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Katoomba Golf Club is situated on Today: Sunny These are draft text only These are draft text only Your ID:
Acacia Street, Katoomba, just off 17-23’c wnw Katoomba Golf Club is Demanding par 3 with
the popular tourist route Cliff. Find out more ... situated on Acacia ... out of bounds left.

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This striking Club offers a Explore our courses Play and Stay with View photo gallery Forget Password
comfortably furnished lounge and Spring special offer,
dining area in a fresh non-smoking check here These are draft text These are draft text only
environment with lush views only Katoomba Golf Club Demanding par 3 with out
second to non in the mountains.
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is situated on Acacia ... of bounds left.
Recline in front of ... Check our style cuisine Join now!
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What’s New Here? Competition Results Katoomba Golf Club is
Massive change with major Check latest schedule Check previous situated on Acacia ...
construction work completed on a and results here competition results here
new club house, conference
centre and homes facing the golf Pro Shop Functions Archive Food & Drink
course. The course proper ... The only bail-out is short.
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3rd hole Mid ...
More ... Katoomba Golf Club functions here Katoomba Golf Club ...
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