The PNP Integrated Transformation Program The PNP Integrated Transformation Program, or ITP, is our roadmap for long

-term and lasting reforms in the Philippine National Police. The Transformation Program is now being implemented in order to resolve organizational dysfunctions and improve the quality of police services; strengthen law enforcement capabilities, and; enhance the welfare and benefits of our personnel and dependents. The Transformation Program is based on the findings and recommendations of the PNP Reform Commission Report; the GOP-UNDP Study on Transforming the PNP into a more Capable, Effective and Credible Police Force, and; the PNP Transformation Plan. The Program has 10 Key Result Areas (KRAs) namely: 1. National Policy and Institutional Development 2. Police Operations 3. Facilities Development 4. Human Resources Development 5. Administrative and Financial Management 6. Strategic Planning and Performance Management 7. Information and Communication Technology 8. Demonstration of Excellence through Development of Best Practices 9. Public Information and Advocacy 10. Reform Management Thirty-four (34) reform projects have been outlined to meet the desired objectives for each of the 10 KRAs. 1. Development of Mechanisms for PNP Institutional Stability and Continuity 2. Formulation of National Internal Security and Anti-Crime Policy and Strategy 3. Rationalization of PNP Institutional Framework 4. Rationalization of PNP-NAPOLCOM Functional Relationship 5. Improving the PNP Organizational Structure and Functional Configuration 6. Redefinition and Reengineering of PNP-LGU Functional Relationship 7. Reengineering PNP Staffing and Position Classification System 8. Improvement and Integration of PNP Operations Manual 9. Strengthening of Crime Research and Development Capacity and Formulation of Research Agenda 10. Updating of PNP Equipment Standards and Development of Multi-Year Financing 11. Upgrading of PNP Crime Laboratory Facilities, Staffing and Operating Systems 12. Review and Improvement of Material Evidence Management Policies and Procedures 13. Development of Police Psychometric Testing Tools 14. Development of Police Career Development System 15. Reengineering the Police Renumeration System 16. Establishment of a Police Pension System and PNP Pension and Insurance Corporation 17. Review and Strengthening of Police Discipline and Grievance System

Reengineering of Institutional Framework of the Police Education and Training System 20. Design of the PNP Crime Management Information System Concept. Safer Cities and Communities Project 32.18.ACCOMPLISHED CONTINUOUS ON-GOING ON-GOING ON-GOING ON-GOING ON-GOING ON-GOING ON-GOING ON-GOING ON-GOING ON-GOING 5. PNPA Reforms:Transformation of the 7. Public Information and Advocacy for PNP Integrated Transformation Program 34. Community Power in Action (COMPACT) 33. Design of the Criminal Justice System Architecture 12. Enhancement of the PNP Health Care Program 11. Activation & Strengthening of Program Management Office (PMO) 2. Development of PNP Crime Indicators System 27. Model Police Station Project . Design of the Police Pension System and - . Development and Implementation of Model Police Stations 31. Improvement and Integration of PNP Operations Manuals 9. PNP Quartering Program (PNP-Gawad Kalinga Model Quartering Project) 10. the following priority "quick win" projects are now in various stages of implementation: 1. Development of PNP Revenue and Resource Mobilization Strategy 23. Design and Implementation of Strategic Planning and Performance System 25. Review of Police Performance Evaluation System 19. Design and Implementation of PNP Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System. Implementation of Special PNP Housing Project (PNP-Gawad Kalinga Housing) 4. Conduct of Training Needs Analysis for Police Positions and Ranks 21. Systems Specifications and Crime Data Standards 29. Upgrading PNP Crime Laboratory. Staffing and Operating Systems 6. Reengineering of PNP Financial Planning and Budget System 24. Conduct of Public Information and Advocacy on Transformation Program 3. Development and Implementation of PNP Crime Management Information System 30. Community Police Action Centers. Design of the Criminal Justice Information System Infrastructure 28. Strengthening of the PNP PMO Capability Project 8. Activation of the PNP Program Management Office Of the 34. 26. Strengthening of PNP Education and Training Curricula 22.

Another 504 single-detached homes will be built in Integrity Heights in Batangas. Design of the PNP Communications Systems Architecture 14.0. At least 105 families now live in their own house and lots in that village. In addition. Our crime laboratory is also pursuing other capacity building activities as part of its "one crime laboratory per province plan" which shall be undertaken over the next five years. If this proposal is approved. PNP personnel would no longer need to pay cash in DOH-retained hospitals. at least 179 personnel including representatives from QCPD and Aklan PPO have already undergone re-training in community policing. Development and Implementation of a PNP Revenue and Resource Mobilization Strategy 16. the goal of this project is to promote greater access to quality health care via tertiary hospitals located in every region and key cities around the country. The Crime Laboratory was also awarded as best NSU in terms of training and education. • Marikina Police Station. which was donated by JICA. . through the Integrated Transformation Program Monitoring Committee and the various Technical Working Groups. had been given priority slots for training. • The PNP Crime Laboratory is now ISO-certified and has a fully operational Automated Fingerprint 1. Design and Implementation of a PNP Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System (RBMES) - ON-GOING ON-GOING ON-GOING ON-GOING ON-GOING These reform projects are being implemented by the PNP Program Management Office in cooperation with the Directorial Staff. The project pushing for the enhanced reimbursement of hospital expenses or ISRHE. Ultimately. while three condominium units will be constructed in Camp Bagong Diwa as part of the on base quartering program. crime scene investigation and instructor development through the US DOJ ICITAP. the following are some of the encouraging developments in our on-going reform projects: • In line with the priority program thrusts of the Chief.the Establishment of a PNP Pension and Insurance Corporation 13. as of August 2007. To date. System or AFIS. Conduct of Training Needs Analysis for Police Positions and Ranks 15. Continuous local and foreign schooling are being offered to crime lab personnel in order to upgrade and sustain their forensic and technical expertise.a new shelter program was launched and has resulted in the construction of 200 homes in Pulis Kalinga village in Tarlac. our first pilot site for the Model Police Station project. • Completion of the draft Memorandum of Agreement between the PNP and the Department of Health in connection with the PNP Health Care System Enhancement Program. PNP and through the efforts of the PNP Housing Board --. Development of PNP PhysioPsychometric Testing Tools 17.

International Criminal. Another project called Personnel Electronic Records Management System or PERMS will also be developed so that we can have the capability to convert labor-intensive paper files into e-format. Investigative Training o Assistance Program (ICITAP) such as: Instructor Development Course Crime Scene Investigation Course Community Policing Course 82% Completion of Information and Advocacy Activities for PNP Internal Audience Project Proposal on the PNP Communications Network & Systems Arch itectu re. The drafting of an IRR on PNP training and education is also being considered. Initial Capacity Building Activities and Drafting of Project Proposal for the ''Transformation of the Barracks. o o o o o • • • • • . An organizational development plan is set to be implemented. Thailand . Hawaii. USA o Various courses under the US Department of Justice. New Mexico. The C. an inventory of PNP specialized courses. Bangkok. US-funded Professional Development and Training for PMO Personnel Senior Executive Course. USA Police Executive's Role in Counter Terrorism International Law Enforcement Academy. which in turn. we are also glad to report that the project to strengthen the PNP training system will be in full swing in just a few weeks. Initial database rationalization and planning for the development of the PNP Information Systems Strategic Plan. would allow us to streamline personnel information management procedures in the PNP. From June throughout July. Bangkok. the assessment of PNP competencies. In addition. Initial implementation of the PNP Competency Framework Project at PMO and the Directorate for Logistics. Thailand Instructor Development Course International Law Enforcement Academy. PNP and the Directorate for Logistics have also provided 2 additional patrol cars to add to the mobility assets of the station.Roswell.• • • • • Much-needed computers and other office equipment were procured for use by Marikina Police Station using UNDP funds. The repair and reconstruction of 150 World-Class Police Stations around the country. Speaking of training. Financial and training support from the governments of the UK and New Zealand are also forthcoming. and manual development for specialized courses will also be done as part of the project. Transformation in the Barracks Project".