv F¡m-e¯pw kw`-hn-¡m-dp-Å-Xv. Ckvemw NÀ¨m-hn-
jbam-Ip-¶- L«-§Ä ]cn-tim-[n-¡p-t¼mÄ aäp aX-§-fn \n¶v- `n¶-ambn Nne LS-I-§-
fpsS km¶n[yw {it²-ba- m-Wv. hfscb[nIw Kuc-ht- ¯m-sSbpw Xo£vW- X- t- bm-sSbpamWv
Ckvemw NÀ¨-sN-¿-s¸-Sm-dp-Å-Xv. `oXn-bp-sSbpw B]Âi¦-bp-sSbpw \ng-em«w Ckveman-
s\-¡p-dn¨pÅ kwhm-Z-þ-NÀ¨-I-fn ImWmw.- aäp- aX-§sf At]-£n¨v Ckveman\v t\sc
hnaÀi-\m-ß-I-amb Btcm-]-W-§Ä Gsd D¶-bn-¡-s¸-Sp-¶p. sshtZ-inI ap{Z Btcm-]n-
¡-s¸-Sp¶ {Inkv-Xp-a-X-s¯-¡mÄ Ckvemans\ NÀ¨m-hn-j-b-am-¡p-¶-Xn kwhm-Z-IÀ
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 9
HuÕpIyw ]peÀ¯p-¶p F-¶n-h-bm-W- Ä ]Xn-aq-¶mw \qäm­v khn-ti-j-am\w t¶m¡ P\-hn-`m-K-§Ä¡p-an-S-bn- amä-

h . - t\Sp-¶Xv ImWmw. apK-f-cp-sSbpw aäpw ¯n-\mbn Nne Nn´-IÄ DbÀ¶p-h-¶p.

- ph
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D]-cn-kq-NnX LSI-§Ä aäp- a-X§ (2).- Cke

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dp-Å-Xv. F¶m ]cn-Wm-an-I-amb kmaq-

C´y-bn Ckvemw NÀ¨ -sNbvXp- XpS- D ¯ - t c - ´ y - b n  k w ` - h n - ¨ X v C ´ y ³

lnI amä-§-fpsS Imcy-¯n Cu L«-

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¯ n s â k h n - t i - j X F ¶ \ n e - b n Â

C h n s S \ n e - \ n - ¶ n - c p ¶ a X - § Ä ¡ p w

(3).- GIssZhm-ZÀi-¯n-eq-¶nb km

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hnizm-kþ-ZÀi-\-§Ä¡pw PohnXcoXn-

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IÄ¡p-sa-Xn-cmb Xncp¯Â i_vZ-ambn

Kw apkven-w {]t_m-[-IÀ \S-¯nb ]cn-

Ckvemw {]Xn-I-cn¨v XpS-§nb BZy-\m- (1).- C´y-bnse AhÀW-À¡pw ]n

{i-a-§Ä C´y-bnse PmXnhyh-Ø-bp-

sSbpw kmaql
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taÂ]dª ]Ým-¯e LSI-§Ä

Imc-W-ambn aX-]-cn-hÀ¯-\-§-tfmSpw

A \ y - a X k t µ - i - § - t f m S p w ] p d w X n c n

ªp \n¶nc
- p¶
- khÀW- ]£¯
- p\
- n¶v

Nne {]tXy-I-co-Xn-bn-epÅ {]Xn-I-c-W-

- p­
- mb
- n. khÀWÀ
- ]n´pS
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- p¶

km{¼Zmbn-I-amb kmaq-ln-I-L-S-\¡v

shÃp-hnfn DbÀ¯n-s¡-m­v Ckvemw

kPo-h-amb NÀ¨mhnj-am-bn-¯p-S-§p-I-

- nc
- p¶p B ImeL
- «w apX¡v
. hf

sc kzm`m-hn-Ihpw kl-P-hp-amWv C´y-

bnse PmXn-hyh-Øbpw AXnsâ XpSÀ

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e mw Nˬmh
- nj-
taÂ]dª ]Ým-¯e LSI {]-{In-b-Ifpw F¶ `mh-¯n-em-bn-cp¶p

am-bn-¯oÀ¶p F¶-XmWv C´y-bn-se

§Ä Imc-W-ambn aX-]-cn- khÀWÀ

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- v
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bp-d¨p-t]mb kmaqly Nn´-I-fp-sS bpw

v mansâ Ncn{Xw tcJoI
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hÀW-m-[n-jvT-n-X-amb coXn-I-fp-sS bpw

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aXktµ-i-§-tfmSpw ]pdwXncn ^ea

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- À¡v adn¨v

F. -Un. ]Xn-aq¶mw \qäm-­n-\-Sp¯

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- ¯
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v mw C´y³ kaq-
ªp \n¶n-cp-¶ khÀW- ]£- Nn´n-¡m³ km[n-¡p-am-bn-cp-¶n-Ã. Cu

- c
- y¯
- n ]pXnb Nn´I
- f
- ps
- Sbpw

- n kPoh
- a
- mbn CSs
- ]«
- pX
- pS
- §
- p¶-

¯p-\n¶v Nne {]tXy-I-co-Xn-bn-

amä-¯n-\m-bpÅ A`n-em-j-§-fp-sSbpw

X v . A X n \ v a p ¼ p Å L « - ¯ n Â

epÅ {]Xn-I-c-W-§-fp-­m-bn. t{]c-W-bm-Ip-hm³ Ckvem an\v km[n-

Ckvemansâ km¶-n[yw kwib-m-Xo-X-

ambn, Ncn-{X-]-c-ambn sXfn-bn-¡-s¸-«n-«n-

khÀW-À ]n´p-SÀ¶n-cp¶ ¨p. Ckvemans\¡pdn-¨pÅ B]-Âi-¦-

IÄ khÀ-W-cnÂ- \m¼n-«p- Xp-S-§n-b-Xv

Ã. AtXkabw PmXo-b-X-bp-sSbpw hÀ

km{¼Zmbn-I-amb kmaq-ln-I-L-
C u L « - ¯ n - e m - W v . D ¯ - t c - ´ y - b n s e

- {
- ia kwhn[
- m\
- ¯
- ns
- âbpw Xnàm\
- p-

S-\¡v shÃp-hnfn DbÀ¯n- PmXn-hyh-Øsb¡pdn-¨pÅ X sâ ]T-

- §
- sf tcJoI
- c
- n¡
- p¶ hyhØ
- m]
- nX
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amb C´ym-N-cn{Xw \ÂIp¶ sXfn-hp-

s¡m­v Ckvemw kPo-h-amb \ - § - f n - Â { _ n « o j v N c n - { X - I m - c \ m b

v _n.- {Klmw Cke
v mansâ kmaq-

IÄ A\p-k-cn¨v C´y³ kaq-l-¯n Â

ln-I-amb CS-s]-S-ep-IÄ khÀW-ln-µp-

- Ä¡
- mb
- pÅ Hcp iàa
- mb P\I
- o-

bn-cp¶p B Ime-L«w ¡-fn Df-hm-¡nb B]Xv`oXn-I-sf-¡p-

bm-`n-emjw hym]-I-ambn¯oÀ-¶ Hcp

L«w IqSn-bmWv F-. -Un. ]Xn-aq¶mw \q

apX¡v. hf dn¨v kqNn-¸n-¡p-¶p-­v. Ckveman s\

B]Xv`oXn-tbmsS ho£n-¡p¶ a t\m-

- v
. C´yb
- psS ZfnX
- pI
- f
- ps
- Sbpw Ah

sc kzm`m-hn-Ihpw kl-Ph
- p-
`m-h-¯n\v C´y-bpsS kmaq-ly Ncn-{X-

ÀW-hn-`m-K-§-fp-sS ]qÀhIm-e A-h-Ø-

amWv C´y-bnse PmXn-hyh- ¯n F-. -Un. ]Xn-aq¶mw \qäm-t­m-f-

I s f ¡ p d n - ¨ p Å k z X - { ´ h p w X p d ¶

kz`m-h-t¯m-Sp-Iq-Sn-b-Xp-amb ]T-\-§Ä
Øbpw AXnsâ XpSÀ {]-{In-b- sa-¦nepw ]g-¡-ap­v F¶ÀYw.

- ns\ {]tXyI
- a
- mbn ASb
- mf
- s
- ¸Sp-

Ifpw F¶ `mh-¯n-em-bn-cp¶p
apK-fcpw Ckvemapw
- bpw sNbX
v n«
- p­
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v - C´
- yb
- psS kmaq-

khÀW-À apt¶m«v \o§n-bn-cp-

Ckvemapw C´ym-N-cn-{Xhpw X½n-

ln-I-am-ä-§-fpsSbpw ]cn-Wm-a-§-fp-sS

epÅ _Ô-s¯-¡p-dn-¨pÅ NÀ¨-bnÂ

bpw Ncn-{X-tc-J-IÄ ]cn-tim-[n-¡p-t¼m

- nI
- a
- mbpw IS¶
- ph
- c
- md
- pÅ Hcp `c-

2008 P-\p-h-cn- 10
W-hw-i-amWv apK-f-·mcptS-Xv. bYmÀY- sSbpw kwKoX
- ¯
- ns
- âbpw t]cn  A`n- -¨-Xnsâ ]n¶nse \ntbm-K-]-c-amb {]m

¯n CXv Ncn-{X-]-Tn-Xm-¡fn ASn-bp- am\w sImÅp¶ Ckveman-I-km-{amPy'- [m\yw AwKo-I-cn-¡p-Ibpw sN¿p-¶Xp

- pt
- ]mb anYyI
- f
- psS ^ea
- mbn«p kw`- ¯n\v Ckvemansâ Ncn-{X-¯n CSw ImWmw. (k-Zm-\µv atlm¡À FgpXn

hn-¡p-¶-Xm-Wv. ImcWw, apK-fÀ C´y- t\Sm\

- mb
- nÃ
- . F¶m Xs¶bpw ]nÂIm- hmcW
- mk
- nb
- nse Pbl
v nµv ]»nt
- ¡j
- ³

b n  C k v e m a n s â { ] X n - \ n - [ n - I - f m b n e¯v C´y-bp-sS Ncn-{Xs¯ hÀK-o-b- {]kn-²o-I-cn¨ ""[Àa ]cn{imw In k¨n

- s
- ¸«
- h
- c
- mb
- nc
- p¶
- nÃ
- . apKf
- ·
- mc
- psS ambn tcJo-I-cn-¨-hÀ apK-fsc aX-{`m-´- Ilm-\n-bmw''- `-mKw- 2,- t]Pv- 346).-

awtKm-fn-b³þ t]Àjy³ an{inX aX-kw- ·m-cmb apkven-w `c-Wm-[n-Im-cn-I-fmbn

GXv ImeL
- «
- ¯
- ne
- mb
- mepw Ckv
e m

I mcw Ckv
e mansâ auenI- LS
- \
- I
- Ä tcJ-s¸-Sp-¯n.

- \¡
- pd
- n¨
- pÅ `oXnb
- pw `bhpw hym]n-

¡pw Bib
- k
- wh
- n[
- m\
- §Ä¡pw \nc¡
- p-

Ah-cpsS `c-W-Imew sslµh C ¡p-¶-Xn sXämb Ncn{Xw kp{]-[m\

- mb
- nc
- p¶
- nÃ
- . ioCk¯
- ns
- âbpw t]À

´ybpsS Ncn-{X-¯nse Gähpw A]-I- D ] m - [ n - b m b n h n \ n - t b m - K n - ¡ - s ¸ « p I m

jy-\n-k-¯n-sâbpw LSI-§Ä apK-f-

S-I-c-amb Zim-k-Ôn-bmbn AhÀ Nn{Xo- Wmw. hn`-P-\m-\-´-c- L-«-¯n lnµp

cpsS Ckv
e man IqSnb
- t
- XmX
- ne
- p­
- mb
- n-

I-cn-¨p. A§s\ Ab-YmÀY-amb Ncn- Xz cmj{

v Sob {]Øm\
- §
- Ä sI«g
- n¨
- ph
- n«

cp-¶p. C¯cw ZuÀ_-ey-§-fpÅ aX-

{X Z
- pÀhymJ
- ym\¯nsâ klmb
- t
- ¯msS N c n - { X - ¯ n s â a p J w a q S n - b - W n - ¡ - s ¸ «

hpambn `c-W-I-À¯m-¡-fmbn Pohn¨

\ncp-]-{Z-h-amb Hcp Ime-L-«s¯ B]- \pWI

- Ä {][m\
- a
- mbpw Cke
v mans
- \ bpw

Ahsc Xncp-¯phm³ A¡m-e-s¯ ]

Û o - X n - t b m s S t \ m ¡ n - ¡ m - W m - \ p Å apkv
e nw
- Is
- fbpw Ipämt
- cm]
- W
- h
- nt
- [b
- a
- m-

Þn-Xtcm {]t_m-[-Itcm Imcy-ambn

t{]cW ]n¡m-e C´y³ Ncn{X ]Tn- ¡p¶

- h
- b
- mb
- nc
- p¶
- p. A¯cw Ipämt
- cm]
- -

- nc
- p¶panÃ
- . C´yb
- nse t£{Xk
- w-

Xm-¡-fn-te¡v hnt£-]n-¡-s¸-Sp-Ibpw W - § - f n  I g n ª \ q ä m - ­ p - I - f n s e

kvIm-c-hp-ambpw sslµh aXm-ß-I-X-

X p. apkven-w `c-W-IÀ¯m-¡Ä, kp¯m-

bpsS H«\
- h
- [n hi§
- f
- pa
- mbpw X§fpsS

·mÀ, hnhn[
- \
- m«
- pc
- mP
- y§
- f
- n `cWw \S-

Ckveman-s\-¡p-dn-¨pÅ B]-Xvi-¦-

aX-s¯bpw hnizm-k -\n-e-]m-Sp-I-sfbpw

¯nb apkven-w `c-Wm-[n-Im-cn-IÄ F¶n-

IÄ C´y-bn BZy-ambn cq]-sa-Sp¯

Iq«n-bn-W-¡n-s¡m­v an{inX cq]-¯n-

h - c p - a m - s b m s ¡ _ Ô - s ¸ - S p - ¯ n - b p Å

Xv Chn-Ss¯ khÀW- a\-Êp-I-fnÂþA-

epÅ aXL
- S
- \
- ¡v cq]w \ÂInb
- hcmWv

]e IYI
- fpw D­mb
- nc
- p¶
- p. C´yb
- psS,-

h-cn Xs¶ \n£n-]vX- XmÂ]-cy-¡m-

Adn-b-s¸-Sp¶ FÃm apK-f-N-{I-hÀ¯n-

hnhn[ \qäm­
- pI
- f
- ne
- mbn hnhn[ CS§
- -

cmb taÂt¡mbv
a m hmZ¯
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- mc
- nÂþ B

amcpw. Cu ]«nI
- b
- n \n¶v HcÂ]w AI-

fn `cWw \S-¯nb F Ãm apkven-w

bn-cp-¶p-sh-¶Xv {it²-b-am-Wv. AtX

e-¯n \nÀ¯m-hp-¶Xv HudwKko_n

- mc
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- fpw s]mXphmbn s¨bv
X Htc-

kabw ]nt¶m¡ hn`m-K-§-fnepw A[x-

sâ \ma-t[bw am{X-am-Wv.

sbmcp Imcyw Chn-Sp-s¯ lnµp-¡sf

ØnX-cnepw t\sc-sNmsÆ kaq-ls¯

aX-\n-c-t]-£-X, hnimeNn´ F¶n- s I m s ¶ m - S p - ¡ p - I b p w t £ { X - § Ä

]T-\-hn-t[-b-am-¡nb khÀW-cnepw A

h-bp-sS-sbms¡ t]cn Adn-b-s¸-Sp¶ XIÀ¡p-Ibpw Cu \mSnsâ ]mc-¼-cy-

¯ c w ` o X n b p s S t \ c n b A w i - § Ä

FÃm apKf
- N
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- Ih
- À¯na
- mcpw kz´w aX- tijn¸pIsf \mam-h-ti-j-am-¡p-Ibpw

t]mepw D­m-bn-cp-¶n-Ã. CXnsâ kqN-

¯nsâ Imcy-¯n th­{X {i²m-ep- DÄs¸-sS-bpÅ hn[z-wkI-X-bm-bn-cp-¶p-

- Ä apKf
- c
- psS Ime¯pw tijw h¶

¡ - f m - b n - c p - ¶ n - Ã . A X p - s I m - ­ m W h À sh-¶v ]cn-hm-dnsâ ]qÀhn-IÀ {]N-cn-¸n-

\ q ä m - ­ p - I - f n e p w - k w L - ] - c n - h m - d n s â

kÀh-a-X-§-sfbpw kln-¡p-¶-h-cmbn ¨p. khÀ

- Wl
- nµ
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- psS kmaql
- y`
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ssii-h-Im-e-¯p-saÃmw hym]-I-ambn

Ncn-{X-¯n Adn-b-s¸-«-Xv. ]pXn-sbmcp b n  \ n ¶ m - h n À ` - h n ¨ { ] t X y - I - X c w

ImWmw. tIm¬{KÊ
- n\
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- p­
- mb
- nc
- p ¶

aXw Øm]n¨p-sIm­v AIv_À N{I- h n t Z z j w ] n  ¡ m - e ¯ v I r { X n - a - a m b

- mZ
- nI
- f
- mb lnµpa
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- k
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v c
- n \n¶p-

hÀ¯n kz´w aXt¯mSpÅ AI¨ N c n { X \ n À a - m - W - t ¯ m f w h n I - k n - ¨ p .

t ] m e p w N n e A ] q À h - L
- - « - § - f n Â

¡v Ncn{
- X¯
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- bpw sNbv ]s¯m¼
- Xmw \qäm­
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- psS

e mans
- \¡
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Xp. AIv_-dn-sâ-b-Sp-s¯-¯n-sÃ-¦nepw a d - ] n - S n ¨ p h f À ¶ p h ¶ a X - h n - t Z z j w

IÄ ]pds
- ¸«
- nc
- p¶p F¶X
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- hk
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- pX
- b
- m-

Hmtcm apKÄ N{I-hÀ¯n-bpw Gdnbpw Ir{Xna IY-I-fp-sSbpw Dulm-t]m-l-§-

v - kwL]
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Ipdªpw kz´w aX-t¯mSv ]c-am-h[n fp-sSbpw- hn-X-c-W-¯n-\v- kp-K-a-am-b- ]-iv-

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- ma
- t
- [b
- §
- f
- mb

AI-¶p-\n-¶p. Cu cwK¯v HudwKko Nm-¯-e-ambn-¯oÀ¶p. AXn sâ sXm«p-

_n.- BÀ. ap-wsP,- aZ³ taml³ amfhy

_ v a Z v l - _ n - e - [ n - j v T - n - X - a m b P m { K X ap¼v ]Xn-s\«v, ]Xn-t\-gv, ]Xn-\mdv \qäm-

XpS-§n-b-hÀ C¯-c-¯n {]Xn-I-cn-¨-h-

ImWn¨p. l³_eo aZvl_pw l\^o ­p-I-fn D¯-tc-´y-bn-eq-¶nb {]Nm-

c m - b n - c p - ¶ p . - t K m Ä h m Ä ¡ - d p - s S b p w

aZvl_pw AwKo-I-cn-¨n-cp¶ At±lw cW kwL§

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v nw
- þ Cke
v mw hntZz-

s l K v t U h m d n - s â b p w P o h n - X - ¯ n Â

- mc
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- fbpw AÔh
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- mk
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- a
- mb ]cnt
- hj
- hpw ]Ým-

hfsc-b-[nIw kzm[o\w sNep-¯n-b-h-

bpw FXnÀ¡m-s\-¶-t]-cn Xsâ ka- ¯-e-hp-sam-cp-¡n-sh-¨n-cp-¶p.

cm-bn-cp¶p _n.- BÀ. apwsPbpw aZ³

Im-eo\cmb Nne ]Þn-X-·m-cpsS k

taml³ amfh
- ybpw. lnµpX
- zh
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- b Ncn- "Ckvemw`oXn'-
-bpsS Awi-§Ä G

- t
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- ne
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- ia
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- Ä

{X-¯nse a[y-hÀ¯n-I-fmb B c­p dnbpw Ipd-ªpw At\Iw \qäm­pI-

Hcp ]cn-[n-h-sc-sb-¦nepw {it²-b-am-bn-

t]cpw Ckvemw C´y³ kaq-l-¯n fmbn C´y³þ kaq-l-¯n hnXcWw

- p. F¶m AXpsIm­v am{Xw apK-

- nb KpW]
- c
- a
- mb kzm[o\
- §
- Ä sN¿-s¸«p h¶n-cp-¶p-sh-¶Xv Ncn-{X-am-

f-cpsS Imes¯ Ckvemw- c£-s¸-Sp-I-

- pk
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- n¡
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- bpw kmaql
- ya
- mä
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- Ä ]n¶oSv ]eX
- cw ]cn-

bp-­m-bn-«n-Ã. apK-f-km{am Pyw Ncn-{X-

\pÅ ià-amb t{]c-W-IÄ sIm­v C Wma

- §
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- a
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- nt
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¯nsâ `mK-ambn¯oÀ¶n«pw "Ie-I-fp-

kvemw C´y³ kaq-ls¯ ]p\À\nÀan- hÀK-o-bX, kmkvIm-cn-I-tZ-io-b-X-bpsS

2008 P-\p-h-cn- 11
PU-n-e-amb Bi-b-§Ä, k\m-X-\[Àa- emw `oXnb
- ps
- S DuÀPa
- mb
- mWv D]t
- bmK
- - Xpw khÀW-À DÄs¸-Sp¶ C´y-¡msc

hm-Z-¯nsâ Bkp-c-{]-h-W-X-IÄ F¶n- s¸-Sp-¯n-b-Xv. 1920þ Ifn {]N-cn-¨ncp HXp¡n \nÀ¯nbncp-¶Xpw.

h-sbms¡ taÂ]-dª `oXn-bpsS ]cn- ¶ Nne Imcy-§Ä C{]-Im-c-am-bn-cp-¶p:-

(3).- AXy-[nIw A]-I-S-I-chpw `oXn-

Wn-X-cq-]-§fmWv. Cu taJ-e-bn Im

(1).- ]Xn\
- m
- b
- nc¡W¡
- n\v hÀjw ]g- bpW
- À¯p¶
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- pa
- mb Hcp X¯z
- i
- mk
- v
{ X-

- ms
- bmcp hfÀ¨ ]n¶oSv kwL]
- c
- nh
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¡-apÅ C´y-bpsS kwkvImcs¯bpw am-Wv Ckvemw. AXv ISp¯ A{I-ahm-

dnsâ BhnÀ`mhw hn`-P-\-¯nsâ apdn-

AXnsâ tijn-¸p-I-sfbpw XIÀ¯Xv k\

- bpw lnwkbpw hfÀ¯p¶
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- pa
- mW
- v

¸m-Sp-IÄ F¶n-h-bn-se-Ãm-ambn ImWp-

Bbncw hÀj-§Ä¡v ap¼v am{Xw C

(4).- C´y-bn \n¶v apkven-wI-sf


´y-bn-se-¯nb apkven-wI-fm-bn-cp-¶p.

- ¯
- nÂ
\mSp-I-S-¯msX ChnsS BÀ¡pw kz

- nsâ ]¦v
(2).- apkven-wIÄ ChnsS hmfpw `oj- Ø PohnXw km[y-ta-b-Ã.

Wn-bpw D]-tbm-Kn-¨mWv `cWw t\Sn-b

taÂ]dª {]Nm-c-W-§sf ASn-

Øm-\-am¡n cq]w sIm­ ]²-Xn-bmWv

hn`-P\w. cmPyw ]¦p-sh-¨n-«m-sW-¦nepw

icn apkven-wIsf ChnsS \n¶v Hgn-hm-

- s
- b¶
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- mWv kpc£
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-v mh
- i
- ya
- mb

GI\S-]-Sn-sb¶p hniz-kn-¡p-¶-hcpw

- n¸
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- cpambn H«\
- h [nt]À

cwK-¯p-h-¶p. kzm`m-hn-I-ambpw C¯-c-

¡mÀ Hcp tNcn-bm-hp-Ibpw Ah À¡v

Hcp cmjv{So-bw DS-se-Sp-¡p-Ibpw B

{ Sobw lnµpc
- mj
- v
{ Sob
- s
- a¶ kz ]v
\ -

¯nsâ km£mÂIm-c-¯n-\m-bpÅ ]cn-

{i-a-§fpw D]m-[n-Ifpw Bcm-bp-Ibpw

sNbvXn-cp-¶p. 1925þÂ BÀ. Fkv. Fkv.

- mb
- t¸mÄ taÂ]d
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C ´ y m - N - c n - { X - ¯ n  I m W m - \ n - S - b m - s b -
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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 12
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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 13
{Xn-Xz- k-¦Â-]-¯n-se-


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Xy-kv-X- A`n-{]m-b-§Ä- k-`-bn-ep-­-m-bn- k-Xy-k-Ô-a-Ã- F-¶p- hy-àw.- cm-b- ssZ-hw- H-¶m-sW-¶pw- hm-Zn-¨p.- _n-

cp-¶p.- F¶mÂ- {Xn-X-z-s¯- \n-tj-[n-¡p- j-¸n-s³-d- hm-Zw- i-cn-b-Ã- F-¶v- A-dn-bq-

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ÊnÂ-sh-¨v- kw-km-cn-¡-sh- H-cp- kp-hn- hm-b- ssZ-h-¯mÂ- kr-jv-Sn-¡-s¸-«-h-\m-

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Xv!- A-s¸m-kv-X-e- {]-hr-¯n-I-fnÂ- C-§- k-I-e-¯n-\pw- ap-¼v- ssZ-hw- X-\n-¨m-bn- A-Sn-kv-Ym-\ hn-izm-kw.- A-Xp-s-Im-­p-X-

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W-tam?- Watch Tower Bible and Track So- hi
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ciety {]kn-²o-I-c-Ww,- t]-Pv- 7).-
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(ti-jw- t]-Pv- 28 Â)-

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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 14
hnizm-kn-\nbpw amXr-[Àahpw
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k´m-\-§Ä kÀhm-[n-\m-Y-sâ- A AÃm-lp-hn-s\bpw {]-hm-N-I-s\-bpw- Imcy-§-fn amÕcyw ImWn-¡m\pw

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am-Wv. ssZhnI hn[n-I-fn-sem-Xp-§p¶ ¶-I¶p \n¡p-¶, ssZh-h-gn-bn [\ Bthi

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kÂ]-Ùm-hn-eqsS k´m-\-§-sf, k hpw X\phpw sNe-h-gn-¡m³ XmÂ-]-cy- Xv

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t]mIpI F¶Xv Aev]w t¢iw Xs¶- ¡m³ hnizm-kn-\n-bmb amXmhv kÀh-m-

ap³Ime h\n-X-I-fpsS If-cn-bnÂ

bm-Wv. F¶m kXy-hn-izm-kn-\n-bmb ß\m bXv

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t\m-Spw {]hm-N-I-t\m-SpÅ BßmÀY-

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h n i z m - k - § f p w A a q - e y - a m b k z ` m h bhpw am\p-jn-I-hpamb kÂKp-W-§Ä-

bpÅ BßmÀ¸W
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k { ¼ - Z m - b - § f p w a ¡ - f n  a p f - b n t e ioen-¡m³ in£Ww \ÂI-Ww. IrXy

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hfÀ¯n-sb-Sp-¡p-¶-Xn Hcp hnizm-kn- ka-b¯v \a-kvImcw \nÀh-ln-¡m\pw

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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 15
]mc-{XnI `mhn `mkp-c-am-¡m-\pÅ bXv e³ Fsâ ImXn tNmZn¨p: ¯n\p th­n Xsâ \mep IcÄ¡-jvW-
\-a-m-bn-cp¶p BZy-Ime hnizm-kn-\n-I-fp- ""BcmWo A_q-PlvÂ? Xm¦Ä¡- §sf cW-`q-an-bn-te¡v ]d-ªb - ¨ D½.
tS-Xv. C¶s¯ amXm-¡s- f-t¸mse, Ipsd bmsf Adn-bptam?'' Ahsc ]S¡p]dªp hnSp¶ B amXm-
tbmKy-XI - fpw km£y-]{- X-§fpw DbÀ¶ ""Adn-bpw... A_qPlvens\ Adn- hnsâ bm{X-msamgn tIÄ¡q:
hcp-am-\-apÅ tPmenbpw t\Sn sFlnI ªn«v Ip«n-s¡´v Imcyw?''þRm³ tNm- ""Fsâ a¡-tf, A\p-k-c-W-tbm-sS-
`mhn am{Xw kpc-£n-X-am-¡m³ a¡sf Zn-¨p: bmWv \n§Ä apkvenw-If- m-bX - .v tkz jvS
kÖam¡pI-bm-bn-cp-¶nà AhÀ. hcm- {]Im-c-amWv \n§Ä a¡hn«v ln Pvd (]-
\n-cn-¡p¶ bYmÀY- temI¯v AÃm-lp- ""{]hm-NI Xncp-ta-\nsb Gsd t{Zm em-b-\w)- t]m¶-Xv. AÃmlp am{X-amWv
hn \n¶v e`n-t¡­ "Hdn-Pn-\ kÀ«n- ln¨ ZpjvS\ - m-Wb
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^n-¡äp'Ifpw kzÀK-¯nse "Un{Kn'Ifpw i]-Ys- a-S¯
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a¡Ä¡p \jvS-s¸-Sptam F¶-Xm-bn- In Rmh-\-hs\ h[n¡pw AsÃ-¦n a¡-fmWv \n§Ä. Adn-bp-I, Cu \izc
cp¶p Ah-cpsS `bw. B amÀK-¯n Rm³ acn¡pw'' þ Ah³ temI-s¯-¡mÄ sa¨-am-bXv ]mc-{XnI
BZy-Ime amXm-¡-fpsS \gvk-dn-I- ]dªp.- Pohn-X-am-Wv. Ft¸mgpw \n§Ä At§-
fnÂ\n¶pw hfÀ¶p h¶-hc- m-scm-s¡....? Rm\-Ûp-Xs- ¸-«p. Ip«n¯w amdm¯ bäw £a Im«p-I. GXp cwK¯pw Dd¨p
t\Xm-¡Ä... tbm²m-¡Ä ... ipl-Zm-¡Ä Hcp _mesâ N]-eX - b
- Ã- , Ccp¯w h¶ \n¡p-I. AÃm-lp-hn-s\bmWv kq£n-
... ]ns¶, ]Þn-X³amÀ..... {]t_m-[- tbm²m-hnsâ BÀP-h-amWv Rm\m t¡-­-Xv. Ahs\ kq£n-¡p-¶-hÀt¡
IÀ.... Nn´-I³amÀ.... temI-sa¶pw A`n- hm¡p-I-fn I­-Xv. hnP-bn-¡m-\m-hq. bp²w F{Xtbm tLm-
am-\-t¯msS HmÀ¡p¶ alZv-hyàn-Xz- ASp¯ _me\pw Ft¶mSp tNmZn- c-am-h-s«, \n§Ä BZy´w ià-ambn
§Ä.... kz´w a¡sf ssZh-amÀK-¯n ¨Xpw ]d-ªXpw CXp Xs¶. [oc-cmb t]mcm-Sp-I. F¦n imizX temI ¯v
[Àa ka-c-¯n-\n-d-¡n-hn« amXrIm h\n- c­p ]S-bm-fn-It- fm-sSm-¸a- m-WsÃm Xm³ \n§Ä am\y-Xbpw [\y-Xbpw t\Sm-
X-IÄ. Ch-cn \ap¡pw amXr-XI - b
- p­v F¶-Xn F\n-¡`- n-am-\a- p-­m-bn. bp ²w \mhp; DbÀ¶ ]Z- h nbpw.'' (AÂ
ktlm-Zc- n-It- f!- \S-¡p-I-bm-Wv. Rm\-hÀ¡v A_q-P- J³kmAv- imC-dX-p _\o kpsse, apl-
_ZvÀ bp²-¯n\p Xbm-sd-Sp-¡p-I- lvens\ ImWn¨p sImSp-¯p-. B \nan ½Zv Pm_nÀ).-
bmWv \_n(e )bpw kzlm-_n-I-fpw. jw AhÀ A_q-P-lvens\ B{I-an¨p J³km-Av- (t) a¡sf bm{X-bb - ¨p.
Ckvem-anI Ncn-{X-¯nse {]Ya bp²w. \ne-¯n-«p. AÀ[-{]-Ú-\mbn sht«äp kz´w a¡Ä¡v C¯cw D]-tZ-ihpw
Bß-ss[-cyhpw ]IÀ¶p sImSp-¡p¶
Akvam, \n§Ä¡p awK-f-§Ä.....! AÃm-lp-hn-s\-b-ÃmsX Hcp amXmhv Fhn-bp-­n-¡m-e¯v?
asäm-¶n-s\bpw þ acW-s¯ t]mepw `b-¡m¯ þ Hcp ]p{X- CXp IqSn tIÄ¡p-I. D½p A½m-d-
¶v, ]ÀhXw t]mse-bp-d¨, knwl-ss[cyw hcn¨ Hcp bpsS IY-bm-Wn-Xv. AXn-`-àbpw H¸w
tbm²m-hn¶v in£Ww sImSp¯ Akvam, \n§Ä¡p awK- [oc-bp-amb hnizm-kn-\n. {]hm-N-I-t\m-
sSm¸w Ah-sc-{Xtbm bp²§fn ]
f-§Ä...!- s¦-Sp-¯n-«p-­v. apdn-th¡p¶ apkvenw
`S³amsc ip{iq-jn¨p sIm­v bp²-¡
s]äp-hf- À¶ \mSp-hn-t«mSn aZo-\b
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bn«pw BZÀi-a-\p-k-cn¨v kzØ-ambn ¯nb ]p{X³ CIvcn-a, A_q-P-lvens\ DlvZv bp²-amWp cwKw. bp²-¯nÂ
Pohn-¡m-\\ - p-hZ- n-¡m¯ {Iqc-cmb apivcn- Ip¯n-ho-gv-¯nb apB-Zns\ Bªp Ahc-ps- S ]p{X³ A½m-db - p-ap-­v. tLmc-
¡p-I-tfm-SpÅ \ne-\n-ev]nsâ t]mcm-«w. sh«n. sht«äv apB-Znsâ ssI Xq§n-bm- amb bp²-¯n-\n-S-bn At±-l-¯nsâ
AhÀ¡n-S-bneXm c­p Ip«n-IÄ: Sn. B _me³ t]mcm«w \nÀ¯n-bn-Ã. tXmfn-\v- amc-amb apdn-th-äp. \ne-bv¡m
Hu^pw apB-Zpw.- bp²-¯n-s\m-cp-§p¶ Aäp Xq§p¶ ssI- Xsâ t]mcm-«¯ - n\p ¯ cà-{]-hm-lw. I¿n-ep-­m-bn-cp¶
apkvenw ssk\nIsc ImWm³ h¶-XÃ XS-Êa- m-sW¶p I­-t¸mÄ apBZv AXp _m³tU-Pp-IÄ sIm­v D½p A½md
AhÀ. {]hm-N-I-t\m-sSm¯v bp²-¯n sNbvXp....! Xsâ ssI Imen-¶-Sn-bn ]p{Xsâ apdnhv hcn-ªp-sI-«n. {]hm-N-
]s¦-Sp-¡m³, amXmhv A^vdm Ah-sc sh¨v Bsªm-scmä hen! ssI thsd- I-\Xp t\m¡n \n¡p-bm-bn-cp-¶p. ti
bpw ]d-ª-b-¨-Xm-bn-cp-¶p. bmbn!! B bp²w apkvenw-IÄ hnP-bn- jw AhÀ aI-t\m-Smbn ]dªp: " tams\,
{]apJ kzlm_n A_vZpÀlvam³ ¨p. AXn Xsâ ktlm-Z-c³ Hu^v Fgp-t¶Â¡q-.... sN¶v bp²w XpScq...-''
_v\p Hu^v(t) -B kw`hw hnh-cn-¡p- cà-km-£n-bm-bn. apBZv ]t£, aq¶mw AÛp-X-s¸«p {]hm-N-I³. ""D½p A
¶Xp tIÄ¡q:- " Rm³ bp²-ap-¶W - n-bn Jeo^ Dkvam³(t)sâ `-c-W-Imew h- ½m-d, \n§Ä¡p km[n-¡p-¶Xv sN¿m
\n¡p-Ib - m-W.v Fsâ Ccp hihpw c­v sc- ]ns¶bpw Pohn-¨p.'' (AÊ-o-d-X-p-¶- ³ BÀ¡p km[n-¡pw!- \n§Ä¡p km[n-
A³kmco _me³amÀ. Ah-sc-¡mÄ _-hn-¿, C_v\plnimw, hm. 1,- t]. 634, ¡p-¶Xv sN¿m³ BÀ¡p km[n-¡pw.....'
Ign-hpä tbm²m-¡-tfm-sSm-¸-am-bn-cp¶p 635).- {]hm-N-I³ a{´n¨psImt­-bn-cp-¶p.
Rms\¦n F¶p Rm\m-{K-ln¨p t]m CXv Pmln-eo-þ-C-kvem-anI Ih-b{Xn- hymP {]hm-N-I-\mbn apssk-en-a-
bn At¸mÄ, B kabw AXn-semcp _m J³km-Av-, Ckvem-ansâ kwc-£-W- bpsS ASp-t¯¡v \_n(e) ZqX\mbn
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 16
]d-ª-b-¨Xv D½p A½-m-d-bpsS Xs¶
]p{X-\mb Jºm-_n-s\-bm-bn-cp-¶p. ] hn]Õ-Ôn-I-fn Pohn-X-¯n Ccp«pt]mse ]d-s¶-¯p-
t£, IÅ-\mb apssk-ena {]hm-NI t¼mgpw k¦oÀW--amb {]iv\-§fpw {]Xn-k-Ôn-Ifpw \mep-
ZqX- \ mb Jºm- _ ns\ AwK- t OZw
\S¯n h[n¨p If-ªp. aIsâ \njvTq- ]mSpw \n¶m-{I-an-¡p-t¼mgpw a\-Ê-p-d¨ kXy-hn-izm-k-\n
c-amb h[-hmÀ¯ D½p Aam-db
Ah-cn \n¶pw amXr-kl
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- P- a- mb s]m«n-
bpsS \ne [oc-am-bn-cn-¡pw.
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hÀ¡v sXän. Cuam³ sIm­v- A\p-{K- «ntÃ?'' fmbn hoW-t¸mÄ B alXn Akm-am-
lo-Xb - mb AhÀ ilo-Zmb Xsâ aI¶p \y-amb ss[cy-amWp Im«n-b-Xv. Xsâ
th­n, X\n¡p th­n AÃm-lp-hn-t\m ""Adp-¡-s¸« BSnsâ tXmep-cn-
Sp {]mÀY-n-¡pI am{X-amWv sNbvX-Xv''- ( ªm³ AXn\p thZ-\n-¡n-sö hn th \mep IcÄ¡-jvW§ - Ä! Pohn-X¯
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A aÀ-A-X-p Ad-_n-¿, A_vZpà Iw lÖm-Pn\v ]dªp sImSp-¡m³ Bew-_§ - Ä! ap¼v "kJvdn's\¡p-dn-t¨m
A^o-^n, hm. 2,- t]. 94þ96).- Bcp­v?!'' (lpÂb-¯p Huen-bm-Av. À¯p Icª I®p-IÄ At¸m-gp-a-hÀ
hm. 1, t]. 329).- ¡p­v: ]t£, AhÀ Ic-ªn-Ã, {]mÀ
CXv A_q-_-¡À (t)hnsâ ]p{Xn Y-n¨p:
Akvam-Av- (t).- ià-amb hnizm-k-¯n- Akvam, \n§Ä¡p awK-f§ - Ä.....! A
sâbpw DXvIr-jvS-amb k´m\ in£- Ãm-lp-hn-s\-bÃ- msX asäm-¶n-s\bpw þ ac ""a¡-fpsS cà-km-£n-Xz-¯n-eqsS
W-¯n-sâbpw A\p-]a amXr-Ib - m-Wh- À. W-s¯ t]mepw `b-¡m¯ þ Hcp ]p{X-¶,v F\n¡p am\yX \ÂInb \mYm, \n\
]ÀhXw t]mse-bp-d¨, knwl-ss[cyw h ¡p kvXpXn, C\n-sbsâ B{Klw \m
lÖmPv_v\p bqkp-^p-ambn \o­ cn¨ Hcp tbm²m-hn¶v in£Ww sIm sf kzÀK-¯n \nsâb\p-{K-l-¯n³-
\mfs¯ bp²-¯n-em-bn-cp¶p Ah-À.- ]p Sp¯ Akvam, \n§Ä¡p awK-f-§Ä...!- Iogn R§sf \o Hcp-an¨pIq«pI am
{X³ A_vZpÃm-ln-_v\p kpss_À (t). {Xw!'' (HuZ-¯p lnPm-_v, hm. 31, t].
bp²-¯n-\n-S-bn Hcp Znhkw At±lw "Ckvem-an\v- A[n-I-sam¶pw tkh 267).-
D½sb kao-]n¨p ]dªp: \w sN¿m-\m-hm¯ X§Ä¡p th­n
a¡Ä Ft¸mgpw a\-ap-cp-In {]mÀY-n-¡ kl-\-¯nsâ asämcp amXr-I-bmWv
""D½m, lÖmPv a¡ apgp-h³ D]- D½p-kp-ssew(t ). A_q-XzÂlx(t )
tcm-[n¨p Ign-ªn-cn-¡p-¶p. C\nbpw Ww'...- BZy-Ime hnizm-kn-\n-IÄ a¡sf
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t]mcm-Sp-I. th­n-h-¶m am\yam «p t]mse ]d-s¶-¯p-t¼mgpw k¦oÀW- FXn-tc-ä-Xv. F¦nepw X§-fpsS s]m
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A_vZp-Ã-bpsS a\-kn D½-bpsS ep-]mSpw \n¶m-{I-an-¡p-t¼mgpw a\-Ê-p- s¯ Adn-bn-¨n-Ã. aIs\ tNmZn-¨-t¸mÄ
hm¡pÄ ]pXn-sbm-cm-th-i-ap-WÀ¯n. d¨ kXy-hn-izm-k-\n-bpsS \ne [oc-am- Dd-§p¶q F¶p-am{Xw ]d-ªp.
hÀ[-n-X-ho-cy-t¯msS lÖm-Pnsâ tk bn-cn-¡pw. B cm{Xn AhÀ \¶m-bn-¯s¶
\-tbm-S-bmÄ Gäp-ap-«n. Bh-\m-gn-bnse Ckvem-an-te¡v hcp-¶-Xn\p ap¼v Ign¨p Iq«n. cmhn-s\m-Sp-hn `À¯m-hn-
As¼m-gn-bp-thm-fw..... Ic-hmÄ \jvSs- ¸- ktlm-Z-c³ "kJvdn'sâ thÀ]m-Sn t\mSv D½p kpssew tNmZn¨p:
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i-cocw hnIrX-am¡n I-pcn-in Xd-¨p. Hcp Ih-b{Xn- J³km-Av(t). Ckvem- dnsªm? Hcp hkvXp AhÀ ISw hm
ansâ kpK-Ôhpw Cuam\nsâ ssØ §n. AXnsâ DS-a-bXp Xncn¨p tNmZn-
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amb aIsâ arX-i-co-c-¯n-\-cn-In cpsS ap¶-hØ- b - n AÛp-XI - c- a- mb amä-
AhÀ sN¶p. ap-­m-bn. £a!- XnIª £a-bn-te-¡- ""sO, AXp \oXn-bÃ- tÃm'' A_q Xz
AhÀ ]dªp: ""AÃm, Cu [oc- hÀ amdn. F{X-h-sc, sFlnI hn`-h-§- Âl {]Xn-h-Nn-¨p.
tbm-²m-hn\v C\nbpw Xsâ IpXn-c-¸p- fn-ep-¯-amb Xsâ \mep a¡Ä JmZn- ""F¦nÂ, \½fpw AÃm-lp-hn \n
d¯p \n¶pw Cd-§m³ ka-b-am-bn- kn¿x cWm-¦-W-¯n cà-km-£n-I- s¶mcp ISw hm§n-bn-«p-­s- Ãm, \½psS
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 17
tam³. Ah-\Xp Xncn¨p hm§n-bn-cn-¡p- ¨p. ]m]-tam-N-\-¯n-\mbn a\-Ê-dnªp Ä¡v. kXy-¯n-sâbpw k·mÀK-¯n-sâ
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D½p kpssew kw`hw hnh-cn-¨p. ]nSn¨p\n¡m-\m-hn-söp Icp-Xp¶ sXm-c-dnhpw AhÄ kzmb-¯-am-¡pw.
""C¶m enÃmln h C¶m Csseln k¶nKv[- L«-§-fn kzbw kl-I-fm- AXn AÃm-lp-hns\¡-pdn¨pw aX-\n-
dmPn-Du³....- D½pkpssew, £a-bn \o bn-¯oÀ¶ F{Xtbm al-Xn-I-fp­v C b-a-§sf¡-pdn-¨pap-Å Adn-hp-­m-Ipw.
Fs¶bpw Ih¨psh¨p''þ At±lw ]-d- \nbpw Ncn-{X-¯nÂ. CXv kzne¯v k¨-cn-X-cmb kzlm_o ]pcp-j-·m-sc
ªp.- DssY-an(t)sâ `mcy apBZx AÂ AZzn- ¡pdn¨pw h\n-X-I-sf-¡p-dn-¨p-apÅ hnh-
¿(t). sFlnI hnc-àn-bpw Bcm-[\m- c-ap-­m-hpw. A§s\, \msf, kap-Zm-b-
aIsâ I_-d-S¡w Ign-sª-¯nb \n-a-á-bp-am-bn-cp¶ hnizm-kn-\n. Hcp ¯nsâ s\Spw XqWp-I-fm-th­ Xsâ
A_q XzÂl-tbmSv {]hm-NI - ³ (e) ]d bp²-¯n Xsâ `À¯mhpw aI\pw a¡-fpsS in£-W-¯n-s\m¯ A[ym-]n-
ªp: ""A_q-XzÂlx \n§-fpsS Ign cà-km-£n-I-fm-bn-¯oÀ¶ hmÀ¯-b- I-bm-bn-¯ocpw AhÄ.
ª cm{Xn F{X A\p-Kr-lo-X-am-bn-¯o dnªv Xs¶ Bizm-kn-¸n-¡m-s\-¯nb Adn-hmWv Hcp apkvenw h\n-Xsb
À¶n-cn-¡p-¶p.'' {]kvXpX kw`hw {]hm- Iq«p-Im-cn-I-tfmSv apBZx ]dªp: ""F amXrIm `mcy-bm-¡p-¶Xpw e£-W-sam
N-I³ (e) hlvbn-eqsS Adn-bp-I-bm-bn- s¶ A`n-\-µn-¡m-\mWv hcp-¶-sX-¦n ¯ amXm-hm-¡p-¶Xpw IrXy-\n-jTv b - pÅ
cp-¶p. Iq«p-Im-cn-tf, \n§Ä¡p kzmK-Xw. Biz- Krl-\m-bn-Ib - m-¡p-¶X - p-sam-s¡.
B cm{Xn-bmWv D½pkpssew A_v kn-¸n-¡m-\m-sW-¦n \n§Ä¡p Xncn¨p ]s¯m-¼-Xm-as¯ hb-Ê-m-Ip-t¼m-
Zp-Ãsb KÀ`w [cn-¨-Xv. A³km-dp-I-fn t]mImw!'' tg¡pw {]hm-NI ]Xv\n BC-i (t) aX-
AXn-t{i-jvT\ - mbn hfÀ¶ph¶ bphm-hv. {]nb `À¯m-hn-sâbpw s]m¶p ]p{X- hn-Úm\ taJ-eb - nse Pzen-¡p¶ Xmc-
At±-l-¯n\v ]nÂIm-e¯v ]¯p a¡- sâbpw ac-W-¯n amd-¯-Sn¨p \ne-hn- ambn amdn-bn-cp-¶p. {]kn² kzlm_n
fp-­m-bn-cp¶p. JpÀ-B³ a\x-]m-T-am- fn-¡m-sX, lrZb s\m¼-c-¯m A«-l- A_q-lp-db - d-v (- t)sb¡-gn-ªm Gähpw
¡nb ]¯p a¡Ä! (_pJm-cn, apkvenw).-
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¡m³ D½pkpsse-an-s\-t]mepÅ hnizm- amd-¯S- n¨p \ne-hn-fn-¡m-sX, lrZb s\m¼-c¯
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kn-\n-IÄt¡, Ign-bq. Ah-sc-¡p-dn¨v kn-¡m-sX, Ah-cpsS cà-kz-£n-Xz-¯n kt´mjw
{]hm-NI - ³ (e) ]dªp: ""Rm³ kzÀK-
¯n {]th-in-¨p. F\n¡p ap¼n-semcp sIm­ apB-Zm.. \n§-sf-t¸m-epÅ kv{XocXv\§ - f- m-emWv
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apkvenw D½-¯nsâ DbÀ¨bpw, Ah-cpsS B`n-Pm-Xy-hpw.
bn-cp-¶p'' (_pJm-cn, apkvenw).- kn-¡m-sX, Ah-cpsS cà-kz-£n-Xz- IqSp-XÂ {]hm-NI Xncp-sam-gnIfpsS
DlZv bp²-¯n "Ak-Zp-Ãmln' lw ¯n kt´mjw sIm­ apB-Zm... \n \nth-Z-I-bmWv BC-i (t). Ah-sc-¸än
k(t) h[n-¡-s¸-«p. i{Xp-¡Ä At±-l- §-sf-t¸m-epÅ kv{Xo cXv\-§-fm-emWv Camw kplvcn ]dªp: ""kIe kv{XoI-
¯nsâ arX-i-co-cs¯ Adp¯p hnIr- apkvenw D½-¯nsâ DbÀ¨bpw, Ah-cp fpsS hnÚm-\hpw BC-i(t )bpsS
X-am-¡n. IcÄ ]dn-s¨-Sp¯v Nh¨p Xp sS B`n-Pm-Xy-hpw. hnÚm-\hpw Xpe\w sNbvXmÂ, Bbn-
¸n. {]hm-NI - s\ Gsd thZ-\n-¸n¨ tLm ac- W - s ¸« `À¯m- h ns\ kz´w i-bpsS hnÚm-\¯ - n\v amäp IqSpw. Znt\
c-kw-`-h-am-bn-cp¶p AXv. ssIsIm­v Ipfn-¸n-¨v, I^³ sNbvXv \ F{X s]®p-§-fmWv Ahsc kµ
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h¶p. IcÄ XIÀ¡p¶ B cwKw Im K-¯n £a ssIs¡m-­-hÀ F{X-bm- Ø-am-¡p-¶-Xnepw ssIam-dp-¶-Xnepw
Wm-Xn-cn-¡m³ Ah-cpsS aI³ kpss_ Wv. Cuam-\nsâ \nd-Ip-S§
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AhÀ ]dªp: ""\n§-sfs¶ XS-bp- Snb hnizm-kn-\n-IÄ!! Ah-cn AÃm-lp- A¶p apXÂt¡ KpW-apä hnÚm\
¶-sX-´n\v? Fsâ ktlm-Z-cs\ AhÀ hnsâ Icp-W-bp-­m-h-s«. tiJ-c-¯n\v {i²-Im-«p-I-bm-bn-cp¶p
sh«n hnIr-X-am-¡n-bn-«p­v Fs¶-\n-¡- hnÚm-\I - p-Xp-Inbpw BZy-Ime hnizm-kn-\n-IÄ. Ah-cn JpÀ-
dn-bmw. AÃm-lp-hnsâ amÀK-¯n-em-WX - v. {]t_m-[I
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]ns¶´p sIm­v F\n-¡X - n £an¨p hnÚm\ IpXp-In-bmWv bYmÀY- T-am-¡n-b-h-cp-­m-bn-cp-¶p. {]hm-NI h-
IqSm? C³im AÃmlv, F\n¡p hne- kXy-hn-izm-kn-\n. Xsâ hnizm-k-¯n\v N-\-§Ä- lrZ-n-Ø-am-¡n-b-h-cp-­m-bn-cp-
]n-¡m-\m-hnÃ''.- sFiz-cyhpw `b-`-àn-IÄ¡v B[n-Iy ¶p. ad¡p ]nd-In-en-cp¶v ]pcp-j· - mÀ¡p
XpSÀ¶v AhÀ lwk(t)bpsS apJw hpw ]I-cp¶ aX-hn-Úm-\-§-tfmSv t]mepw Ahcm hnÚm-\-§Ä ssIam-
I­p. At±-l-¯n\p th­n \akvI-cn- {]tXyIw B`n-ap-Jy-am-bn-cn¡pw Ah dn-bn-cp-¶p.
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 18
]Tn-¡pI F¶-Xn-ep-]cn ]Tn-¨h Jym\ K{\Yw Xs¶ kzoI-cn-¨p. A§s\ \n-¡v- hn-j-a-ap-­v''.--
kzPo-hn-X-¯n km£m-XvI-cn-¡pI "Xplv^¡v hymJym-\s- a-gpXn hc-\m-hpI A_q-XzÂl ]dªp: ""kzÀW-hpw
F¶-Xn-em-bn-cn-¡Ww hnizm-kn-\n-bpsS Fs¶mcp hÀ¯-am\w Xs¶ A¶v P\- shÅnbpw alvdmbn IqSp-X In«m-\pÅ
{i². e`y-amb Adnhv Pohn-X¯ - n DÄ §Ä¡n-Sb - n-ep-­m-bn-cp-¶p. X{´-amtWm CXv?'
sIm-Åp-I, kXy-k-Ô-ambn Ah A\y hnÚm\ IpXp-In-I-fmb Ipsd hn " sXäv. Ah-bn-sem¶pw F\n¡v XmÂ-
À¡p ]IÀ¶p sImSp-¡p-I, Adn-hnsâ izm-kn-\n-If- p-sS Nn{X-§f- n Nne-XmWn- ]-cy-an-Ã. \o apkven-am-Ip-sa-¦n AXp-
hgn-bn-te¡v Bfp-Isf t{]mÕm-ln-¸n- Xv. Adnhp k¼m-Z\ - ¯
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¡pI CsXm-s¡-bmWv AXv. At¸mÄ cpsS bXv\-w-;- ssZh-amÀK-¯n-te-¡pÅ ]d-ªp.
AhÄ Htc kabw ]Þn-Xbpw {]hÀ {]t_m-[\ cwK¯pw Ah-bp-­v. IpSpw-
¯-Ibpw {]t_m-[I - b- p-am-bn-¯o-cpw. _-¡m-scbpw `À¯m-hn-s\bpw a¡-sfbpw ""A_qXzÂl {]hm-NI k¶n-[n-bn
kz`À¯m-hn\v A[ym-]\w \S-¯n- AÃm-lp-hnsâ kZp-]t- Z-i¯ - n-te¡p £  sN¶v apkven-am-bn. AhÀ X½n-epÅ
bn-cp¶ Hcp alnfmcXv\w Ncn-{X-¯n-ep- Wn-¡pI F¶ tPmen Adnhpt\Snb hnhm-lhpw \S-¶p.'' B Z¼-Xn-I-fpsS
­v. kCuZv_v\p apkz-¿n-_n(t)sâ- ]p kXy-hn-izm-kn\n `wKn-bmbn \nÀh-ln¨p Pohn-¯n-ep-­mb Hcp kw`hw t\cs¯
{Xn. ]nXm-hnsâ hnZymÀY-n-I-fn-sem-cm-fm- sIm­n-cn-¡pw. hni-Zo-Ic- n-¨n-«p-­v.
bn-cp¶p Ah-cpsS `À¯m-hv. an¡-t¸m Ckvem-ansâ {]mcw` Imew apX {]apJ kzlm-_n-bmb km_nXv (t)
gpw ]n-Xm-hn-\p- ]Icw aIÄ Xs¶-bmWv t¡ {]t_m-[\ amÀK-¯n Ht«sd t¢ ]d-bp¶p: ""D½p kpsse-ansâ alv-dn-s\-
`À¯m-hn\v ¢msÊ-Sp¯p sImSp-¡m-dv. i-§Ä kln-¨n-«p­v hnizm-\n-kn-IÄ. ¡mÄ al-¯m-sbmcp alv-À R§Ä
AsX, AhÀ hnPvRm\ k¼-¶-bm-bn- AÃm-lp-hns\ AwKo-Ic- n-¡m³, Ahs\ I­n-t«-bn-Ã. AhÀ Ckvem-ans\ al-
cp-¶p. A\p-kc- n-¡m³, Ahsâ Xr]vXn Ic-Ø- dmbn kzoI-cn-¨p.'' (A_q-ZmhqZv).-
Camw amenIn-(t)sâ hn{ipX lZoYv- am-¡m³ Ahcpw Bfp-Isf £Wn-¨n-cp- AsX, AhÀ bYmÀY- kXy-hn-izm-
v{KÙ-amWv "A aphXz'. CS-bv¡nsS ¶p. AÃm-lp-hn-t\mSpw dkq-en-t\m-Sp-apÅ kn-\n-bm-bn-cp-¶p. kµÀ`-§sf Ckvem-
At±-la- Xv Xsâ injy-sc-s¡m­v hmbn- {]Xn-_-²-X-bmWv {]t_m[\ cwK¯v an\pw apkvenw-IÄ¡pw th­n D]-tbm-
¸n-¡m-dp-­v. AhcpsS hmb-\-¡n-S-bnÂ- kz´w D¯-c-hm-Zn¯w kaÀ¸n-¡m³ A K-s¸-Sp-¯nb al-Xn. A_q-XzÂl-bpsS
A£-c-¸n-i-Ip-Isfm hymI-c-W-s¯-äp- hÀ¡v t{]c-Ia- m-bn-¯oÀ¶Xv. Ckvem-am-tÇ-j-W-¯n-eqsS dºnsâ
Isfm h¶m At±-l¯ - nsâ aIÄ apdn- "dpssak' F¶ D½pkpsse-ansâ {]Xn-^ew t\Snb `mKy-h-Xn.
¡p-Ån \n¶pw hmXn-en ap«n i_vZ- IY AÛp-X-amWv. Ah-cpsS BZy`À {]hm-NI Xncp-ta\n(t) ]dªp: ""\n
ap-­m-¡pw. AXp tI«m Camw amenIv ¯m-hnse ]p{X³ A\kv(t) B IY ¶n-eqsS AÃmlp Hcmsf k·mÀK-¯n-
injy-t\mSv hmbn¨ `mKw Hcn-¡Â IqSn ]d-bp-¶p. ""Hcn-¡Â Fsâ ]n-Xm-hv- amen em-¡pI F¶Xv hne-]n-Sn-¸pÅ Nph¶
hmbn-¡m-\m-hi - y-s¸Spw. sXäv Is­-¯p- Iv D½-tbmSv ]d-ªp, "Cu a\p-jy³ ({] H«-I§ - s- f-¡mÄ D¯-aa- m-bX- m-Wv.' (_p-
Ibpw sN¿pw. hm-N-Is\ Dt±-in¨v) aZy-]m\w ldm-am- J-m-cn,- ap-kv-enw-).-
"Xplv^-¯p ^pJ-lm-Av' F¶ sW¶v {]Jym-]n-¨n-cn-¡p-¶p. IÅp-Ip-Sn- DaÀ (t) sâ IY-bd- ntÃ? Ducn-¸nSn¨
{]kn² {KÙ-¯nsâ IÀ¯m-hmWv ¡msX ChnsS Pohn-¡m³ F\n-¡m-hn- hmfp-ambn {]hm-NIs\- sIm-Ãm³- t]mb
Aem-hp-±o-\p-¯nÀan-Zn. ]Þ-nX - bpw IÀa- Ã. Rm³ \mSph-nSp-Ib - mWv'. tij-at- ±lw t]m¡ncnbmb DaÀ. hgn-as[y I­p-ap-
imkv{X hnim-c-Z-bp-am-bn-cp¶p At±-l- iman-se-¯n. AhnsS IpSnbpw Ip¯-gn «nb Xsâ kXoÀ°y³ \pAva- m\-p_ - v\p
¯nsâ aIÄ ^mXz-na- . ]nXm-hnsâ {]kv ª Pohn-X-hp-ambn kzbw \in-¨p.'' A_vZn-Ã Da-dn-t\mSv Xnc-¡n. ""Ft§m«m
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¶p. Adn-hnsâ \nd-I-p-S-am-bn-cp¶ Ah Ckvem-ansâ {]mcw` Imew apXÂs¡ {]t_m-[\ amÀK¯nÂ
sc hnhmlw sN¿m³ {]ap-Jc- m-Pm-¡·m
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t£, "]ÞnX cmP' F¶ A]-c\- ma¯n s\ AwKo-I-cn-¡m³, Ahs\ A\p-k-cn-¡m³, Ahsâ Xr]v
 Adn-b-s¸-Sp¶ A_q-_-¡À AÂ
Imkm-\n-¡mWv B `mKyw ssIh-¶-Xv. Xn Ic-Ø-am-¡m³ Ahcpw Bfp-Isf £Wn-¨ncp-¶p.
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_-Zm-bn-Av' F¶ t]cn At±-l-samcp ""hn-[-h-bm-bn-¯oÀ-¶- D-½-sb- hn-hm- Wv Da-td, hmfp-ambn C{X tZjy-¯nÂ?''
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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 19
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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 20
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(t) ]dªp: ""Fsâ `À¯mhv CIvcn-a, XncbSn-¡p-Ib - m-bn-cp-¶p. At±lw ]dªp: ""alp-½-Zv-, ChÄ
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""XoÀ¨-bmbpw. CIvcn-a¡v Rm\-`bw `À¯m-hns\ AhÀ Adn-bn-¨p. At±-l- ""GsXmcp Imcy-¯n-te-¡mWv Xm¦-
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hw \S-¶n-«p-­m-bn-cp-¶p. a¡-bn \n ³ XSkw \n ¡p¶ Cu Imcyw hÃm- AÃmlp AÃmsX Bcm-[y-\n-Ã. apl-
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kz`-mhapÅhbs{X. AhÀ Al¦mcnIfp
P.B. No. 1981, Vyttila, Kochi- 682 019, Tel: 0484- 2301275 þhn-ip-²- JpÀ-B³- 16:-20þ22.-
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 21
{kjvSm-hnsâ ktµi¯n-sâ-
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F¶v- aX-\n-cm-I-cW {]Xy-im-kv{X-§Ä ]Tn-¸n-¨p. B-[p-
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 22
\n-IP- o-hn-X¯ - nsâ tcmKm-Xpc Bk-àn- ´n-Ie- £ - yhpw \ntj-[n-¡s- ¸-«X - m-sW¶v
IÄ¡v ASn-a-s¸« ]mÝm-Xy³ a\-Êp- Nne `uXn-I-hm-Xn-I-sf-¦nepw hfsc
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amb ] ¦pw hn\n- t bm- K n- ¡ - s ¸- « Xv H«-\-h[n ]T-\-§fpw shfn-s¸-Sp-¯-ep-
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Sp-¯X - v. Pohn-X¯ - nsâ BhnÀ`m-h¯ - n\v ]- ² - X n- I fpw Xnc- k v I - c n- ¡ - s ¸- S m³
ap¼v a\p-jys\ _m[n-¡p¶ a\p-jym- ImcWw Ah-bpsS ZuXy-\nÀh-l-W-
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bn-¨p-sIm­pw, a\p-jyÀ ssZ
X-o-X-amb Hcmi-bhpw Hcp Imcy hpw
h-¯n-¦-te-¡v kzb-samcp
CÃm-Xn-cp-¶-Xp-t]mse Pohn-X-¯n-\-¸p- s¸- « - X p- a m- W v . `uXn- I - Z Ài- \ - § fpw
At\z-jW amÀK-w Bcm-ª- dhpw a\p- j ys\ _m[n- ¡ p¶ bm Ahsb B{i-bn¨v hfÀ¶p-h¶ aqey-
sXm¶pw tijn-¡p-¶nsö Nn´-bn \n-cm-Ic- W ]²-Xn-Ifpw _men-i§ - f- mb
Xnsâ `mK-ambn e`n-¨h F¶v
ASn-¯d- b - n-«p-sIm­v `uXn-I {- ]-Xy-bi - m- a\p-jy-Nn-Ó-§-fpsS DÂ]-¶-§-fmbn
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c­p-Xcw aX-§f
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§-sfbpw Bi-b§ - s- fbpw {][m-\a- m bpw Pohn-Xs¯ Hcp e£yhpw amÀK-hpw
sa¶ Bibs¯ amän-sh¨p-
_Ôn-¸n¨v \nÀ¯p-¶ (sF-ln-I- Po-hn- Ahbv-¡-\p-kr-Xamb {]Xym-iIfpw
sIm­v a\p-jy-\nse Zpcq-lX
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ssIh-cp¶ [mÀjvT-y-amWv `uXn-I-ZÀi- Xs¯ kzm[o-\n¨v sIm­n-cp-¶Xv. ssZ-
IhNw k¦Â]n-¡p-Ibpw A \-§-fpsS Bi-b-§sf \nb-{´n-¨p- h-¯n \n¶pÅ ktµ-i-hm-l-IÀ a\-
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sIm­ncn-¡p-¶-Xv. a\p-jysâ BhnÀ jyÀ¡v \ÂIn-bh F¶ Ah-Im-ih - mZw
`mhw \nb-X-amb Hcp e£y-t¯m-sS-b- D¶-bn-¨p-sIm­pw, a\p-jyÀ ssZ h-¯n-
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söpw, Po-hnXw AXnsâ ]c-am-h[n ¦-te-¡v kzb-samcp At\z-jW amÀK-w
sNbvXv cwK¯v h¶ Nne aX- hn\n-tbm-Kn-¡p-hm³ XS-Ê-am-hp¶ G Bcm-ªX - nsâ `mK-ambn e`n-¨ h F¶v
sXmcp aqeyhpw Xnc-kvI-cn-¡-s¸tS­ Ah-Im-i-s¸«pw cwK¯v h¶ c­p-Xcw
Xm-sW¶pw `uXnI ZÀi-\-§Ä \nÀtZ- aX-§-fp-­v. ssZh-sa¶ Bi bs¯
in-¨p. Bk-àn-I-fpsS hn\n-abw,- Xr-jv amän-sh¨p- sIm­v a\p-jy-\nse Zpcq-l-
W-If- psS ]qcWw, tZtl-ÑI - f- psS hnt[- X-IÄ¡vta Znhy-Xz-¯nsâ IhNw
b¯w F¶n-h-sbm-s¡-bmWv Pohn-X- k¦Â]n- ¡ p- I bpw A¯- c - s amcp
¯nsâ A´Ê¯sb \nÀW-bn-¡p-¶- k¦Â]s¯ DZm-¯-ambn hn\n-tbm-Kn-
sX¶ hmZ-K-Xn-I-fpsS ASn-Øm-\-¯n ¡p-Ibpw sNbvXv cwK¯v h¶ Nne aX-
emWv `uXn-IZ- Ài-\w [mÀan-IX - sb i{Xp- §-fp-­v. C§s\ aX-§Ä ]e kz`m-h-
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`uXn-I-{]-Xy-b-im-kv{X-§Ä Pohn-X s]mXp-hmbn Nne LS-§f- p-ÅX - mbn Im
s¯ ]cn-an-X-amb Hcp hr¯-¯n-\-I¯v Wmw. a\p-jy-Po-hn-Xs¯ Akm-[m-c-W-
{]Xn-jTv n- ¨p-sIm­v Bi-bh- n-\ymkw \S- amb Hc-\p-`-h-ambn ImWp-I, bm{´-n-I-
¯n-b-t¸mÄ Pohn-X-¯n\v AXnsâ amb Pohn-X hn\n-tbmK-¯n-\-¸p-d¯v
e£yhpw BXy-´n-I-amb AÀY-hpw Nne km[y-X-IÄ At\z-jn-¡p-I, a\p-
\jvS-s¸-«p. Pohn-X-¯n \n¶v aqey-§ jy-\nse khn-ti-j-X-Isf Akz-`m-hn-
fpw [mÀan-I-Xbpw im´nbpw kam-[m-\- I-amb Nne Bi-b-§-fpsS klm-b-
hp-saÃmw \jvS¸- «- pt]mIp-hm³ Imc Ww t¯msS \nÀh-Nn-¡p-hm³ {ian-¡pI
Pohn-X-¯n\v AXnsâ AÀY-hpw BXy- F¶n-h-sbms¡ taÂ]-dª `n¶ kz
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 23
ssZh-¯nsâ krjvSn-bmWv a\p-jy-s\¶ Xncn-¨-dnhv tIhew sshb-àn-I-

amb [mc-WbpsS aÞ-e-¯n am{Xw HXp-§p-¶-Xm-bn-cp-¶n-Ã. Xsâ Pohn-

X-¯nsâ Bcw-`hpw Ah-km-\hpw a\p-jym-Xo-Xa

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fp-ambn At`-Zyamw hn[-¯n _Ô-s¸-«n-cn-¡p-¶p-sh¶p Nn´n-¡m-\pÅ ASn-

Øm-\- t{]cW CXp-hgn e`n-¡p-I-bp-­m-bn.

`m-§t- fmSv IqSnb FÃm aX-§f- nepw s]m ZÀi-\§ - f- p-ambn hntbm-Pn-¡p-¶Xv. bn. a\p-jy-Po-hn-Xs¯ Hcp tI{µ Bi-
Xp-hmbn D­m-bn-cp¶ LS-§f- m-Wv. aX-§Ä a\p-jy-\nse k-hn-ti-j-X- b-hp-ambn _Ôn-¸n-¡m³ hnizm-k¯- n\v
a\p-jy-Po-hn-X¯ - nsâ sb- Ah-X-cn-¸n-¨Xv C\n ]d-bp¶ Nne km[n-¨p.
Akm-[mcWX LS-§f- psS klm-bt- ¯m-sS-bm-Wv. a\pjys\¶ krjvSn
a\p-jy-Po-hnXw kmam-\ymÀY-¯n (1).- a\p-jy³ ssZh-¯nsâ krjvSn- ssZh-¯nsâ krjvSn-bmWv a\p-jy-
Hcp P´p PohnXw am{X-a-Ã F¶ ASn- bm-sW¶v BkvXn-I- a-X§ - Ä hniz-kn¨p. s\¶ Xncn-¨-dnhv tIhew sshb-àn-I-
Øm\]c-amb kXy-¯n Du¶n-bmWv (2).- P´p-þP- ohntemI-¯n asäm-¶n- amb [mc-WbpsS aÞ-e-¯n am{Xw
aX-§Ä Ah-bpsS Bi-b-§Ä hn\y- \p-an-Ãm¯ Nne khn-tij tijn-IÄ HXp-§p-¶-Xm-bn-cp-¶n-Ã. Xsâ Pohn-X-
kn-¨n«pÅ-Xv. P´p-¡Ä {]tXy-I-amb a\p-jy-cn-emWv F¶v- FÃm aX-§fpw ¯nsâ Bcw-`hpw Ah-km-\hpw a\p-
Hcp Pohn-X-ZÀi-\-an-Ãm-Xn-cn-¡p-Ibpw Is­-¯n. jym-Xo-X-amb GtXm ]cn-IÂ]-\-I-fp-
Ah Ah-bpsS kzm`m-hn-I-amb tNmZ-\- (3).- _p²n-]c- hpw CÑm-]c- h - p-amb sX ambn At`-Zyamw hn[-¯n _Ô-s¸-«n-
Isf ]qcWw sNbvXv \ne-\n¡p-I c-sª- Sp-¸ n\v km[n¡p¶ GI- Pohn a cn-¡p-¶p-sh¶p Nn´n-¡m-\pÅ ASn-
bpw sN¿p-¶-Xn-\-¸p-d¯v P´p-¡Ä¡v \pjy\m-sW¶v- aXZÀi\-§Ä ]Tn¸n¨p. Øm-\- t{]cW CXp-hgn e`n-¡p-I-bp-
khn-ti-j-amb Hcm-ZÀi-a-Þ-e-¯nsâ ­m-bn. a\pjys\ kw_-Ôn¨v Cu t{]
D]-tbm-Kt- a-bn-Ã. Cu Hcp Xe-¯n-te¡v (4).- P´p-kl - P- a- mb Ah-t_m-[c- m-ln- cW arKo-b-amb Pohn-X-¯n \n¶pÅ
a\p-jy-Po-hn-Xs¯ k¦Â]n-¡p-¶X - n-s\- Xy-
t ¯mfw A[x- ]Xn-¡p-hm\pw AX-sÃ- AI¨-bpsS ASn-Øm-\X - e- a- mbn Xocp-
Xn-cmb ap¶-dn-bn-¸p-IÄ ]e coXn-bn  ¦n DZm- ¯ hpw A\nÀh- N-\o-b-hp amb Ibpw sNbvXp. Pohn-X¯ - nsâ AÀ Yhpw
\ÂIp-Ib - mWv aX-§Ä sN-bX v- n-cn-¡p-¶- Hu¶Xy- t ¯mfw hnI- k n-
¡ p-hm\pw a\p- \nÀh- N - \ hpw Is­¯p- ¶ - X nepw
Xv. a\p-jy-Po-hn-Xs- ¯ P´p-kl - P- a- mb jy- \ n- e pÅ Nne {]tXy- I-L-S-§Ä _Ôhpw {]hÀ¯-\hpw t{iWo-Ic- n-¡p-
AÀY-¯n lrkz-hÂI-cn-¡p-Ibpw P·\m eo\- am-
b n-
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PohnXw tNmZ-\-I-fpsSbpw Xrjv W-I- ]Tn- ¸ n- ¨ p. cp-ambn kl-hÀ¯n-¡p-¶-Xn Bh-iy-
fp-sSbpw ]qc-W-ambn am{Xw \nÀh-Nn-¡- (5).- {]]-©hpw {]Ir-Xnbpw Pohn-X amb {Iao-I-cWw hcp-¯p-hm\pw Cu
s¸-Sp-Ibpw sN¿p-¶-Xn-s\-Xn-cn \n¶v hpw \ne-\n¡p-¶Xv a\p-jy-tI-{µnX- Xncn¨dnhv a\p-jys\ klm-bn-¡pI
aX-§Ä ap¶-dn-bn¸v \ÂIp¶p. FÃm amb Hcp hyh-Øsb ASn-Øm-\-am-¡n- Xs¶ sNbvXn-«p-­v.
aX-§fpw a\p-jy-Po-hn-X¯ - n\v AXn-sâ- bmWv F¶v FÃm aX-§fpw hni-Zo-I-cn- a\p-jys\ `uXnI {]Xy-b-im-kv{X-
Xmb Nne khn-ti-j-X-IÄ IÂ]n-¡p- ¡p-¶p-­v. §Ä \nÀh-Nn-¡p-¶Xv hnti-j_ - p-²n-bp
¶p-­.v - A¯cw khn-ti-jX - I
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ZÞ§-fn-epÅ `n¶-X-I-fmWv aX- W-§sf B{i-bn-¨mWv aX-§Ä Ah- se hnti-j_ - p²n Ahsâ Bhm-kk - m-
§Ä¡v thdn« kzXzhpw kz`m-hhpw bpsS [Àaimkv{Xhpw aqey§fpw t{i l-N-cy-§sf amäp-¶Xn\v am{X-apÅ Hcp
\ÂIp-¶-Xv. a\pjy khn-ti-j-Xsb Wo-Ic- n-¨X - v. BkvXn-Ia- X - § - Ä Ah-Xc- n- XmÂIm-enI D]m-[n-bs- öpw AXn-\¸- p-
\nÀW-bn-¡p-Ibpw \nÀ-h-Nn-¡p-I-bpw- ¸n¨ Gähpw iàamb Bibw ssZh- d-¯p-ÅXmWv AsX¶pw aX-§Ä hni-
sN¿p-¶X - n-epÅ `n¶-XI
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a\pjyho£W§-fmbn kam-lc- n-¡s- ¸- Wv. Cu Bi-b-¯n\v a\p-jysâ B jysâ tijn-I-fmWv Ahs\ arK
Sp-¶p. BkvXn-I-a-X-§-fpw \mkvXn-I-a- kvXn-Xz-t_m[w, {]-]-©-t_m[w, Pohn- aÃmXm-¡p-¶-Xv''- XpS-§nb ]mÝmXy
X-§fpw skan-änIv aX-§fpw {]mIr-X- X-ZÀi\w, ]m-cn-Øn-XnI t_m[w, kmaq X¯-zN - n-´I - c- psS A`n-{]m-b§ - Ä hfsc
a-\p-jy-\nÀa-nX aX-§ fpw a\p-jy\v ly_Ôw F¶n-h-sbms¡ Bg-¯n _men-ihpw \ncÀYI-§-fp-am-Wv. Imc
khntijX-Ifp­v F¶ \nco-£-W- kzm[o-\n-¡p-hm-\pÅ iàn-bp­v F¶v Ww arK-aÃ- m-Xm-Ip-¶X - neqsS am{Xw Hcp
¯nsâ ASn-Øm-\-¯n-emWv `uXn-I- hnizm-kn-ka- ql§Ä sXfn-bn-¡p-Ib - p-­m- P´p-hn\v F¯n-t¨-cm-hp¶ ]cn-Wma- Zq
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 24
c-aà a\p-jy\nte-¡p-Å-Xv. At\Iw Xn-]m-Zn--¡-s¸-«n-«pÅ a\p-jy-a-l-¯-z-
B´-cL - S- §
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b-amWv a\p-jy-Xsb Øm]n-¡p-¶-Xv. {µn-Xa- mb {]]-©s¯ ]cn-Nb - s- ¸-Sp-¯p-
aX-§Ä a\p-jy\v IÂ]n-¡p¶ aq ¶-h-bm-Wv. Poh-tem-I-¯nsâ A]m-c-X
¶m-a-s¯ khn-ti-jX CÑm-]-c-hp-amb bpw {]]-©-¯nsâ A\nÀWn-Xm-h-Ø
sXc-sª-Sp-¸n-eqsS kz-Po-hnX ZÀi\w bpw {]]-©s¯¡p-dn-¨pÅ a\p-jysâ
Is­-¯p-hm³ Ah\v km[n-¡p-¶p-sh- Adn-hnsâ ]cn-an-Xn-Ifpw Nq­n-¡m-«n-bm
¶-XmWv. `uXnI {]Xy-bi - m-kv{X-§fpw Wv `uXnI {]Xy-bi - m-kv{X-§Ä a\p-jy-
Cu khn-ti-jX AwKo-I-cn-¡p-¶p-­v. tI-{µn-Xa- mb {]]©w F¶ Bib s¯
F¶m a\p-jy-\nse Cu khn-ti-jX \ncm-I-cn-¡p-¶-Xv. atä-sX-¦nepw a\pjy-
kl-P-sa¶pw {]Ir-Xn-]-c-sa¶pw `uXn- sc-¡mÄ hnI-kn-Xtam, `qan-sb-¡mÄ
I-{]-Xy-b-im-kv{X-§Ä hyh-l-cn-¡p- tbmKytam B-b- P-\X - I
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t¼mÄ Dt±-i-]-c-sa¶pw ssZh-Z-¯-sa ­-m-bn-cn-¡m-\n-S-bn-tÃ- F¶ A hy-à-
¶pw aX-§Ä hni-Zo-I-cn-¡p-¶p. X\n¡v amb Hcp ktµiw bYmÀY-¯n hnizm-
km-[n-jTv n-X- a-X§
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a\p-jy-cmin C¶p-hsc t\
ap¼nse Pohn-X-¯n \n¶pw ]Ým-¯-
Sn- s b- S p- ¯ n- « pÅ Adn- h n- s \
e-§-fn \n¶pw Bh-iy-am-bXv sXc- a\pjy tI{µn-Xa- mb {]]-©s- a¶ Bi-
bpw Ah-t_m-[-§-sfbpw
sª-Sp-¡p-hm³ a\p-jy-\n-epÅ khn b-¯n\v t\À¡pÅ tNmZy-Nn-Óta BIp-
Xncn-¨-dn-hp-I-sfbpw {]]-©- tij Ign-hn\v ]n¶n \nb-Xamb Hcp ¶n-Ã.
e£y-am-Wv F¶v aX-§Ä ]Tn-¸n-¡p-¶p- a\p-jy-cmin C¶v hsc t\Sn-sb-Sp-
t_m-[-§-sfbpw AXn-hÀ¯n-
­v. aqey-§f- p-sSbpw Bi-b§ - f- p-sSbpw ¯n-«pÅ Adn-hn-s\bpw Ah-t_m-[-§-
¡p¶ ]pXnb Is­- ¯ - e p-
sXsc-sª-Sp-¸n a\p-jy³ ]peÀ¯p sfbpw Xncn-¨d- n-hp-Is- fbpw {]]-©t- _m-
IÄ kw`-hn-¡p-Ibpw {]]-©- ¶ khn-ti-j-amb {i²-bpw Pm{K-Xbpw [-§-sfbpw AXn-hÀ¯n-¡p¶ ]pXnb
[nj-Wm-]-c-amb Du¶epw Ah-s\bpw Is­-¯-ep-IÄ kw`-hn-¡p-Ibpw {]]-
s¯- ¡ p- d n- ¨ pÅ a\p- j ysâ
Ahsâ k¯-sbbpw arKo-b-amb Xe- ©-s¯-¡p-dn-¨pÅ a\p-jysâ k¦-ev]-
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¯n \n¶v Gsd DbÀ¯p-¶-Xm-Wv. §Ä amdn-a-dn-bp-I-bpw asämcp tKmf-¯n
asämcp tKmf-¯n a\p-jy-sc- a\p-jy³ P´p-k-l-amb Xzc-bn-te  a\p-jy-sc-¡mÄ hnI-kn¨ Hcp Pohn
¡v hoWp-t]m-hp-Ibpw Ahsâ CÑ-I- hÀK-w \ne-\n¡p-¶p-s­¶p sXfn-bn-
¡mÄ hnI-kn¨ Hcp Pohnh
sfbpw hmk-\-I-sfbpw ]qÀ¯o-I-cn-¡p- ¡-s¸-Sp-Ibpw sNbvXm t]mepw aX-
ÀK-w \ne-\n¡p-¶p-s­¶p
¶-Xn kaql-¯nsâ [mÀan-I]- c- n-Nn-´- ZÀi-\¯ - n\v AsXmcp `oj-Wn-bm-Ip-¶n-
sXfn-bn-¡-s¸-Sp-Ibpw sNbv I-fp-sSbpw hne-¡p-IÄ hnK-Wn-¡p-Ibpw Ã. thZm-[n-jvTn-X-amb Ah-t_m-[-§fp
kz´w XmÂ]-cy-§fpw A`n-em-j-§-fp- sS ]n´pWtbmsS aX-ZmÀi-\n-IX ap
Xm t]mepw aX-ZÀi-\¯
- n\v
amWv kz´w Pohn-X-¯nsâ BsI-¯p t¶m«v sh¡p¶ a\pjy tI{µn-X-amb
AsXmcp `oj-Wn-bm-Ip-¶n-Ã.
I F¶ coXn-bn {]hÀ¯n-¡p-Ibpw aqey-§s- f \njv{]-`a- m-¡m³ hnI-kn-¡p
sN¿p-¶n-S¯v aX-§Ä \nÀtZ-in-¡p¶ ¶ {]]©w F¶ Bi-b-¯n\v Ign-bp-
amÀK-ZÀi-\§ - Ä Xnc-kvIc- n-¡s- ¸-Sp-¶p. I-bn-Ã. a\pjy Pohn-X-¯nsâ A-I¯p
P´p-k-l-P-amb t_m[w {]mhÀ¯n-I- Xs¶bpÅ ]pXnb ]pXnb Xncn-¨-dn-hp-
amhpIbpw a\pjykl-Pa- mb Ah-t_m Isft¸mse a\p-jy-Po-hn-X-¯n\v ]pd-
[w {]hÀ¯-\-c-ln-X-ambn¯ocp-Ibpw ¯pÅ ]pXnb ]pXnb Xncn-¨-dn-hp-Ifpw
sN¿p¶ Ah-Øb - m-Wn-Xv. hnh-c-þ-hn-Úm\ taJ-e-bn amä-§-fp-
a\p-jy\v Npäp-apÅ {]]©w a\p- ­m-¡p-sa-¦nepw a\-jysâ Øe-þI - m-em-
jytI-{µo-Ir-X-am-sW¶ ià-amb B h-Øm-Xo-X-amb BXy-´n-I-Xsb AXv
ibw aX-§Ä \ÂIp-¶p. hfsc Bkq- _m[n-¡p-I-bnà F¶-Xm-Wn-Xn\v Im
{Xn-Xamb Hcp hn\ym-k-¯n-eq-sS-bmWv cWw. a\p-jy\v amÀK-ZÀi\w \ÂIp-
a\pjy tI{µn-X-amb {]]-©w Dcp-¯n- hm³ Hcp IrXyhpw \nb-Xhpw hyà
cnªv h¶n-«p-Å-sX¶p ]Tn-¸n-¡m\pw hpw kmÀ-h-Im-en-I-hp-amb Bi-b-a-Þ
`uXn-I-imkv{Xw ]Tn-¸n¡pw hn[-¯n ew Bh-iy-am-sW¶pw {]kvXpX aÞ-
a\p-jy\v Cu {]hn-ime {]]-©-¯n e-¯nsâ aqeyþ[mÀanI kwhn-[m-\-§
bmsXmcp khn-ti-j-X-bp-sSbpw CSw sf AXn-hÀ¯n-¡p-hm³ a\p-jysâ `u
\ÂI-s¸-«n-«n-söpw [cn-¡m-Xn-cn-¡p-hm- Xn-Itam sshÚm-\n-Itam Bb ]ptcm-
\p-amWv hnizm-km-[n-jvTn-X-a-X-§Ä K-Xn-¡m-hn-söpw Xncn-¨-dn-b-s¸-Sp-¶Xv
Du¶Â \ÂIp-¶X - v. thZ-{K-Ù§- f- nepw taÂ]-dª hkvXp-X-bpsS shfn-¨-¯n-
aXX-¯z-imkv{X IrXn-If- n-ep-saÃmw {] em-Wv.
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 25
{kjvSm-hn-epÅ hnizmkw AXnsâ icn-bmb cq]-¯n Bbn-cp-¶n-sÃ-

¦n \njv^-amb Hcp k¦-ev]w am{X-am-bn-cn¡pw AXv. hnizm-k-¯nsâ

EPp-hmb cq]w ]Tn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn\v Ckvemw khn-ti-j-amb ]cn-K-W\

\ÂIp-¶p. Cu A[ym-]-\-¯n Ckveman-t\mfw IrXyX asämcp aX-¯n-

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a\p-jy\v Hcp {kjvSm-hp­v F¶ \njv^-amb Hcp k¦-ev]w am{X-am-bn-cn ¯n {]mtbm-Kn-I-am-t¡-­Xv Bh-iy-
t_m[w Pohn-Xs¯ kw_-Ôn¨v kp{]- ¡pw AXv. hnizm-k-¯nsâ EPp-hmb cq am-Wv. {kjvSm-hnsâ XmÂ]-cy-{]-Im-c-ap
[m-\-amWv. Cu t_m[-¯n Du¶p¶ ]w ]Tn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn\v Ckvemw khn-ti- Å PohnXw \bn-¡p-Is- b-¶X - mWv hnizm-
PohnX ZÀi\w Is­-¯p-Ibpw AX-\p- j-amb ]cn-KW - \ \ÂIp-¶p. Cu A[ym- km-[n-jTv n-Xa- mb Pohn-X]- ²- X
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k-cn¨v Pohn-¡p-I-bp-amWv a\p-jysâ ]-\-¯n Ckveman-t\mfw IrXyX ¯-d. a\p-jy-Po-hn-X-¯nse A]-I-S-
BXy-´nI I-S-a.- asämcp aX-¯n-\p-an-Ã F¶Xv asämcp §fpw ZuÀ_-eyw ]nSn-Iq-Sm-\p ÅXp-amb
CXn\v BZyhpw Ah-km-\-hp-ambn hkvXp-X-bm-Wv.- hn-izmkw icn-bm-I-¯n- Ah-Ø-I-fn Bizm-k-¯n-\p-th­n
th­Xv {kjvSm-hns\ Xncn-¨-dn-bp-I-bm- S¯v IÀa-§fpw aqey-§fpw Pohn-X¯ - n hyàn-a-\-Êp-IÄ sNs¶-¯p¶ Hc-Xo-
Wv. a\p-jys\ krjvSn-¡p-Ibpw Ah\v D]-tbm-Kn-¡p¶ asäÃm aX-LS- I - §
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\nb-X-amb Hcp Pohn-Xw \ÂIp-Ibpw \njv^-e-am-bn-cn-¡pI kzm`m-hn-I-am-Wv. k¦Â]w hn\n-tbm-Kn-¡s- ¸-«Xv Hcp ]cn-
B Pohn-Xs¯ hn\n-tbm-Kn-¡m-\m-h-iy- H«-\-h-[n aX-§Ä hnizm-k-¯n Bh- [n-hsc taÂ]-dª AÀY-¯n-em-bn-cp-
amb \nÀtZ-i-X-¯-z-§Ä Ah-X-cn-¸n-¡p- iy- a mb IWn- i - X bpw hnip- ² nbpw ¶p. PohnXw AXnsâ Zni- b nepw
Ibpw sNbvXp-sIm­v a\p-jys\ \nb- ]peÀ¯p-¶-Xn ]pd-tIm«v \n¡p-¶- hnizmkw AXnsâ Zni-bnepw \o§p-
{´-hn-t[-b-am-¡p¶ Hcp a\p-jym-XoX Xm-Wv a\p-jy-cm-in-bn Ah-bpsS ZuXy- Ibpw Pohn- X s¯ kzm[o- \ n- ¡ p¶
tijn-sbbpw iàn-sbbpw Ipdn-¨pÅ §Ä ]cm-P-s¸-Sp-¯m-\n-S-bm-¡n-b-Xv. XpSÀN-e-\-ambn hnizmkw D]-tbm-Kn-¡-
amÀKZÀi-\]- c- a- mb \nÀtZ-i§
- fpw Bi- Ckvemw hnizm-ks¯ khn-ti-jab Hcp s¸-Sm-Xn-cn-¡p-Ibpw sN¿p¶ Ah-Ø-
b-§fpw am{X-amWv Ahs\ bYm-hn[n Adnhpw At\z-j-W-h-kvXp hpw A\p- bmWv {]mIr-Xa- X - §- sf arX-aX - §
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\bn-¡p-I. temI¯v \ne-\n¡p ¶ `-hh
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Nne aX-§s- f-¦nepw Gdnbpw Ipd ªpw epÅ Hcp hnizm-k-coXn Ah-ew-_n¨p- F¶p ]Tn- ¸ n¨ {Ikv X paX- ¯ n\v
Hcp alm- i - à n- b n- e pÅ hnizmkw sIm­v BNm-c]- c- X - b
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DbÀ¯n-¸n-Sn-¡p-¶p-­v. F¶m C¯ Im-Xn-cn-¡m³ Ckvemw ap¶-dn-bn¸v bmbn Ah-X-cn-¸n-¡m-\m-bn-Ã. a\pjy
cw Hcp hnizm-ks¯ AXnsâ kwip²- \ÂIp-¶p. GI-ssZ-hm-ZÀis¯ Hcp Pohn-X-¯n AÂ`pXw {]hÀ ¯n-¡p-
X-bnepw sXfn-a-bnepw {]m]n-¡phm³ hnÚm\ imJ-bmbn Ckvemw hni-Zo-I- ¶-Xn-\pÅ Hcp £W-amWv hn izm-k-
Nne aX-§f- psS _men-ia- mb ]cn-IÂ]- cn-¡p-¶Xv AXpsIm-­m-Wv. CÂap-¯u- ¯nsâ {]tbm-KX - e- s- a¶v kn²m-´n-¨Xv
\-IÄ XS-Ê-am-Im-dp-­v. ssZh-¯n loZv AYhm GI- s sZhmZÀi hn hgn {In-kvXp-aXw hnizm-k-¯n sâ
AYhm {kjvSm-hn hniz-kn-¡p¶ Úm\w hnizm-k¯ - nsâ _men-iX - I
- fn PohnX\nÀa-m-W-]-c-amb ZuXy§sf
t{]c-Wsb `mh-\b-pa- mbpw a\p-jy-Nn-´-  \n¶pw tIh-e-X-I-fn \n¶papÅ XoÀ¯pw Ah-K-Wn-¡p-I-bmWv sNbvX-
I-fpsS DÂ]-¶-§-fmb Nne imtJm-]- kpc-£n-X¯-w e£y-am¡n hn\y-kn-¡- Xv. Ckvemw AXnsâ hnizm-k-a-Þ-e
im-J-I-fp-ambpw _Ôn-¸n¨p-sIm­v s¸-«n-«p-Å-Xm-Wv. hnip-²-JpÀ-B\pw s¯ Pohn-X-\nÀamW ZuXy-ambn At`-
hnizm-k-¯nsâ km[y-X-Isf AYhm {]hm-NI - N
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ZuXy§sf Nne aX-§Ä XS-Ê-s¸-Sp- kphy-à LS-I-§Ä apt¶m«v sh¡p- hyàn-bpsS Pohn-X-¯nepw kaq-l-
¯p-¶p. AXn-\m kwip-²-amb hnizm- Ibpw sNbvXn-cn-¡p-¶p. {kjvSm-hns\ ¯nepw kml-N-cy-¯nepw hn]p-e-amb
ks¯ Xncn-¨-dn-bpIbmWv {kjvSm-hn Adnªp sIm­v hniz-kn-¡pI F¶ kzm[o\w sNep-¯p-Ibpw hm¡p-I-sf
sâ ktµ-i§ - f- psS amÀK-¯n Pohn-¡p- e£y-¯n-emWv hnip-²-JpÀ-B-\nsâ bpw hnIm-c-§-sfbpw hnNm-c-§-sfbpw
hm³ Hcp a\p-jy³ BZy-ambn sNt¿- ssZh-ZÀi-]-c-amb ]cm-aÀi-§-sfm-s¡ kzm[o-\n-¡p-Ibpw sN¿p¶ Xc-¯nÂ
­n-bn-cn-¡p-¶X- v. bpw D]-tbm-Kn-¡s- ¸-tS-­X - v. Ckvemanse {]ap-J- L-S-ambn hÀ¯n-
{kjvSm-hn-epÅ hnizmkw AXnsâ {kjvSm-hn hniz-kn-¡p-t¼mÄ XZ- ¡p-¶p.
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 26
- nse Hmtcm \nan-js- ¯-bpw- kIe Zqjy-hi - §
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-\nb-{´n-¡p¶ Hcp [Àa-im-kv{X-¯nsâ f-bp-I-bmWv sN¿p-¶-Xv. hnip² -JpÀ-
ASn-Øm\ inebpw hniz-k-am-sW¶v B³ k-aÀ-¸n-¡p-¶- Po-hn-Xa- mÀ-KZ- À-i\ - w-
Ckvemw ]Tn-¸n-¡p-¶p. IÀa-§-fn-te-¡p a\p-jy-cm-in-bpsS AÀYh¯mb Pohn-
Å t{]c-W-IÄ hnizm-k-¯n \n¶pw X hn\n-tbm-K-¯n\pÅ GIhpw `{Z-hp-
e`n-¨n-sÃ-¦n hnizmkw tIhew am\- amb amÀK-ZÀi-\a- m-Wv. Nne LS-I§ - sf
kn-I-amb {]hr-¯n am{X-am-bn-¯o-cpw. {]tXy-I-ambn Du¶n-s¡-m-­mWv Ckv
AXp-sIm-­mWv ""hn-iz-kn-¡p-Ibpw k emw AXnsâ amÀK-ZÀi-\w- - apt¶m«p sh
IÀa-§Ä {]hÀ¯n-¨h - cpw''- F¶v hnip- ¡p-¶Xv F¶p ImWmw.
²-JpÀ-B³ ]e-bn-S-§-fn ]d-ªXv. Ncn-{Xt_m[w,- hn[n-hn-e¡ - p-Is- f-¡p-
kÂIÀa-§Ä hnizm-k-¯nsâ AYhm dn-¨pÅ Pm{KX,- ]c-tem-I-hn-izmkw,- k
icn-bmb hnizm-k-¯nsâ A\n-hm-cy-^- l-Pohnt_m[w,- Pohn-X-¯nsâ {]tbm-
e-§f- mWv F¶v JpÀB³ ]Tn-¸n-¡p-¶p.
Pohn-X-¯nse Hmtcm \nan-j-
P-\-s¯-¡p-dn-¨pÅ A[ym-]-\§Ä F
IÀa-§Ä kÂIÀa-§s- f¶v hnti-jn-¸n- ¶n-bmWv {]kvXpX LS-I-§Ä. s¯-bpw-
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¡-s¸-Sp-¶-h-b-sÃ-¦n hnizmkw AXn Ckvemw Ncn-{X-t_m-[¯ - n\v AXn-sâ- [Àa-im-kv{X-¯nsâ ASn-

sâ icn-bmb AÀY-¯n-em-bn-cn-¡-W-sa- Xmb {]m[m\yw \ÂIp-¶p-­v. am\-hc- m-

¶n-Ã. kXy-hn-izm-khpw icn-bmb hnizm-
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khpw CÃm-¯n-S§-fn \n¶v kÂIÀa- insb AXnsâ BZyw apX Ah-km\w ¶v Ckv e mw ]Tn- ¸ n- ¡ p- ¶ p.

§fpw icn-bmb Pohn-Xc- o-XnIfpw {]I-S- hsc ]c-kv]cw _Ôn-¸n-¨p \nÀ¯p¶

am-hp-I-bnà F¶-XmWv Ckvemansâ {kjvSm-hn-epÅ hnizm-ks¯ Xs¶-bm- IÀa- § - f n- t e- ¡ pÅ t{]c- W -

A[ym-]\w. hyà-hpw ià-hpamb Hcp Wv Ckvemw Ncn-{X-t_m-[¯ - nsâ s\Spw IÄ hnizm-k¯

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PohnX X¯-zimkv{Xw Ah-Xc- n-¸n¡p¶ XqWm¡n- am-äp-¶Xv. {kjvSm-hn-epÅ a\p- ¨n-sÃ-¦n hnizmkw tIhew

Ckvemw hnizm-k-¯nsâ ZuÀ_-ey-§ jysâ F¡m-e-s¯bpw hnizm-k-¯n\v

Äs¡-Xn-cmb ap¶-dn-bn-¸p-IÄ H«-\-h[n tIhew Hcp k¦Â]w, `mh\ F¶-Xn- am\-kn-I-amb {]hr-¯n am{X-

XhW \ÂIn-bn-«p-ÅXpw {it²-ba- mWv. e-¸pdw Nne Xe-§fp­v F¶v ]Tn-¸n- am-bn-¯o-cpw. AXp-sIm-­mWv

hnizmkw tNmÀ¶p-t]m-Ip-¶n-S¯v IÀaw ¡p-hm-\m-Wv Ncn-{Xs¯ Ckvemw D]-tbm- ""hn-iz-kn-¡p-Ibpw kÂIÀa-

\njv^-ehpw hyÀY-hp-am-bn-¯o-cp-sa¶ Kn-¡p-¶X - v. BZn-aa- \- p-jy³ apXÂ Bcw-

]mTw Ckvemw AXnsâ hnizmkn kaq- `n-¡p¶ a\p-jy-]c- ¼ - cbpsS C¶seIfn- §Ä {]hÀ¯n-¨-hcpw''- F¶v

ls¯ ]Tn-¸n-¡m-Xn-cn¡p¶n--Ã. se-hn-sSbpw a\p-jysâ {kjvSmhv Ah- hnip-²-JpÀ-B³ ]e-bn-S-§-

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Ckvemw þ{k-jvSm-hnsâ ktµiw jys\ kzX-{´-am-¡p-Itbm sNbvXn-«n-
fn ]d-ªXv. kÂIÀa-§Ä

{kjvSm-hnsâ ktµiw a\p-jy-cn-te sö kXyw ]qÀh-Im-es¯¡pdn-¨pÅ hnizm-k-¯nsâ AYhm icn-

¡p ]IÀ¶p \ÂIp-hm-\m-h-iy-amb Hcp hnh-c-W-§-fn-eqsS hnip-²-JpÀ-B³ bmb hnizm-k¯

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khn-tij ]²-Xn-bmWv "cnkm-e¯v'-. apt¶m«v sh¡p-¶p-­v. Ncn-{Xs¯ {kjv cy-^e

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ssZh-Zq-X· - m-cpsS Hcp ]c-¼c- X- s¶ Cu Smhnsâ CS-s]-Se- p-If- psS AS-bm-fa- mbn
`qap-J¯v h¶p-t]m-bXv a\p-jy-cm-in ]cn-Nb- s- ¸-Sp-¯p¶ ]mTm-ßI - X JpÀ-B- ]Tn-¸n-¡p-¶p.

sb {kjvSm-hnsâ ktµ-i-§Ä- ]Tn-¸n- \nI ]cm-aÀi-§Ä¡p-­v. a\p-jy\pw

¡p-hm\mWv. a\p-jy-a\ - Ê
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Bi-b-§fpw k¦-ev]-§fpw ssZh-¯n \p-Iqehpw {]Xn-Iq-e-hp-amb ]mT-§-fn-
sâ t]cn Btcm-]n-¡p¶ {]h-WX - s- ¡- eqsS hnI-kn-¡p¶ a\p-jy-N-cn{Xw AS-
Xncmb ià-amb Xm¡o-tXmSpIqSn bm-f-s¸-Sp-¯-¶Xv atlm-¶-X-amb Hcp
bmWv Ckvemw {kjvSm-hnsâ bYmÀY- iàn-bpsS \nXykm¶n-[y-s¯-bm-sW¶v
ktµ-i§ - sf ]cn-Nb - s- ¸-Sp-¯p-¶X
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jy- c m- i n- b psS BhnÀ`m- h - s ¯bpw hn[n-hn-e¡ - p-Is- f-¡p-dn-¨pÅ Pm{K-X-
AXn\p ]n¶n-epÅ e£y-§-sfbpw Ir sb-¶Xv Ckvemansâ `mj-bn aX-¯n
Xy-ambn ]Tn-¸n¨p-sIm­v Ckvemw Ncn- sâ BsI-¯p-I-bm-Wv. `àn AYhm
{Xs¯ {kjvSm-hp-ambn _Ôn-¸n-¡p-¶p. "XIvh'- \nÀh-Nn-¡s- ¸-Sp-¶Xp Xs¶bpw
a\p-jy-cm-in-bpsS BZy-_nµp apXÂ " {kjvSm-hnsâ IÂ]-\I - Ä A\p-kc- n-¡p-
Bcw-`n-¡p¶ Hcp _Ôw {kjvSm-hp-am Ibpw hne-¡p-IÄ ]men-¡p-Ibpw sN¿p-
bn a\p-jy-\p-­v F¶v ]Tn-¸n-¡p¶ hnip- I''- F¶ AÀY-¯nemWv. {kjvSm-hnsâ
²-JpÀ-B³, `uXn-I-ZÀi-\-§Ä Du¶n- IÂ]-\-I-fn \n¶v- hn[n-Ifpw {kjvSm-
¸-d-bp¶ a\p-jysâ kÀh-X{´ kzX- hn\v Aln-Xa- m-bh - ¡ - p-dn-¨pÅ ap¶-dn-bn-
{´X F¶ Nn´m-K-Xnsb AXnsâ ¸p-Ifn \n¶v hne-¡p-Ifpw BhnÀ`-
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 27
hn-¡p-¶p. C¯cw hn[n-hn-e-¡p-Ifpw jysâ `uXn-IP- o-hn-Xs¯ AXnsâ lr Þ-e-¯nsâ A\n-hm-cy-L-S-I-am-¡p-I
IÂ]\I-fpw- \ntj-[§fpw a\p jy kz-X-bn Xs¶ Bkzm-Zy-am¡n¯oÀ bpw sN¿p-¶X - m-Wv CkvemanI kl-Po-
Pohn-Xs¯ \nb-{´n-¡p-Ibpw kwkv I- ¡m-\pÅ `uXn-I-hm-Zn-I-fpsS ]cn-{i-a- hn-t_m-[w.- XoÀ¨-bmbpw CXv {kjvSmhn
cn-¡p-Ibpw ]cn-]m-en-¡p-Ibpw AÀY-h- §Ä ]e-t¸mgpw ^e-{]-Za- m-Im-dn-Ã. ^e-  \n¶pÅ Hc-h-t_m-[-am-Wv. a\p-jy-
¯mb PohnX hn\n-tbm-K-¯n\v {]m]n- {]-Z-sa¶p Hcp \nebv-¡pw Dd¸p \ÂIm s\bpw {kjvSm-hn-s\bpw _Ôn-¸n¨v
X-am-¡pIbpw ]mgmbnt¸mIp-¶-Xn \mhm¯ Hcp ]cn-{i-a-amWv `uXn-I-Po- \nÀ¯p¶ anI-s¨mcp Bi-b-amWv C
\n¶v Pohn-X-s¯bpw AXnse Hmtcm hnX ho£-W-§Ä Bh-iy-s¸-Sp-¶-Xv. kvemanse kl-Pohn t_m[hpw kl-
\nan-j-§-sfbpw {]Xn-tcm-[n-¡p-Ibpw AtX kabw ]c-tem-I-hn-izmkw Hc-\n- Pohn k¦Â]hpw.
sN¿p-¶psh¶-XmWv Ah-bpsS ^e-{]m- hm-cy-L-S-I-ambn DbÀ¯n-¡m-«p¶ Ckv {kjvSm-hn \n¶pÅ ktµ-is- a¶
]vXn. emw sN¿p-¶Xv a\pjy Pohn-Xs¯ A \ne-bn Ckvemw a\p-jy-Po-hn-Xs¯
a\pjy Pohn-X-¯n \n¶-I¶v Xnsâ lrkz-Xb - n \n¶v A¸p-dt- ¯¡v ¡pdn¨v `qap-J¯v e`n-¡p¶ Gähpw
asämcp Xe-¯n hÀ¯n-¡p¶ tkzOm- A\-´a- mb Nne km[y-XI - f- psS Xe-¯n- ]qÀW-hpw tbmKy-hp-amb X¯-zi - m-kv{X-
[n-]-Xn-bmb Hcp a\p-jym-Xo-X-i-àn-bp- te¡v sIm­p-t]m-Ip-I-bm-Wv. hnP-b- am-W.v Pohn-Xs¯ AXnsâ ^e-{]m-]X v n-
sS \nb-{´-W-kz-`m-h-apÅ imk-\-IÄ {]m]vXn Dd¸v \ÂI-s¸-«n-«n-Ãm¯ `u tbm-Sv ASp-¸n-¡p¶ {]bp-àn-bpsS Bi-
F¶ \ne-bn-e-Ã, adn¨v a\pjyPohn-X XnI kzÀK-k-jvSn-¡m-bpÅ ]cn-{i-a-§ b-im-kv{X-ambn Ckvemw A\p-`-h-s¸-Sp-
s¯ Bhn-jvI-cn-¡p-Ibpw \nb-{´n-¡p- Ä Dt]-£n¨v hnPb-{]m-]vXnbpw hnP-b- ¶p. aX-¯nsâ km[m-cW am\-Z-Þ-e-
Ibpw ]men-¡p-Ibpw Pohn-X-¯n\v AÀ ¯nsâ imizX kz`m-hhpw Dd¸v \ÂI- §ÄsI-m-­Ã Pohn-Xs¯ Ckv emw
Y-ap-­m-¡p-Ibpw sNbvX Gähpw Imcp- s¸« ]c-tem-I t- \-«§ - Ä¡mbn {]b-Xv\n- kao-]n-¡p-¶X - .v adn¨v Akm-[m-cW- amb
Wy-hm-\mb Hcp HuZm-cy-hmsâ A\p-{K- ¡phm³ Ckvemw \ÂIp¶ t{]cW a\p- Hcp ]cn-t{]£yw Pohn-Xs¯¡pdn ¨v
l-§-fn Gähpw {]Y-ahpw {][m-\-hp- jy-Po-hn-Xt- ¯m-SpÅ {kjvSm-hnsâ Zbm- sh¨p-]p-eÀ¯n-s¡m­v Gähpw Im cy-
amWv {kjvSmhv a\p-jy-cm-in¡v \nÀtZ- ]qÀW-amb A\p`m-h¯ - nsâ sXfn-hp-Iq- £-ahpw ^e-{]-Z-hp-amb coXn-bn A
in-¨n-«pÅ FÃm hn[n-I-fpw hne-¡p-I- Sn-bmWv. Ca-sh-«n-¯p-d¡pw ap¼v a\p-jy- Xns\ Ah-Xc- n-¸n-¡p-¶X - mWv Ckveman
fp-sa¶v a\-Ên-em-t¡-­X - p-­v. Cu Xncn- \n \n¶v \jvS-s¸-«p-t]m-Ip¶ Hcp kz sâ IÀaþ-hn-izmk aÞ-ew. {kjvSmhn
¨-dn-hmWv Ckvemansâ hn[n-hn-e-¡p- ]v\a- m- I
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Isf a\p-tjym-·pJ amÀK-ZÀi-\-am¡n Icp-¯pä Hcm-ib - a- mWv Ckvemw apt¶m«v a\p-jysâ Pohn-Xs¯ \nÀam-Wm-ß-I-
amäp-¶X - v. sh¡p¶ ]c-tem-I-hn-izm-k-sa¶v kq ambn hn\y-kn-¡p¶ Ckvemw a\p-jycm-
`uXn-I- Po-hn-X- ho-£-§-fpsS lr £va-ambn \nco-£n-¨m a\-Ên-em-Ip-¶- in¡v e`n¨ Gähpw ]qÀW-amb A\p{K-
kz-amb Pohn-X-k-¦Â]-§sf \ncm-I-cn- Xm-W.v l-am-Wv. {kjvSmhv ]qÀ¯o-I-cn¨p \Â
¡p¶ H¶mWv Ckvemansâ ]c-temI a\p-jys\ Ahsâ PohnXw sIm­v Inb Ckvemam-Ip¶ A\p-{K-l-¯nsâ
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({Xn-Xz- k-¦Â-]-¯n-se- ....... t]-Pv- 14 \n-¶v- Xp-SÀ-¨-)-

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Wm-¯h- \- pw- Im¬-am³- I-gn-bm-¯h- \- pw''- ¶p- Xp-S-§-p-¶- tbm-l-¶m³- 1:-1 h-N-\w- Xp-¶-hÀ- X-§-fp-sS- A-dn-hn-s³-d-bpw- A-
(1sIm-cn.- 6:-16).- tb-ip-hn-s\- B-fpIÄ- I- b-lq-Z-\pw- A-e-Iv-km-{­n-b-¡m-c-\p-am-b- \p-`h- ¯ - n-s³-db - pw- ]-cn-an-Xn-IÄ-¡p-ÅnÂ-
­n-«p-­v.- ]n-s¶- tb-ip- F-§-s\- ssZ-h- ^o-tem- bq-Zn-bm-kn-tâ-Xm-sW-¶pw- t¹-täm- H-Xp-§n-\n-¶p-sIm-­v- F-s´-¦n-epw- Fgp-
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1:-13).- tb-ip-hm-I-s«- ]n-im-Nn\mÂ- ]-co- `n-{]m-bw- ss_-_nÄ- ]-Þn-X· - mÀ-¡p-Å- - kp-hn-ti-§f- n-se- ssh-hn-[yw- Nq-­n-
£n-¡-s¸-«n-«p-­v-:- ""]n-im-Nv- A-h-s\- \m- Xm-bn- \mw- a-\-Ên-em-¡-Ww.- ¡m-Wn-¨-t¸mÄ- A-t±-lw- ]-d-ªp-:- ""kp-
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(eq-t¡m-kv- 4:-1).- ]n-s¶-sb-§-s\- tb-ip- A-t±-lw- ]-d-ªp-:- ""th-Z-]p-kv-X-Iw- ssZ- t]-cp-sS-bpw- A-dn-hn-s³-d-bp-w- ]-cn-an-Xn-bp-
ssZ-h-am-Ipw?- ""ssZ-hw- A-Ãm-sX- \-Ã-h- hw- F-gp-Xn- F-¶-Ã- {In-kv-Xo-b- hn-izm- sS-bp-w- hy-à-am-b- Zr-jv-S-m-´-am-Wv' . -
\m-bn- B-c-p-an-Ã''- (aÀ-t¡m-kv- 10:-18).- tb- kw;--ssZh-t{]-cW
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ip- ]-d-bp-¶p-:- ""F-s¶- \-Ã-h-³- F¶p- - F-´n-\m-Wv- ssZ-hw- t{]-c-W \Â-In- tbm-K-¯m-ep-w-'- -c-Nn-¡-s¸-«h-bn F-§
hn-fn-¡p-hm³- F-´p-­v?''- (-aÀ-t¡m-kv- 10:- b-Xv?- "F-s´-¦n-epw-'- F-gp-Xp-hm-t\m- Nn- s\-bm-Wv- F-gp-¯p-Im-cp-sS- A-dn-hn-Ãm-bva-
18). tbm-l-¶m³- 5:-19,- eq-t¡m-kv- 11:-20,- e- {]tXy-I- Im-cy-§Ä- F-gp-Xp-hm-t\m?- {]-IS- a- m-hp-I?- A-\yq-\a- Ã- m-¯h- - F-§s\
A-t¸m.- {].- 2:-22 Xp-S-§n- A-t\-I- h-N-\- C-¶-bn-¶- Im-cy-§Ä- F-gp-Xq- F-¶v- ]-d- b
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§Ä- tb-ip-hn-s³-d- Zn-hy-Xz-¯n-\v- F-Xn- ªn-«p-s­-¦n F-gp-Xn-b- Im-cy-§Ä- ssZ- \n-tbm-K-¯m-ep-w'- c-Nn-¡-s¸-«h-bm-hp-I?-
cm-bn- Nq-­n-¡m-Wn-¡p-hm-\m-hpw.- hn-I-am-bn-cn-¡pw.- F-¶mÂ- tI-h-ew- F-gp-
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 28
Nn-´n-¡p-InÂ- Zr-jv-Sm-´-sa-{X-!-
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{]-]-©-¯n-se- A-Ûp-X-§-fm-b- A-t\-Iw- {]-Xn-`m-k-§-Ä- \-½Ä- I-­p-sIm-­n-cn¡p-

¶p.- F-¶mÂ- C-Xn-s\-¸-än-sbm-¶pw- B-cpw- A-[n-Iw- Nn-´n-¡m-dn-Ã.- Nn-´n-¡pI-bm-
sW-¦nÂ- XoÀ-¨-bm-bpw- kÀ-h-i-à-\m-b- ssZ-h-¯n-sâ- a-l-¯z-hpw- Ignhpw- a-\-Ên-
em-¡p-hm-\pw- ssZ-h-¯n-sâ- hn-\o-X- Zm-k-·m-cm-bn- am-dp-hm-\pw- BÀ-¡pw- Ign-bpw.-

\½Ä- P-\n-¨v- Cu- tem-I-t¯-¡v- h- Nq-­n-¡m-«p-¶- Zr-jv-Sm-´-§-fnÂ- Nn-e-Xn-

cpw- ap-¼v- \-½Ä-¡m-bn- kw-hn-[m-\n-¡-s¸- te-s¡m-¶v- I-t®-mS- n-¡mw-:-
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Ûp-X-§-fm-b- A-t\-Iw- {]-Xn-`m-k-§-fpw- ]nsâ \mfphsc AÃmlp \n§fpsS
kw-`-h-§-fpw- \-½Ä- I-­p-sIm-­n-cn-¡p- ta cm{Xnsb imizXam¡n¯oÀ¯n
¶p.- F-¶mÂ- C-Xn-s\-¸-än-sbm-¶pw- B- cps¶¦n AÃmlp AÃm¯ GsXmcp
cpw- A-[n-Iw- Nn-´n-¡m-dn-Ã.- Nn-´n-¡p-I- ssZhamWv \n§Ä¡v shfn¨w sIm­p-
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b- ssZ-h-¯n-sâ- a-l-¯z-hpw- I-gn-hpw- a- a\Ênem¡p¶ntÃ? ]dbpI: \n§Ä
\-Ên-em-¡p-hm-\pw- ssZ-h-¯n-sâ- hn-\o-X- Nn´n¨v t\m¡nbn«pt­-m? DbnÀs¯gp
Zm-k-·m-cm-bn- am-dp-hm-\pw- BÀ-¡pw- I-gn- t¶Â]nsâ \mfphsc AÃmlp \n§
bpw.- h-n-ip-²- JpÀ-B-\n-eq-sS- A-Ãm-lp- fpsS ta ]Iens\ imizXam¡nbncp
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 29
¶psh¦n AÃmlphÃm¯ GsXmcp am-dn-am-dn- e-`n-¡m-¯- H-cp- tem-I-s¯-¸- bpw krjvSn¨h³ F{X ]cnip²³!''- (36:-
ssZhamWv \n§Ä¡v hn{ian¡phm³ än- k-¦Â-]-n-¨p-t\m-¡p-I.- a-\p-j-y-À-¡pw- 33þ36).-
Hcp cm{Xn sIm­p-h¶v XcnI? F¶ncn C-Xc- P- o-hn-IÄ-¡pw- C-hn-sS- Po-hn-¡p-hm³- F-Ãm- X-cw- I-r-jn-hn-`-h-§-fpw- ""ssI
s¡ \n§Ä I­-p a\Ênem¡p¶ntÃ? km-[n-¡p-tam?- H-c-n-¡-ep-an-Ã.- Cu- hy-h- IÄ A[zm\n¨p­-m¡nbXnÂ''- F-¶p- ]-
Ahsâ ImcpWy¯m Ah³ \n§Ä kv-Y- kw-hn-[m-\n-¨- {k-jv-Sm-hn-s\- kv-Xp- d-ªX - nÂ- DÄ-s¡m-Åp-¶p.- {]-Xy-£¯ - n
¡v cmhpw ]Iepw D­-m¡nX¶ncn¡p Xn-¡p-hm-\pw- A-Xn-sâ- t]-cnÂ- \-µn-Im- Â- A-h- a-\p-jy-sâ- {]-b-X-\- ^-e-§-fm-
¶p, cm{Xnbn \n§Ä hn{ian¡phm Wn-¡p-hm-\pw- a-\p-jy³- I-S-s¸-«-h-\-tÃ?- sW-¦n-epw- A-h- ap-f-¡p-¶-Xpw- h-f-cp-¶-
\pw (]IÂ kab¯v) Ahsâ A\p{K - Xpw- hnf-bp-¶-Xp-sa-Ãmw- A-Ãm-lp-h-n-sâ-
l¯n \n¶v \n§Ä tXSns¡m­v- ""BImi§fnepÅXpw `-qanbnepÅ A-\p-{K-lw- sIm-­m-Wt- Ãm.- \ - new DgpXv
hcm\pw, \n§Ä \µ-nImWn¡phm\pw Xpw AÃmlp \n§Ä¡v A[o\s¸Sp hn¯nd¡m³ ]mI¯nem¡m\pw hn¯n
th­-n' - (28:-71þ73).- ¯n¯¶ncn¡p¶p F¶v \n§Ä I­n d¡m\pw IÀjI\v Ignbpw. F¶mÂ
AÂ-]-sa-m-¶v- Nn-´n-¨p- t\m-¡p-I-!- `q- tÃ? {]Xy£hpw ]tcm£hpamb Ah AXv apf¸n¡phm³ Ah\p- Ignbptam?
tem-Ia- m-sI- ap-gp-h³- k-ab - h
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bn-cp-s¶-¦-nÂ,- A-sÃ-¦n-Â- ap-gph³- k-a- \ndthän¯cnIbpw sNbvXncn¡p¶p. s¡-m­phcm\pw ImbvI\nIfpw [m\y
b-hpw- ]-I-em-bn-cp-s¶-¦n-Â- F-´m-bn-cn- hà Adnthm amÀKZÀi\tam shfn¨w §fpap­m¡phm\pw {kjvSmhnt\ Ign
¡pw- A-h-kv-Y?-!- ]-IÂ- sh-fn-¨-¯nÂ- hn- \ÂIp¶ thZ{KÙtam CÃmsX AÃm bq. A-Ãm-lp- ]-d-bp-¶p:-
hn-[- cw-K-§-fnÂ- hym-]-c-n-¨pw- A-Xy-[zm- lphnsâ Imcy¯n XÀ¡n¨p-sIm­n-- ""F¶m \n§Ä Irjn sN¿p¶Xn
\w- sN-bv-Xp-t t]m-cp-¶- a-\p-jy\v- kz-k-v cn¡p¶ NneÀ a\pjycnep­-v''- (31:-20).- s\¸-än \n§Ä Nn´n¨v t\m¡nbn«p
Y-am-bn- hn-{i-an-¡p-hm-\p-X-Ip-¶,- A-Xn-\v- B-Im-i-¯p- kv-Yn-Xn- sN-¿p-¶- kqcy- t­m? \n§fmtWm AXv apf¸n¨v hfÀ
\nÀ-_-Ôn-X-\m-¡p-¶- cm-{Xn-bpw,- im-´- þN-{µ- \-£{- Xm-Zn-Is- f-bpw- C-Xc- - {Kl§- ¯p¶Xv. AXÃ, \mamtWm AXv apf¸n
am-b- hn-{i-a-¯n-\p-ti-jw- Xn-cn-¨p-In-«n-b- sf-bpw- ta-Lw,- a-ªv,- a-g,- hm-bp- ap-X-em- ¨v hfÀ¯p¶h³?.....-'' (56:63þ67).
D-WÀ-hpw- D-t·-jh - pw- D-]t- bm-Ks- ¸-Sp-¯n- b-h-sb-bpw-,- `q-an-bn-se- Po-hn-IÄ-,- k-ky- A-Xp-sIm-­v- C-Xn-s\-Ãmw- a-\p-jy³-
s¡m-­v- B-bn-c-am-bn-cw- Im-cy-§-fnÂ- hn- e-Xm-Zn-IÄ-,- ]À-h-X-§-Ä-,- \-Zn-IÄ- J-\-\- A-Ãm-lp-hn-t\m-Sv- \-µn- Im-Wn-t¡-­-Xp-
l-cn-t¡-­-Xn-\v- A-\n-hm-cy-am-b- ]-I-epw- h-kv-Xp-¡Ä- Xp-S-§n-b- \n-c-h-[n- h-kv-Xp- ­v.
¡-sf-bpw- a-\p-jy-\v- Hm-tc-m- X-c-¯nÂ- A- k-ky-§Ä,- hr-£-§Ä,- Im-bv-I-\n-
Ãm-lp- D-]-bp-à-am-¡n-s¡m-Sp-¯n-cn-¡p- IÄ,- P-´p-Pm-e-§Ä- Xp-S-§n-b- F-ÃmXn--
¶p.- hn-i-¸n-\p- `-£-Ww,- Zm-l¯n-\p- sh- epw- C-WI - f- p-s­-¶v- JpÀ-B³- hy-àa- m-
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F-Ãm-X-cw- I-r-jn-hn-`-h-§-fpw- gv-N,- tIÄ-hn,- kw-km-cw- F-¶n-§-s\-bp-
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XnÂ''- F-¶p- ]-d-ª-XnÂ- DÄ- ¡p-hm-\p-Å- amÀ-K§ - Ä-,- th-Z{- K-Ù§ - f- pw- sbSp¡p¶p. At¸mÄ AhcXm Ccp«n
s¡m-Åp-¶p.- {]-Xy-£¯ - nÂ- A- ssZ-h-Zq-X-·m-cpw- ap-tJ-\-bp-Å- amÀ-K-ZÀ-  AIs¸Sp¶p.- kqcy³ AXn\v kvYnc
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fm-sW-¦n-epw- A-h- ap-f-¡p-¶- In-bn-cn-¡p-¶p.- A-sX,- {]-Xy-£-hpw- ]- Ãmlp IW¡m¡nbXmWXv. N{µ\v \mw
Xpw- h-f-cp-¶-Xpw- hnf-bp-¶-Xp-sa- tcm-£-hp-am-b- A-\p-{K-l-§Ä.- Nne L«§Ä \nivNbn¨ncn¡p¶p.
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bpw. F¶m AXv apf¸n¡p Ä AXn \mw D­-m¡pIbpw, AXn 37þ40).-
hm³ Ah\p- Ignbptam? Hcn \mw DdhnS§Ä Hgp¡pIbpw sNbvXp. `q-tKm-f-¯n-sâ- AÀ-[-`m-K-§-fn-em-bn-
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cns¡ AhÀ \µ-nImWn¡p¶ntÃ? `-qan aq-Sp-¶p- A-Y-hm- cm-{Xn-bp-­m-Ip-¶p.- kq-
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hkvXp¡fnepw s]« FÃm CWIsf ¯n-\v- Ir-Xy-am-b- e-£y-hpw- amÀ-K-hp-ap-
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 30
­v. A-Ãm-lp- \n-iv-N-bn-¨- B- I-W-¡pw- Km-[X - b- n-te-¡v- B-­p-t]m-b- kw-`h - w- \- Cu- A-\p-{K-l§ - s- f-Ãmw- A-\p-`h
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Nn-«-bpw- sX-äm-sX- A-Xv- k-©-cn-¨p-sIm- ap-¡p- ap-¼-n-ep-­v.- ]-e- hnam-\-§-fpw- X- -sIm-­v- Po-hn-¡p-¶-hÀ- ssZ-h-\n-tj-[n-I-
­n-cn-¡p-¶p.- N-{µ-¶pw- A-Xn-sâ-Xm-b- k- IÀ-¶- h-mÀ-¯b - pw- \-½Ä- A-dn-ªn-«p-­v.- fpw- kr-Iv-Sn-]q-P-I-cp-am-bn- I-gn-bp-¶-Xv- I-
©m-c- amÀ-K-ap-­v.- B- k-©m-c-¯n-\n-S- \nÀ-am-W-¯n-se- ssh-Z-Kv-[y-tam \n-b-{´- Sp-¯- [n-¡m-ch - pw- h-©\ - b
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bnÂ- t\-cn- AÀ-[-h-f-bw- t]m-se-bpw- {I- W-¯n-se- km-aÀ-Yy-tam- H-¶pw- X-s¶- A- D-]-cn-kq-Nn-X- h-N-\-§Ä- hy-à-am-¡p-¶-
ta-W- ]qÀ-W- hr-¯-am-bpw- ]n-s¶- {I-ta- hn-sS- D-]-Im-c-s¸-Sp-¶n-Ã!- B-]Â-k-Ôn- Xv . - {]IrXn{]Xn`mk§fn hnkv
W- AÀ-[-h-f-bw- t]m-se-bpw- A-Xv- \-½p- I-fnÂ- A-Is- ¸-Sm-sX- c-£s- ¸-Sm³- kÀ-h- abhpw `bhpw]q­v Ahsb Bcm[n
sS- Zr-jv-Sn-IÄ-¡v- tKm-N-c-am-bn-¯-o-cp-¶p.- i-à-sâ- Im-cp-Wys¯- B-{i-bn-¡-e-Ã-m- ¡p¶XnÂ\n¶pw a\pjysc hnip² Jp
C-h- bm-Zr-Ñn-Iam-bn- D-­m-b-Xpw- -Xm-s\- sX a-säm-cp- amÀ-K-hp-anÃ. ÀB³ hne¡pIbpw Ahsb krjvSn¨
k-©-cn-¨p-sIm-­n-cn-¡p-¶-h-bp-am-sW- ""AÃmlphmIp¶p \n§Ä¡p th almiIvXnsb am{Xw Bcm[n¡Wsa ¶v
¦nÂ- Cu- Ir-Xy-X- F-§-s\-bp-­m-Ipw?- ­-n cm{Xnsb \n§Ä¡p im´ambn DWÀ¯pIbpw sN¿p¶p:
\n-b{- ´n-¡m³- B-cp-an-sÃ-¦nÂ- A-hb - p-sS- hkn¡m³ X¡h®hpw ]Iens\ sh ""Ahs³d ZrjvSm´§fnÂs]«X
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¡p-¶-sX-§-s\?- am-{X-a-Ã- A-h-bp-sS- k- AÃmlp P\§tfmSv HuZmcyapÅh\m kqcyt\m N{µt\m \n§Ä {]WmaaÀ
©m-c- th-K-X-bnÂ- G-ä-¡p-d-hp-­m-bmÂ- Ip¶p. ]t£,- a\pjycn A[nIt]cpw ¸n¡cpXv. Ahsb krjvSn¨h\mb A
im-kv-{X-¯n-sâ- I-W-¡pIq-«-ep-IÄ- sX- Ãmlphn\v \n§Ä {]Wmaw sN¿pI;
äp-I-bpw- sN-¿pw.- A-l-¦m-c-an-Ãm-¯- a-\- \µ-nImWn¡p¶nÃ. Ah\mIp¶p \n§
fpsS c£nXmhpw FÃm hkvXp¡fpsS \n§Ä Ahs\bmWv Bcm[n¡p¶sX
Êp-IÄ-¡v- {k-jv-Sm-hn-sâ- km-¶n-[yw- a-\- ¦nÂ'' (41:38).
Ên-em-¡m³- C-Xp-X-s¶- [m-cm-fw.- bpw krjvSnIÀ¯mhpamb AÃmlp.
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¡fbp¶XmWv. At¸mÄ AhÀs¡mcp cm-]-I-ep-I-fp-sS- am-dn-am-dn-bp-Å- BK- bpw sNbvXp. Ah\mIp¶p \n§fpsS
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s¡m­-v (\mw AhÀ¡v \ÂIp¶Xv) bn- cm-]-I-ep-IÄ- am-dn-am-dn- h-cn-I-bp-Åq.-
AÃmsX''- (36:-41þ44).- Po-hk - Ô - m-cW - ¯ - n-\pw- Po-hPm-e§ - f- p-sS-
k-ap-{Z-¯nÂ- k-©-cn-¡m³- ]m-b-¡- \n-e-\nÂ-]n-\pw- kq-cy-{]-Im-iw (]-IÂ)- k-ap-{Z-¯nÂ- k-©c- n-¡m³- ]mb-
¸-ep-I-fpw- I-c-bnÂ- k-©-cn-¡m³- H-«-Iw,-
Ip-Xn-c- ap-Xe- m-bh- bp-am-bn-cp-¶p- ]-­s- ¯-
B-hi - y-am-Wv.- im-´a- m-bn- Ip-Spw-_t- ¯m-
sSm-¸w- hn-{i-an-¡p-hm-\pw- £o-Wa- I - ä- m-\pw- ¡-¸-ep-I-fpw- I-c-bnÂ- k-©-cn-
{]-[m-\- hm-l-\-§Ä.- -C-¶v- ]-e-hn[- hm- cm-{Xn- A-\n-hm-cy-am-Wv.- Zn-h-k-§-fpw- am- ¡m³- H-«-Iw,- Ip-Xn-c- ap-X-em-b-
l-\§ - Ä- I-­p-]n-Sn-¡s- ¸-«n-cn-¡p-¶p;- hm- k-§-fpw- hÀ-j-§-fpw- I-W-¡m--¡p-hm³- hbp-am-bn-cp-¶p- ]-­-s¯- {]-[m-
bp-hn-epw- iq-\ym-Im-i¯ - pw- k-©c- n-¡m\p-
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kq-cy- N-{µ-·mÀ- B-h-iy-am-Wv-.- a-säm-cp-
kq-à-¯nÂ- A-Ãm-lp- C-¡m-cyw- hy-à- \- hm-l-\-§Ä.- -C-¶v- ]-e-hn[-
¶pw- A-l-¦-cn-¡m-\p-Å- h-I- \Â-Ip-¶n- am-¡p-¶X - v- Im-Wp-I:- - hm-l-\-§Ä- I-­p-]n-Sn-¡-s¸-«n-
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bpw- \nÀ-an-¡m-\p-Å- h-kv-Xp-¡-fpw- D-]I
c-W§ - f- pw- \nÀ-an-¡m-\p-Å- km-lNcy hp-
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sa-Ãmw- A-Ãm-lp- k-Ö-am-¡n-b-XmWv.-
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bpw, ]IemIp¶ ZrjvSm´s¯ \mw {] l-\-§Ä- h-sc!- F-¶mÂ- C-sXm-
kp-c£ - n- X
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ap³-Ic- p-Xe- p-Is- f-Sp-¯m-epw- A-{]-Xo-£n-
X-am-b- A-]-I-S-§Ä- kw-`h-n-¡m-dp-­v.- H-
¡p¶p. \n§fpsS c£nXmhn¦Â \n¶p
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cn-¡e- pw- X-Ic- n-sÃ-¶v- \n-Àa- m-Xm-¡f- pw- bm- ­-nbpw, sImçfpsS F®hpw IW
{X-¡m-cpw- I-cp-Xn-b- "ssS-äm-\n-I'v - F-¶- B- ¡pw \n§Ä a\Ênem¡phm³ th­-n
Vw-_c- ¡ - ¸- Â- I-¶n-bm-{X-bnÂ- X-s¶- A- bpw. Hmtcm Imcyhpw \mw \Ãh®w
t\-Iw- bm-{X-¡m-cp-am-bn- k-ap-{Z-¯n-sâ-A - - hniZoIcn¨ncn¡p¶p''- (17:-12)-.
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 31
l]qÀW-\mI-p¶p. Ah\mIp¶p Pohn¨n ¡p-hm³- I-S-s¸-«-\pw- IÂ-]n-¡-s¸-«-h-\p- AKm[Xbnte¡v Cd§m³ A\phZn
cn¡p¶h³. Ah\ÃmsX bmsXmcp ssZ am-Wv.- ¡msX XSp¯v \nÀ¯p¶Xpw AÃmlp
hhpanÃ. AXn\m IogvhW¡w Ah\v Pew;- Pohs³d ASnkvYm\ LSIw. Xs¶.
\njvIf¦am¡ns¡m­-v \n§Ä Ah a\pjyÀ¡pw aänXc PohPme§Ä¡pw ""BImi¯p\n¶v \mw Hcp \nivNn
t\mSv {]mÀXvYn¡pI. temI§fpsS c AXpsIm­pÅ D]tbmKw ]dªdnbn X Afhn shÅw sNmcnbpIbpw F
£nXmhmb AÃmlphn¶v kvXpXn''- (40:- t¡­XnÃ. kap{ZPew \ocmhnbmbn ¶n«v AXns\ \mw `qanbn X§n\nÂ
64þ65).-- tatem«pbÀ¶v taL§fmbn amdpIbpw ¡p¶Xm¡pIbpw sNbvXncn¡p¶p. A
\-½Ä- Nn-´n-¡p-I.- Cu- tem-It¯¡v- tijw agbmbn `qanbn ]Xn¡pIbpw Xv hän¨pIfbphm³ XoÀ¨bmbpw \mw
\-½Ä- P-\n-¨p-ho-gpw- ap-¼p-X-s¶- \-ap-¡v- sN¿p¶p F¶mWv imkv{XaXw. F¶m iIvX\mIp¶p'' (23:18).
kp-c-£n-X-am-bn- Po-hn-¡p-hm³-X-¡- hn[-  agshůn\v D¸p-cpNnbnÃ! Ibv ag¡mew XpS§phm³ AÂ]w ssh
¯nÂ- `q-an-sb-bpw- D-]-cn-tem-I-s¯- {k- t]m NhÀt¸m CÃ. a®nÂ\n¶pw ]md Inbm \ap¡v B[nbpw sh{]mfhpam
jv-Sm-hv- kwh-n-[m-\n-¨p-sh-¨n-cn-¡p-¶p.- an- IfnÂ\n¶pw s]m«nsbmen¡p¶ Ddh bn. Pe ZuÀe`yw t\cnSp¶hÀ IpSn¡m
I-¨-cq-]-¯n-Â- A-h³- \-s½- kr-jv-Sn-¨p.- IÄ¡v I®ocns³d sXfna! \pw Ipfn¡m\psams¡bpÅ shůn
im-co-cn-I- am-\-kn-I- I-gn-hp-IÄ- \Â-In.- hnip² JpÀB³ ]dbp¶p: ""BIm \v s\t«m«tamSpIbmbn. F¶m ag
ip-²a- m-b- B-lm-c]- Z- mÀ-Y§
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e-h-d-X-s¶- Xp-d-¶p-sh-¨p.- P-ew,- Xo,- [m- Åw hÀjn¡pIbpw F¶n«v AXpaptJ bmÂ, `qanbnse kIe Pet{kmXÊp
\y-§Ä,- ]-¨-¡-dn-IÄ,- ]-g-hÀ-K-§Ä,- a- \ ]eXcw tXm«§fpw sImbvsXSp¡p Ifpw hänt¸mbm F´mbncn¡pw tem
Õ-yw,- amw-kw,- D-¸v,- ap-f-Iv....-A-§-s\-b- ¶ [m\y§fpw apf¸n¡pIbpw sNbvXn I¯ns³d AhkvY? AXv Nn´n¡p
§-s\- F-s´-Ãmw-!- C-sXm-¶p-an-Ãm-bn-cp-¶p- cn¡p¶p'' (50:9) t¼mÄXs¶ DÄ¡nSneap­mIp¶p!
sh-¦nÂ- F-§-s\- Po-hn-Xw- kp-km-[y-am- ""BImi¯p\n¶pw ip²amb Pew A§s\ kw`hn¨m Cu `qapJ¯v
Ipw?- C-sX-Ãmw- kw-hn-[m-\n-¨h - ³- F-s¶- \mw Cd¡pIbpw sNbvXncn¡p¶p. \nÀ BÀ¡mWv ho­pw ag s]¿n¡m\pw
¶pw- Po-hn-¨n-cn-¡p-¶-h-\m-Wv.- bYmÀ-Y- Pohamb \mSn\v AXpaptJ\ Poh³ Pet{kmXÊpIfp­m¡phm\pw Ign
ssZ-hw- A-§-s\-bp-Å-hm-\m-Wv.- A-Xn- \ÂIphm\pw \mw krjvSn¨n«pÅ [mcm bpI? imkv{XPvRÀ¡v Ignbptam? acn
\mÂ- a-\p-jy³- A-h-s\-am{Xw- Bcm-[n- fw I¶pImenIÄ¡pw a\pjyÀ¡pw A ¨pt]mb hà alm·mÀ¡pw km[n¡p
Xv IpSn¸n¡phm\pw th­n. AhÀ B tam? {XnImePvRm\nIfpw PKZvKpcp
temNn¨v a\Ênemt¡­Xn\mbn AXv ¡fpsams¡bmbn ]cnNbs¸Sp¯s¸
C-l-tem-I-¯n-se- A-\p-{K-l-§ (agshÅw) AhÀ¡nSbn \mw hnX Sp¶ Pohn¨ncn¡p¶ BÄssZh§Ä¡v
Ignbptam? bp-àn-hm-Zn-If- pw- \n-co-iz-ch - m-
Ä- B-kz-Zn-¨p-sIm-­n-cn-¡p-¶- a- cWw sNbvXncn¡p¶p. F¶m a\pjy
cn A[nIt]À¡pw \µntISv ImWn Zn-I-fpw- ]-d-bp-¶- "bm-Zr-Ñn-I-X'--bv-¡v- I gn-
\p-jy³,- B- A-\p-{K-l§ - Ä- B- ¡phm\ÃmsX a\Êph¶nÃ''(25: 48þ50). bp-tam?- hnip² JpÀB³ tNmZn¡p ¶p:
cv- \Â-Ip-¶p- F-¶-v Nn-´n-¡p-hm³- ""Ah\mWv BImi¯p\n¶v sh ""]dbpI: \n§Ä Nn´n¨p-t\m¡nbn
_-m-[y-kv-Y-\m-Wv.- X-s¶- klm- Åw sNmcnªpX¶Xv. AXn \n¶m «pt­m? \n§fpsS (hnhn[ Bhiy§
bn-¡p-¶-h-tcm-Spw- X-s³-d- ap-X- Wv \n§fpsS IpSn\oc.-v AXn \n¶p Ä¡pÅ) shÅw hänt¸mbm Bcm Wv
em-fn-tbm-Spw- X-s³-d- ta-ep-tZym- Xs¶bmWv (ImenIsf) ta¡phm\pÅ \n§Ä¡v HgpIp¶ DdhpshÅw
sIm­ph¶pXcnI?'' (67:30).
K-kv-Y-tcm-Spw- \-µn- Im-Wn-¡p-¶- sNSnIfpap­mIp¶Xv' (16:10).
a\pjyPohnX¯n Hgn¨pIqSm\m
XnÂ- bm-sXm-cp- ]n-ip-¡pw- Im- ""\o I­ntÃ, AÃmlp BImi¯p
hm¯ asämcp LSIamWv Xo. taL
Wn-¡m-¯- a-\p-jy³- X-\n-¡v- Po- \n¶v shÅw sNmcnªp. F¶n«v `qanbn
se DdhnS§fn AXh³ {]thin §fnÂ\n¶v shÅw \ÂIp¶ AÃmlp
hn-Xw- X-¶-\p-{K-ln-¨-,- X-\n-¡p- ¸n¨p.....'' (39:21). Nne ac§fnÂ\n¶v Xo-bpÂ]mZn¸n¡p
th-­n- {]-]© - s- ¯- kw-hn-[m-\n- ""\n§Ä IpSn¡p¶ shÅs¯¸än ¶p. AXnepw a\pjyÀ¡v bmsXmcp
¨,- X-\n-¡p-th-­n- hm-bp-hpw- sh- \n§Ä Nn´n¨v t\m¡nbn«pt­m? ]¦panÃ. B[p\nI amÀK§Ä D]tbm
Kn¨v a\pjy³ Xo D­m¡p¶psh¦nepw
Å-hpw- sh-fn-¨-hpw- a-sä-Ãm- A- \n§fmtWm- AXv taL¯nÂ\n¶v C BXy´nIambn Xo DÂ]mZn¸n¡p¶Xv
\p-{K-l§ - f- pw- \Â-In-s¡m-­n-cn- d¡nbXv? AXÃ; \mamtWm Cd¡nb AhcÃ. Xobn\v AXnt³dXmb KpW
¡p-¶- G-I-\m-b- {k-jv-Sm-hn-t\m- h³? \mw Dt±in¨ncp¶psh¦n AXv
\mw Zpx-kzmZpÅ D¸pshÅam¡pambn §Ä \ÂInbXpw AhcÃ. AÃmlp
Sv- \-µn- Im-Wn-¡m³- X-bm-dm-Ip- cp¶p. F¶n«pw \n§Ä \µnImWn¡m tNmZn¡p¶p:
¶n-sÃ-¦nÂ- A-h³- in-£mÀ-l- ¯sX´mWv?' (56:68:þ70). ""\n§Ä Dckn¡¯n¡p¶Xmb Xo
\-sÃ-¶v- BÀ-¡p- ]-d-bm-\m-Ipw?- Hcp IW¡\pkcn¨mWv AÃmlp
ag \ÂIp¶Xv. Ipf§fpw InWdpIfp
bns\¸än \n§Ä Nn´n¨v t\m¡nbn«p
t­m? \n§fmtWm AXns³d acw
sams¡ Ipgn¨m shÅw e`n¡¯ krjvSn¨Xv? AXà \mamtWm krjvSn
¡hn[¯n shÅs¯ `qanbpsS ¨h³? \mw AXns\ Hcp Nn´mhnjb
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 32
am¡nbncn¡p¶p. k©mcnIÄ¡v Hcp
PohnX kuIcyhpw'' (56: 71þ73). ag¡mew XpS§phm³ AÂ]w Nn´n¡phm\pw AXphgn {kjv S m
sshInbm \ap¡v B[nbpw hns³d iIvXnbpw al¯-zhpw a\Ênem
¡phm\pw Ahs\ am{Xw Bcm[n¨v A
Xobp­m¡phm³ C¶v \nehnepÅ
D]IcW §fnÃmXncp¶ Ime¯v AXn sh{]mfhpambn. Pe ZuÀe`yw hs³d kIeam\ IÂ]\Ifpa\pk
\pÅ ac§sf A¶s¯bmfpIÄ D] t\cnSp¶hÀ IpSn¡m\pw Ipfn cn¨p- Pohn¨v kzÀK {]m]vXn t\Sphm\pw
tbmKs¸Sp¯n. hnP\{]tZi§fneqsS ¡m\psams¡bpÅ shůn \cIin£bn \n¶v c£t\Sphm\p
bpw h\§fneqsSbpw k©cn¡pt¼m \v s\t«m«tamSpIbmbn. F¶m amWv. `uXnI temIt¯mSpw CjvS P\
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 ag s]¿Â Fs¶t¶¡pam §tfmSpapÅ AanXamb Ima\tbm
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thhn¡phm\pw h\yarK§fnÂ\n¶v
c£t\Sphm\pw ac§fnÂ\n¶v DÂ]m bn \n¶pt]mbmÂ, `qanbnse AXn\v hnLmXambn¡qSm.-
Zn¸n¡p¶ Xo Ahsc klmbn¨p. ac¡- kIe Pet{kmXÊpIfpw hän C-lt- em-I¯ - n-se- A-\p-{K-l§ - Ä- B-
jv-W§Ä X½n Iq«nbpckpt¼mÄ, t¸mbm F´mbncn¡pw tem kz-Zn-¨p-sIm-­n-cn-¡p-¶- a-\p-jy³,- B- A-
Xos¸«ns¡-mÅn Dckpt¼mÄ Xobp­m I¯ns³d AhkvY? AXv Nn \p-{K-l-§Ä- B-cv- \Â-Ip-¶p- F-¶v- Nn-
Ip¶Xv a\pjys³d IgnhpsIm­Ã.
´n¡pt¼mÄ Xs¶ DÄ¡nSn ´n-¡p-hm³- _-m-[y-kv-Y-\m-Wv.- X-s¶-
apIfnÂsImSp¯ kqIvX¯n Xobn
s\¸än "Nn´mhnjbw' F¶p]dªXv
{]tXyIw kvacWobamWv. Cu temI
eap­mIp¶p! klm-bn-¡p-¶h - t- cm-Spw- X-s³-d- ap-Xe- m-fn-
tbm-Spw- X-s³-d- ta-ep-tZym-Kk - vY
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µn- Im-Wn-¡p-¶X - nÂ- bm-sXm-cp- ]n-ip-¡pw-
¯pÅ Xobn-s\-¡mÄ- F{Xtbm Cc«n À¯mhns³d Ignhpw KpW§fpw ssI Im-Wn-¡m-¯- a-\p-jy³- X-\n-¡v- Po-hn-Xw-
NqSpÅ \cImKv\nsb¸än HmÀan¡phm hcnÃ.- A-Ãm-lp- tNm-Zn-¡p-¶p-:- X-¶-\p-{K-ln-¨-,- X-\n-¡p-th-­n- {]-]-©-
\pÅ kqN\ AXn AS§nbncn¡p¶ ""At¸mÄ,- krjvSn¡p¶h³ krjv s¯- kw-hn-[m-\n-¨,- X-\n-¡p-th-­n- hm-
Xmbn Nne JpÀB³ hymJymXm¡Ä Sn¡m¯hsct¸-msebmtWm? \n§sf bp-hpw- sh-Å-hpw- sh-fn-¨-hpw- a-sä-Ãm- A-
A`n{]mbs¸«n«p­v. ´mWv BtemNn¨p- a\Ênem¡m¯ Xv?' - \p-{K-l§ - f- pw- \Â-In-s¡m-­n-cn-¡p-¶- G-
BImiw, ]ÀhX§Ä, H«Iw, ] £n, (16:17). I-\m-b- {k-jS-v m-hn-t\m-S-v \-µn- Im-Wn-¡m³-
tX\o¨, tX³, BXv a mhv , acWw {kjvSmhns³d A]mcamb iIvXn X-bm-dm-Ip-¶n-sÃ-¦nÂ- A-h³- in-£mÀ-l-
þC§s\ \nch[n PohnIsf¡p dn¨pw bpsS ZÀ¸-WamWv Cu {]]©w. At\ \-sÃ-¶v- BÀ-¡p- ]-d-bm-\m-Ipw?-
hkvXp¡sf¡pdn¨pw {]Xn`mk§sf ItImSn PohPme§Ä¡nSbn khn a-\p-jy³- k-hn-ti-j_ - p-²n-bp-Åh- \- m-
¡pdn¨pw ]Tn¡phm³ JpÀB³ t{]cW tij_p²nsIm­v A\p{Kln¡s¸« Wv;- - Nn-´m-ti-jn-bp-Åh - \ - m-Wv.- X-s³d- Nn-
\ÂIpIbpw H¸w Ahsb¸än Nn´n¡p GIPohnbmb a\pjyt\mSv ssZhw ´m-ti-jn- D-]-tbm-K-s¸-Sp-¯p-hm³- {i-an-
hm³ Bhiys¸SpIbpw sN¿p¶p. Bhiys¸Sp¶Xv Ah³ \ÂInb C{µn ¨mÂ- C-l-tem-I- Po-hn-X-¯n-s³-d- \iz-c-
ssZhaÃm¯-sX-Ãm-w krjvSnbmWv. b§Ä icn¡p]tbmKs¸Sp¯phm\pw X-bpw- ]m-c-{Xn-I-tem-I-¯n-s³-d- B-h-iy-
krjvSnIÄ¡v Hcn¡epw krjvSnI Ah³ \ÂInb _p²nbp-]tbmKn¨v I-X-bpw- A-h-\v- t_m-[y-am-Ipw.-

(Ckvemw-`o-Xn-bp-sS-....... t]-Pv- 13Â \n-¶v- Xp-SÀ-¨-)-

At]-£n-¨v Ckvemw kmaq-lnI ku cn-{X-]-c-amtbm, Bi-b-]-c-amtbm, GsX- W-XI - Ä.- Hcp kaqlw Hcp s]mXp aÞ-
lmÀZ-¯n-sâbpw am\-hn-I-amb DÄ¡m- ¦nepw \nebv-¡v Ckvemw C¯cw Hch- e-¯nsâ Dd¡w sImSp¯p¶ Zpxi-àn-
gvN-bp-sSbpw Imcy-¯n Gsd ap¶n«v Ø-bp-sS cq]o-Ic- W - ¯- n ]¦m-fn-bmIp- bm-bn- A[x]-Xn-¡W - s- a¶ AXoh \nIr-
\n¡p-¶Xn\m kaq-li - m-ào-Ic- W- - ¶nà F¶-Xm-W-\p-`-hw. sshIm-cn-Iam jvS-amb B{K-l-s¯bm Wv Ckvemw
¯n\v D]m-[n-bm-¡m-hp¶ At\Iw b ZuÀ_-ey-§-sfbpw hnNm-c-§-sfbpw `oXn-bpsS X¯-z-imkv{Xw {]Xn-\n-[o-I-
Bib taJ-eI - Ä AXnsâ A´x-k¯ - - B{i-b¨ - p-sImw­v Ime-t¯mSpw kaq l- cn-¡p-¶-Xv. Nn{Xo-I-c-W-§ fpw Ir{Xna
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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 33
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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 34
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\n¶v DÂ`hn¨hcmIp¶p''- (3: 195).- Ckv-e-man Hmtcm kwL¯n\p-w Hcp- t\XrXzap­v,
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^ehpw Hcp¡nsh¨ncn¡p¶p''- (33: 35).- Ckv-e-manI Ip-Spw_w `À¯mhnsâ t\XrXz¯nepÅ
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imcocnI {]iv\§Ä D­mIp-t¼mgÃmsX kv{Xo taÂ-]d- - dn¨v tNmZyw sN¿s¸SpIbpw sN¿pw.
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t¸mse km[yamIp-whn[w aXw ]Tn¡p-I, \akvImc§ XpS§nb Xsâ ho«nse AhImi§Ä ]cnc£n¡s¸Sp
fn IrXyX ]peÀ¯pI, kXykÔX ]men¡p-I, kÂ- I F¶Xv `À¯mhn\v e`nt¡­ AhImiamWv. `mcy
IÀa-§Ä {]hÀ¯n¡p-I XpS§nb ISaIfn ]pcp-j\n bpsS C¯cw NpaXeIÄ Hc-p- ]g©³ GÀ¸mSmbmWv
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a-äp- ]-e- hnizmk§fn \n¶p-w ZÀ-i-\-§-fn -\n-¶-pw- theIÄ' F¶v CIgv¯s¸Sp¶ Ch, Ckv-e-manI `qanI
hyXykvXambn kv{Xo¡v Bßmhpt­m, "]pcp-jsâ bnÂ, Rm³ hfÀ¯s¸« H¶n \n¶p-w XnI¨pw hyXy
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 35
in¡p-I, \o Cãs¸Sp¶ IhmS¯neqsS'' (AlvaZpw Xz
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icocw ad¨ Hcp- kv{Xobpambn \S¶p- AÃmlphnsâ Cu- {]Jym]\s¯ F\n¡vÿkZm kva
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Ahsf _eambn [cn¸n¨Xp Xs¶bm AÃmlp Adnbp¶p. \n§Ä Adnbp¶nÃ''- (2: 216).-
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Spt¼mÄ. Fsâ \ymbhnNmcw C§s\bmbncp-¶p: Fsâ ensâbpw A-S-ebm-f-am-b-n- ]-e-cpw- Im-Wpw.-""F\n¡p-d¸p
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A¯csamcp- D]tZiw Hcn¡Â t]mepw F\n¡v e`n e-nw kv{Xo¡v A`n{]mb kzmX{´yanÃ, AhÄ shdpw
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sNbvXm AhtfmSv ]dbs¸Spw: "kzÀK-¯nte¡v {]th cnbpsS hmbn \n¶p-XnÀ¶XmWv. F¶mÂ, hnhml¯n
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 36
sâ AhImi§Ä¡p-w ISaIÄ¡p-a¸pdw hmkvXh¯n {]Wbs¯¡p-dn¨pÅ ImgvN¸mSns\¡p-dn¨v Rm³
Hcp- PohnXapt­m? ktlmZcnamtcmSv tNmZn¡p-Ibp­mbn. Hcp- apkve- n- whnhm-
AhImi§Ä¡p-a¸pdwÿÿÿÿÿ l¯n AXv \ne\n¡p-¶p-t­m? apkv-e-nw ]pcpj·m
Ckv-e-manI Zm¼Xysa¶Xv AhImi§Ä¡pw D¯ À¡v AtX¡p-dn¨v F´dnbmw? ssee Ft¶mSv ]dªp:
chmZn¯§Ä¡p-a¸pdw {]hnimeamWv. Ah AXnsâ ""\nÝbambpw {]Wbap­v. F´mWv {]Wb eoeIÄ
aqe X¯-z§Ä am{XamWv. kXy¯nÂ, kvt\l¯nsâ F¶v \n§Ä¡v ImWn¨psImSp¡mw, F§s\ irwK
bpw {]Wb¯nsâbpw ]qhnSp¶ kulrZ§fpsSbpw cn¡mw F¶v \n§Ä¡t±ls¯ ]Tn¸n¡mw'-'.-
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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 37
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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 38
At\zjn¨psIm­mWv ]pds¸«Xv''.-- ­pXs¶, hnZymk¼¶IfÃmXncp-¶,- F\n¡dnbmhp¶
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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 39
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amWv''-(2: 223).-
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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 40
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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 41
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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 42
Xnse¯nt¨cp-I. IqSmsX,ÿhyànIÄ F¶ \nebv-¡pw- apJoIcnt¡­nhcp-¶ shÃphnfnIfnepw £a ssIs¡m
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sh¦n Hcn¡epw hgn]ng¡p-IbnÃ. F¶m PohnXw (13:11).-
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ambn amdpw-.ÿ À¡vÿIp-Spw_ _Ôp¡fpsStbm Asæn Ckv-e-manI
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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 43
A-\p-`h- w-


ap-l-½-Zv- P-amÂ-
]me-¡m-Sv- Pn-Ã-bn-se- H-cp- {Km-a-¯n- c-W-t¯m-sS- hn-i-¸p- am-äm³- I-gn-bm-¯-
em-Wv- Rm³- P-\n-¨p-h-fÀ-¶-Xv.- H-cp- Xm-gv- C-jSv- w-t]m-se- Xn-¶m³- In- \m-fp-I-fp-sS- F-®w- Iq-Sp-X-em-b- L-«w.- -
¶-- -Pm-Xn-¡m-c-\pw- -sXm-en-I-dp-¯-h-\p-am- Xm-gv-¶- Pm-Xn-¡m-c-s\-¶- t]-cnÂ- A-]-
bn-- P-\n-¨- Rm³- A-Xn-tâ-Xm-b- H-cp-]m-Sv- «n-bn-«m-W-tÃm- A-hÀ- X-Sn- am-\n-X-\m-Ip-¶-Xnep-Å- {]-Xn-tj-[w- a-\-
A-hK- W - \- I
- Ä- k-ln-¨m-W-v h-fÀ-¶X - .v - kv- ¨p-sIm-gp-¡p-¶-Xv. A-½- ÊnÂ- i-àn-bmÀ-Pn-¨- ]-Xn-\m-dmw- h-bÊ - n-
Iq-fnÂ- A-©m-w- ¢m-Êp-h-sc- ]-Tn-¨p.- A- bpw- Rm-\pw- F-s³d-- c-­v- Â- H-cp- ap-k-venw- kp-lr-¯n-s³d- Iq-sS-
Ñ-s³d- a-c-W-t¯m-sS- ]-T-\w- A-h-km-\n- Rm-\pw- Xn-cq-cn-te-¡v- "\m-Sp-hn-«p'.-
¸n-¡m³- \nÀ-_Ô - n-X\ - m-hp-Ib- m-bn-cp-¶p.- A-\p-P-·m-cpw- H-cp- A-\p-P- B- bm-{X- F-s³d-- Po-hn-Xs- ¯bpw- hn-
]-{´-­- v h-bÊ - m-bt- ¸m-tg-¡p-w- A-½b - p-sS- ¯n-bpw- D-Å- Ip-Spw-_- iz-m-k-s¯-bp-sa-Ãmw- am-än-a-dn-¡p-sa-¶v-
Iq-sS- ]m-S-¯v- ]-Wn-sb-Sp-¯p- Xp-S-§n.- ¯nÂ- -A-Ñ-s³d-- a-c-W- Rm³- kz-]v-\-¯nÂ- t]-m-epw- I-cp-Xn-bn-
\m-«p-Im-c\- m-b- H-cp- \-¼q-Xn-cn-bp-sS- ]m- t¯m-sS- hn-i-¸p- am-äm³- cp-¶n-Ã.--
S-¯m-bn-cp-¶p- ]-Wn.- A-t±-lh - p-am-bpw- A- a-[y-hb
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t±-l-¯n-sâ- ho-«p-Im-cp-am-bpw- C-S-]-g-tI- Ign-bm-¯- \m-fp-I-fp-sS- tlm-«-en-em-Wv- F-\n-¡v- tPm-en-In-«n-b-Xv.-
­n-h-¶-t¸m-gm-Wv- Xm-gv-¶- Pm-Xn-¡m-c-\m- F®w- Iq-Sp-X-em-b- L-«w.- F-s¶- Iq-Sm-sS- B-dp- t]-À- Iq-Sn- B- tlm-
bn- ]n-d-¶-Xn-sâ- A-]-am-\-hpw- th-Z-\bpw- «-enÂ- tPm-en-¡m-cm-bn- D-­m-bn-cp-¶p.- F-
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aw- A-½-tbm-Sp- ]-d-bp-t¼mÄ,-- X-{¼m-s³d- t¼mgm-W- v- \m-«nÂ- h-¶n-cp-¶X- v.- sa-en-ªp- X-\n-jv-T-bp-Å- B-fm-W- v lm-Pn-bmÀ.- \-a-
ap-¼nÂ- A-Sn-a-sb-t¸m-se- \n-¶n-cp-¶- A- W-§n-b- ]-e-cpw- am-k-§Ä-¡-Iw- X-Sn-¨p- kv-I-m-c- k-a-b-am-bmÂ- D-S³- ]Ån-bnÂ-
½- F-s¶- D-]t- Z-in-¡pw;- A-hs- cm-s¡- ssZ- sIm-gp-¯v- Ip-«¸- ·
- m-cm-bn- KÄ-^nÂ-\n-s¶- t]m-Ipw.- Xn-cn-¨p-h¶- b
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h-Xp-ey-cm-sW-¶pw- A-ht- cm-Sv- sh-dp-¸p-Im- ¶-t]m-se- eo-hnÂ- h-cp-t¼mÄ- Rm³- A- H-m-tcm-cp-¯-sc- ]-Ån-bnte-¡v- ]-d-ª-b-
Wn-¡-cp-sX-¶pw- a-äpw.-- - Xn-ib- t- ¯m-sS- A-hs- c- t\m-¡pw.- C-jv-Sw- ¡pw.- Iq-«-¯nÂ- {]m-bw- Ip-d-ª ]-Wn-
a-e-¸p-dw- Pn-Ã-bn-se- Xn-cq-cnÂ- tlm- t]m-se- Xn-¶m³- In-«n-bn-«m-Wt- Ãm- A-hÀ- ¡m-c³- Rm-\m-bn-cp-¶p.-
«Â- ]-Wn-sb-Sp-¡p-¶- Ip-sd- t]À- F-sâ- X-Sn-¨p-sIm-gp-¡p-¶-Xv. A-½-bpw- Rm-\pw- Rm³- A-hn-sS- sN-¶v- c-­m-gv-N- B-b-
\m-«n-ep-­m-bn-cp-¶p.- km-[p-Ip-Spw-_-§- F-s³d-- c-­v- A-\p-P-·m-cpw- H-cp- A-\p-P- t¸m-tg-¡pw- _-en-s]-cp-¶mÄ- h-¶p.- s]-
fnÂ- s]-«- ap-kv-enw-Ifm-b- Iu-am-c-¡m-cpw- ¯n-bpw- D-Å- Ip-Spw-_-¯nÂ- -A-Ñ-s³d-- a- (ti-jw- t]-Pv- 49Â-
2008 P-\p-h-cn- 44
- Ww

þA-lv-a-Zv- ^-m-lnw-

""aXw a\p- j ys\ ab- ¡ p¶ Idp- ]-\-§fpw X½n-epÅ Xmc-X-ayw, thÀXn-

¸mWv'' F¶ (Ip)-{]-kn² hmN-I-amWv cn-hp-IÄ A]-{K-Yn-¡p-hm³ klm-bI

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aXhpw Iayq-Wn-khpw X½n-epÅ _ Wv.

Ôw NÀ¨ sN¿p-¶n-S¯v Gähpw BZy- ImdÂ-amÀ-Ivkv aX-t¯mSp ]peÀ

ImdÂ-amÀ-Ivknsâ cN-\-I- ambn IS¶p hcp-¶X.-v FwKÂkn-sâ-bpw ¯nb- kao-]-\-§Ä

fn Ncn-{Xm-]-{K-Y-\-t¯mSp se\n-sâbpw IrXn-If

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1).- {]mNo\ aqey hyh-Ø-bpsS XpS

tNÀ¶p-\n-¶p-sIm­v {]mNo\ t¯msS {]Xy-£-s¸« Bi-b-¯nsâ

À -Aw-i-§-sf¶ \ne-bn aX-¯nsâ
hmIy-cq-]-am-W-Xv. aXw a\p-jy-Po-hn-X-
kaq-l-L-S-\-bpsS `mK-§- ¯nepw kaq- l - ¯ nepw sNep- ¯ p¶
aqey-§sf AwKo-I-cn-¡p-¶-tXm-sSm¸w

kaq- l - ¯ nsâ \ho- I - c - W - ¯ n\v aX-

sf¶ \ne-bn-epw hÀK-kw- kzm[o-\s
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¯nÂ\n-¶pÅ apt¶m-«p-t]m¡v Bh-iy-

LÀj-§-fn kzm[o\w l-W-§-fpsS kz`m-h-s¯ bpw

am-sW¶v Nn´n-¨p.
FwKÂkn-sâbpw se\n-sâbpw IrXn-I-
sNep-¯p¶ LS-I-sa¶ \ne- fn-emWv IqSp-XÂ Kuc-ht
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(2).- skan-än¡v aX-§sf Ah \nÀh-

ln-¨p-h¶ Ncn{X ZuXy-§f

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bnepw aX-s¯-¡p-dn¨p ]cm- jW hnt[-b-am-¡-s¸-«n-«p-Å-Xv. ImdÂ-
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aÀin-¡p-¶p-­v. F¶m amÀ-Ivknsâ cN-\-I-fn Ncn-{Xm-]-{K-Y-

kwkvImc ]Ým-¯e
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amÀIvkn-sâ-bpw FwKÂk,v kaq-l-L-S-\-bpsS `mK-§-sf¶ \ne-bn-
I-e\ hnt[-b-am-¡p-Ibpw sNbvXp.

se\n³ F¶n-h-cp-sSbpw aX- epw, hÀK-kw-LÀj-§-fn kzm[o\w

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t¯m-SpÅ kao-]-\-§Ä Htc sNep-¯p¶ LS-Is
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sW¶pw AXn-\m aX-c-ln-X-amb Hcp
s¯-¡p-dn¨p ]cm-aÀin-¡p-¶p-­v.
kz`m-h-t¯mSp IqSn-b-h-bm-bn- F¶m amÀIvkn-sâ-bpw FwKÂk,v
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cp-¶n-söv kq£va-]-T-\-§- se\n³ F¶n-h-cp-sSbpw aX-t¯m-SpÅ

tj[w ià-amb Bh-iy-am-sW¶pw

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fnÂ\n¶p hyàam-Ip-¶p. kao-]-\-§Ä Htc kz`m-h-t¯mSp IqSn-

b-h-bm-bn-cp-¶n-söv kq£v a-]-T-\-§- 4).- hn`m-h\w sN¿-s¸-Sp¶ ]pXnb

fn \n¶p hyàam-Ip-¶p. c­p kao- temI-¯nsâ kwhn-[m-\-¯n\v kzoI-cn-

2008 P-\p-h-cn- 45
¡-s¸-Sp¶ Ne-\m-ß-I-amb D]m-[n-Isf Bi-b-§fpw Ah aX-¯nsâ kw`m-h-

\ncp-Õm-l-s¸-Sp-¯p¶ LS-I-§-fn a\p-jys\ ab-¡p¶ Idp¸v,- \-IÄ F¶ \ne-bnÂam{Xw XnckvIcn-

apJy-am-bXv aX-am-sW¶p kn²m-´n-¨p. t¡-­X

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{]Xym-i-bn-Ãm¯ P\-X-bpsS
5).- ]ptcm-KX
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{]Xymi,-- i_vZw \ntj-[n-¡- ¯n sNep-¯nb kzm[o-\hpw AXn

aXw DÂ]mZn-¸n-¡p¶ FÃm Bi-b-§- s¸-«-h-cpsS i_vZw,- `qX-Ime sâ XpSÀ^-e§

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fn \n¶pw Ah- b psS ^e- § - f nÂ

kaq-l-§-fpsS DuÀP-hpw ­-Xn-Ã.

\n¶pw am\-h-cmin XoÀ¯pw hntam-Nn-

¡-s¸-tS-­Xv Bh-iy-amWv F¶pw \nco-

Bth-ihpw,- aÀZ-n-Xsâ 10).- Ime-L-«-¯nsâ ]ptcm-bm-\-¯n-

\n-S-bn Nne L«-§-fn-se-¦n-epw, {]m

£n-¨p. \nizmkw,- ]cn-{`-an-¡p¶ No\ kaq-l¯
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taÂ]-dª \ne-]m-Sp-IÄ- hni-I- {]mNo\ a\p-jy-cpsS km´z\ ZuXy-§-fpsS kam\ ZuXy-§Ä \nÀh-

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Fgp-Xp¶p: hn-e-bn-cp-¯-ep-I-fm-Wv.- taÂ]-dª LS-I-§Ä ]cn-K-Wn-

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ià-hp-amb \ntj[ \ne-]m-SmWp kzo arZphpw bpàn-]-c-hp-am-bn-cp¶p se\n-

I-cn-¨-Xv. Xsâ P\n-X-I-]-chpw hwio-b- \pw, FwKÂkpw aX-t¯mSp ]peÀ¯n

3).- aX-§sf Ah-bpsS ZuXy-¯n
hp-amb skan-än¡v _Ô-§sf ]msS b kao-]-\-§-sf¶p ImWmw. ""Hm¬ dn
epw Bib \nÀh-l-W-¯nepw skan-än-
\ntj-[n¨pw \ncm-I-cn¨pw At±lw aX en-Py³'',- ""ZmkvIym]n-äÂ'',- ""lntÌm-dn-
¡v- þ - B - c y- þ - A - \ mcy kz`m- h - § - t fmsS
s¯ iàn-bpàw FXnÀ¯p. ssZh-\n- ¡Â A\-sse-tk-j³ Hm^v B³jy
thÀXn-cn¨v A]-{K-Yn-t¡-­X
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tj-[-¯n-eqsS am{Xsa aX-\n-cm-I-c-W- â v tkmjy knÌwkv'' XpS-§nb cN-
]mSp kzoI-cn-¨p.
¯n\v XmXznI ]Ým-¯-e-sam-cp-¡-s¸- \-I-fn se\n³, FwKÂkv XpS-§n-b-
4).- Im¸n-cn-I-fpsS aX-¯n-\pw C´y-
- pÅq F¶-Xp-sIm-­mWv aX-\n-tj- hÀ aX-s¯-¡p-dn¨v Ah-X-cn-¸n-¡p¶
t]m-epÅ cmPy-§-fnse {]mNo\ aXco
[-¯nsâ BZy-]-Sn-bmbn At±lw ssZ ho£-W-§sf arZp-hmb kao-]-\-§-sf-
Xn-IÄ¡p-saÃmw sam¯-¯n aX-§-
h \ntj-[s¯ I­-Xv. {Iam-\p-KX
- a
- mb ¶p-Xs¶ hnti-jn-¸n-t¡­n hcp-¶p-­v.
sf¶ \ne-bn ZuXyw s]mXp-hm-sW
Hcp ]cnjvIrX kaq-l-¯nsâ cq]o-I-c
se\n³-,- F
- w-KÂkv, F¶n-hc
- psS cN-
¶ ASn-Øm-\-¯n-emWv se\n\pw Fw
Ww kw`-hn-¡p-hm³ aX-\n-tj[w A\n-
- n aX-s¯-¡p-dn¨v- \ÂI-s¸-«n-«p Å
KÂkpw aX-§sf A]-{K-Y-\-hn-t[-b-am-
hm-cy-am-sW¶p Nn´n-¨n-S¯
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Nne hnti-j-W-§Ä D-kv-am³- ]me-¡m-
- v.
ImdÂ-amÀ-Ivknsâ aX-t¯m-SpÅ {]Xn-
gn- F-Sp-¯-p-²-cn-¨n-cp-¶p.-
tj-[-¯nse Xo{hX Dcp-¯n-cn-bp-¶-Xv. 5).- ]pXnb temI-¯n-sâbpw kaq-l-
a\p-jys\ ab-¡p¶ Idp¸v,- {]Xym-
FwKÂkn-sâbpw se\n-sâbpw aX-\n- ¯n-sâbpw hn`m\w km[y-am-¡p-I-bpw
i-bn-Ãm¯ P\-X-bpsS {]Xymi,-- i_vZw
tj[ \ne-]m-Sp-I-fnse bpàn-]-c-amb A¯cw kz]v\§
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ap{Zm-k-ao-]\w ImdÂ-amÀ-Ivknsâ \ne- I-bpw sN¿p-¶-Xn\v Bh-iy-sa-¦n aX-
kaq-l-§-fpsS DuÀP-hpw Bth-ihpw,-
- n ImWp-¶nà F¶Xv {it²-b- ¯n \n¶pÅ t{]c-WI
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- fbpw bpàn-
aÀZ-n-Xsâ \nizmkw,- ]cn-{`-an-¡p¶ {]m
am-W.v Ncn-{X-s¯bpw kaq-ls
- ¯bp hne- ]qÀhhpw imkv{Xo-b-hp-ambn D]-tbm-Kn-
No\ a\p-jy-cpsS km´z\ i_vZw,- {]
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- f
- psS `n¶- ¡m³ ]pXnb kaq-l-c-N-\-bn km[n-
Xymi \jvSs
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- ¦ a\p-jy-cpsS
X-bm-bn-cp¶p CXn\v ImcWw'' (I-ayq- t¡-­X
- p-­v.
{]Xym-i-bpsS Dd-hn-Sw Xp-S-§n-bh -sb-
Wnkw Bâ v Z tabvIn§v Hm^v \yq 6).- \nco-iz-c¯w tkmjy-enÌv kmaq
Ãmw- a-X-s¯-¡p-dn-¨p-Å- A-h-c-psS- hn-e-
P\-td-j³, t]Pv 119-þ120).- ly hyh-Øn-Xn-bpsS A{]-a-m-Zn-¯-apÅ
- p-If
- m-Wv.-
se\n\pw FwKÂkpw aX-t¯mSp ASn-¯-d-bm-sW¶v imTyw-]n-Sn-t¡-­-
am\-h-cm-in-bn aXw sNep-¯nb
]peÀ¯nb kao-]-\-§Ä XnÃ.
kzm[o-\-s¯bpw \nÀh-ln¨ ZuXy-§-
1).- {]mNo\ aqeyhyh-Ø-bpsS Aw 7).- kaq-l-s¯ AXnsâ ]ptcm-K-Xn-
sfbpw A]-{K-Yn-¨p-sIm­v se\n\pw
i-§Ä F¶ \ne-bn aX-s¯bpw A bnÂ\n¶pw Ne-\m-ßI
- X
- I
- f
- n \n¶pw
FwKÂkpw F¯n-t¨À¶ kpNn-´n-Xm-
Xnsâ Bi-b-§-sfbpw Ah-X-cn-¸n-¨p.- XS-bp-Ibpw {]Xn-tcm-[n-¡p-Ibpw sN¿p
`n-{]m-b-§-fm-bn-cp¶p Ah. Nqj-W-¯n-
¶ aXhpw AXnsâ D]m-[n-I-fp-saÃmw
2).- kaq-l¯
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- W
- ¯
- nepw sâbpw ASn-a-¯-¯n-sâbpw hnt[-b-Xz-
Hcp \nebv¡pw AwKo-I-cn-¡m-h-X-Ã. A
apt¶m«pt]m¡n-epw aX-¯n \n¶pÅ ¯n-sâbpw Imcy-Im-c-W-§Ä NnI-ªp-
tX kabw A¯cw {]h-W-X-I-fn \n
kzmX{´yw Bh-iytam F¶p \nÝ-bn- sIm- ­ pÅ A]- { K- Y \w taÂ]- d ª
¶v apt¶m-«p-t]mb aX-§sf Ak-lnjv
¡p-¶Xv- kml-N-cy-§-fpsS A]-{K-Y-\- hnti-j-W-§-fn F¯n-t¨-cm³ Cc-p-h-
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- n-Ã.
¯nsâ XpSÀ¨-bm-bn-cn-¡-W-sa¶ \ne- scbpw \nÀ_-Ôn-¨p-sh¶p ]d-bmw.

]mSp kzoI-cn-¨p. 8).- aXw DÂ]-mZ

- n-¸n-¡p¶ aqey-§fpw
Iayq-Wn-khpw aXhpw X½n-epÅ

2008 P-\p-h-cn- 46
_Ôw, Bi-b]
- c
- a
- mb t`Z-kw-hm-Z§
- Ä ¯m³ bqtdm-¸n-s\bpw Ata-cn-¡s
- bbpw

F¶n-h-sb-¡p-dn¨v Kuc-h-ta-dnb Ht«sd k`-IÄ \qäm-­p-I-fmbn hf _m[n-¡m-Xncn-¡m-\pÅ'' ap¶-dn-bn-¸p-IÄ

]T-\-§Ä \S-¯n-bn-«pÅ emän-\-ta-cn- k`m-t\-Xr-Xz-¯nÂ\n-¶p-­m-bn-s¡m-­n-

À¯n-s¡m-­p-h¶ kmaq-ly-
¡³ ssZh-imkv{X Nn´-I-\mb AeIv cp-¶p.

knhnKvkv amÀÊv Xsâ ""dnen-Py³ Bâ v kw-hn-[m-\-¯n-sâbpw hnizm- Iayq-Wnkw Gähpw IqSp-XÂ IS-¶m-
dnt^mÀtaj³'' F¶ IrXn-bn Fgp- km-Sn-a-¯-¯n-sâbpw ASn-¯-d- {I-an-¨Xpw ss{IkvXh
- X-sb-X
- s¶-bm-bn-cp-
bn-f-¡p-¶-Xn\v Iayq-W-n-k- ¶p. t]¸- k nbpw ]u- t cm- l n- X y hpw

""hnizm-kw, at\m-`mhw, kao-]-\-§ kzÀK-hmKvZm\-§fpw Znhy-]p-cp-j³amcpw

Ä F¶n-h-bn-seÃmw GXm­v el-cn-bp-

¯nsâ Bi-b-§Ä Imc-W-am- Imt\m³ \nb- a - § - f p- s aÃmw Nqj- W -

WÀ¯p¶ {]tNm-Z\w a\p-jy-cm-in-bn ¡p-sa¶ \ne-bn-emWv k`- ¯nsâ Id-I-fª D]m-[n-I-fm-sW¶v

sNep-¯p-¶-Xn\v aX-§Ä¡p km[n-¡p-

IÄ `oXn-bn-e-I-s¸-«-Xv. Iayq- Iayq-WnÌp ssk²m-´n-IÀ Ah-cpsS

¶-Xp-sIm-­mWv aXs¯ Ipdn¨v A¯ cN-\-I-fnepw ktµ-i-§-fnepw {]N-cn-¸n-

cw ]cm-aÀi-§-fp-­m-b-Xv. bmYmÀY-y-§
Wn-ks¯ ]nim-Nm-bpw a-äpw- ¨-Xpw, tkmhn-bäp bqWn-b³ tI{µo-I-

Ä hnkva-cn-¡m-\pw, `uXn-Im-Xo-X-amb Nn{Xo-I-cn-¡p¶ H«-\-h[n cn¨p hfÀ¶p hnI-kn-¨p-h¶ B[p-\nI

Hcp kz]\ kpµ-ct

- em-Is¯ em¡m¡o
k`mkmln-Xy-§Ä c-Nn-¡-s¸- Iayp-WnÌv- kmln-Xy-im-JI
- Ä k`-bpsS

Pohn-Xs¯ {Iao-I-cn-¡p-hm\pw hnizm Xn·-IÄs¡-Xn-cn-epÅ AXoh KqV-amb

kw sNep- ¯ p¶ t{]c- W - I Ä GXm-

«n-«p-­v.- Bi-b-{]-N-c-tWm-]m-[n-I-fm bn hÀ¯-n-

s­mcp ab-¡p-a-cp-¶nsâ ^ew sN¿p- ¨Xpw A\p-`h

- a
- m-Wv. tkmhn-bäv tkmjy-

¶Xp ]e hnizm-kn-k-aq-l-§-fn-sebpw s¯-bpw aX-hn-izm-ks

- ¯bpw kl-\o-b- enÌv dn¸-»n-¡nsâ KWy-amb k¼¯pw-

A\p-`-h-am-Wv. kaq-l-t¯mSv ]n´n-cn am-¡p¶ {]Xybimkv{X hymJym-\§

- Ä k`m-hn-cp²- {]N-c-tWm-]m-[n-IÄ¡mbn

ªp \n¡p¶ Zpjv{]-h-W-X¡p Iq«p- sIm­mWv B[p-\nI am\-h-cm-insb hn\n-tbm-Kn-¡s

- ¸-«n-cp-¶p. 1940-þI
- f
- n \ne-

\n¡p-hm³ aX-¯nÂ\n-¶p-­m-Ip¶ Iayq-Wnkw ]n´p-SÀ¶p-sIm-­n-cn-¡p- hnÂh¶ ""Bâ n s^bv¯v s{]m]-tK-

t{]c- W - b psS A]- I Sw ]cn- K - W n- ¡ p- ¶Xv F¶p ImWmw. ]pXnb {]Xy-b- j³ Iayq¬'', 1960- þ 65 Ifn \ne-

t¼mÄ aXw a\p-jys\ ab-¡p¶ Idp- imkv{X hymJym-\-§Ä D­m-Ip-¶Xv hnÂh¶ ""tkmjy do P\-td-än§v

¸m-sW¶ \nco-£Ww AÀYh-¯m-Wv. A§-s\-bm-Wv. aqhvsaâ v'', 1970-þ-I-fn {]hÀ¯n¨n-cp¶

F¶m A¯-c-¯n-e-Ãm¯ aX-§-fp- Iayq-Wn-khpw ss{IkvXh- k

- `- bpw ""tkmjy-enÌv \yq lyqa-\nÌv aqhvsaâ v''

sSbpw hnizm-k§
- f
- p-sSbpw km[y-Xbpw F¶nh k`-IÄs¡Xn-cmb Bi-b-{]-N-
hnizm-k-¯n\pw aX-¯nsâ kmaq
- W
- hpw \ntj-[n-¡p-hm³ taÂ]- c-W-¯n\p th­n Iayq-WnÌv- _p²n-tI-
ly {Ia-¯n-\p-sa-Xn-cmb Bi-b-]-chpw
dª ]cm-aÀiw D]-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶Xp icn- {µ-§f
- m hfÀ¯n-s¡m-­p-h¶ Øm]-
XmXzn-I-hp-amb `oXn-sb¶ \ne-bnÂ
bÃ'' (t]Pv 98-þ99).- \-§-fm-bn-cp-¶p. sI. -Pn.- _nbp-sSbpw
Iayq-Wn-ks¯ BZyw IW-¡n-se-Sp-
djy³ Nmc-t]m-eo-kn-sâbpw klm-bw-
Npcp-¡-¯n aXw F¶ {]mNo\ ¯Xv ss{IkvXh k`-I-fm-Wv. k`-IÄ
t]mepw ]e-L-«-§-fnepw Chbv-¡p e`n-
hkvXp-hns\ sam¯-¯n XnckvIcn-¡p- \qäm-­p-I-fmbn hfÀ¯n-s¡m-­p-h¶
Itbm \ncm-I-cn-¡p-Itbm Aà ta ]- kmaq-ly-kw-hn-[m-\¯
- n-sâbpw hnizm-km-
dª ""Idp¸v'' hnti-jW
- ¯
- nsâ XmÂ]- Sn-a¯
- ¯
- n-sâbpw ASn-¯d
- b
- n-f¡
- p-¶X
- n\v adp-`m-K-¯v...""-tam-d do BÀa-saâ v

cyw. B[p-\nI kaq-l¯

- n aXw sNep- Iayq-W-n-k-¯nsâ Bi-b-§Ä Imc-W- aqhvsaâ v'',- ""s{]m«-£³ t^mdw t^mÀ

¯p¶ {]-Xn-tem-aI kzm[o-\w, AYhm am-¡p-sa¶ \ne-bn-emWv k`-IÄ `oXn- F¯nI-vkv Bâ v s^bnXvk'', ""{InÌy

A¯cw A]-IS
- §
- f
- pÅ aX-§Äam{Xw bn-e-I-s¸-«-Xv. Iayq-Wn-ks¯ ]nim-Nm- ³ s{]m«-£³ BÀan t^mÀ Bân Iayq-

ap¶nÂI-­p-sIm-­v, Nq­n-¡m-Wn-¡p- bpw \I-c¯

- n-te-¡pÅ hgn-bmbpw Nn{Xo- WnÌv B£³'' XpS-§nb taÂhn-em-k-

t¼mÄ AXv GI-]£

- o-bhpw \ncp-]m-[n- I-cn-¡p¶ H«-\h
- [n k`mkmln-Xy-§Ä §-fn {]hÀ¯n-¨p-h¶ It¯m-en¡m

I-hp-amb aX-\n-cm-I-c-W-a-Ã. Ccp-]Xmw \qäm-­nsâ a[y-Zi

- I
- §
- f
- n Øm]-\-§Ä Iayq-Wn-k-¯n-s\-Xn-cmb

AtXkabw Iayq-Wnkw AXnsâ bqtdm-¸n-se§pw hnX-cWw sN¿-s¸-Sp-I- KqV-amb Bib {]N-c-W-¯n\p

BXy-´nI ssk²m-´n-I-X-bn aX-hn- bp-­mbn. tPm¬t]mÄ c­m-a³ \S- t\XrXzw \ÂIn-bh

- b
- m-bn-cp-¶p. tamdÂ

cp-²hpw aX-\n-tj-[]
- c
- h
- p-amb Hcp {]Xy- ¯nb ""Nph¶ ]nimNv'' t]mepÅ ]cm- do BÀa-saâ v {]Øm\w 1950-þ1970 Ime-

b-imkv{Xw Xs¶-bmWpXm\pw. [mcmfw aÀi-§Ä Iayq-Wn-k-t¯m-SpÅ `oXn- L-«-¯n-embn Zi-e-£-¡-W-¡n\v Iayq-

hymJym\ km[y-XI
- Ä Ah-ti-jn-¸n-¨p- bn \n¶p-fh
- m-bh
- b
- m-bn-cp-¶p. Iayq-Wn- WnÌv hncp² kmln-Xy-§Ä ]pd-¯n-d-

sIm-­mWv ImdÂ-amÀIvkpw, FwKÂ ks¯ {]Xy-bi

- m-kv{X-i{Xp F¶ \ne- ¡n. Gjy-\m-{^n-¡³ kaq-l-§-fnse

kpw, se\n-\psams¡ Ah-cpsS \ne-]m- bn ImWp-Ibpw AwKo-I-cn-¡p-Ibpw {it²-b-cmb Fgp-¯p-Im-scbpw Nn´-I-

Sp-Isf Ah-X-cn-¸n-¨Xv F¶p ImWmw. sNbvX k`-IÄ ]Sn-ªmdpw Ing-¡p- scbpw hne-s¡-Sp-¯p-sIm­v Fw.- BÀ.

\nco-iz-c¯w,- Iayq-Wn-k¯
- nsâ ASn-¯- apÅ hnizmkn kaq-l-§-fn \S-¯nb -Fw. \S-¯nb Bi-b-{]-N-c W-amWv

d-bm-bn-cn-s¡-¯-s¶, hn`m-h\w sN ¿- {]N-cWw Iayq-Wn-k-t¯m-SpÅ hntZz- bqtdm-¸n Iayq-Wn-k¯

- nsâ hfÀ¨¡v

s¸-Sp¶ hÀK--k-aq-l-¯nsâ cq]o-I-c-W- jhpw shdp¸pw hfÀ ¯n-s¡m-­p-h¶

- p. {]Xn-_²w krjvSn-¨-Xv. {it²-b-cmb

¯n\p hnL-m-X-am-Im¯ hn[-apÅ aX- ""tkmhn-bäv djy-bnse Nph¶ sNIp- ss{IkvXh kmln-Xy-Im-c³am-scbpw

2008 P-\p-h-cn- 47
bqtdm-¸nse Bâ n Iayq-WnÌv Nn´-I- ssZh-im-kv{X-¯n-sâ-Xv. tbip-{In-kvXp-

scbpw {]Xn-amk i¼f hyh-Ø-bpsS hyà-amb Nne D]m-[n-I-tfm- hns\ Hcp hn¹-h-Im-cn-bmbn Ah-X-cn-¸n-

- n-emWv D]-tbm-Ks
- ¸-Sp-¯n- ¡p¶p hntam-N\ ssZh-imkv{Xw. ss_
sS-bmWv Iayq-Wn-k-¯n-s\-Xn-
s¡m-­n-cp-¶-Xv. tamd do BÀa-saâ v _n-fnsâ HcÂ]w a\p-jy-]£ kz`m-h-

{]Øm-\s¯ Iayq-WnÌp sI«p-I-Y-sb- cmb Bi-b-]-c-amb {]Xn- apÅ Hcp ]p\À hmb\ km[y-am-Ip-¶Xv

¶m-Wv, tkmhn-bäv A\-´c L«-¯n tcm[w ap-kv-enw-IÄ- km[n-s¨- Hcp \nebv¡v hntam-N\ ssZh imkv{X-

Nne It¯m-en¡m ]ptcm-ln-X³amÀ ¯n-em-Wv. Gähpw IuXp-I-I-c-amb Hcp

Sp-¯-Xv. hnizm-k-¯nsâ A\n-
hnti-jn-¸n-¨-sX-¦n-epw, AsXmcp hkvXpX {InkvXp- a - X - h n- i zm- k n- t bm,-

bmYmÀYy-am-bn-cp-¶p-sh ¶v ]oäÀ hm-cy-X hnip² JpÀB\n- IayqWnÌv hnizm-kntbm Bb Hcp Nn

sl³kv Xsâ Hcp IrXn-bn ]d-bp-¶p- sâbpw Xncp-N-cy-bp-sSbpw ´-I-\n \n¶Ã hntam-N\ ssZh-im-

­v. kv{X-sa¶ Bibw BZy-ambn Dcp-¯n-

ASn-Øm-\-¯n Du¶n-¸-d-
- v, adn¨v Htc-ka
- bw {InkvXp hncp-
""Z Bâ n Iayq-Wnkw'' F¶ Xsâ

IrXn-bpsS Bap-J¯
- n ]oäÀ sl³kv
ªp-sIm­v Iayq-WnÌv ²\pw Iayq-WnÌv hncp-²\pamb hyàn-

Fgp-Xp-¶Xv C{]-Im-ca
- mWv: ""Iayq-Wn-k- \mkvXn-I-þ-\n-co-iz-c-hm-Zs¯ bpsS Nn´m-K-Xn-bnÂ\n-¶mWv F¶ k

Xy-am-Wv. 1939-þÂ A{_lmw sj½mkv

¯n-s\-Xn-cmb Bib {]N-c-W-¯n\p
F¶ blqZ ]Þn-X³ {]kn-²o-I-cn¨
k`-IÄ B{i-bn¨ \nKq-V-amÀK-§Ä
""s{]ms^-kyb tk {InÌv^À'' F¶
AXoh hnNn-{X-§fpw `mh-\m-Xo-X-§-f-
IrXn-bn-emWv hntam-N\ tZh-im-kv{X-
am-bn-cp-¶p. tkmhn-bäv A\-´c L«-
- I
- \
- n-e]
- m-SmWv kzoI-cn-¨p-h¶
- X
- v. sa¶ Bibw BZy-ambn Ah-X-cn-¸n-¡-

¯n e`y-amb sXfn-hp-If
- psS ASn-Øm-
- v. blqZ ZÀi-\{- ]-Imcw A`n-i-

hntam-N\ ssZh-im-kv{Xhpw
\-¯n CtX-¡p-dn¨p \S-¯nb At\z-
- mb hn¹-hI
- m-cn-sb¶p Nn{Xo-Icn-¡-
jWw hfsc kvtXm`-P\
- I
- §
- f
- mb hnh-
s¸« {InkvXp-hns\ Hcp XnIª Iayq-
c-§-fmWv ]pd-¯p-sIm-­p-h-¶n-cn-¡p- emän-\-ta-cn-¡³ Nn´-I-\mb tlm
Wn-Ìmbn Ah-Xc
- n-¸n-¡p¶ Hcp Zpcp-t±i
¶Xv'' (t]-Pv. 49).- sk-an-dm³sZ-bpsS ""Iayq-Wnkw C³
IrXn-bm-bn-cp¶p AXv. Cu IrXn-bpsS
\mkvXn-IX {]N-cn-¸n-¡p¶ {]Xy- ss__nÄ'' F¶ IrXn-bmWv hntam-N\
Bi- b - ] - c - a mb kzm[o\w ]nÂ- ¡ me
imkv{Xw F¶ \ne-bn-emWv s{]m«-Ì ssZh-im-kv{X-¯nsâ kmln-Xy-im-J-bn
- s
- sZ-hi
- mkv{X kmln-Xy-§f
- nÂ
â v bmYm-Øn-Xn-IÄ Iayq-Wn-k-t¯mSp  {]Y-aa
- mbn ]cn-KW
- n-¡s
- ¸-Sp¶ IrXn.
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ss__n-fnsâ Hcp ]p\Àhm-b-\-bmWv

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hntam-N\ ssZh-im-k{v X-¯n\p ]Ým-¯- IqSp-XÂ hn]p-e-am-bn-¯o-cp-I-bp-­m-bn. k`-IÄ Iayq-Wn-ks¯ `b-¸m-tSmSp- IqSn

ehpw t{]c-Wbpw sNep-¯nb k`m-\n- ss__nÄ apt¶m-«p-sh-¡p¶ `uXn-Im- \nco-£n-¡p¶ kml-Ncyw A§-s\-bm-

e-]m-Sp-I-fpsS Nne hàm-¡Ä Iayq-Wn- Xo-X-amb hntam-N\ k¦Â¸s¯ km Wp- ­ m- b - X - v . AtX kabw Cu `b-

k-hp-ambn ]pXnb Ime-L-«-¯n [m-cW Pohn-X-¯nsâ `uXnI hntam-N- ¯nsâ {]Xn- ^ - e - \ - a p- ­ m- b Xv hfsc

GÀs]-Sp-¯nb _Ôw Ah-cpsS Xs¶ \-hp-ambn Iq«n-bn-W¡

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Xnc- k vI- c - W - a m- b n- c p- ¶ p. Iayq- W n- k - imkv{Xw Ah-Xc

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t\z- j - W - § - f mWv emän- \ - t a- c n- ¡ - b n Ffp- ] - ¯ n CW- § n- b Xv hntam- N \ ]nsâ taJ-e-bn Iayq-Wn-k-hp-ambn

khn-ti-j-amb Hcp tkmjy-en-k-¯n\p ssZh- i m- k v { X- ¯ nsâ {]N- c - W - ¯ n\v apJm-apJw \n¡p-hm³ k`-IÄ¡p ti

]Ým-¯-e-am-bXv F¶ hkvXpX \ncm- DuÀP-w ]IÀ¶p. jn-bn-Ãm-bn-cp-¶p. {]Xy-bi

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¯nsâ ZuXy-\nÀh-l-W-¯n hntam- Htc coXn-bn ImWp-Ibpw ]cn-K-Wn-¡ ¯nsâ IS-¶m-{I-a-W-¯nÂ\n¶v B[p-

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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 48
Ckvemw \nÀh-ln¨ ZuXy-§Ä a sämcp Ah-X-cn-¸n-¨p. CXv Iayq-Wn-k-¯nsâ i-ambn {]Xn-tcm-[n-¨p-sh-¶ÀY-w.

aX- ¯ n\pw {]Xy- b - i m- k v { X- ¯ n \pw hfÀ¨sb {]Xn-tcm-[n-¨p.

hfsc \nÈ-_vZhpw AÀY-h-¯p-amb
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aX-t¯mSpw hnizm-k-t¯mSpw arZp Hcp {]Xn-tcm-[-amWv Ckvemw Iayq-Wn-
Ckvemw \S-¯nb {]Xn-tcm[w BtKm-f-
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se\n-sâbpw FwKÂknsâbpw cN-\-I- Pm-\n-b³ Ihn-bpw ap³tkmjy-enÌp
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fn Ds­- ¦ nepw Iayq- W n- k - ¯ nsâ amb Ckvatb _bm-tkmhv Xsâ ""Z

hyà-amb Nne D]m-[n-It

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WnÌv \mkvXn- I - þ - \ n- c o- i z- c - h m- Z s¯ IÀ A¯-cs

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\njv{]-`-am-¡n. Cl-temI Pohn-X- Iayq-WnÌv \nco-iz-c-hm-Zs¯ I­-Xv. ­v. B]-Ûo-Xn-tbm-sS-bpÅ Ip{]-Nc

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s¯bpw ]c- t emI hnizm- k - s ¯bpw Iayq- W nÌv {]Xyb imkv{X- ¯ nsâ §Ä hgn ss{IkvXh k`-IÄ Iayq-Wn-

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a[y-amÀK- Pohn-XZ
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tIhew km¦Â]- n - I - X - I - f n- t e- ¡ pÅ fp-sSbpw Nn´m-K-Xn-I-fp-sSbpw kq £va- k`m Nn´-IÀ Xs¶ hfscb[n-I-ap-­v.

F¯n-t\m-«-a-söp am\-h-cm-insb ]Tn- amb hni-I-e-\-¯n-eqsS AXnsâ aX- Bi-b-]-c-amb {]Xn-tcm-[-¯n sâ hgn

¸n-¨p. aX-\n-cm-I-c-W-¯n\p t{]c-W-bm- \n- c m- I - c - W - X z- c sb {]Xn- t cm- [ n- ¡ p- h m- kzoI-cn-¨p-sIm­v Ckvemw \S-¯nb

bn Iayq- W nkw ]cn- N - b - s ¸- S p- ¯ nb \pÅ Bi-tbm-]m-[n-IÄ CkvemanI {] sNdp- ¯ p- \ n¸v Iayq- W n- k - ¯ n sâ

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Iayq-Wn-ks¯ sNdp-¡p-¶-Xn ]cm-P- IrXn-If

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b-s¸-«-t¸mÄ hyà-amb km ¼-¯nI am\hhmZw tkmjy-enÌv anYy-Isf {]Xn- XIÀ¶p Ign-ªn-cn-¡p-¶p-sh-¶Xv- Hcp

X¯-z-imkv{Xw Ah-X-cn-¸n-¡p ¶ tcm-[n-¡p-hm\pw sNdp-¡p-hm\pw D]-bp- hkvXpX am{X-am-W.v Ckvemansâ km[y-

Ckvemw Iayq-Wn-k-¯n\p ]Icw IqSp- à-ambhbm-bn-cp-¶p. Iayq-WnÌv X-IÄ¡v Hcp Ime¯pw Iayq-Wn kw

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(A-\p-`-h-§Ä......- t]-Pv- 44Â-\n-¶v- Xp-SÀ¨).-

cp-¶mÄ- {]-am-W-n-¨v- c-­p-Zn-h-kw- tlm-«- Xn-\mÂ- a-\Ê
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en-\v- A-h[
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A-h-c-h-cp-sS- ho-Sp-I-f-n-te-¡v- a-S-§n.- \Ã- Xm-bn-cp-¶p- ]n-¶o-Sv- \S-¶-Xv.- \p-`-hn-¨pw- H-c-p-]m-Sv- a-\-Ê-n-em-¡n.- F-sâ-

h-®w- X-Sn-sbm-s¡- sh-¨v- I-¿nÂ- Ip-sd- h-gn- C-Xm-sW-¶pw- Cl-¯n-epw- ]-c-¯n-

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Im-ip-am-bn-«m-bn-cn-¡-Ww- ho-«n-te-¡p-Å- epw- A-`n-am-\-hpw- c-£-bpw- e-`n-¡m³- C-
H-cp- a-I-\m-bn- A-t±-lw- F-s¶- I-­p.- a-
B-Zy-s¯- a-S¡
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t\m-l-c-am-b- ho-«nÂ- F-Ãm-cp-sS-bpw- Iq-
kz-]-v\w. A-Xp-sIm-­p-X-s¶- Rm³- \m- a-\Ê
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sS-bn-cp-¶v- Rm-\pw- `-£-Ww- I-gn-¨p.- F-
«n-te-¡v- t]m-Ip-¶n-sÃ-¶v- ap-X-em-fn-tbm-S-v Rm³- ]p-Xn-sbm-cp- a-\p-jy-\m-bn- am-dn;-- {k-
s³d- Hm-e-ta-ª- ho-Spw- Nm-W-Iw- sa-gp-
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sâ- ho-«nÂ- \nÂ-¡-mw-- F-¶p- ]-d-ªv- F- B-h-iy-s¸-Sp-¶- Hcp- ZÀ-i-\-¯n-sâ,- hn-
hpw- Rm³- H-mÀ-¯p.- A-t±-l-¯n-s³-d- `m-
s¶- A-t±-lw- kz-´w- ho-«n-te-¡v- Iq-«n- th-N\
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sS- s]-cp-am-dn.- A-bn-¯-an-Ã.- Pm-Xn-bp-sS-
In-tem-ao-äÀ- Zq-sc-bm-bn-cp-¶p- A-t±-l¯
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bpw- a-X¯
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s³-d- ho-Sv.- Cu- I-dp-¼-\m-b- Xm-gv-¶- Pm-
F-s¶-¯-s¶- a-d-¶- \n-an-j-§Ä.- s¶- ]n³-]-än-bn-sÃ-¦n-epw- B-cpw- C-t¶-
Xn-¡m-c-s\- F-§-s\- ap-X-em-fn- ho-«nÂ-
h-sc- F-s¶- F-XnÀ-«nÃ- F-¶-Xv- B-iz-m-
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v- m-ch
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Rm³- A-Ûp-Xt
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t§m-«p- t]m-Ip-t¼-mÄ-- F-sâ a-\-Êp- \n-d-
Ãm-s¯m-cp- A-\p-`q-Xn- A-sX-¶n-ep-WÀ-
sb.- Zp-c-\p-`-h-§Ä- G-sd-bp-­m-bn-cp-¶-

2008 P-\p-h-cn- 49
B-tcm-Sp- tNm-Zn- ¡pw-?-

""a\pjytc, Hcp DZmlcWanXm hnhcn¡s¸Sp¶p. \n§Ä AXv {i²n¨p tIÄ

¡pI. XoÀ¨bmbpw AÃmlphn\v ]pdsa \n§Ä hnfn¨p {]mÀYn¡p¶hÀ Hcp
Cu¨sbt¸mepw krjvSn¡pIbnÃ. AXn¶mbn AhscÃmhcpw H¯ptNÀ¶mÂ
t]mepw. Cu¨ AhcpsS ]¡Â \n¶v hÃXpw X«nsbSp¯m AXnsâ ]¡Â
\n¶v AXv tamNn¸ns¨Sp¡m\pw AhÀ¡v IgnbnÃ. At]£n¡p¶h\pw At]
£n¡s¸Sp¶h\pw ZpÀ_eÀ Xs¶--''-- þJpÀ-B³- 22:- 73

- f
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a-\p-jy-cn-Ã.- Hm-tcm-cp-¯-cp-sS-bpw kv-Yn- {]-hr-¯n-sb-¶pw- JpÀ-B³- D-WÀ-¯p-¶p- ssZ-h-`-à-\-m-b- H-cp- a-lm-\pw- ]-Tn-¸n-¨n-

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k-s¸-«n-cn-¡pw.- A-h- ]qÀ-¯o-Ic

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- n-em-Wv- Hm- \n-tbm-Kn-¡-s¸-«- kÀ-h- ssZ-h-Zq-X-·m-cpw- Y-\I
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am-{Xw- A-Xn-\v- t]m-cm-sb-¶v- A-h-\p-X- am-Wv- hn-fn-¨p- {]mÀ-Yn-¨-Xv.- A-h-scm-s¡- JÀ-B³- A-h-c-p-sS- ZuÀ-_-ey-§Ä- A-

s¶- t_m-[y-s¸-S-m-dp-­v.- X-tâ-Xm-b- ]-cn- bpw- X-§-fp-sS- {]-t_m-[-n-X- k-aq-l-§- Xn-\p- Im-cW
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{i-a-§Ä-¡-¸p-d-ap-Å- Im-cy-§-fp-sS- ]qÀ- sf-- {]-Y-a-am-bn- D-WÀ-¯nb- -{]-[m-\-Im- Xv- Im-Wp-I-:-

¯o-I-c-W-¯n-\m-bn- B-sc- k-ao-]n-¡-pw?- cyw- Cu- A-Sn-kv-Ym-\- Im-c-y-am-bn-cp-¶p.--

""....-Ah\p ]pdsa BtcmSv \n§Ä
B-tcm-Sp- ]-d-bpw- X-sâ- k-¦-S-§-fpw- B-
""Rm\ÃmsX bmsXmcp ssZhhpan {]mÀYn¡p¶pthm AhÀ Hcp Cu´¸
{K-l-§-fpw?-- B-tc-m-Sp- tNm-Zn-¡pw- X-sâ-
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¡q F¶v t_m[\w \ÂIns¡m­-Ãm ¶nÃ. \n§Ä AhtcmSv {]mÀYn¡p¶

X-s¶-t¸m-se- H-t«-sd- ]-cn-[-n-I-fpw- ]- sX \n\¡v ap¼v Hcp ZqXs\bpw \mw ]£w AhÀ \n§fpsS {]mÀY\ tIÄ

cn-an-Xn-I-fpw I-gn-hp-tI-Sp-I-fp-ap-Å- (a-c-n- Ab¨n«nÃ''- (21:-25)-. ¡pIbnÃ. AhÀ tI«mepw \n§Ä¡

¨p-t]m-b-h-cpw- Po-hn-¨n-cn-¡p-¶-h-cpam-b)- hÀ D¯cw \ÂIp¶XÃ. DbnÀs¯gp

""Rm-\pw- F-\n-¡p-ap-¼p-Å- F-Ãm- {]-
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hm-N-I-·m-cpw- ]-d-ª-XnÂ- G-ä-hpw- DÂ-
hpw- {]-bm-k-L-«-§-fnÂ- HmÀ-¡p-¶-Xpw- sc ]¦mfnIfm¡nbXns\ AhÀ \ntj
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k-ao-]n-¡p-¶Xpw-.- kr-jv-Sn-I-fm-Wv- A-h- [n¡p¶XpamWv. kq£vaPvRm\apÅ
cm-[-\-IÄ-¡À-l-\m-bn- a-äm-cp-an-Ã- F-¶-

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2008 P-\p-h-cn- 50