You-Choose (3 to 25 Hz) (VERY STRONG!) 1 Hour You-Choose is one of our most advanced I-Doser Doses!

It puts the power of the D ose in your hands, because sometimes you just want to dose until you feel good. This is where the powerful You-Choose Dose comes in. This is an hour long dose, but it is not intended to be used for the full hour. The concept is simple: Star t the dose, and then only dose until you feel the effect you want. If you feel t he powerful change of Delta after only 10 minutes, then shut the dose off. If yo u hit full Gamma after 50 minutes and peak, then stop. You do not need to dose f or the full hour of the dose, only until you reach the level you want. Included with each You-Choose dose is a DETAILED user manual that outlines what effects Y ou-Choose can achieve. The You-Choose Dose travels through all levels: Alpha, Be ta, Delta, Gamma, Theta - You WILL hit one level somewhere in this dose and thin gs will just click, you will shut the dose off, and feel like you have never fel t before. That amazing point where the right level is achieved feels like nothin g you have felt before: Your brain snaps into place, and you know you have reach ed the exact perfect point in the dose. Yes, it is slightly more expensive, but you will FEEL IT in the EXPERIENCE. NOTE! Because of the extreme powerful nature of this dose, it is intended for ADVANCED I-Doser users ONLY! Directions: Start playing the You-Choose dose. The Dose will play for an hour if left going, but it is meant to be stopped when you feel your brain and body CLI CK into a level that makes you feel how you want. When you feel this full-body C LICK, simply stop the dose and do not continue through the whole hour. SIMPLE! T he unconventional mixing of the levels in a non-linear mix have taken those dose to a level never before reachable. Below is a rough guideline of the levels the You-Choose will take you through. T his is meant for a rough estimate only. LISTEN TO YOUR MIND, above all else. It will tell you when to stop the dose. START DOSE PLAYING (in MIN/SEC format:) FROM 00:00-12:00 you will be in: DELTA: This is normally generated in deep sleep, or when unconsious. Those experienced in deep trance states can generate these waves whilst remaining conscious. Condu cive to miracle type healing, divine knowledge, inner being and personal growth, rebirth, trauma recovery, one with the universe experiences (samadhi), near dea th experience, characterized by unknowing merely a blissful being state such as deep sleep or coma. High level mediation, Delta can assit you reach peak monk-ty pe levels. FROM 12:30-24:00 you will be in: THETA: This is the region between sleep and wakefulness, in which dreaming and other dr eam-like or hypnagogic experiences occur. It's that bit just before you actuall y fall asleep at night, or just before you are really awake in the morning. They say it's in this band that the unconscious talks to the conscious mind. It als o seems to be connected with psychic or ESP-type functioning. Found in states of deep relaxation, theta activity is also associated with bursts of creative insi ght, twilight sleep, learning and vivid mental imagery. It is also found in more advanced meditators. FROM 24:30-36:00 you will be in: ALPHA: This is produced when you are awake and fully conscious, but with your awareness focussed inside, such as when trying to remember something, or when your eyes a re closed. For beginner meditation, etc, Alpha is the perfect starting point in moving forward in meditation. Alpha causes Slower brain waves that are conducive to creative problem solving, accelerated learning, mood elevation, stress reduc

Relaxed. yet alert. inspiration. Gamma brain activity may be a kind of binding mechanism. creative juice. and IQ. daydreams etc. such asmental arithmetic. characterized by intuitive insights. concentratio n on tasks. FROM 36:30-48:00 you will be in: BETA: This is normally generated when you are awake. Earth resonance. mot ivation. and the thalamus. Put in computerese. FROM 48:30-60:00 you will be in: GAMMA: Gamma is associated with information-rich task processing and high-level informa tion processing "A New Theory of Consciousness" For scientists who study the hum an brain.tion. aler tness. vitality. Gamma may be the brain's operating system frequency. Alert focusing. with the attention focussed outsi de. Beta causes an increase mental ability. even its simplest act of perception is an event of astonishing intrica cy. . etc. Gamma waves serve t o connect structures in the cortex where advanced information processing occurs. focus. dealing with the outside world. a lower brain region where complex relay and integrative func tions are carried out. It is also generated when you are solving lo gical problems. Gamma pulses are thought to lead to synchronization and c oordination of neurons assigned to the processing of incoming sensory stimulatio n.