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450 Vegetable Recipes

450 Vegetable Recipes

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Published by: iniyaraj on Sep 09, 2010
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2 gal. cucumbers
2 c. delime
8 1/2 qts. water

Peel, slice and core cucumbers. Mix cucumbers in this. Let stand 24 hours.
Drain rings and wash in cool water. Pour cold water over rings and soak 3
hours. Drain and add: 1 c. vinegar
1 tbsp. alum
1 sm. bottle of red food coloring

Add water to cover. Heat and simmer 2 hours. Drain. Put: 2 c. cider vinegar

2 c. water
1 pkg. (13 or 16 oz.) red hots
10 c. sugar
8 sticks cinnamon

Bring to boil and pour over rings. Put lid on pan and let set overnight. Pour
off syrup into pan and reheat to boil and pour over rings for 3 mornings. On 4th
morning, heat everything and put into jars. Like Red Apple Rings.


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