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>>chapter 1<<

The demand for Audit and other asSurance servicE

(1). Describe Auditing :

"nature of auditing "


is the acCumilation and evaluation of evidence about information to

determine and report on the degree of correspondence between the
information and established criteria.

>>> auditing should be done by a competent independent person.

====> Information and established criteria :

To do an audit , there must be information in a verifiable form and

some standards "criteria" by which the auditor can evaluate the
In the audit of historical financial statements by cpa the criteria are usually generally
accepted accounting principle (GAAP)

==> accumlating evidence and evaluating evidence :

• " evidence " is any information used by the auditor to determine

whether the information being audited is stated in accordance with
the established criteria
Auditors must obtain a sufficient quality and volume
of evidence .
Auditors must determine the type and amount of evidence necessary
and evaluate whether the information crosponds to the stablishied
===> competent , independent person
the auditor must be qualified to understand the criteria used and must be
competent to know the types and amount of
evidence to accumulate to reach the proper conclusion after the evidence
has been examined.

----> the competence of the individual performing the audit is of little

value if he or she is biased in the accumulation and evaluation of evidence

Auditors strive to mantain a hight level of independabce to keep

confidance of users realing on their report

**Audit report** :
the final stage in the auditing process is preparing the "audit report" ,
which is the communication of the auditor's findings to users .

(2). distinguish betWeen "auditing" and "accounting" :

•Auditing :
is determining whether recorded information propely reflects
the econonmic events that occured during the accounting period .

is recording , classifying and summariZing of economic events
for the purpose of providing financial information used in desiCion makinG .
in addition to understanding accounting the auditor must possess expertise
in accumulation and and interpretion of audit evidence it is this exprtise that
distigush audiotrs from accoutants
- determining the proper audit procedures deciding the number and types of
items to test and evaluting the results are uniq to the auditrs