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Cultural Revolution, Culture War. Sean Gabb.

Cultural Revolution, Culture War. Sean Gabb.

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How Conservatives Lost England
And How to Get It Back
How Conservatives Lost England
And How to Get It Back

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Published by: Groompy Tom on Sep 18, 2010
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Now, these are not isolated instances. They are not rare oddities or
examples of British eccentricity. A reading of the national press will turn up
sometimes dozens of similar cases in a week. And the daily newspapers

21 UKIP News Release, “Police halt demonstrators by threatening arrest of MEP and staff”,

13th November 2003.

22 Quoted in Claire Garner, “Police intervene in battle of ‘offensive’ china pigs”, The
, London, 26th May 1998.


Sean Gabb—Cultural Revolution, Culture War

continue to pile up similar instances. Take the case of David Davies, a
Conservative Member of Parliament and the Member for Monmouth in the
Welsh Assembly. In September 2005, he raised a laugh in the national media
by submitting an application to the Heritage Fund for £48,000. He said he
wanted to make a film about “the settled community”. The joke in his
application was that it closely mirrored the wording of a successful
application to fund a film on gipsy culture. The joke was not found
universally amusing. Mr Davies was reported to the Standards Committee of
the Welsh Assembly. This body has the power to unseat him. A Welsh
Nationalist Member of the Assembly accused him of

Giving support to people who behave appallingly towards gipsies23

Then there are instances beyond counting in the newspapers of local
authorities and schools that ban the wearing of Christian symbols, or refuse
to allow notice to be taken of the Christmas and Easter ceremonies—always
on the alleged grounds that these “exclude” the devotees of other faiths.
A thorough search of the newspapers during even a few weeks might
reveal enough instances of the tendency identified to fill an entire book.
Certainly, searching an electronic database of British newspapers for the ten
years to the 15th October 2006 turned up 862 uses of the phrase “political
correctness gone mad”. This is the phrase most commonly applied to such
events. Perhaps many of these uses refer to multiple comments on the same
event. On the other hand, not every such event attracts the phrase, and many
others go unreported, or are reported in newspapers not in the database.
This being so, it seems reasonable to suppose about a thousand similar cases
over the past decade.
There could easily be more. The instances given above, then, can be seen
as illustrations of a tendency. They manifest a ruthless hatred of the past, and
an inquisitorial zeal for rooting out dissent. They show the nature of our
ruling class as it has become.
There has not, I grant, been any abrupt change in this ruling class. There
are still often to be seen the surface mannerisms of the old ruling class, and
the personnel of the new are often related to the old. But there is, in all that
matters, a new ruling class. This does not function as a repository of culture
and experience. Nor—though these are important—is it primarily driven by
sectional concerns about status and enrichment. It is instead a revolutionary
class dedicated to the transformation of this country into something other

23 News report, “MP accused over gipsy film jibe”, The Daily Telegraph, London, 11th

October 2005.


Sean Gabb—Cultural Revolution, Culture War

than it has always been.
It may seem strange to talk about Marxist influence in an age when
Marxism appears to have collapsed as any kind of revolutionary or governing
force. But what we now face is best described as a Marxist revolution from
above. It may not be the Marxism of Marx, but it is recognisably that of his


Sean Gabb—Cultural Revolution, Culture War

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