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Things the Most Successful Have in Common

Things the Most Successful Have in Common

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Published by: Dharmsen Soni on Oct 12, 2010
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Keep your imagination and mind working at all times. Once you launch
your first product if you haven't already you will immediately begin to
see that ideas begin to come automatically. Unless you mix with your
market, it's very hard to come up with ideas to solve problems when you
don't know what the problem is in the first place.

Mix with your market. This is something that we all need to be doing on
at least a weekly basis, watching other people, watching their products

and their marketing methods, watching as their mailings come to you,
and looking at their techniques, their copy, their products and so on.
This isn’t for any reasons related to copying, we already talked about
emulation and how to carry this out correctly, taking someone else’s
methods and plugging them into your products without copying any
aspect from them at all. The reason for this is solely to keep your mind
awake and to keep it producing idea after idea after idea.

Here’s an example of how this works. In the last week, whilst actively
taking an interest in other marketers and what they’re doing, listening in
to their lists as a research tool as we already discussed earlier, I’ve
come up with no less than fifteen viable ideas for products and double
that number for methods of presentation. Some wild and some wacky,
but they are ideas all the same.

This is why it’s easier to pull ideas once you’ve launched your own
product and began to watch other marketers and ask why they’re doing
what they’re doing. You’re mixing with new marketing methods, creating
a basis for your tracking and new ideas, and you’re experiencing the
market first hand, allowing you to come up against, discover and
ultimately solve problems with your products through this research, your
experience, the scripts and services you use to promote your products,
and the guides you read. They’re all important to you in this way
because they will form the basis of your ideas. If you’re not mixing with
your market you won’t know any of the problems, and won’t be able to
solve them, and thus won’t have any product ideas.

As an additional note to this, those fifteen ideas I came up with is a
weekly occurrence because I’ve been doing this since 1999. Don’t

worry if you don’t reach that figure, don’t strain to reach it. Just one of
your ideas may turn out to be more profitable than all my fifteen put
together. By the time you’ve launched two or three products, using the
methods In this guide you’ll likely find that you don’t have enough time
in the world to bring all your ideas to life; you’ll be having too many of
them. So there we have it. Mix with your market. It will keep your
creative juices flowing, form the basis of new knowledge and
experiences and go down as one of the most important aspects of your
online marketing and idea creation processes.

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