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Organizational studies - an overview

• Organizational development
o Management development
 Mentoring
 Coaching
 Job rotation
 Professional development
 Upward feedback
 Executive education
 Supervisory training
o leadership development
 leadership
 talent identification and management
 individual development planning
 360 degree feedback
 succession planning
o Skills management
o performance improvement
o process improvement
o job enrichment
o Training & Development
• managing change and also change management
o resistance to change
• quality
• employment
• labour (economics)
• wage
o executive compensation
• meetings
o Facilitation
o Facilitator
o Robert's Rules of Order
o Meeting system
 Open Space Meeting
 open space conference
• organizational learning
• Hawthorne studies
• Human Relations Movement
• organizational behavior
• organizational commitment
• employee research
• Bureaucracy
• Adhocracy
• Human resources
o Human Resource Management Systems
• consensus decision making
• group dynamics
• groupthink
o Abilene paradox
• Cross-functional team
o team building
o Team management
• span of control
• Theory X and theory Y
• organizational culture
• Industrial and organizational psychology
• Communications management
• Time management
• Management effectiveness
o performance appraisal
o Micro-management
o Bad boss
• Labor relations
o Labor law
o Arbitration
o Sexual harassment
o Right-to-work laws
o List of employer associations
o List of labor unions
o List of strikes
• The lighter side of HR
o Parkinson's law
o Peter principle
o The Dilbert Principle

MBA HR Project Topics

By Anastasia S, eHow Contributor
updated: July 30, 2010

Consulting others in the field is a good place to start.
Creating your own project, or one with the help of an academic advisor,
can give you a breadth of new skills and experience when completing your
MBA in Human Resources (HR). The tools for those who work in HR must
be both varied and specific, so choose your project carefully in a field you
are most interested in to see how best to add to your academic knowledge.
Whether you are studying at an online or traditional college, your project
will put you in a better place for securing a full-time HR job in the near
Recruiting & Hiring
2. Perhaps you are interested in being the contact person for job-
seekers or attending community events as a company
representative. If so, recruiting could be an excellent focus for your
project. Recruiting is an area that holds great importance when
getting to know a prospective employer (or a company in general).
Focus your project on aspects such as job announcements or career
fairs. Talk to a recruiter of any large-sized organization for helpful
insights into the inner workings of how they build their workforce.
You may even focus on creating a job posting system.

Research more specific topics such as EEOC and diversity hiring

practices. Currently, many organizations are exploring better ways to
hire and retain a diverse workforce that better represents the clients
they serve. Focus your project either on organizations that are
strong leaders in this area or on providing assistance to those
organizations which may not be making this particular practice a
3. Payroll systems have grown increasingly automated, but still varied
and complex. It isn't always limited to just clerical procedures. In
fact, today entire companies are outsourced to perform that function
alone. Seek out a company, such as Automatic Data Processing
(ADP), where you can gain access and insight into these items. Or
spend time in a payroll office of a smaller business to better acquaint
yourself with that function. An MBA project focused on the payroll
aspect of HR could concentrate on preparing paychecks, computing
time worked, recognizing problems, establishing information, posting
wages or posting deductions and overtime.

If you are skilled in statistics, you may be interested in focusing your

project on formulas for pay increases, tax issues or deductions. You
may also go so far as to produce budget summaries for various
other departments within a business. If you are more interested in
the law as it applies to payroll, your project could instead focus on
payroll regulations and standards. Those working in HR must remain
up to speed with current regulations. Therefore, the further you
explore any HR regulation, the better versed you will be when you
enter the workforce.
Benefits & Compensation
4. Compensation and benefits perhaps play the greatest role when
most people are making any job decision. Therefore, you may be
especially interested in gaining more experience in these areas with
your project. Within this topic, you can delve deeper into learning
how and why companies make certain salary, healthcare or 401k
options available. You might choose to answer the question, "How
does salary motivate employees?" or "How are employees truly
rewarded for their successes?" Consider this a great area to further
both your professional knowledge and academic understanding of
managing personnel through monetary motivation.

If you are interested in learning how companies come to select

certain healthcare plans, it may be especially interesting for your
project to focus on establishing a healthcare package for a new
employee with specific known health risks.

Your project topic could center on 401k and other retirement options
currently available in any given company. You might research plans
that are more cost-effective or plans that are employee driven.
Whichever you decide, as the American workforce continues to age,
many employers are increasing interested in this topic.
Training and Evaluation
5. Strong companies invest in the growth of their employees. Training
can occur regularly (but doesn't always) and can be integrated into
both small and large businesses. Employee evaluations can serve to
promote staff or to solve performance issues. Options for this topic
may include researching companies that include continuing
education perks, analyzing the training needs of a company or
observing standard operating processes for employee evaluations. If
you are skilled in mentoring, program evaluation or public speaking
and facilitation, this may be a good area for you as a student to
further explore. You may even decide to create your own plan for
staff development through training or biannual evaluations. Consider
that many organizations are eager to have assistance and
recommendations in building their ideal employee development
programs. Perhaps you have coaching expertise to offer or a knack
for identifying development needs.
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