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DFID_Yemen SFD Institutional Evaluation

DFID_Yemen SFD Institutional Evaluation

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Published by: Steve Zyck on Sep 25, 2010
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SFD is perceived to be committed to starting and completing a project; a fact that is enabled by its

strong resource base. On the other hand, the Ministry faces numerous constraints that are not

encountered by SFD such as having to provide education for all regardless of location or context but

with limited qualified capacity.

In terms of countering corruption, SFD is acknowledged to work with local authorities and

communities and to have a ‘black list’ of contractors, a practice that is not used by the Ministry.

Informants indicate that many people prefer projects to go through SFD to avoid corruption. While

corroboration was not available, Al Dhale governorate reportedly wants all education projects to go

through SFD.

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