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Kuleuven Maenhout Sofie Thesis Power Point Finaal

Kuleuven Maenhout Sofie Thesis Power Point Finaal

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Published by: sofie_charlotte_maenhout on Sep 12, 2010
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‡According the female participants, boys and girls think

about "sexuality" in a complete other way. Some female

adolescents have counterproductive premarital sex.

‡"It is wrong to have sex before marriage".

‡They associated sex with love.

A young girl said the following:

³For us means giving your body at someone, that you

love each other, but the only thing, what he wants, is let

you go. This marks is by girls associated with love.

Some boys associated with values and love are

important for female adolescents.


16) Gender Concepts power abuse

‡That values and love for the female adolescents are

important comes back in the following statement: "In a

serious relationship, one must show that you love each

other to show that the person is worth it. For me it is

something very special, I just want to

do with someone whose heart and soul I love.´

"According to the female adolescents,

Unfortunately the boys did not think the same. They

agree that he only wants sex and not

her. I think she should terminate the relationship with

him and realize that everything he

will of her is a sexual relationship and not a serious



17) Patriarchal community power


‡A patriarchal society tolerates boundary behavior in the


‡Macho-men in the Cuenca society use the excuse that

the flesh is weak.


17) Patriarchal community power


‡ Regarding the violence, besides tolerating it, female

adolescents also have a strong apathy against violence


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