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San WATS STRELA 4 Andrea: I work for Thomas Cook Travel. x Jason: Oh, really? What do you do there? Ce ‘Andrea: I'm a guide. | take people on tours to eounteeeiicath Aciarica, Hike pacv. Hamsunel? Jason: That sounds faterest HEAVE! ‘Andrea: Yes, it’s a gre. vb. | love it. And what do you do? Jason: Pm a student, and [have a part-time ob, too ‘Andrea: Oh? Where do you work? Jason: In a fast-food restaurant. Andrea: Which restaurant? Jason: Hamburger Heaven. oho = Simple present Wh-questions and statements ‘What do you do? Im astudent, and Ihave « parttime job. 1/You He/She ‘Where do you work? I work at/in o restaurant. work == works Where do you goto school? ——_'go fo the University of Texas. ake fokes How do you like your school? like it very much study studies ‘Where does Andrea work? She works for Thomas Cook Travel a ‘What does she do? She's a guide. She takes people ontours. 0) ae Where does Jason goto school? He goes fo New York University. hee te How does he like it? He loves it.