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Things the Most Successful Have in Common

Things the Most Successful Have in Common

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Published by: Dharmsen Soni on Oct 12, 2010
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Big reason number two, is you already knew how to do everything but

didn't get the work done for some reason. There are plenty of reasons
for this, but let me say I experienced this one too, until one day I bought
someone else’s product which kind of put me straight, and got me
thinking. Hey this guy is big and makes a load of cash, but already
knows everything he is teaching. This spurred me on quite nicely and
turned out to be the boost I needed to get to this stage, selling multiple
$1000+ products daily for several months of the year. It was a great
motivator and sometimes that's just what people need to spring into
action again, not necessarily the knowledge itself. This is something I
kept in mind with this report, and the reason we have the goal pages
and summaries at the end of the written versions. I'd hope they did their
job, made you feel as though you were progressing and learning new
methods and techniques that would be useful to you. I'd suggest doing
something similar with your products too.

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