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DFID_Yemen SFD Institutional Evaluation

DFID_Yemen SFD Institutional Evaluation

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Published by: Steve Zyck on Sep 25, 2010
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A key constraint is the lack of recognition of some governorates of the process. For instance, in the

case of Al-Hodeidah, not only do finances flow through the governorate, but the governorate also

decides which projects should be supported within the districts. Better approaches, however, can be

seen in Taiz and Amran, where each governorate notifies the districts of the amounts available for

each district. The districts then allocate this amount for various projects.

Furthermore, local actors highlighted the duplication of effort whereby plans must be developed in

two formats – that of the government financial format and the project format, a lengthy process

which consequently leads to delays in submission of plans. It might have been expected that given

the DLDSP was a Ministry of Local Administration programme, that it would reconcile such issues.

Respondents were of the view that now that given the presence of a national Strategy on

Decentralisation and a commitment to local governance, a national programme, drawing on the

lessons of the DLDSP pilot activities, should be established by the MoLA to support districts.

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