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The Full eBook of Seduction Patterns

The Full eBook of Seduction Patterns

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Published by: flashdarling on Oct 04, 2010
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Isn't interesting how everyone is so different yet in so many ways we
are all the same. I mean for example, I don't know what it is you do,
when you decide for yourself that you really want to be with someone,
and you know it's what you want cause you find yourself imagining it ...
you picture it and your mine and you look forward to it for all the
right reasons. Reasons that are right to you because you know its what
you want but I think you know a person can find that when that's what's
taking place, wow, what a difference in the way they think and just how
readily you then begin to make time for this special person you are now
connecting so strongly with. Its a totally different experience its
like you feel almost magnetically drawn to this person you know what I
mean? And sometimes I think a person wouldn't even know that that's
what's taking place until afterwards. And you look back on it as one of
those amazing memories you treasure/cherish for the rest of your life
... now ... with me as I think long and hard about it I think that's
the process of discovering that a person is being drawn to another

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