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Cultural Revolution, Culture War. Sean Gabb.

Cultural Revolution, Culture War. Sean Gabb.

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How Conservatives Lost England
And How to Get It Back
How Conservatives Lost England
And How to Get It Back

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Published by: Groompy Tom on Sep 18, 2010
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I come now to a matter that prudence encourages me to overlook. It is still
just about legal in this country to discuss race and immigration. But the lack
of criminal sanctions is balanced by informal penalties that may be still more
effective at halting discussion.
I believe that the main causes of native discontent on this matter can be
removed by the repeal of all anti-discrimination laws and by the restoration
of free speech on all issues. People would then be free to live in communities
as mixed or as segregated as they wanted, and to say whatever they thought
about the presence here of immigrants and those descended from

At the same time, economic freedom is a great social lubricant. It brings
people together in forms of cooperation where ethnic origin is far less
important than the goods and services they have to offer each other.
I am also dubious about the actual hostility even of Moslems to our way of
life. The more I think about it, the more firmly I reject the idea that a conflict
is inevitable between Islam and the West. There is a problem in many
western countries with large numbers of unassimilated Islamic immigrants.
Some of these talk about Islamisation of their host countries and the
establishment of a new Caliphate. More practically, the unassimilated have
been used by the ruling class as a dissolving force against our own way of

But I have more contacts with these people than most of my readers, and I
just do not believe their presence here is a critical problem. Burning hatred
of our civilisation is not an issue in Oldham and Bradford. Nor was it in the
slums of Baghdad before we began strip searching women there and
dragging men off the streets into torture chambers.
Islam is not some theological equivalent of Marxist-Leninism. It is an
immensely diverse and sophisticated religion. As a classicist, I regret that
perhaps two thirds of what used to be the Roman Empire are now within the
Islamic world. But Islamic rule for many centuries offered more tolerant and
less rapacious government than the Byzantine and mediaeval Catholic states.
Islam is Osama bin Laden. It is also Hassan al-Turabi, and Avicenna, and
the Shiite clerics who sat in the first Iranian Parliament in 1906. It is not our
enemy unless we try harder than we so far have to make it that.
The real enemy, it must be repeated again and again, is our own ruling
class. It is not Moslems in this country who are telling us to be ashamed of
our past, and are gutting the museums, and using the schools and media to


Sean Gabb—Cultural Revolution, Culture War

turn out generations of illiterate sheep. Moslems are not abolishing our
ancient freedoms in the name of administrative convenience. It is not
Moslems who have bled the old middle classes white with taxes that have
then been used to pauperise much of the working class and to raised up a
totalitarian clerisy. It is not Moslems who go about insisting that arithmetic is
a discourse and the law of contract a set of self-referential artefacts. If our
civilisation collapses, it will not be Moslems who have hollowed it out from
within. The real enemy is not dressed in a jalabiya or a turban: he wears an
Armani business suit, and is fluent in postmodernese. And with the current
“war on terror”, he is just as hostile to Moslems who want to be left alone as
to the rest of us.

This being said, our movement is a coalition. Just as the more conservative
need to accept a greater degree of social and economic freedom than they
might think desirable, so libertarians must accept a restrictive policy on

We must, therefore, accept an end to new immigration from outside
Europe and the English-speaking world. At the very least, we should require
any such immigrants to come in only with security given by existing citizens
for their support and good behaviour. As ever, the aim should be to ensure
that people bear the whole cost of their actions.
We must stop accepting refugees from other parts of the world, and deport
those refugees whose home countries are no longer exceptionally dangerous.
The several million illegal immigrants who have been allowed to enter during
the past ten years or so must be deported. In those cases where they will not
tell where they came from, they must be deported to whatever third world
countries can be bribed into accepting them. Zimbabwe is a good possibility
here. Sooner or later, Robert Mugabe will drop dead. When this happens,
those who replace him will surely be open to any deal that secures them a
large and possibly continuing stream of income.
The ethnic minorities remaining should then be treated in exactly the same
way as native citizens. We should bring about the third possible outcome
mentioned above. There should no recognition of languages other than
English and perhaps Welsh; no removal of symbols that might be seen as
offensive or “non-inclusive”; no public accommodation of private social or
religious differences. So long as there is any education provided by the State,
all children should be taught the Indian Mutiny as an uprising of villainous
sepoys against “us”, and that the abolition of the slave trade and of slavery
itself were triumphs of “our” civilisation.
There is no need for intrusion into private arrangements—certainly none


Sean Gabb—Cultural Revolution, Culture War

for any of the present ruling class suggestion of getting ethnic minorities to
wrap themselves in the Union Flag and learn a random set of facts about this
country, even if these do not, as at present, amount to ruling class
propaganda. Freedom and free institutions have a remarkable capacity for
turning strangers into fellow citizens.
But this is no time for arguments in favour of open borders and a state
machinery devoid of all historic associations.75

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