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Adoniram Judson Gordon was born in New Hampshire in 1836 to devout Christian parents. At about age fifteen he was saved. One year later
he expressed his desire to prepare for the ministry.

In 1856 he attended Brown University and in 1860 entered Newton Theological Seminary. Upon graduation in 1863 he accepted a pastorate
at Jamaica Plain, New Boston. After six very successful years there, he went to pastor Clarendon Street Baptist Church in Boston, which was
in a very sluggish spiritual condition.

In 1877 Moody and Sankey reached Boston. Moody's Tabernacle stood across the street from Clarendon Street Church. When Moody, as
Henry Drummond said, "laid one hand on America and one on Britain, and moved them toward God," he more than moved Gordon and his

Dr. Gordon remained there for more than a quarter of a century, seeing the church completely transformed into one of the most spiritual and
aggressive in America.

Dr. Gordon's Spirit-filled life and deeply spiritual books have had a powerful influence throughout the land. He was a prominent leader and
speaker at D. L. Moody's Northfield Conventions.

In his book, Ministry of the Spirit, Dr. Gordon presents the work of the Holy Spirit in a threefold aspect: Sealing, Filling, Anointing. He was
also a firm believer in the premillennial coming of Christ.

On the morning of February 2, 1895, Dr. Gordon, with "victory" as the last clearly audible word on his lips, fell asleep in Jesus.